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Name : Syarks Kin

Ephitat : Shirosame The Great

Affiliation : Unwritten Pirates

Occupation : First Mate

Devil Fruit : none

Race : Fishmen

Gender : Male

Age : 23 years old

Blood type :F

Bounty : none

physical description

[/Syarks is a large , muscular, white shark. He has fin on his nape, and the gills are located on both the side of his neck.fierce and cold grey eyes, and a strong angular jaw, Have a large head, with cone – shaped snouts.Top half of is body is grey skin coloured, and the bottom has white. Secondary rows of his sharp teeth behind the front row. His bite is a nigthmare.wearing brown outfit around his shoulder and his lower body. Intimidate appearanceSPOILER]


Focus, sharp mind, not talkative, very friendly (with someone who’s not afraid of him by appearance)
Respect other race, can be very brute when in desperate situation, likes a hot ginger drink, always open conversation with someone new with a word “do you likes hot ginger drink?” Not really like to laugh if not really funny.


born on the island of fishmen raised by parents who are very spoiled by their children and then he get caught by pirates because of curiosity when he was 5 years old, and ended up in a huge fish tank inside the pirate ship as a pet. it was there that he learned the basics of martial art by a teacher who was previously targeted by him as a prey.
but even if it was only the basis of martial arts, if it was learned by someone who possessed extraordinary physical strength then the results of the training would greatly exceed the estimates.
but the pirate ship that nurtures it is captured by other pirate ships. Where all the crew members are taken prisoner and their shadows are taken include his shadow by the pirate captain who captures them and he has gigantic ship.
in order to get his shadow back Syarks is forced to become a gladiator, to fight zombies or other prisoners. But after 14 years passed and even Syarks had won many battles in the gladiatorial battle but The pirate never gave back his shadow. After The pirates that took him were defeated by the Marine Syarks got his shadows back, and has his freedom. and begin his adventure. his character and physical form have formed as a true fighters.

Level 25
x5 = 125
Strength : 26+8 =34
Speed : 32+2 =34
x2 =68
Movement ; 34
Reaction : 34
Vitality : 26+8 =34
x2 = 68
Durability : 34
Stamina : 34
Martial art : 41
x2 = 82
Fishman Karate : 41


Mr. Anderson
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Name: Katsumi Adachi| Epithet: "The Engineer"| Affiliation:Revolutionary Army| Occupation: Revolutionary| Bounty: N/A |Gender: Male| Race: Human| Age: 21| Date of Birth: May 21st| Height: 5"11

Physical Appearance:

Katsumi is a kind man with a profound thirst for creating technology. He approaches situations with a calm and carefree attitude, never taking things too seriously, including conflicts with others. He can be serious when it comes to fighting or personal matters, but Katsumi would generally rather have fun or relax. He always sees the bright side of situations, or anything that goes wrong, and takes matters with a smile and an upbeat nature. Though that doesnt make him delusional on reality. To the annoyance of his comrades, Katsumi has been known to literally laugh in the face of danger and walk into potentially harmful situations with a big smile.

Despite his carefree nature, Katsumi has a righteous heart and respects the difference between right and wrong. He despises cruelty and wickedness and will beat anyone who indulges in such actions.
Very little is known about his past before he was caught.

At the age of eight, Katsumi was found floating in a barrel by small time pirates in New World waters and auctioned off as a slave on Sabaody to a man called "The Toy Man".

He was then taken to "The Toy Shop", a factory hidden on a no named island in the Grandline, where he would spend a rough 14 years of his life building weapons and gadgets to be sold off in the Black Market along with many others. Those who were inefficient were treated poorly or at the very worst killed.

At twenty-two, Katsumi, along with a few of his friends, agreed to escape The Toy Shop. He managed to escape by the skin of his teeth. However, his friends were not so lucky. He stole one of the boats from the port and sailed away alone, mourning their deaths.

A few months into his voyage, low on food and water, a bad run in with a Navy vessel resulted in the deaths of 20 marine soldiers. Katsumi was arrested and taken to Impel down, where he was locked in a cell next to a Pirate Fishman Hybrid by the name of Rihan who he became good friends with. Rihan freed him, along with the other prisoners and the two escaped together and formed a two man Pirate crew...
Like Kyria, Katsumi was somehow was brought to this world after a strange phenomenon caused him to slip through the cracks of reality. The change in universes forced Katsumi's appearance and personality to warp on top of losing his memories. Finally arriving in this new world, he has aged by 5 years, lost his past strength and still harbors his skills in science as well as his dislike for the World Government. Katsumi spent his first few months working on his weaponry in the forests of Elegrant Kingdom, staying away from the residents after they bashed him for his love of technology. After a terrible pirate attack, a damaged ship belonging to the Revolutionary Army made its way to the side of the island where Katsumi resided almost like fate. Being the first to find the vessel, he befriends the Revolutionary, Lady Opal, who he lets stay with him while she nursed her injuries. While helping her recover, she would tell him about Revolutionary Army and how they have made it their mission to destroy the World Government. Katsumi joins the Revolutionary Army intending to defeat the wicked World Government and along the way improve the technology he's worked on all his life.

Rope Action
Requires 11 Mastery
Top Knot: T-Bag throws a rope that spirals upwards and ties around his target's body. Then, when the rope is pulled with enough force, the enemy spins like a top, eventually collapsing from dizziness. Requires 11 Mastery, 11 Strength - DPR: D
Timber Hitch Tug: T-Bag jumps into the air, somersaults, and unleashes several ropes that grab an enemy, with the force of T-Bag's fall pulling the target down into the ground. Requires 21 Mastery, 1 Strength - DPR: D
Figure of Eight Knot: T-Bag shoots out eight ropes, knotted heavily on the ends, like fists in eight directions. It can be used to hit multiple targets at once. Requires 31 Mastery, 31 Strength - DPR: C
Shrouds and Rat-Line Knot: T-Bag creates a large net out of ropes and slams it on top of several enemies. Requires 31 Mastery, 11 Strength - DPR: C
Round Turn: After positioning himself between several enemies, T-Bag grabs them with ropes and pulls them inward, slamming the victims against each other. Requires 21 Mastery, 21 Strength - DPR: C
Bowline Knot: T-Bag launches a rope that ties around an opponent's wrist, restricting their movements as long as he creates tension. Requires 11 Mastery, 1 Strength
Punishment: After snaring an opponent with rope, T-Bag throws them and slams them head-first into the ground. Requires 11 Mastery, 21 Strength - DPR: C
Half-Knot Air Drive: T-Bag ties a rope around an opponent's neck, choking them, and slams them into the floor. Requires 51 Mastery, 41 Strength - DPR: B
Pipe Hitch Knives: T-Bag launches a rope with a spiraling row of knives tied to it to cut or slash his target. Requires 41 Mastery, 41 Strength - DPR: B
11 Sniping Mastery: Iron Sight Sniper (bolt-action), B rank Bullets, 1 bullet manual load

21 Sniping Mastery: unlocks 4x scope (requires 21 reaction), 3 bullet manual load
31 Sniping Mastery: 5 bullet manual load
41 Sniping Mastery: A rank Bullets (Max 1 per 3 mastery), unlocks 8x scope (requires 31 reaction)
51 Sniping Mastery: Semi Automatic Sniper, 5 bullet magazine
61 Sniping Mastery: unlocks 15x scope (requires 51 reaction), 10 bullet magazine
71 Sniping Mastery: unlocks Extended Range Sniper 1.2x (bolt-action)(requires 71 reaction)
81 Sniping Mastery: S rank Bullets (Max 1 per 10 Mastery)
91 Sniping Mastery: you are just as accurate while crouching as you would be prone
100 Sniping Mastery: S+ rank Bullets (Max 1 per 20 mastery)
120 Sniping Mastery: S+ rank 50 caliber Bullets (pierce through armor)(Max 1 per 30 mastery)

The amount of total ammunition you can carry is determined by your mastery. Mastery/2=Ammunition slots. Regular ammunition takes one slot.

For every Sniping Mastery stat point, you have a 5 meter range. Meaning at the very least you will have 55 meters at the basic requirement of 11.

Level 23
23x5 =115
Strength: 17+4=21
Speed: 22+4=26
-Movement:26 (31 Power Suit)
21× 2 =42
-Durability:21(26 Power Suit)
Mind: 15+6=21
-Science: 41
Martial Art:41
-Rope Action:41

Leftover Points:3

Name: Lady Opal
Epithet: N/A
Affiliation: Revolutionary Army
Occupation: Revolutionary
Origin: West Blue
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 25
Date of Birth: August 30th
Height: 7"0
Bounty: N/A

Strength: 19+2=21
Speed: 19+2=21
-Movement Speed: 21
-Reaction Speed: 21
Vitality: 18+2=20
-Stamina: 20
-Durability: 20
Mind: 3+3=6
Martial Arts: 21
-Gunslinger: 21
-Staff Combat: 21
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Name: Bengal
Epithet: Taiyō tora, Solar Tiger, Bengal the Great
Affiliation: Marines
Occupation: Martial Artist
Devil Fruit: N/A
Bounty: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Mink Tiger
Age: 25
Date of Birth: July 9th
Height: 13 feet

NPC speech

Physical Description:

Bengal is a Mink tiger that enjoy the thrill of a good hunt. After being banish from his home island because of a fail coup, he started a carrier as a bounty hunter and short after enlisted in the marines to enjoy hunting Pirates and revolutionaries with more resources and freedom. He can be a bit aggressive and irrational, yet cares about his comrades enough to know how to behave and keep track of his actions. As a Great Tiger you would think that he is a prideful one yet he isn't, he takes calculated risk and will not let you tarnish his pride as a hunter, he will remain calm and hunt you down.

Bengal was born 25 years ago to a family of of great hunters, who rose to prominence in the South Blue. And South Blue was the perfect hunting ground for Bengal and his family thanks to the exotic big animals the region is recognize for. Bengal's family composed of 8 members: his grandfather Siberian The Magnificent, his father Tolma, His mother Layla, His two elder brothers Guilian and Mora and little brother and sister name as her mother Layla and Siberian Jr. Despite not being the eldest, Bengal was the bigger tiger at 11 feet tall by age 17. They lived in the wealthy trading Kingdom of Goldland rule by the a family of the same name and while him and his family lived among humans they were both feared and respected by their neighbors, after all the goods they brought back from their hunting trips became crucial for the economy of the kingdom. We could said his family was really wealthy, one of the wealthiest in the Kingdom of Goldland and were good friends with the royal family. The Kingdom of Goldland was a country of traders and one of the most important trading partners of the world government. Sadly as well it was one of the more important targets for the revolutionaries.

8 years ago, the revolutionaries with the help of pirates and the political opposition attacked the Kingdom of Goldland. In a attempt to damage the supply chain and trade of the world government in the South Blue sea. During the attack the cities of the Kingdom of Goldland were burn and pillaged, kids and children kill, innocent civilians and nobles killed alike the revolutionaries and political opposition had no mercy, while his grandfather, father and two eldest brothers went of to join the fight and left him protecting his mother and little siblings. They never saw them comeback, and suddenly a fire broke in their house they were taped by the fire and even if they got out they where surrounded by revolutionaries and pirates, Bengal decided to fight. While he fought of the invaders, he try to keep them busy to let his mother and younger siblings escape. After a fierce battle he was stab by spear on the side of his abdomen that render him unconscious. Lucky for him the invaders thought he was dead, unlucky for him that they went after his family members and slaughter them.

When he waked up the battle was over, the Kingdom of Goldland was in ruins but the opposition didn't manage their objective. A fleet of marines arrive to fight of the revolutionaries who ended up retreating and successfully reclaiming the Kingdom in the name of the Goldland family. While the Kingdom rejoiced not very good news awaited Bengal. His family entirely had being killed. The rage he felt was enormously big, and decided he will vengeance his family. He was a bounty hunter for two years, hunting down pirates and possible revolutionaries members the option of alive was not available, only death awaited his preys. Then he joined the Marines to facilitate his hunting and let absolute justice fall upon the scum of this earth!

