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  1. Future Events Chopper Real Bounty

    Chopper will get a real bounty after wano. I have a theory on all but I wanted see the reaction. About a year before dressrosa ended I made a theory on Usopp bounty. Oda loves his puns, connections, etc. Usopp lied about having luffy bounty and was in luffy first wanted poster. Oda in return...
  2. One Piece Strawhat CoC users and 13th member

    Thank you for your wishes. Would you prefer a video with me speaking or just words?
  3. One Piece Strawhat CoC users and 13th member

    I really wanted to make a video. I really tried. My condition won't allow me to at the moment. Hopefully when I get better, I can make a video. It took a lot to even type it lol.
  4. One Piece Nami. Marejois. 12th strawhat Caesar clown

    The next arc after wano will be to Marejois. Wano is a parallel of thriller bark. Before thriller bark we went to water 7 then to ennies lobby to rescue Robin then back to water 7 to have frsnky join. After thriller bark we had Brooke join, the strawhats were almost defeated by kuma then went...
  5. One Piece Strawhat CoC users and 13th member

    I believe the strawhat crew will accomplish the goals of the pirate king and yonko. They will basically be like the rocks pirates but the polar opposite and will accomplish their goals. Kinda like how Oda does the 40 and 60 year old when their paths go good and bad. Whitebeard had severe medical...
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