One Piece Ancient Weapons: Pluton May Contain a Directed-Energy Weapon or Particle Beam Emitter

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Hi, Thriller Bark

I wanted to make a note of something regarding the Ancient Weapons.
- Pluton was stated to be a warship that could destroy an island in a single blast.

What I would like to make note of concerns the potency of the weapon. It's not normal for any kind of weapon to destroy an entire island. However, if we used our imaginations... how many types of weapons could possibly do something like that? I would argue either (1) a bomb OR (2) a beam.

I find it unlikely that Pluton was designed to lob a giant bomb at islands. With that said, from my perspective, it's much more likely that Pluton contains a powerful directed energy weapon or particle beam emitter. This type of energy would be described as an "Exotic" form of energy that isn't created through conventional weapons systems. Instead, it harnesses the exotic energies of the person operating it. In other words, the machine must be actuated by an operator.

The exotic energy I would suspect is used in this machine is Haki of an advanced variety.

One of the things that lends itself to this argument is that there is futuristic technology found in the past, which is more sophisticated than any of the technology found in the modern One Piece world. That is, I have mentioned previously that all the current scientists in the story are playing catch-up with the void century scientists. The knowledge that was lost back then is considered esoteric, now (only known to a few special people).

We know that directed-energy weapons and particle beam emitters are possible in the story because Vegapunk, and other scientists, have designed this technology already. However, keeping in mind that any technology created now is likely to be only a shadow of what was created during the void century, then it may also be assumed that they were designed back then and in more sophisticated ways.

This is what a directed-energy weapon or a particle beam emitter may look like when releasing a wave of energy.

And, actually, we have seen directed-energy in previous attacks made by people.

This is Jinbei using the Haki in the Sea to create an exotic energy wave he refers to as "Spear Wave: Murasame". He says he's flicking water... but that's not really true. He used the energy in the water to create a directed-wave of energy which the water current follows, but the water itself isn't what causes the effect.

This is the same move, except in a different situation. It shows how the attack is described as a water-based attack, but it turns into a beam.
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