Fighting style: Hand to hand combat

Equipment: His claw, hands, legs and mouth


Level 25
25 x 5 = 125

Strength: 33 +8 = 41
Speed: 33 +8 = 41
41 x 2 = 82
-Reaction: 41
-Movement: 41
Vitality: 38
38 x 2 = 76
-Stamina: 38
-Durability: 38
Martial Arts: 21
21 x 2 = 42
-Electro: 42
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Fire Tiger
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Name: Kilij Dao Odachi
Affiliation: The Backyard Pirates
Race: Tiger Mink
Gender: Male
Epithet: Sabertooth
Occupation: Blacksmith
Age: 27
Date of Birth: February 21
Height: 6 ft 4 in (187.96 cm)
Weight: 230 lb (104 kg)
Laugh Style: tora-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra

Physical description: As a Tiger Mink, Kilij has orange and white striped fur all over his body. He used to be bulkier when younger, but has slimmed down since he started travelling the seas. He has burn marks and scars on chest and arms as a result of his history as a gladiator. His most current clothing is Arabian style robes in earth tones that he got on a desert island. When travelling to a new town he usually hides his identity as a Mink with a hood, a scarf, and some bandages to avoid trouble with those who have never seen a Mink.

Personality: Kilij Dao Odachi is a rather calm laidback Mink who prefers to avoid trouble whenever possible. Yet in combat he can be extremely vicious. When fighting or forging weapons he always focuses all of his attention on the present task. But he can also be quite clumsy at times. In fact he got the nickname “The Fire Tiger” for his tendency to often catch his clothes on fire without noticing it.

Background: Kilij Dao Odachi grew up as a slave gladiator on the ship of an underworld broker. Ever since he could remember they would stop on some shady island to have him and some other slaves fight for the entertainment of the locals and then set sail to some other island to repeat the whole ordeal. Most of the slaves were exchanged or sold quite often, except for him and old man Strepen. They kept Kilij for the novelty of him being a Mink, which was easy to market in the arena. On the other hand, old man Strepen was a well experienced blacksmith slave whose creations would often lead to hefty profits.

Malleus Strepen was also a Tiger Shark Fishman who could be counted as the closest thing to family that Kilij had. At first Kilij, who never knew his parents, thought that he was the same race as old man Strepen since they both had stripes. He even named himself after blades that Strepen had made. Malleus Strepen at first didn’t like the attention he got from the young Mink, but as he grew older and closer to death he decided to take boy as an apprentice and teach him everything knew about blacksmithing.

From that point on Kilij would spend his time either fighting in the gladiatorial arenas or forging weapons on the ship under the tutelage of Malleus Strepen. That lifestyle continued for years until one stormy night were the ship was attacked by pirates. Cannon fire rained down on the ship and blew the brig wide open. Old Strepen took advantage of the chaos to escape into the sea with Kilij. After a week of being pull through the sea by the Fishman, Kilij and Strepen made landfall on a desert island. After this Strepen decided to head towards Fishman Island to enjoy his last few years as a free man. While on the other hand Kilij Dao Odachi wanted to travel the world to see new types of blades, swords, and weapons and learn the techniques to make them. Which one day would lead him to forge the strongest weapon in the world and be known as the best blacksmith to ever exist.

Equipment: At the moment he has a shamshir sword that he forged on a desert island and a set of three throwing daggers. Since the shamshir is a curved blade, it can be used in a similar fashion to a katana. He wears light desert style robes that don’t hinder his movements. He has a backpack that contains some living supplies and some forging equipment.

Abilities: As a bladesmith and an ex-gladiator he has knowledge and experience in using all types of blades including knives, throwing daggers, short swords, long swords, curved blades, rapiers, katanas, two handed swords, and bastard swords. Presently he uses a gladiatorial combat version of Ittoryu with a curved shamshir sword.

-Ittoryu Iai: Tora Sonson ( meaning "One Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Tiger's Song"): Placing the sheathed sword upright and listening to the "breath" of his opponent, the attacker rapidly unsheathes, attacks, and resheathes their sword. An interesting note is that the user does the technique back-handed as opposed to from the waist with a standard grip on the sword. (21 Strength, 11 Mastery) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Sanjuroku Pound Ho (三十六煩悩(ポンド)鳳 Sanjūroku Pondo Hō?, kanji meaning "Phoenix of the 36 Earthly Desires"; furigana meaning "Pound Phoenix/Cannon"): This attack uses the air itself to slash the target from a distance. To initiate it, the user first holds one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, and then performs a circular swing that launches the air compressed projectile spiraling towards the target. (31 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Hiryu: Kaen (飛竜火焔 Hiryū: Kaen?, literally meaning "Flying Dragon: Blaze"): Using one sword wielded in his left hand with his right hand gripping his left wrist for support (or vice-versa), the user jumps high up into the air and slashes his opponent. After slashing them, the user's opponent then bursts into flames from where they were slashed. (31 Mastery, 21 Strength and 21 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Yakkodori (厄港鳥 Yakkōdori?, literally meaning "Disaster Harbor Bird"): The user launches from his sword a crescent moon-like projectile of compressed air to the opponent with great speed, similar to 36 Pound Cannon.(31 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Sanbyakurokuju Pound Ho (三百六十煩悩鳳 Sanbyakurokuju-Ppondo Hō?, literally meaning "360 Pound Cannon"): The user delivers a stronger version of his 36 Pound Cannon, which is presumably 10 times stronger than the original.(51 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

-Ittoryu Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson (一刀流 “居合” “死・獅子歌歌” Ittōryū Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson?, literally meaning "One Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Lion's Song of Death"): A stronger version of his original "Ittoryu Iai: Shishi Sonson". The user swings his sword in a very quick and powerful unsheathe move to slice his opponent. This attack is strong enough to easily decapitate a legendary beast like a Dragon.(41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Daishinkan (大辰撼 Daishinkan?, literally meaning "Great Dragon Shock"): Daishinkan consists of the user running towards his opponent with their sword held outstretched in one arm. He then executes a two handed overhead swing used to split his opponent into two from the top down.(61 Mastery, 61 Strength and 61 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: A

Baki (馬鬼(バキ) Baki?, literally meaning "Horse Demon"): After raising his sword above his head, the user delivers a powerful vertical slice to his opponent. This attack can easily slice through solid stone.(61 Mastery, 81 Strength and 41 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: A

Taka Nami (鷹波 Taka Nami?, literally meaning "Hawk Wave"): While airborne, creates a powerful gust of wind to knock opponents over. It can be done while standing on the ground. The user says this attack is very useful against a group of weak enemies.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength)

-Sai Kuru (犀回 Sai Kuru?, literally meaning "Rolling Rhino"): The user holds his swords in front of him pointing up, like rhinoceros horns, and spins quickly.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon (二刀流 「居合」 羅生門 Nitōryū Iai: Rashōmon?, literally meaning "Two Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Castle Gate"): A dual sword drawing technique so powerful that it can split large obstacles in half. The user draws his swords, and sheathes them quickly, able to split two train carriages in half.(41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

-Nanajuni Pound Ho (七十二煩悩(ポンド)鳳 Nanajūni Pondo Hō?, kanji meaning "Phoenix of the 72 Earthly Desires"; furigana meaning "72 Pound Phoenix/Cannon"): Same principle as the 36 Pound Cannon. Holding his two swords horizontally above the shoulder, the user then performs a circular swing that launches two air compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target instead of one, making it twice as powerful.(31 Mastery, 31 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Nigiri (弐斬り Nigiri?, literally meaning "Double Slash"): A stance where two swords are held parallel so that the tips are pointing to his right or left side, this move is like a pre-requirement to perform: Toro, Otoro, Hirameki, Samon, and Maguma.(41 Mastery)

-Toro (登楼 Tōrō?, literally meaning "Climbing a Tower"): Two air-based projectile slashes are sent upwards while jumping as the user swings his swords in an upward motion.(31 Mastery, 21 Strength and 21 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Otoro (応登楼 Ōtōrō?, literally meaning "Reply Climbing a Tower"): Two air-based projectile slashes are sent downwards while falling as Zoro swings his swords downwards, with the gravity complimenting the force of the attack.(51 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

-Hirameki (閃 Hirameki?, literally meaning "Flash"): Two air-based projectiles are sent forward after swinging both swords from the left or right side.(41 Mastery, 31 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Samon (砂紋 Samon?, literally meaning "Sand Drawing"): Two air-based projectiles are sent diagonally down and to the left or right after swinging both swords from the left or right.(41 Mastery, 31 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

-Maguma (魔熊 Maguma?, literally meaning "Demon Bear"): A simple downward pound into the opponent with both swords.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

Electro: a mink martial art combat available only to the mink race.

1-20 mastery: basic electro on touch

21-40 mastery: full body electro

41-60 mastery: electro can coat weapons

61-80 mastery: 1/10 turn sulong at night

81-99 mastery: 1m ranged electro, 3/10 turn sulong at night

100 mastery: 2m ranged electro, 6/10 turn sulong at night

120 mastery: 3m ranged electro, 10/10 turn sulong at night

Basic Electro (requires 1 mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink shocks an opponent with their hand.

Full Body Electro (requires 21 mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink shocks an opponent with their body.

Electro Coating (requires 41 mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink covers their weapon in a layer of electricity that will shock on contact.

Sulong (requires 61 mastery): using electricity the mink shocks their body function at limit breaker capacity giving +10 speed and strength. It can only be used at night

Sulong Shock (requires 81 mastery): while in sulong form the mink can shoot electro at a 1m range.


50x5 = 250 Mink Race Bonuses: +20 speed (4x5=20), +20 strength (4x5=20), +5 any (1x5=5), +5 any (MA mastery lvl. 41)
Strength: 45 + 20 = 65
Speed: 41+ 20 = 61
61x2 = 122
-Reaction: 57 +5(Mind) = 62
-Movement: 65
Vitality: 37 +5 =42
42x2 = 84
-Durability: 43
-Stamina: 41
Mind: 50
50x2 = 100
-Science: 50
-Beast Mastery: 50
Martial Arts: 57 + 5 = 62
62x2 = 124
-Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 61
-Electro: 62
Haki: 20
20×2= 40
-Armament Haki: 29
-Observation Haki: 11(Awareness)
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Name: Drago Dangerbuff
Epithet: "Big Bravado"
Affiliation: Silver Hair Pirates
Occupation: Scientist
Devil Fruit: None
Bounty: Idk
Gender: Male
Race: Human(cyborg)
Age: 19
Date of Birth: December 2nd
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 84 kg

Has a slender but toned body covered by a green tank top. Isn't very muscular but is still incredibly strong nonetheless. A a certain angle his face can appear of that of a woman's. He wears a blue hat with big orange goggles, hiding his short black hair underneath. He wears biker gloves that reveal his knuckles and has light blue, grayish jean shorts, with jet black boots on. He looks very much like a regular human but when you actually properly examine him, you'll find out that he's a cyborg.
Through the death of Straw, Drago has undergone changes. He is no longer childish and careless but now serious, stoic, and a lot more thoughtful about his actions and those around him. He is not nearly as brash as he used to be but instead he plans ahead, considers all the possibilities and chooses the best course of action that can benefit his crew. Even though he did "officially" betray the SHP, a trigger goes off in him when he sees any sort of backstabbing occur in front of him. This PTSD was caused by how Straw had fallen. His former crew mate had sacrificed his life in order to save the crew. Because of this, Drago now despises any actions from a person that betrays their friends or family in the pursuit of their own interests instead of putting the group before them. You might wonder how he feels this way when he betrayed his crew. The truth is...he didn't really betray them.
It was sunny in Shells town. Not a cloud in sight to cover the beating of the sun's rays onto the town. The waters surrounding the island, was calm and crystal blue. Hardly any waves touched the edges of the island. It was a beautiful day.

"No Flower, being a marine doesn't interest me,"

2 kids laid on the grassy floor near the nuclear plant shaped marine building. A fresh breeze blew through, blowing the hairs of the children. Amy wore a white blouse. Her blonde hair was filled with beautiful flowers that had an array of colors, earning her the nickname "Flower".

