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  1. Roogy

    One Piece Koby vs. Hancock: More Than It Appears?

    Foreword: I do not make theories to be correct, but to fill in the blanks of an ongoing story for myself. I feel no disappointment in being disproven, and generally look forward to finding out the truth of the matter. So I found the matchup of Koby and Hancock to be interesting, and though we...
  2. Roogy

    One Piece The Life of Joy Boy

    Foreword: I do not make theories to be correct, but to fill in the blanks of an ongoing story for myself. I feel no disappointment in being disproven, and generally look forward to finding out the truth of the matter. So I thought I'd share my personal theories on what happened during the Void...
  3. Roogy

    Writing My Poems
    Threadmarks: Poems

    Since we're at the point where people are posting their own poem threads, I thought I'd make one for my poems. I know it's been a while since I shared any poems, but as I've got a lot of ideas for poems and it's just a matter of writing out words to express those ideas, I want to return to it...
  4. Roogy

    Brawl Jungle Games Isle: A Game of Jumanji

    Participants: Roogy, @Gambit, @Ziosa EDIT: Gintoki has left, replaced by Emperor Cross, who has also left, will be using NPC for fourth player. Key: Narration / Thoughts / "Speech" / Actions / Other On a certain island in the Grand Line, there exists a peaceful, yet unorthodox group of people...
  5. Roogy

    Console Games Animal Crossing Discussion

    Thought I'd make a thread for people to discuss Animal Crossing games, since a new one is coming out soon on Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing New Horizons: Description: Create a home, interact with cute animal villagers, and just enjoy life in these charming games from Nintendo. (from website)
  6. Roogy

    General Lyric Sauce: Guessing Game

    One person names four out of context lyrics and people below have to guess which song it came from and the artist. Each correct artist and song name is one point, the person who get at least five points goes next, with their own four lyrics. I'll start: "He got feet down below his knee"...
  7. Roogy

    Club of Secrets Feedback Thread

    I never ended up getting an answer for whether this would be the right place to post this thread, but I'm looking for feedback/suggestions and gauging interest in a game I thought of called Club of Secrets. Here's the basic rules that I have so far: I plan to expand upon the different card...
  8. Roogy

    Support Developing a forum game

    I'm thinking of developing a forum game, but I'm not sure of all the rules and mechanics yet. Do I make a development thread to get feedback or post what I'm working on through profile statuses?
  9. Roogy

    Console Games Nintendo Switch Thread

    A thread for discussing games on Nintendo Switch, coming to the console, or the console itself. To give some idea of what the console is, here is the reveal trailer: Additionally, here is the trailer for the Switch Lite, a more recent version of the console. Also, here is a recent...
  10. Roogy

    Writing Terminus
    Threadmarks: Story Arcs

    Permission to create this thread can be found here. Terminus is a story about James Baron, a detective on the run from the law, who turns to the sea to both escape and to find new mysteries to solve. Content: Contains profanity, violence, and mature themes. Terminus Part I: The Journey There...
  11. Roogy

    Duel Weapon v. Daiki

    Attacks, Dodges, & Special Moves / "Speech" / Thoughts / Other Weapon awoke in a field. This scenario felt familiar, yet he had no way to predict what would happen next. Feeling that something was wrong, he activated his observation haki. Just as I suspected, there is someone nearby, he...
  12. Roogy

    Island Fantasy Island

    [Picture and Map to be added] Weapon spent most of his time as a pirate setting up a base on this island. When he saved the life of a shipwright, however, the Wild Party was built and he was off to start a new adventure on the Grand Line. Locations Beach House The place where Weapon ran his...
  13. Roogy

    Duel The Off-Brand Chronicles #1: The Case When the Opponent is Much Stronger!

    Attacks, Dodges, and Special Moves / Thinking / "Speech" / Narration / Other Though many may not realise it, there are all manner of parallel universes out there. In one universe, Acaremus Weapon is an infamous pirate with his own crew. In another, he has been indefinitely separated from this...
  14. Roogy

    Organizations The Backyard Pirates

    Jolly Roger Description: Barbecue on a crossbones, with runes in the spaces. With thanks to @Handsome. The Backyard Pirates Welcome aboard the crew of the Backyard Pirates! Acaremus Weapon was prompted to leave his hometown when the World Government started hunting him down. After some daring...
  15. Roogy

    Console Games Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date: December 7, 2018 Developer: Bandai Namco Studios / Sora Ltd. Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Fighting Game Synopsis: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL, Great Fray Smash Brothers Special) is a fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. It was...
  16. Roogy

    Resolved Threads I'd Like to Create

    Since I'm not sure on this, I thought I should ask. Would it be okay for me to create threads in the Creative section for my works? Or is it better to just post to the Writing Gallery? Also, for long stories like Terminus, would it be better to link to the chapters than post them in full here...
  17. Roogy

    G'Day Mates

    Joining here. Hoping the transition from OJ goes smoothly, and that I stick around. :D
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