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    You mean your NPC, I am sure Musashi has Swordsmanship only but I think it's the other NPC that had it
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    Black Leg I think most NPC drops or MA they teach are specific for players more but @Larsi Could answer this I could be mistaken but yeah if it's for one it's for everyone that wants it unless it doesnt say it in the skills and abilities thread (though it's somewhat outdated)
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    Depends on what your referring to here Normal NPCs have to acquire it at Skypiea unless the NPC is Skypiean
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    You dont require mastery, just the necessary materials to create them. Though the Power Suits and Armor provide their own buff, but there's no mastery as it goes off your normal stat with the exception of one or two with the buffs
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    This guy, I call bingo
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    I would slightly increase it to 6 though can go down to 3 months on one condition being; the user must be active and on an adventure or have been on one. Or have the following: 1 Canon Adventure 2 BG's Reviewed then if they leave CP or Marines they can still have Rokushiki as a MA
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    i knew was nothing but BS :dogkek:
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    So say if I learn Rokushiki as a Pirate and join the marines would I forget Rokushiki?
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    Same situation really as both have left the marines
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    Then that means @Emperor Cross can't use it either then :catlaugh:
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    Well theres always a catch and counter to it as it depends on the user how they wanna work with it or around it
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    Hmmm nice catch, then yeah Rokushiki gets nullified though the user can create their own custom MA in that case or create some Fishmen techniques (I believe it was only 2-3 only) where it replicates Rokushiki.
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    But if the user started as a Marine wouldnt that be allowed? if not then that would cause cascading effect even on @Emperor Cross too as it affects him too
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    Youd need to purchase is this to change race:
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    I believe for this one it's different as the user can keep Roku but will have to purchase the free change to change race
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    just specifically the MA, but yeah the ammo should be the stat thats there by default so (40). Clash of Attacks i kinda played it safe and okay tbh which i know
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    @Larsi @Ziosa @Ranger Can i get you guys to double check this if this is okay in regards to Rifle / Gunslinging being similar?
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    with that large elvish ears should get me stat upgrade to my reactions :pepemusic:
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    In the Skills and Abilities thread:
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    not a real race in OP, but you could state its a effect of a DF or a MA which you can get away with or its a special feature with no added effects or bonuses
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