"Why not? Doesn't your mom brag about how you'll become an admiral one day?" Said Flower. Drago snorted as if she said the most ridiculous thing ever. "Admiral? Pah, I wanna become a pirate! Ride the high seas, with bucket loads of freedom! Conquering islands! I wanna be like your dad Flower. Not some stupid marine!"

"Oh, is that how it's going to be, huh?" footsteps pounded the ground as they approached Drago and his friend. Oh no, no no. Drago was scared for his life as he saw he was coming. *SMACK* nobody saw the lightning-quick hand coming. It smeared itself across Drago's left cheek. Drago was nearly sent flying as he doubled over, pressing his own hand to his smacked cheek. Tears streamed across his face faster than a waterfall. The pain was unbearable.

"OW! Ah, ah, ah! That hurt!"
"There's going to be more of that coming if you don't get away from this devil girl this instant!"
"She's not *sniff* the devil *sniff* mother! You're the devil!"
"Oh, so that's how it's going to be huh? We're going home. Right now," As Drago's mom yanked his arm, pulling him towards her. Before they left, she flashed a look of disgust at Flower who was curled up, hands over her face, shocked at what just transpired.

Drago lived in a small wooden house just on the edge of the island. The roaring ocean was always bothering them, keeping them up at night a lot of times. Luckily it wouldn't today.
*BOOM* Drago's mom stormed into the house, causing the door to slam against the wooden wall rattling the entire house. She was pissed.

"So you're going to disrespect your mother like this huh? You not only disobey me and hang out with that witch, you call me the devil! That's not even the worst of it. YOU DARE SAY THAT YOU WANT TO BE A PIRATE?! HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT SUCH A VILE THING?!" Drago's mom threw him onto the couch which was not soft at all like you'd expect. It was the equivalent of concrete. "Ah!" Shouted Drago in pain. "Mother, I take it back! I was just joking! Please don't hurt me!"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" screamed Drago's mom at the top of her lungs. "Just you wait, riiight here. You're gonna love what I'm about to do to you."

She went into her room and searched for something. Drago back on the couch was scared to death. If you stood close enough, you could even hear how hard his heart was beating. 10 seconds later, his mom came back and in her right hand was a whip-like object. A belt.

"No, no, no, no, no! Please no!"
"Stop your crying! I don't want to hear a peep from you! I hope you know that this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you," Drago's mom lied through her teeth.

Behind a corner, Drago's 6-year-old sister watched the beating in horror.


2 days later. *PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM*. Hard knocking filled the air as someone banged on the doors of the marine building.

"What do you want?" Came a voice on the other side. "I'm here for a delivery to the captain," replied the other person. A few seconds elapsed and then a click. The door opened. "Make it quick, the captain is busy right now."

2 minutes later, the person was in captain Axe-hand Morgan's office. "Is this the boy? Drago?" said Morgan in his gruff, hard voice.

"How old is he?"
"11 years old."
"Hmm. He'll make good use then."
"Of course he will. He's my son. I expect you guys to eradicate the disgusting thought in him about being a pirate."
"Don't worry. We will in due time."

The person took their leave. Leaving a very distraught boy behind.

"Hey there. Drago. What do you say about becoming a marine?"
"I don't wanna," Drago said in a frightened tone.
"So you wanna be a pirate?"
Drago stood his ground and his reply was much more assertive.
Morgan slapped him. Hard. Drago stumbled.

"Oh yes, we need to very much eradicate this idea in your head. As soon as possible."

And so began the years of torture, abuse, and hard labor an 11-year-old Drago suffered for the next several years.


6 years later, in the evening, 17-year-old Drago sat in the watchtower on the edge of the island. Being a full-fledged seaman now, his first duty was to watch the sea for any incoming ships and give a call back to the marine building, informing them about the incoming ship. Drago sat there, bored out of his mind. His shift was almost over so he was waiting excitedly to leave.

Something caught his eye. A ship about 400 meters away. Drago sat up straight, leaning into the rail. He grabbed his spyglass to get a better look at it.
"The black flag. This is a pirate ship. In my whole year being here, this is quite the surprise."

Drago put the spyglass down and reached for the den den mushi. Although the ship was heading north, that didn't matter as it was the enemy and needed to be taken down. "Oh man. For I'd wish to be a free man. Roaming on the seas, free of labor, with bucket loads of freedom, conquering islands. For I'd wish to be a free man..." Drago kept repeating the last line over and over again. And then, a spark came into his eye. He stopped reaching for the den den mush for a devilish idea had filled his head.

"For I'd wish to be a free man. No more wishing. I'm no longer a kid. It's time I take action. It's time I get the fuck outa here!" In less than 5 seconds, Drago was streaming through the stairs of the watchtower. He sprinted at full speed to the ocean when he got on the ground. He threw his marine hat behind him for it was now just a piece of trash.

Drago was nervous to death but his excitement was glazing throughout his body. Drago jumped! He fucking jumped into the goddamn ocean! At the top of his lungs, Drago bellowed,

And so was the story of how Drago became a pirate.
Drago owns 3 swords for hs santoryu sword style. 1 sword given to him by his cremate Minuano, and the other 2 came as a prize from the conquests he's had as a pirate.


Level 71
71 x 5 = 355
Strength: 37+14=51
Speed: 84+14=98

-Reaction: 96+5(from science)+5(when CoO is activated)
-Movement: 100
Vitality: 47+14=61
-Durability: 61
-Stamina: 61
Haki: 37+21=58
-Armament Haki: 61
-Observation Haki: 55(Precognition)
Mind: 50
Scientist: 100 (45 IP remaining)
Cyborg: 100
Destruction: 100 (30 MP remaining)
Energy: 100 (Nuclear Cell)
Armoring: 100
Utility: 100 (40 MP)

Reaction speed is 106 with CoO. Gives him Light Speed level.
Base durability plus armoring is City level. With hardening he has island level.

Cyborg Abilities

Firearm - 10 bullets
By inverting his left hand, a pointed end is formed in its stead. This end has a hole in which it can fire at the target at a normal rate.C-rank DPR.
Shoulder Fired Missile - 3 missiles
Formed from the right shoulder, a silver bazooka gun-like object emerges. It aims at the target and does B-rank level damage.
Artillery Gun - 30 bullets
Drago inverts his right hand and circular ring with bullets lining the edges forms out. This bullets are fired at a rapid pace through clockwise rotation. The target should be filled with holes if the bullets hit. B-rank DPR.
Directed Energy Weapon - 15 blasts
Again through inverting the right hand, a hole is left at the end of the forearm. But instead of bullets, what comes out is an energy beam similar to a ki blast sent out to the target. B-rank DPR.
Missile Launcher - 4 missiles
Inside his back, Drago can form a missile launcher which he can pull out at any time. This launcher extends over Drago's head, aims at the target and fires a powerful missile that deals A-rank damage.
Cyborg Shield
A blueish, transparent, pentagonal-shaped metallic shield that Drago can pop out at any time. This shield appears out of his right forearm and protects him from any oncoming attacks. Takes away 4 MP
Systematic Shock
A thunderous punch that decimates the interior while leaving the exterior unharmed. Similar to gamma knife but for cyborgs. The stronger the Cyborg, the more devastating the punch is.

Take the Drago's strength level times 1.5 and that's is the initial destructive capacity of the punch. It only does harm to internal organs or animals inside the ocean(while doing nothing to the water) and only destroys the inside of a building and it's inhabitants.
Requires 61 energy and 51 strength. B rank attack.
Allows Drago to pull out 100-120 cyborg techniques a few times while many times of the rest.
Flexible Armor
A full body coating armor that not only gives Drago 2+ durability rank, but allows him to eat a devil fruit.
Rocket Booster
This increases Drago's mobility by +5 allowing him to move faster.
Detach and Reattach
Drago can detach body parts at will, allowing him to attack from different angles and ranges.
Grappling hook
A six foot long grappling that he pulls out from his waist in order to grab on to long distance items or pull an enemy in closer.
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Name: Yasashī te Dō (alias)
Real Name: [Redacted] (I'm bad at creating names)
Epithets: The Monster of Camp Green
TroubledBrother Tiger
Brother Tiger
Recruit nr. 444
Affiliation: Revolutionaries
-Shaolin Monks of Bamboo Valley
-Marines (Recruit, for however long
they train recruits) Remember to
Check this
Job: Covert Operative
Race: Mink (Tiger)
Age: 23
Height: 1,81 m
Height (without the fur): 1,77 m

[Redacted] was born 23 years ago on the back of Zunisha, the giant Elephant that is carrying the Mokomo Dukedom on his back. He had a nice childhood, living in the outskirts of town with his parents, right at the edge of the jungle.
They were kind people, a capybara and a sheep mink, but they ultimately were just a tad bit boring.
Due to both of them being mild mannered herbivorous minks, they were overwhelmed by and proved unable to properly accommodate for the boundless energy of a child with the characteristics of an apex predator, and so [Redacted] at a very early age attached himself to the group of hunters that operated in the nearby jungle.
He went with them on his first hunt when he was only 4 years old and killed his first crocodile just a year later. He enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, and would soon even go on solo trips at night, when the other hunters were sleeping. On one such solo trip, he came to eavesdrop on a squad of Guardians, who were talking about the possibility of an attack from Kaido's armies. They were discussing an emergency plan to mobilize the common populace in case the combined forces of the Guardians and the Musketeers was not strong enough to fend off the attack.
[Redacted], still a small child, of course, became increasingly paranoid after hearing this. He feared that the attack was imminent, and that he (the great hunter that he thought he was) would have to personally intervene to save his country.
Two weeks later he and his best friend, the Deer Mink Kojika were doing a sleepover to hide from the full moon together, when a small crew of pirates (presumably named the "Stupid Pirates") gained access to the kingdom by climbing up zunisha's trunk and letting her lift them up when she sprayed herself with water. They had brought bazookas and other portable artillery with them and were destroying the nearby houses. [Redacted], already on edge due to the moon, immediately panicked and assumed the worst, that Kaido's forces had invaded and already overcome all defenses. He was sure that his time to fight for his country had come. He immediately went outside, determined to defeat Kaido and his men, confident that the the power of the sulong and his apex hunting skills :dogkek: would suffice.
He began transforming just as Kojika ran out to stop him. He doesn't remember much after that except for her screaming his name in fear and anguish, and how invigorating it felt to rip her apart. This scream would haunt him his entire life.
After coming to his senses somewhere in he jungle and realizing what he had done, and seeing her blood on his hands, he was devastated. Not only did he kill his best friend, he enjoyed it!
He decided that a monster like himself, who could kill his best friend and even enjoy it, should not live with other people who he might harm.
So he decided to flee the country to go to a place where he wouldn't hurt anyone. After he climbed down one of Zunisha's legs, he found a small dinghy left over from the Pirates' ship, and before he could realize that it didn't even have oars, he had already drifted away.

