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  1. swrml

    One Piece Rocks D. Xebec: The Devourer of Gods (Rocks' Devil Fruit, Personality, God Valley Incident)

    In this theory I want to address an open plot point I have noticed and how it ties to Rocks D. Xebec and the Celestial Dragons. I'll theorize a bit about Xebec's potential personality as well as his devil fruit and the God Valley Incident...
  2. swrml

    One Piece Wapol and his hidden connection to the World Government (Vegapunk)

    I think Wapol has a deeper connection to the World Government and this has to do with his Wapometal. Quick summary of Wapols coverstory after Drum Island for understanding: After Wapol was defeated by Luffy and sent flying we saw him again in a cover story. In this cover story we can see that...
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