Trophies awarded to Nessos

General Site Trophies

  1. 2K

    4 Years (2K points)

    Awarded after you've been a member of Thriller Bark for four years.
  2. 500

    Another Year, Another Cake (500 points)

    Awarded for celebrating your second birthday with us here on Thriller Bark.
  3. 100

    Security Is Key (100 points)

    Awarded for setting up two-step verification for your Thriller Bark account.

Post Count Trophies

  1. 500

    4500 Posts (500 points)

    Awarded for reaching 4500 posts.

Likes Count Trophies

  1. 400

    8000 Likes (400 points)

    Awarded for reaching 8000 reaction score.

Likes To Post Ratio

  1. 200

    Four Seasons (200 points)

    Reach a reaction to post ratio of 4(And 150 posts)

Hidden Trophies

  1. 300

    What? There's No Way That Can Be Right! (300 points)

    Awarded for having 9001 profile views.
  2. 100

    Set An Avatar (100 points)

    Awarded if you have set a custom Avatar
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