He lived on that boat for two years, without even encountering a single island or ship. He survived (badly) by drinking rain water and eating small fish.
This time on the dinghy was the lowest point in his entire life, all alone with the thoughts about how he was a monster, how he had always been a bloodthirsty person, going out hunting just for the fun of it, and alone with that scream, his name, echoing in his head, surrounding him, accusing him, taunting him, seeming to ebb out at times, only to surge again whenever he thought back to what had happened.
It was during one of those times when it seemed to be everywhere, in the water, in the sky and on the boat that he decided he would no longer be a person like that anymore, to never again seek out the thrill of the hunt, to keep the urges, the killing instincts covered up, suppressed, and to cast off the name he once held.
But even so, he could still see Kojika's blood on her hands, and no amount of washing them in the salty water or licking them clean seemed to get rid of that image. There was just so much red on his arms, on his entire body, even. He began to use his tongue to lick the black fur of his stripes over his red fur, so he wouldn't have to see it anymore.
The boy, now nameless, began training to withstand the power of the full moon, first by looking at reflections in the water, and later by looking directly at it for short moments, and then dropping the bucket he had on his head to break the view again.
So it came that by the time his little dinghy drifted into the calm belt, he was fully immune to the influence of the moon and would gaze at it for hours. What he was not immune to however was dehydration, and after a few weeks without rain his reserves were almost gone and he could barely keep upright.
Just before he passed out, the last thing he remembers was, though possibly just a hallucination of a delirious mind, the flutter of a green robe, and a sudden breeze.
He woke up days later in the infirmary of a small monastery. Apparently his dinghy washed ashore after a giant storm in the north.
He learned that he was in the west blue on a small island affiliated with the Kano Country. He had been so weakened by dehydration and malnourishment that even their best medicine could only barely save his life.
After two weeks in the infirmary he decided to live in the monastery, too, to use the peaceful surroundings to calm himself and to hide from the world among these monks. It was in this sanctuary of peace that he developed his own martial art, and learned the basics of bo staff combat from the Shaolin monks.
Over the span of the 14 years he spent living there he grew ever closer to the other monks after they had initially ostracized him for his mental problems and for being a Tiger (!). He had an especially close bond with Brother Shinu Unmei, with whom he regularly discussed the philosophy of violence.
Brother Unmei believed that violence, no matter how just, would invariably cause more violence and suffering. He elaborated thusly: Any act of violence causes a great fear in the populace, and this fear would in turn cause anger and hatred, which will then cause the cycle of suffering to start again.
This philosophy would later influence him greatly.
It was on one of those evenings, as they were strolling through the bamboo forest, when they heard explosions in the distance. Brother Tiger, who had heard such noises before, recoiled from the onslaught of memories assaulting his mind, while Brother Unmei, without hesitation, rushed back to the monastery to help fend of the intruders.
Once he had gotten his bearings, Brother Tiger followed him, but he arrived to late. The Bandits had already left with the food supply and some golden ornaments, and had left a sword behind, stuck in the chest of Shinu Unmei. His dying words, as he lay in Brother Tigers arms, were: "Don't avenge me, Brother! Carry me in your heart! Don't let this harden your fist against the world! Change it, by following the path of your soft hands! I will wait for you! I know you'll follow.
You deserve ..."
This was the day Brother Tiger left the other monks to change the world, taking on the name "Yasashī te Dō" so he could never stray from his path.

The story of camp green: coming soon...

Dō is, outwardly, a very calm and collected young man, always polite and kind, but ultimately rather reserved.
On the inside however, he is a very conflicted set of identities, one being Dō, who is desperately struggling to remain in control, the other being the monster, an amalgamation of all his bloodlust combined with the suppressed instincts of his sulong form.
As a result of having to hold back his own instincts so much he often seems to be very calm and collected, but inside he is a coil of anxiety.
Whenever he gets particularly stressed or anxious he starts to lick his fur, trying to cover his red fur with his black and white fur, to the point that he looks like a black tiger with red stripes.
His claws are always perfectly cut, but to him it often seems as if they are growing at an unnatural speed. He is considering keeping the clipped claws in glass jars, to measure how fast they are growing.
Whenever he is around other people, especially ones he perceives as vulnerable, he becomes accutely aware of how long his claws are, and the monsters influence gets stronger, demanding he exploit their vulnerability.
If he fears he might loose control, he gets a panic attack, goes completely limb and his fur poofs up, making him look like a stuffed animal.
He is still haunted by the scream of Kojika, and in particularly stressy situations it echoes in his head. He keeps his real name a secret, because everytime he gets reminded of it, the echoes get louder again.
He is very much opposed to any kind of violence, and would do anything to avoid unnecessary fighting.
The kinds of people Dō hates the most are those that use fear and violence to advance their own selfish needs. He hopes to one day create a society in which physical strength does not matter and the weak and strong do not have to fight each other anymore. His path to achieve that is to disrupt the current cycle of fear, hate and violence, by trying to ease the publics fear of both pirates and marines, to create a nonviolent resistance movement that might one day cure the society of it's sickness.
Despite his repressed nature he still exhibits some cat-like mannerisms, like his preference for sunny spots and apparent laziness.

His body itself is rather thin, but his thick fur gives the impression of a much thicker body, with his paws being so thickly padded that they are super squishy and almost round so that no individual fingers are distinguishable if he puts them all together.
Every colour on his body is symbolic of a part of his personality:
Red fur: Aggression, bloodlust, the blood of Kojika, Unmei and everyone at camp green
Black fur: Repression, self control, anxiety
White fur: Feline instincts
Green Clothing: calmness, serenity, Being content, happiness, the monks influence (note, its just a layer above the fur)
He wears a soft green shaolin robe with a hood that hides his face, combined with a green scarf around his mouth. He does not wear shoes.
Least favourite foods:
One of the first foodstuffs he got after waking up in the infirmary was a bottle of milk that the young Brother Unmei brought him. As all tigers are lactose intolerant, his malnourished and scurvy body did not take kindly to this percieved threat, and ever since he has been deadly afraid of milk.
He did however hear that Master Nekomamushi regularly consumed cheese made from platypus milk in his lasagna, so he is positively curious to try it
He fears that indulging too much in the taste of meat might awaken his hunting instincts, and therefore is mostly a pescetarian.
Favourite Foods: Fish-Veggie Stew, Oranges
Least favourite colour: Red
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite flower: Lotus
-The plushy thing. Like Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes
-He has problems knocking on doors. The monastery didn't have proper doors, and whenever he tries knocking he accidentally uses his Martial Art abilities and blows the door wide open.
- The universe seems hell-bent on forcing him to travel in a small dinghy wherever he is going, or at least he believes this.

Soft Paw Style

The user holds back his killer instincts so much that the impact from his attacks happens with a delay. If he looses control, the monster inside of him gets unleashed, and he attacks everyone around him in the most violent way possible.
requires Strength, Musicianship and Martial Arts Mastery
(1-10) 1s delay, Basic delayed Punch; no remote triggering, has to do an actual punching motion; can only use fists

(11-20) 3s delay, can use feet

(21-30) 5s, can choose how many seconds the delay lasts at the start of the strike

(31-40) 7s delay, unlocks soft step ability (footsteps trail behind at delay (still very silent))

(41-50) 9s delay, delay quick jab is enough (no full punching motion), can use elbows, tail and knees

(51-60) 10s delay, can use reverse (create a vacuum with palm to "pull" objects)

(61-70) 11s delay, footsteps of soft step now don't have to happen

(71-80) 12s delay, can use entire body

(81-90) 13s delay, can use reverse and delay attacks together and in more complicated patterns

(91-99) 14s delay, small tap to activate

(100) 15s delay


Hesitating Fist (1 Mastery, 1 Strength, 1 Musicianship) Rank D
An attack that takes effect with a delay. Can be used with appropriate limbs and motions. (Not necessarily an actual punch) (Supposed to be relatively spammable)

Liquid dodge (31 Mastery, 31 Reaction, 31 Musicianship)
The user mitigates the damage from an attack he can't dodge by bending his body in the direction the attack would push him.
+Mastery/5 Reaction, 1 turn cooldown
Useless against very big attacks (like bigger than his entire body) and AoE attacks

Hesitating Fist: Ballochory (31 Mastery, 31 Strength, 31 Musicianship) Rank C (multi-hit)
Multiple smaller concentrated hits to the center mass of an opponent that, while not much stronger, catapults him a long distance away. 5 seconds delay max

Soft Step (31 Mastery, 31 Movement, 31 Musicianship)
The user delays the impact (and therefore the sound of his footsteps), allowing him to walk on unstable surfaces, like on top of snow or on small twigs

Blooming Path: (41 Mastery, 31 Strength, 41 Musicianship)
A follow up if the user successfully places impacts on the opponent while dodging; The impacts push away the defending limbs/weapons leaving them open for a bigger attack like the Ballochory or a nerve strike.

Circular Descent (41 Mastery, 51 movement, 41 Musicianship)
While ducking and spinning against an opponent with 10 or less movement speed, the user drags an appendage across the floor in a circle. After the time is up, the circle breaks through the floor and he falls to a lower one. Obviously only works in buildings.

Circular Ascend (51 Mastery, 51 Musicianship) Rank D
While ducking and spinning against an opponent with 10 or less movement speed, the user drags an appendage across the floor in a circle. The circle pushes up and he soars up with an extended jump. Damages self and opponent. Up to Mastery/2 Meters

Retreating Fist (51 Mastery, 51 Strength, 51 Musicianship) Rank B
The same as H.F., but it "pulls" with the palm instead of punching with the fist, for example launching parts of the floor into the air to hit or obstruct opponents. Can knock an opponent off balance (indirect hits are one dpr lower)

Retreating Fist: Runaway Festival (51 Mastery, 51 Strength,, 51 Movement, 41 Musicianship) Rank B
While being pursued by an opponent the user places delayed R.F. strikes on everything he can reach, causing the environment to collapse on the pursuer, damaging them. (Multiple indirect hits) works best in narrow corridors filled with lots of potential projectiles)

Fearful Fist (61 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 Awareness Haki, 61 Musicianship) Rank A
A strong stab at an opponent's nerve. The vibrations sent from this can cause temporary loss of the hit muscle's function. Can only be used Mastery/60 times a day

Soft Step Strike (61 Mastery, 41 Strength, 61 Movement, 41 Musicianship) rank B
each step can also place an impact (H.F., R.F.)
H.F.: Soft Step: Strike Seed
R.F.: Soft Step: Strike Bamboo

Soft Step: Ivy (81 Mastery, 81 Strength, 61 Movement, 61 Musicianship)
uses the retreating fist to walk on walls

Unleashed Monster Form:
Coming soon... Be afraid.
This martial art is supplemental to his other martial art. It is mostly focused on defense and evasion, with the only kinetic attacks being used in conjunction with the SoftPaw Style, placing delayed strikes anywhere a tip of the staff hits.

Hesitating Fist: Branch
The user performs a Hesitating Fist attack with his staff
requires (31 mastery in each style, 31 strength) DPR - C

Defensively the user can spin the staff like a propeller to lessen the damage from AoE attacks
(requires 31 mastery, 31 strength) - DPR - C (Defensive AoE)

Pole vaulting: pretty obvious, the user uses his staff to jump over something.
(requires 11 mastery, 11 strength)

Blocking: Blocking an attack with his Bo staff.
(requires 11 mastery, 11 strength) DPR - D (Defensive)

Deflecting: the user uses the staff to deflect an incoming attack to one side while he dodges to the other side
(requires 21 mastery, 21 strength) DPR - C (Defensive)

Two Sticks: the user uses 2 of the 3 parts of the three piece bo staff like kali sticks
-Cross Block: the user blocks by crossing the sticks
requires (41 mastery, 41 strength) DPR - B (Defensive)
-Hesitating Fist: Twigs. The user performs two consecutive Hesitating Fist attacks with the sticks
requires (31 mastery in each style, 31 strength) DPR - C

Level 27 ->135 Points
+2x4 Str +2x4 Speed +2 Mind Mink Bonus
Strength: 23 +8 = 31
Speed: 26 +8 = 34 -> 68 subpoints
+5 React from Mind
-Movement: 32
-Reaction: 36 +5= 41
Vitality: 21 -> 42 subpoints
-Durability: 21
-Stamina: 21
Mind: 39 +2=41 -> 82 subpoints
-Music: 45
-Navigation: 31
-Unallocated: 6 Points
Martial Arts: 26 -> 52 subpoints
-SoftPaw Style: 41
-Weapon: Bo Staff: 11

He has a three piece bo staff and a bamboo Pan flute.
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Name: Number X
Epithet: "Gunslinger X"
Bounty: ß 39, 088, 000
Affiliation: The Backyard Pirates
Occupation: Marksman
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 2?
Date of Birth: 19th of August
Height: 6.2 feet
Now I look like this
Overly cautious character who always have plan for everything. He knows no mercy for those who stand in his way. Catch phrase: "Keikaku doori".
Orphan with a memory loss. Get his name from the number of days he spent after awaking before his first victim.
-2 Kentucky Flintlock .54
-Remington Creedmoor rifle
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~ More changes may apply ~

Name: Ross
Epithet: “Hyper Red”
Affiliation: The Revolutionaries
Occupation: Soldier
Devil Fruit: N/A
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 2nd March
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 47 kgs

Being a young human girl with a short stature, she stands at 5 ft 5 inches tall. She has striking red hair which is tied into two side pony tails falling to her shoulders with a few locks loose surrounding the frame of her face. She has a small red bow on each side of her head. She wears a black sailor style school uniform which is long sleeved and has a red scarf wrapped around like a tie. Her short top barely covers her slender waist. The bottom part of her uniform is a long black skirt that covers her legs up to her ankle. She wears standard pumps to cover her feet. She has a piercings in her ears where she wears small metallic studs.

