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Welcome to the Anime & Manga(&Webcomics) subsection of our forum. Each series will have one dedicated thread. If a series, such as One Punch Man has a webcomic, manga and anime, it can have a thread for each of those versions. One Piece can similarly have a discussion thread for both manga and anime.

Take care not to spoil people in anime thread if the anime is behind the manga, webcomic, or vice versa.

Not permitted discussion on Thriller Bark:
  • Shipping*
  • Power level
  • Constant discussion criticizing the series. The odd criticism is fine.
You are free to create private conversations for the above mentioned, as long as you confer with people before inviting them. However public discussion on these subjects generally doesn't lead to healthy discussion.
*Shipping can be discussed in series where romance is the main focus, though it is the fan's responsibility to keep the discussion civil, if not the staff will act accordingly.

You may not post the following:
  • More than one full page of manga scans from a single chapter
  • Full page VIZ scans. A frame or two cropped is fine. If you are curious how VIZ scans look, check here. The font is very particular.
  • Links to sites illegally sharing manga or anime.
  • Anime episodes. Short clips from YouTube is fine.
If a series is deemed active enough, it may be given its own section. If the discussion(s) of the series is found to be full of fluff, it will not be considered.
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