Island Asuka Island

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Nero shifted his gaze over to the Saga. His attention was now completely fixed on him. He gripped his sword tightly and was ready to strike Saga. Then, as soon as Saga began to perform his attack, Nero dashed forward avoiding the Saga attack even before he had the chance to notice. Nero closed the distance in the blink of an eye, his legs were moving so much faster. He felt the electrifying speed sending chills down his entire body. Just as he reached out Saga by avoiding his attack, Nero coated his sword with an armament Haki to gain powerful offense power as he held his sword in a left side of his waist and stabbed hard at the Saga upper body left to right, immediately followed by a second hit from right to left.

"It's over" Muttered Nero with soft indifference.
Snake Bite: consists of two hits, one from left to right, immediately followed by a second hit from right to left. Due to the speed of the Sword Skill, the two hits appear as if done with two swords instead of just one, and only one sound of impact is released with the skill. This skill is activated by positioning oneself in a way that it looks like one is putting the sword at the left side of one's waist.

S+: 100 Mastery and 100 Strength
+2 Haki
Saga who was slashed, if not quartered would cough out blood with blood gushing out of the man's chest as tendons would rip out of his torso with bones being visible. Saga knew he didn't have long left and would stumble stutter as he would speak.
Saga: "Please tell me, wife, I am sorry, I was too contaminated with the power that came from this sword."
As he would cough out blood with his stomach showing with his kidneys and liver oozing out.
Saga: "I am sorry everyone and I am sorry Maya"
Saga's eyes began to close with his dying breath he would mumble
Saga: "Please destroy this sword and destroy the curse"

Seeing this a far was Lacos, he would drop to his knees in a burst of tears crying for joy with him sniffing. Lacos would turn around dropping any weapon he would have
Lacos: "I submit as I have no reason but the safety of this village"
Before any of the colleagues of Nero would reply
Lacos: "I will give the news to Saga's wife and the elder."

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The Devil Pirates

Lacos: "I will give the news to Saga's wife and the elder."
Kane, who looked like he had adapted to this world, gave a wry smile to brown hair man and showed that comfortable expression. Confronting and beating. Defeating the strongest people of Asuka, they can finally claim this land as their own territory.

"Your protectors have failed you" Kane pauses as he says this because even though he left to get away and clear his mind a little, his mind can't help but think about his 'little brother' as he says these words. However, he smiles as he continues knowing that he's fine without him and even at this very moment he is aiding him in his own way. He knows Nero could be a positive influence on Jimmy and a greater ally but felt it was his job to guide him there. "But fret not because we, the Devil Pirates, are at your service. For a very reasonable fee, we will take over the protection of your island and as our Crowned Captain has demonstrated here tonight, we won't fail you like Saga has."

It's much better to claim this land as their own territory. As for the challenger who dares set foot in here to harm anyone, they will regret messing with Devil Pirates. He stared at the sky and let out a calm sigh.

Before noticing, Prompto had started walking towards Nero. "Oh and I think this is the end of the road for us..." He said and started walk away while waving his hand with his back facing Nero.

Talking with someone sure does help in organizing one's thoughts. Nero arrived at one possibility. It was a bold guess, he believes. And so Nero spoke, "Prompto I have no way of knowing what your goal is but will you join my crew?"

He looked surprised... While it's an unreasonable thing to ask, Prompto just gave a slight nod.

And so the Festival slowly was over. Looking out at the night sky from the beach of Asuka. The temperature had dropped, and a beautifully waxing moon hung, gracefully in the sky. Kyouko herself now sat bedside Nero just watching the view.

It had been a few hours since Saga and his comrades fell, and Devil Pirates took over the Asuka as there territory. So much happened in so little time, but the hours that followed fell away like so much water through her fingers. It was freezing tonight - colder than the night before, it seemed. Luckily, she'd been provided with the fluffiest cotton blanket gown to keep her cozy on nights like these.

Kyouko looked down at the Nero who sat beside her.

Nero looked fine. His breathing was clear and even, Kyouko reached over and gently brushed away a strand of hair from Nero's forehead. He didn't react. She couldn't help but wonder if she should be worried for Nero at this point.

Kyouko hummed, "You're just sitting here, staring off in the distance. It's not like you."

"I guess so." Nero agreed, "But I just wanted to relax."

"Ah, so I shouldn't have bothered then?" Kyouko didn't sound particularly put out. She might have been teasing him.

"No, but I'm glad you did!" Nero chuckled. He really was, "We weren't able to talk the entire day."

Kyouko looked at him surprised, "Tha' so?"

Nero simply stared at the distance, and before long he tilted her head and asked, "Oh? By the way, is there any good place to eat?"

"I don't have a clue. You're hungry"

"Kind of."

Kyouko smiled gently. "We have sweets. It was sent to us as a gift by the candy makers for this Festival. Though I hardly eat many sweets, so..."

She took something out of the bag she had with her. It was some sweets wrapped in small elegant boxes with words written on them. It seemed they were whiskey bonbons. Upon opening the lids, each small box contained around 20 rather large whiskey bonbons.

"Since I got it as a gift, feel free to have them."

She handed one over to Nero. He removed the paper wrapping and put the chocolate in his mouth. He could smell a strong flavor of almond and whiskey as he bit it. Kyouko asked, "How is it?"

"...It tastes strong."

"We'd set sail in thirty minutes... let's head to the ship." They stood up immediately and looked at the one who just let out a loud voice. It was Prompto.

Nero realized he was smiling. He then spoke from the bottom of his heart.

"Let's head out!"
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