That night was very special for the children of the “Lady Teresa’s Cathedral”. The tiny little children were running around the hallways excited for a new prospect which magnified their enthusiasm by ten folds. Suddenly, an ear splitting sound of a gunshot broke through the air and the children cowered in fear as they hid behind the first large object they could find.

“Whose idea was it?” Sister Ethel shouted. She was holding an 85mm barrel lock gun. A strong scent of gunpowder was surrounding Sister Ethel as she moved into the grand hall.

Sister Ethel dragged a boy who was crouched behind the armchair and held the gun to his temple.

“You have 10 seconds to tell me who did it, or else little Rommie here dies”

Little Rommie was petrified.

The children knew that sister Ethel was telling the truth. She did what she said and always to the T. If there was one thing they could bet on, it was in Sister Ethel’s words. Little Rommie also knew this which in fact made him get more scared, while he gripped the steel collar he had on his neck for support. He ended up pushing it too hard which made the red light flicker and a tinkering noise began. Sister Ethel realized the source of the sound but she remained unfazed. She gracefully took two steps away from Rommie.

Suddenly a red haired girl came rushing from her hideout and pushed Rommie’s hands away from touching his collar. She pinned the boy’s hands on the ground and frowned towards the collar watching the tinkering slow down and the red light go still. And it did. The collar went silent and both of them let out a sigh. However in the next moment the air became tensed again as Sister Ethel cleared her throat loudly.

“Rose, come with us. Tonight is a feast night for you” She smiled. The smile felt dark and hollow.

Little Rose followed Sister Ethel as they climbed down the stairs leading to, a long underground passage generously lit and swept clean as if it had been used regularly. Rose looked up to catch a glimpse of her escort. It was a middle aged nun who could use weapons and kill people without hesitation. Had she not intercepted, history would repeat again and Rommie would meet the same fate as little Jiola who apparently tried to escape the cathedral and was caught red handed. Rose was their favorite little tool. She was assigned different duties than the other children. The nuns loved her crafting skills and adored her for her looks. She was assigned serving duties directly under the God of the land himself and hence they removed her neck collar as it didn’t look good with her uniform. That gave Rose more freedom than the other children and she’d use that to influence and comfort them to the dismay of the nuns. They would try their best to keep her bottled up but Rose would find a way to express herself, very much like this night’s incident. After a few minutes of walk they reached a door leading to a gigantic kitchen. It was the best kitchen one could ever dream of. It had the perfect pans and pots, cutlery and dinnerware, world class ingredients, dozens of freezers, a couple of large panties that could fit your whole house in, high heat ovens and boilers and yet everything was so spotlessly clean and well maintained. They met Sister Grenada who was polishing a wine glass.

“Listen now, Little Rose” Sister Ethel sat on her knees and looked Rose right in the eye. “This is what you get for spreading lies to the other children and giving them false hope that someone is coming to save them. Should have cut your access to story books long time ago.” She particularly forced on the word “save” and broke into a nasty crackle and Sister Grenada also joined. “No one is coming to save you all! Fufufu~!” She said. “Why would someone even care that some disgraceful pesky runts are waiting for their heroes to spring up! You runts are pathetic creatures. You are good for nothing! The most you can do is use your crafting to serve the God of the Holy land. Their pleasure is your lifeline. Their anger is your doom” She stopped laughing and gripped the shoulder of the little girl. Her eyes were bloodshot “Listen well Rose! If I ever catch your pathetic self, spreading lies and unrest and wasting our time, the punishment is going to be far greater than baking a few cupcakes. Speak with caution from now on. Give away your false hope, for your own good! “

“They will come.” Rose mumbled to herself. “I know they will”

Rose had spotted a man lurking in the underground corridor during her after bed duties. He seems to have entered it though the Cathedral but Rose couldn’t figure out how he avoided the attention of the nuns. She wanted to confront the man but couldn’t gather the courage. That reminded her of the book she was reading called “Adventure of the great Fish Hero”. It related the life of a true hero who freed hundreds of prisoners from a castle single handedly. She was so amazed by the story that she shared it with the other children leaving them awed. This is what caused such unruliness among them that Sister Ethel had to silence them with a gun.

Depositing the little girl to Sister Grenada’s hands, the woman went away. Sister Grenada showed her the tasks. Rose had no option but to start working.

Her little hands gathered all the ingredients and started mixing them in a huge bowl. Flour, buttermilk, a pint of bourbon, eggs, baking soda, cocoa powder, butter and finally water. She had them memorized ever since she was a baby. Her first toys included a play kitchen set where she served plastic cupcakes to her parents and made them laugh. Growing up, she didn’t go to any ordinary nursery school. Her Island was named Sakura Mochi, situated in the heart of North Blue and was known for the best craftsmen for all kinds of desserts. You could find the right man for every good here. They were in demand. The kids were trained since birth. Rose was an exceptionally talented one and she knew the right measurements for every order. Half spoon of salt for every 2 cups of flour, 2 beaten eggs, 3 tablespoons of unsweetened baking soda, 2 cups of granulated sugar.

One day when she was 5 years old she boarded on a ship along with other children and was brought to this island of the Gods. From that day onwards, she never got to see her parents again; neither could she set foot outside the Cathedral and see the sunlight. Playing on the soft green grass and feeling the first snowfall was out of the question. Every day she was burdened with more and more tasks which involved baking large batches of cupcakes and pies from dawn to dusk. If she ever tasted one, she would be taken down to the basement and hit with a whip for 50 times. She counted!

After 4 long hours she had finally completed making 100 cupcakes. Everything was perfect as usual. Sister Grenada finished counting and said “This batch is done. Plate them up color wise and wait for the gong.”

After sometime the gong rang and she knew what it meant. She pushed the serving trolley and went out of the kitchen leading to a dimly lit narrow corridor and came face to face with an imposing door with large knuckles. Sister Grenada pushed the door open as she made her way inside the extravagant dining room where people were having their dinner. She was ordered not to spend more than 2 minutes for one and she covered each table to deposit a plate of freshly bakes cupcakes. She came to the last table which was occupied with a strange man in a black coat. It’s the same man whom she has spotted lurking in the hallways the other night. He smiled at her as she deposited her plate. She stole another glance at the man’s face and she noticed the scars.

This was not the first time she had seen scars. It was nothing surprising. This dining hall had all kinds of guests. Some wearing long white overcoats with a bird emblem, some holding guns, some royalty.

As the desserts were being eaten, the King who was wearing a huge glass case/bubble around his head tapped on his wine glass with a golden spoon to silence the floor and demand attention. Rose scampered away from the tables and hid behind a curtain. Sister Grenada was nowhere in sight.

“Today marks the 10th birthday of my son, Geraldino. I’m highly honored to have you all gathered here to mark the wonderful occasion. “

The crowd applauded.

Suddenly a bullet narrowly missed the King’s head and exploded on the wall behind him creating a hole in the delicate tapestry! The Bodyguards of the King surrounded him at the very moment and took out their guns. The scarred man, who had smiled at Rose, was now standing on the table, breaking the polished clay plates with a loud crunch. He had his pistol out. He smiled and he holstered his weapon back inside his waistcoat as something strange started happening. Some other people from different tables have followed his move and were standing on the table too. Some men wearing huge coats with the bird emblem were now facing the men on the tables. The scarred man waved his hands and the lights went out. The room was engulfed in pitch black darkness. Simultaneously several gunshots were fired and the whole room was thrown into chaos. The bodyguards did their job and protected their masters. Those who didn’t have bodyguards were running haphazardly and trying to find the exit. Women shrieked for safety, children cried for their mothers. Someone shouted “What the hell is going over here!”

Rose wanted to find the exit too but she was scared to get out of the hiding place and face a gun. She peeped through the curtain and saw a fight had broken out. A few orbs of fire were floating in the air. A huge flash of fire immobilized one of the long coat men. A spinning bazooka like hand hit another bodyguard. A man hit another with a huge hammer. A short guy was firing away his gun indiscriminately while sniggering uncontrollably.

“What were they aiming for?”

‘Was it the King’s son?”

But the orbs of fire were hurdled in a single place floating above the scarred man and his friends who ran past the curtain behind which Rose was hiding. The way led to a window which was broken into splinters as the men jumped out. On impulse Rose started running behind them and what she did next was beyond her belief! She jumped out! She didn’t realize how high up from the ground they were or where she will land. She just wanted to touch the ground once even if that’s the last thing she did. What a wonderful thing it would be to die on the ground!

She closed her eyes as she extended her arms imagining flying through the air. But someone caught her midway. She was now resting on their arm as they kicked the air and ran through it. Several gunshots were fired at them but they casually dodged it as they kept running through the air.

“Hey Amino, did you see the look on that scum Geroem’s face when the bullet wheezed past his air tank?”

“Shahohoho! I’m telling you! It’s the funniest shit I have ever seen!”

“I swear I saw his pearly white astronaut suit getting yellow towards the bottom!”


‘What a turd! That scum needs to learn his lesson. He should never mess with the Flying Vales. We are the Revolutionary special division for a reason. I bet he never expected us to infiltrate his palace right on the night of his son’s birthday”

“Right on Jacus, they did buff up the security but hey we are the Flying Vales. No matter how much you buff, we will find our way! Shahohoho!”

‘Oh …………….”

It was Jacus and he was interrupted as the pursuers caught up. It was a couple of men with the bird emblem. Surprisingly they were walking in the air as well.

“Rankyaku” A crescent shaped slash was now heading straight towards Jacus who stopped himself in midair and had a smirk on his face.

He moved one of his arms to conjure a flurry of fire orbs and threw them towards the crescent shaped slash causing a mini explosion causing smoke. Not waiting for the smoke to clear Jacus used a bigger orb to coat his hands and sent a fiery punch towards the man with the bird emblem. The man shouted “Tekkai” and he met his fist with his bare body. The punch made him take a few steps back but he didn’t seem affected by it.

“Agent Finnegan. You government dogs never learn your lesson” Jacus mocked him.

“Same goes to you. You really think you could just waltz in the house of a Celestial Dragon and walk away unharmed. Saint Geroem’s son was found bleeding. If we let you scum escape it will be a matter of utter shame for us”

“Ah! Yes it will be shameful indeed. So what are you going to do about it? Fight me?”
Jacus snickered. “Last time I fought you remember what happened right?”

As if he had blown a fuse, the man named Finnegan charged at Jacus mumbling ‘Soru” and before Rose’s eyes could react he had moved alarmingly close to Jacus and mumbled ‘Shigan” as he stuck his fore finger into Jacus body! Jacus winced in pain and gripped Finnegan’s coat in grimace. Blood was surging out of his open wound. Jacus raised his head to met Finnegan in the eyes and then something happened. Jacus’s body which was hit by the finger bullet was now disappearing into a mass of fire orbs and Jacus materialized right in the side of Finnegan and seized his hand to throw him on the ground in a ground crashing suflex. It worked and both of them were falling rapidly towards the ground. The short man who was standing beside Amino quietly all this time, elongated his arm and caught Jacus to retrieve him in his previous position.

‘Jacus, that’s enough fighting. We should be going” The short man squeaked in a very childish voice.

But Jacus was far from being done. He again waved his arms to create a bunch of orbs which were much bigger than before and shot them furiously towards the falling Agent. Some of the other men with the bird emblem were now rushing to aid their fallen officer but they got caught up in Jacus’s explosion and the group didn’t wait to see what happened as Amino now grasped Jacus’s free hand and motioned him to get moving. “Follow those bastards!” Someone shouted.

