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  1. Great Potato

    Characters and Groups One Piece Popularity Poll // Vote for your favorite OP character of all times!

    Gecko Moria obviously has this, there's a reason this website is themed around him. VOTE GECKO MORIA
  2. Great Potato

    Console Games Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)

    I never really considered Smash Bros a game with a finish line, I guess there's an adventure mode of sorts, but I'd hardly consider that a big draw of the game.
  3. Great Potato

    I've entered Paradise

    I wasn't planning to be joining any new forums at the moment, but you guys went and made this one Thriller Bark themed, so I frankly couldn't say no.
  4. Great Potato

    General Claim an Anime Character

    Claim: Gecko Moria - One Piece
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