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    Ah, I think that's fine, really. :) I was thinking of adding a subtle foreshadow in Princess Melusine's (my character) introduction, which speaks of a cursed sword that her country once valued, and when the chance happens that she actually encounters one (probably many islands later), I would...
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    Ah, I see. That's unfortunate, but it's ok. :) I think I've come up with a rough story draft excluding the cursed sword, as long as it can be found during RP. :) But the above is just a summary... the real biography is much more detailed and complex than the above. :P
  3. Info RP Helpline

    Alright, I think I'm finally ready to join RP. :) Thought of a character and got a storyline ready for her.. I can honestly say I put quite a bit of effort into this. :blobinterested: I'm still confused about the whole numbers and stats stuff, but here's a rough summary of my character's story...
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