Much faster than before, the group known as Flying Vales were now leaving the grand castle behind and the air was getting cooler. Seems like they have outrun their pursuers this time.

‘We are almost at the sea now” The short man squeaked again.

The man was right. Rose could smell the fresh air which reminded her of the time when she boarded the ship with other children. Being 4 years ago she would have almost forgotten that memory if this day didn’t happen. The men stopped running as they started losing height and started falling vertically straight down. They were grabbed by a humongous hand stopping their fall like a couple of baseballs and deposited them on the wooden floor of a ship. The hand started shrinking till it was of normal human hand size. It belonged to a geeky lady wearing a huge pair of glasses.

“You boys had fun?” She enquired.

“Tossy, my dear, Of course!”

“Jacus here almost wanted to kill Geroem and Finnegan. He wouldn’t leave”

“No I was not. I realize the reason for this mission and I would not go against it”

‘Shahohoho! This shit is too funny. Jacus getting scolded by Tossy”

“I’m gonna take a nap”
The squeaky man wasn’t too fond of unions and secluded himself to his chamber.

They were busy with their banter when the lady was the first to point out the extra baggage they were carrying.

“Who’s that?”

The man dropped Rose like a potato sack as soon as he got aware of her existence.

‘Ouch!” Sobbed Rose as she rubbed her forehead. She felt a slight bump growing as she looked at the three revolutionaries standing in front of her.

“Yeah who is that, you dimwit! You were carrying her all this time yet you did not realize?”

“I don’t know Jac, we broke out of the window and then I saw this little thing falling so I just grabbed her”
He spoke out with honesty.

Tossy shot an angry glance at Amino and sat in front of Rose. She held a strand of her intense red hair and inspected it. She dug her hands into the pockets of her jumpsuit and found nothing but some foiled candy. She forced her mouth open and pulled out her tongue, tapping her long fingers to her teeth. She grabbed her eyelashes and pulled them upwards to see deep into her eyes. After it was over she asked her ‘What’s your name kid?”

She answered.

“What should we do with you Rose?”

Rose was silent.

“Oi you snotty nosed brat. Answer me!”

Rose was silent.

Tossy looked towards Amino who was so ashamed that he couldn’t meet her eyes. Jacus had an annoyed look on his face. For the first time Rose realized that Jacus was the man who had smiled at her during the dinner.

“Say, are you heroes?” Rose managed to speak out.

Tossy, amazed, flipped her head towards the little girl staring right in her eyes. Her black pupils met her blue ones.

“Heroes? Hahaha! What makes you think so, little girl?” She laughed. “We are the Revolutionaries”

“We don’t try to become any heroes. We take what is rightfully ours. We don’t let anyone take away our freedom. That’s what we fight for”
Jacus went on.

“Sister Ethel said that no one will ever come to save us. She said not to have any faith. But I always had it. I never gave it away!” Rose wept “And then you guys…………. ”

Tossy interrupted her as she said “Listen kid. Don’t get the wrong impression. We didn’t go there to save you. Neither do we have any intention of hanging out with a little punk like you. So we will drop you to the next island that we come across and then, you can leave”

“No! No! You all are so cool! I want to stay here and be like you all!”
Rose pleaded. ‘Please don’t leave me on any strange island to get hurt”

Jacus burst out laughing followed by Amino who joined in thinking he was forgiven for what he had done. “Amino, can you believe this girl! She says we are cool!”

Amino was trying his best to blend in.

“Listen kid” Jacus sat down cross legged, pulled out a flask from his pocket and took a swig. He tried his best to keep a straight face and said “We don’t give a shit if you think we are cool or not” And then he threw up his wine on Rose’s face as he burst out in a raucous laughter.

“This discussion is over” Tossy was standing up as she took out her glasses. “You are leaving us as we reach the next island”

wailed Rose as she ducked under and grabbed hold of her legs.

She got herself dragged behind. Convincing these people was no easy task. Rose did whatever she could to make them happy and dreaded the thought of the ship getting docked on the next island. She had to gain their trust before that. She scrubbed the floors, prepared their food, poured sake in their cups, and washed their cloths. She found every way to prove herself useful. She wanted to show that she wasn’t a dead weight. The thought of going back to Sister Grenada’s kitchen was horrifying. She’d gladly let Tossy pull her ears instead. She’d gladly let Jacus tell her how much of an annoying runt he was. This almost felt like love to her. The Revolutionaries sailed their ships away from the red line as they said that they were not prepared for the climb. It was a peaceful journey and the sea was calm. Rose was beyond herself as she was submerged into a new environment bathing in the sunlight and feeling the natural breeze. She didn’t want to get back to the hell hole. None of these people seemed to have any liking for little kids and they tolerated with her because she made delicious food.

As days were passing by, Rose was getting to know the Revolutionaries more closely. Amino, Jacus and Tossy were high ranking officers within the organization. They had their higher ups to whom they reported to over the Den Den Mushi. Once in a while a black crow would come flying to Tossy and they would talk privately. The revos were inconspicuous. Rose was learning new things every day. She used to love hearing their conversations when they gathered for a drink. While drunk they would share their stories about different missions. They quarreled yet they had a bond. She had already made up her mind about never leaving this group. She had sworn to train and do her best to be a Revolutionary soldier. Once in a while Tossy would make fun of her bland behavior. But she didn’t mind. Jacus would rebuke her for being weak willed but she didn’t mind. Amino was the only one who never did anything. He was busy in his own world. Rose discovered that the squeaky guy was actually a rat mink. Minks were a rare tribe hailing from the island called Zou where everyone was half human and half animal. This guy’s name was Sqibber and even tho he was a high ranking Revolutionary officer he was only 20 years old. He was a stealthiest in the group and many a times he’d appear from behind Rose startling her frigid! Rose not only learnt about the Revos but she also started mimicking their actions. She would try to talk smack like Tossy and she would try to act cocky like Jacus when they were not round. She would role play as a revo officer in front of the dresser. She even stole Tossy’s cloths to feel important. They were like her role models.

This continued till one day Jacus found her cleaning some pots and pans in the kitchen and spoke to her. There was a tone of brutal honesty in his voice. Jacus was not drunk and he meant business.

“Listen kid, are you sure that you want to stick with us? Think carefully as we are not going to show any mercy. We need strong fighters who can fight for our cause. We cannot guarantee your safety neither can we save you if you end up getting killed”

“Revolutionaries are a special group of people. Our role is different. We save people from darkness. We motivate and encourage them to raise their voice against oppression. It’s simple. Fight or get killed. We don’t spread fake justice like the marines who are mere dogs working for the scum known as Tenryubitos. These Tenryubitos are the personification of evil. They cheat poor people and rob islands in the name of “heavenly Treasure”. They use human beings as their tool and treat them worse than insects.

If you are going to stick with us, you should be prepared what is coming. We will emerge into a much bigger fight very soon. If you want to leave, then the time is now. Our ship is nearing the Lubanel Island and you can get off the ship forever.”

What Rose replied that day was never known by anyone other than Jacus. But she wasn’t thrown off the ship when it docked to Lubanel. She stuck with the Flying Vales for a much longer time till she emerged as a whole new different person. She was no longer the little girl baking huge batches of cupcakes in the dingy kitchen of the huge palace. She was no longer the girl getting punished in the basement for making mistakes. She inherited their will and turned into what the present Ross is. Having trained under the Vales, she also spent some time in the Revolutionary camps in Baltigo where she met other children like her. She met some prodigies like Kellan who would later play such an important part in her life. Seeing other Godforsaken children with similar circumstances, she derived a new drive to struggle and survive. The trainers showed no affection. She would often end up getting paired with Kellan for the obstacle races and shot practice. Kellan was a natural born fighter. Every time she lost to him, she would grit her teeth and make a silent vow of making things even next time but it never came. A few years later, she graduated from the training and was assigned to a group. Somewhere along the line she also dropped her immensely girly name and adopted the name of Ross to match her wild and turbulent self.

The ship docked in the rocky cliffs of an unknown Island.

Rose, who was sitting on the crow’s nest, perched with a telescope cried in utter joy “We have arrived! Yay!”

From a distance what she could see was a huge fountain towering over the whole city. Musing over the strange piece of architecture, the ship bumped into one of the rocks. “What was that?” Rose frowned and looked down to see Tossy and Jacus gathered underneath. Squiber was the first to extend his neck outwards and discover what had hit their vessel.

“Tossy, you steered the ship too much into the rocks” He concluded. “Looks like one of the rocks have hit us bad”

“Why can’t we ever enter an island normally?”
Rose shouted from her crow’s nest.

“That’s because we are the revolutionaries, Kid” Rose’s eyes popped out of shock as she realized Squiber was right behind her, again! “We can’t let ourselves discovered” He continued calmly unconcerned about the panic he has caused to the 10 years old girl.

A few minutes later….

“Ok it’s decided” Tossy declared in her usual taking-charge voice.

“I’m going to find someone to repair our ship. Squiber is going to stay onboard for guard” To which Sqiber gave a slight nod. “Amino will get food. And don’t you dare to spend money in buying junk” she pointed an angry finger towards him ‘And Jacus here is going to deliver this letter to Count Forion.” Jacus accepted the letter and safely put it in his waistcoat pocket. ‘Alright, men. Chop! Chop!“

“And what about me?!”
Rose cried out. While staying with this group, Rose had developed a habit of getting forcefully involved and given that she was only 10 years old, she was always tossed to the side to which she would revolt.

“You are staying on the ship with Squiber” Tossy replied.

“No way! I want to see that big fountain” She was more interested in exploring the city than to stay on the boring ship with a boring mousy man. The Revolutionaries made many stops on their way, leaving her astonished as her eyes landed on new sights and people.

“Shohoho kid, do we look like tourists to you?” Amino couldn’t help but laugh.

“Jacus, take me with you!” Rose pleaded. Jacus was the one who she was most comfortable with. They had developed a kind of master-disciple bond. She would pester him with limitless questions and she would even do pushups with him. She was certain that he was the man who would even remotely entertain her requests.

“I can’t be your babysitter today, kid” Jacus was putting on his cloak.

“Erm… I can’t be your babysitter either. Jacus, the kid fancies you so take her with you” Squiber interrupted.

It turned out that her fate will be decided by a game of rock, paper, scissors which Squiber won easily. Defeated, Jacus was left with no option. Rose happily put on her cloak and hopped onto Jacus’s back while he jumped from the wooden railing and landed a few meters away on the rocky cliff and waved goodbye to his comrades.

Half an hour later……

They arrived in a pub and went to see the bartender. The smiling face of the bartender showed up behind the counter and as Jacus tipped his hat, he pointed towards the door which led to a passage leading downwards. Rose tiptoed behind the imposing figure of the man as they reached a room where a few men were huddled around a round table each holding cards. Jacus showed no interest towards the table but made his way to the sliding doors which led to another room where a stocky man in a green suit was sipping on some juice.

“Aye! Jacus, my man. What a surprise!” The man in the green suit cried in delight. “I hardly get to see you these days. How are Tossy and the others?”

“They are alright Forion. I came for business.”
Jacus took out the letter and deposited in his huge palm. “We would appreciate some help”

“Aye my man. Always happy to help. Who’s that?”
Forion pointed towards Rose who was poking out her neck from behind Jacus. ‘My man, you didn’t tell me you had a daughter? Aye Congrats!”

“That’s not my daughter”
Jacus blurted out. “And, we will leave now. Come on Rose”

‘Aye wait my man. Have some juice”
The voice tailed behind them as Jacus didn’t wait for any beverage and hurried to leave the pub.

“Say, why is that man called Count? Is he a royalty?” Rose was curious.

“That’s none of your business” as usual Jacus didn’t want her in any of the Revolutionary secrets.

‘You are rude” She snapped and stuck her tongue out at him.

One year had passed since she had the talk with Jacus and ever since they had allowed her to stay with them but she was yet to be formally accepted. She loved accompanying Jacus during these tidbit missions and would watch him do the dealings. Jacus would act indifferent to her but she knew he was slowly getting used to her presence. Staying around him let her get more accustomed to his striking personality and it would play a big role in shaping her own later on.

Their ship was under attack!

Tossy was fighting a pirate with a long sword drawn out. She used her enlarged hand to smash the pirate to the ground but he laughed and said “More flesh for me to slice up!” And he blitzed the approaching hand and sent a flurry of slashes cutting her in many places. But instead of retracting her bloody hand she slapped him on his legs and made him lose his balance.

On the other side Amino was taking on two pirates at the same time. They were using moves like a martial artist – well aimed punches and kicks at vital points to take down the large man. Amino was feeling the pressure as beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. Amino as on his knees breathing heavily. The pirates, seeing this as an opening launched two flying kicks at the same time each aiming for each of his collar bones. “Got you, punks!” Amino smirked as he grabbed each of the legs and with a loud swoosh he slammed them on the ground with all his might.

On another side, Sqiber had intertwined his long neck around the neck of another pirate and crushing his air pipe while his buddy charged at him swinging a huge spiky iron club. Squiber let go of his hold and his neck untwined in the opposite direction like rubber and slammed on the approaching pirates head. A bump started growing on the poor pirate’s head as well as Squiber’s as he rubbed it. The other pirate collapsed on the floor massaging his own neck and gasping for air.

Rose had taken refuge under the counter in the ship’s kitchen. She also had a knife with her for protection. Due to the chaos, she had lost sight of Jacus. Her heart was palpitating within her tiny chest due to the screams and sounds of artillery. She held the knife close to her heart and mumbled ‘Everything will be alright” as she closed her eyes. But soon, she heard footsteps inside the kitchen and before she could poke her head out to see who it belonged to she heard them say “Oh look a kitchen!” They opened the fridge and started helping themselves. Rose was listening to the two men rummaging their food supply and wishing they would leave but the men had other plans. “Oh look, it’s a cake!”

“Uh oh!” It was the cake Rose had baked herself for Jacus’s birthday. She had no intention of letting this pirate scum get the cake that she had slaved so long to prepare.

“Any minute now!” As she imagined them digging their dirty hands into her prized creation.

“Leave the cake alone, you assholes!” In a second she was out of her hiding spot and was now pointing the knife towards both of them. One of them was a scrawny fellow that has horns protruding out of his head. The other was a regular sized man dressed in a kimono. Not expecting to see a little girl popping out from under the counter, they were quite surprised but as they saw her pointing a little kitchen knife they burst into a laughter. Putting the cake on the counter, the scrawny man approached Rose and held her knife.

“Oh look! She has a weapon!”

Rose gripped the handle of the knife tighter and shook it in different ways to free it from the man’s hands which was showing no signs of damage.

“Did I just select the bluntest knife in the whole kitchen?” She mumbled as she used more force to shake him off. Instead the man gave a jerk and took away the knife from her hands. Standing their motionless she had now lost the only weapon and was realizing that maybe she would have let them eat the cake.

“No what are you thinking?” Someone said inside her head. “You made it. No one has the right to eat it without your permission”

Rose took some steps back in fear as the man who was pointing her own weapon at her and was approaching her like a grim reaper.

“Damn I have ended up in such a pickle. I wonder if they will show any mercy on me for being a child”

She was going back until her back hit the wall. She was trapped!

The man was almost near. She had to do something.

How on earth did she end up in this situation? So much for being brave! So much for the smack talking!

She thought of what Jacus would do if he was in such a situation. Then she realized Jacus would just laugh and take out his flask and take a swig of whisky. She wasn’t in the position to do the same. She wished she would have lifted more weights and developed more muscle power. She wished she would have been saved.

She was getting very angry with herself. It was her fault that she decided to come out of the counter in the first place. Now she was getting even angrier that she didn’t have power to back up her decision. The mere sight of the pirates was making her angry enough to break a few mason jars on their heads. Not having a weapon to defend her was making her even angrier. Having lost of Jacus was another reason. This whole situation was a big conglomeration of anger and disgust and helplessness.

“DAMN YOUUUUUUU!” She shouted as she used her full force to tackle the scrawny guy right in his guts as both of them fell on the ground. Seeing that the guy has not lost hold of the knife, she took out a flask of a powder and rubbed all of its contents in his eyes. The powder was black pepper which she had grabbed avoiding the guy’s attention when she was back resting on the wall. The guy as squirming in pain as his eyes got burnt.

The heavy guy was shocked to see his buddy getting rugby tackled by a little girl and was rushing for his aid. Rose was in full blown rage as she realized that she still had to deal with this other guy and the previous attack has made her shoulder badly hurt. She was angrier as she realized the same trick isn’t going to work on him and she was also out of black pepper. She grabbed a couple of glasses and hurled at him in full force, praying to the almighty for one of them to hit him square on the face. Unfortunately none did and the guy took out a gun.

“Shoot me” Rose snarled at him like an angry cat.

“You have got some nasty mouth. You don’t realize the situation you are in, do you?” The man snapped

“I know very well you scum! You attacked our ship for no reason. You hurt my friends for no reason. Then you tried to…” She stopped as a drop of tear came out of her eye. She rubbed it off her face quickly. Tears are for cowards, so she was taught.

“Crying now, are we?” He man said “We are pirates. What do you expect? We rob, burn and pillage. That’s who we are. You shouldn’t have resisted in the first place”

“Shut your fucking mouth and shoot me, you coward! What? Are you scared to shoot a 12 year old girl?”

His friend was still wiggling on the ground because of the pepper. This man who was holding the gun took a glance at his fallen comrade and then at the little girl who was standing boldly in front of him.

“SHOOT ME!” Rose shouted. “ COWARD!”

“That’s the second fucking time you have called me a coward, you punk!”
There was a click as he locked his gun and shot at the red headed teen. Did you think she’ll close her eyes? She was staring with her eyes wide open. “Did someone just drag me? Yeah someone is dragging me!” It was Jacus! Squiber was with him and his elongated hand had grabbed the teenager and hurled her sideways as the bullet narrowly missed hitting her head. Instantaneously Jacus throws a wide bottomed saucepan towards the man hitting him fair and square.

Half an hour later…….

The Revolutionaries had managed to throw the pirates off their ship which had sustained heavy damage. They were now heading towards a nearby island for refilling their supplies and tending to their injuries. While, the outer fight subsided, an inner one has broken out.

“What if you got shot?” Jacus was furious with her and vice versa.

“So did you expect me to beg for his mercy?” she replied back gritting her teeth.

“What if we would have been late?” Jacus replied back. He was right tho. Had they been a few seconds late they would be arranging her funeral now.

“Then I would have just got shot” She was being unreasonable to the point of talking back to the grownups to whom she looked up to. Maybe her rage was blinding her.

“Now Now….. Rose why didn’t you just let them eat the cake? Why did you come out of the counter?” Amino, the pacifier was doing his job.

“It’s because…………. I MADE THAT CAKE AND THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO LAY THEIR HANDS ON THAT THING” Rose burst out. She felt victimized. No one has said anything about how she had single handedly tackled a guy alone. These people could never realize how important it was for her.

“If I don’t protect the things that I want to, then who else will?” Rose continued. “I slaved for hours. You will never understand how much it meant to me”

“Is it worth throwing your life away Rose?”
Jacus asked her an honest question.

“Yes.” Rose was firm in her decision. Maybe the rage was making her take rash ones but that point of time; she was far away from being rational.

“Then you better learn how to protect the things that you would rather die for.”

One thing that you will notice straight away about Ross is that she’s outspoken, vibrant and extremely honest. Growing up with the Flying Vales, she has inherited the characteristics of her role models and her behavior is the perfect blend of Tossy’s calculative nature, Jacus’s rowdy nature and Amino’s aloof nature.

During a fight she goes offensive because she believes in facing danger headfirst which is a trait she got from watching Jacus and how arrogant he becomes in these situations. The arrogance comes from the confidence that she has in her skills. She’s also extremely persistent and won’t go down easily as she believes in what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Another notable characteristic of Ross is her volcanic temper which has earned her the epithet of ‘Hyper Red”. Hardly anyone has ever seen her smile and she is the kind of girl that you would find in an alleyway who would beat you to a pulp for staring more than 2 seconds. This is both a bane and a boon for her. Even tho she’s often misunderstood as a ruthless, insensitive and cold blooded brute, her real anger is towards the World Government, Marines and other hypocrites spreading lies for justifying their selfish actions.

She’s a perfect ally to have if you can accept her personality. Her comrades are precious to her and she tends to get very protective of them like a mother to their cubs.

Ross carries a highly durable metal baseball bat with her all the time and this is her main weapon of choice. The bat has been manufactured with a special alloy.

Level 55
55 x 5 = 275
Strength: 66+10=76
- 61-80: 4. Small Building Level
81 * 2 = 162
-Reaction: 81
- 81-99 Massively Hypersonic Reactions
-Movement: 81
- 81-99 Massively Hypersonic Speed
61 * 2 = 122
- 61-80: 4. City Block Level
- 61-80 Immense Stamina(Can do several big techniques or abilities)
Martial Arts:
46 * 2 = 92
-Brawler style – 71
-Hand to hand Combat - 21
Haki: 61
61 * 2 = 122
Armament haki – 81
- 81-99 Can coat full body with hardening. Can coat intangible attacks with, such as air slashes with hardening.
Observation haki – 41
- 1-100 Mastery: The user can sense anything within (Mastery x 2) meters of themselves when CoO is activated.

Brawler Style:

Metal Beating : Often used as a final blow the metal bat is used to inflict a flurry of hits on several parts of the body indiscriminately. (71 Mastery, 71 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A

Metal Thrust: The user delivers a powerful thrust to one’s guts. The thrust is so powerful that it can cause serious internal injury (41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Metal Mania: The user spins the opposite side so as to increase their momentum and hits the body of the opponent with a shattering blow. Can be used while airborne (41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Heavy Metal: A straight on hit to the opponent's head.(41 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A (if head, B if hits elsewhere)

Metal Fire: The user blitzes the opponent’s incoming attack, does a feint and swings their arms 90 degrees to land a heavy blow on the opponent's body(41 Mastery, 31 Strength and 41 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Metal Haze: The user swings their bat to defend themselves against incoming attacks. Highly effective against incoming slashes, cannon balls, flying debris or heavy physical objects. (41 Mastery, 41 Strength) - Defensive DPR: B

Metal Craze: The user dodges either right left or back to save themselves from an incoming attack, jumps into the air and lands a blow on the opponents body from above (41 Mastery, 41 Strength and 41 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Hyper Metal Death Blow: The user poses themselves as a baseball player and uses their brute force to deflect an incoming attack. Can be used to shatter a huge wall, a small bolder or a average sized human. Area of Effect and Range. (41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

Metal Burst : The Bat is used to rapidly stab the person in two different places at the same time. (31 Mastery, 31 strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

Metal Bullets : The user spins their bat in the air to make compressed air balls(2) (the size of normal baseballs) and hurls them towards the opponent. (51 mastery, 51 strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Metal Mini bullets : The user spins their bat rapidly to create smaller sized compressed air balls(3-4) and hurls them towards the opponent. (41 mastery, 21 strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

Metal Mega Bullet: The user spins their bat rapidly overhead to create one large ball of compressed air(the size of a basketball) and hurls them towards the opponent. (51 mastery, 51 strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Metal Spin: The user spins around the opponent in a circle at rapid speed and delivers a single rapid blow from anywhere (71 mastery, 71 strength, 71 movement speed) Destructive Potency Rank: A (multi-hit)

Metal Blitz : The user moves at incredibly high speed to dodge as well as launch an attack from multiple sides. (The movement is kinda like soru, but it’s used to avoid, confuse and attack at the same time)

(speed 21, Mastery, 21) - +5 movement (3 turn cooldown)
(speed 31, Mastery 31) – +5 movement (2 turn cooldown)
(speed 41, Mastery 41) – +10 movement (3 turn cooldown)
(speed 61, Mastery 61) – +10 movement (2 turn cooldown)
(speed 81, Mastery 81) – +15 movement (2 turn cooldown)
(speed 100, Mastery 100) – +15 movement (1 turn cooldown)

Escalator – The user kicks the air to lift them up into the air. Can attack while being airborne. mastery/4 meters - 25 meters max
(Speed 31, Mastery 31, Strength 31) – stay airborne one turn - affects stamina
(Speed 61, Mastery 61, Strength 61) – stay airborne for two turns - affects stamina

Four dimensional Crossfire : The movement is shaped like a cross as the user moves diagonally at incredible speed to land a cross shaped hit. This is to prevent the opponent from escaping or dodging once cornered.
(mastery 81, speed 81, strength 81) DRP - S

Air cutter – The user rotates themselves at incredible speed causing distortion in the air and propels themselves towards the opponent landing a heavy hit, taking advantage of the built in speed. The force of the rotation can smash through incoming attacks like sword slashes, bullets, physical attacks and it acts as both offensive and defensive.
(Requires 51 mastery, 51 strength and 51 speed) DPR B
(Requires 71 mastery, 71 strength and 71 speed) DPR A
(Requires 91 mastery, 91 strength and 91 speed) DPR S

Metal Blur: The user uses their hypersonic speed to move around the opponent causing a “mirage” and finally lands a single lethal blow. (41 Mastery, 41 Strength and 61 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B

Hand to hand combat:

Bullet Punch: A straight on punch on the opponents body.
(21 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

Bullet Kick: A straight on kick on the opponents body.
(21 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

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Name: Bongo Johnson
Epithet: Defender of the Bongos
Affiliation: The Everything Pirates
Occupation: Nomadic professional musician
Devil Fruit: None
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'2"

Bongo Johnson is a descendent of a long lineage of mountain nomads who traveled along river valleys selling rudimentary percussion instruments and performing street shows for money and goods. As a kid, he was taught by his father to fashion drumsticks from chopped wooden sticks and play simple patterns on rock faces in the canyons, sending rhythmic blasts throughout the mountains. His natural talent was developed quickly, and soon he was drumming constantly, fashioning new sticks everyday to replace the splintered, broken ones from yesterday's practice. Through this repeated training, he became faster than musicians in any village he visited, and soon thereafter faster than any of his family mentors. His incredible ability earned the family special favor among traders in the mountainside and there were days upon days of good meals and the occasional luxury goods.

For Christmas as an adolescent, he was gifted a set of etched herringbone bongos by his grandfather, specially constructed and etched with his name. Two days later, while Bongo Johnson was sitting atop a tall rock peak and focusing in on his bongo playing, his family's caravan was attacked by bandits and killed as they fought to defend their supplies. From this moment on, he resolved to find those responsible for his family's deaths and avenge their honor by becoming the fastest drummer and best bongo player in the universe.

As villages grew into towns and towns grew into cities, Bongo Johnson was driven out of the mountains in order to acquire necessary supplies and comfort items and now travels the world, making drumsticks out of whatever materials he can find, playing some sick beats, and slapping those signature herringbone bongos faster than anyone has ever seen.

Bongo Johnson is a friendly yet reserved human, willing to converse with most anyone who crosses his path. Though he is inherently suspicious of random strangers, he often performs random acts of kindness for those he comes across that are most in need. Those who are rude, aggressive, or look for trouble can cause him to become angry very quickly, causing him to pull out his bongos and play a beat to steady himself. Generally speaking, he believes in treating others the way he would want to be treated and his years of trading goods in the mountains has instilled a general good nature within him.

As a result of the way his family was killed, Bongo Johnson carries a special sharpened set of drumsticks that he can wield at any second in order to protect himself in close combat. He only carries one set of sticks with him at a time, preferring to be able to quickly discard them if questioned by authority figures. Additionally, he carries his set of herringbone bongos wherever he goes and can often be seen sitting with it between his legs, idly humming out a scathingly fast rhythm.

Bongo Johnson
level 25
(strength +2, speed +2, vitality +2, mind +3) --> every 10 levels

Strength: 27+4=31
Speed: 37+4=41
-Reaction: 41
-Movement: 41
Vitality: 25+4=29
-Stamina: 37
-Durability: 21
Mind: 15+6=21
-Musicianship: 42
Martial Arts: 21
-Percussion: 42
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Name: shade
Devil Fruit: None
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Affiliation and Rank: Solo Pirate

Physical Description:

Back story:
He was born from an Island that was under Whitebeard pirate's banner, After the death of Whitebeard the whole Island and its population was razed, attacked, and massacred. By some luck or not, He alone was the only one left alive. After 3 years of hunting down the killers, he had achieved his revenge. After achieving his purpose he plans to return to the Island and start anew, But again by some luck or not the marine had given him a bounty and is now the one who is being hunted.

Weapon & Equipment:
Sword: A katana
Armor: Chain Mail, Leather pants, Leather Glove with metalic fix at the back of hand., a Cloak and a Metal Headband.

A large amount of beli due to the amount of bounty he acquired:

Level 25
Human = 25 × 5 = 125
Strength: 37 + 4 = 41

Speed: 37 + 4 = 41 × 2 = 82
• Movement: 30
• Reaction: 52

Vitality: 17 + 4 = 21 × 2 = 42
• Stamina: 21
• Durability: 21

Martial Arts: 34 + 6 = 40 × 2 = 80
• Ittoryu/Nittoryu: 41

Extra Abilities:
Stealth and Information Gathering [?].
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Who is Morpheus?

Name: Morpheus
Epithet: Tezcatlipoca “The Smoking Mirror
Affiliation: World Government
Occupation: Cipher Pol 5
Gender: Male
Race: Jaguar Mink
Age: 19
Height: 5 ft 10"
Weight: 200 lb
General Narration & POV
Morpheus Speech
"Morpheus Thinking"
Morpheus’ Emphasis / Actions
When Morpheus was younger he had dreams of the time of dawn that would occur, he was enticed to take out to sea. When he was little he would hear many stories of the outside world, tales ranging from happy, silly, sad and even horror. Within the year his interests piqued to leave the island of Zou and go on his own journey. He would spend all day researching, hearing stories and at night dreaming of the people he would meet amongst all the islands he would visit.

When the chance presented itself he took it. As his dream started it became a nightmare within a matter of days venturing and landing on land. On the island he was ridiculed, racially abused, harassed and attacked for being something different. He would endure this hardship for a few days until his nightmare became hell. The island and its inhabitants were embroiled in a war with feuding pirates that latter engulfed the island in flames. After a few days he laid suffering with throbbing pain from the aftermath, his saver would arrive.

A helpful hand arrived, rescuing him and then nurtured him in his quest for revenge. He used the chance, vowing a quest for revenge against all those who opposed the WG.

Morpheus believing all answers arrive if you serve the world government, becoming a fanatic in the process.
Is said to be very militaristic amongst the military of the world government, as he deems without power nothing can stand before it.
A stocky feline Jaguar mink with spotted rosette fur with a few dots and patches of dots. With bright white from the jaw downwards mainly on the front of Morpheus.
Has this as a Cipher Pol Mask
Level 27
27 x 5 = 135
Mink Race Bonus Boost:
+8 in Strength | +8 in Speed | +2 in Vitality
Strength: 33 + 8 = 41
Speed: 33 + 8 = 41 (*2 = 82)
-Movement Speed: 41
-Reaction Speed: 41
Vitality: 39 + 2 = 41 (*2 = 80)
-Durability: 40
-Stamina: 40
Martial Arts: 30 (*2 = 60)
-Electro: 19
-Rokushiki: 41
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Name: Johnny Ridden
Epithet: N/A
Affiliation: TBA
Occupation: TBA
Gender: Male
Race: Skypiean
Age: 37
Date of Birth: August 8th
Height: 8'6"/2.59m​

Some say Johnny Ridden learned to run before he even learned to crawl. Truth is he might just have. A wild child since youth, he was never one to settle down. He was always causing trouble, though never serious, and always ran away with a smile on his face. Before he was even an adult, Johnny stowed away on a vessel passing through Skypiea and made his way down to the Blue Seas. He jumped ship at first port, and began a new adventure the likes no one in Skypiea could ever have dreamed of. He sailed with pirates, ran from Marines, fought and drank and sang. He lived to the fullest for over a decade before he found a treasure he'd never quite thought about obtaining. Love. In a port he met a woman named Leana, and immediately fell in love. He left his old crew to stay in town and court her, and the crew happily cheered him on as they bid him farewell. For years he stayed there with Leana, eventually marrying and having a daughter, Maeve. But the wild spirit could only be suppressed for so long. Johnny soon felt the call of the sea, and left his family with a promise to visit to once more voyage out. He joined a new crew, and daydreamed about the new adventures he would soon face.


  • Strength: 55 (42 +8 Race +5 MA)
  • Speed: 81 (52 +24 Race +5 MA) x2
    • Reaction: 86 (81 +5 Mind)
    • Movement: 81
  • Vitality: 70 (25 +40 Race +5 MA) x2
    • Durability: 70
    • Stamina: 70
  • Martial Arts: 100 x2
    • Dial Mastery: 100
    • Eisen Weapon: 100
  • Haki: 81 x2
    • Armamanet: 81
    • Observation(Awareness): 81
  • Expertise: 50 x2
    • Gunslinging: 100
  • Mind: 50 x2
    • Science: 100

Raikou: An Eisen Sword with a Thunder Dial incorporated into it, allowing the ironcloud to be enhanced with electricity. Thunder Dial can be activated separately, allowing it to function as a regular Eisen Sword.

Entei: An Eisen Sword with a Heat Dial incorporated into it, allowing the ironcloud to be enhanced with heat. Heat Dial can be activated separately, allowing it to function as a regular Eisen Sword.

Parhelion: A shotgun that utilizes a Jet Dial as the firing mechanism, rendering it silent, with a Flash Dial at the end of the barrel. A dual trigger system allows the gun to be fired without activating the Flash Dial or activating the Flash Dial without firing.

Milky Shoes: A pair of shoes created with Milky Dials in them, allowing the user to fly.

Whiskey Gourd: A gourd made with a Water Dial containing whiskey.

Boom Boom Gourd: A gourd with a Ball Dial and Flavor Dial incorporated into it. When used, creates Ball Clouds filled with explosive gas of a user defined size.

  • Gunslinging=100
    • 10x S Rank Bullets (1p)
    • 15x A Rank Bullets (1p)
    • 20x B Rank Bullets (1p)
    • 27x C Rank Bullets (1p)
    • 10x Incendiary Bullets (1p)
    • 3x Sonic Shot (2p)
    • 3x Cryo Rounds (3p)
  • Science=100
    • 10x Grenades (1p)
    • 10x Smoke Grenades (1p)
    • 7x Flash Grenades (2p)
    • 8x Remote Grenades (2p)
    • 5x Sticky Grenades (3p)
    • 5x Trip Mine (3p)

  • Tone Dial
  • Vision Dial
  • Lamp Dial
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Name: Shaarib Hassan
Epithet: "Fallen Sky", it's time for a new one !
Affiliation: Vice-Admiral of the Marine
Occupation: Leader of "Shaarib and the Dangerers"
Gender: Male
Race: Skypiean/Fishman
Age: 25
301 cm
Weight: 350 kg

* Dark-Skin
* Red-Eyes
*Red Circular Goggles
* Black colored hair
* Two golden earrings on the right ear that he lost(Lost on his ship)
* Blue rosary around the neck as well as around the wrists
* Rather developed muscles
* Has burn scars on the right side of his body
* He wears black trousers accompanied by a blue t-shirt and a sleeveless puffer jacket with the kanji of Justice on the back.
*Always has sandals at his feet, Tries to wear Mocassin during formal meeting.
* Has a Marine Cap
* He always has a worn book in an old language dedicated to a forgotten god.
* Scar under the chin
* Always with his modified Axe on his back.(On his ship, in his quarters)

Shaarib arose from the union between a Shandian and a Skypiean. The family of his mother not being able to accept this choice, decided to put the newborn child in a boat. Hopefully he will drift on the white sea and his "family" will find him. The baby’s carriage roamed until find itself near the divine temple.

The young boy was collected and raised by the priests with the support of Gan Fall, god. He was inculcated the doctrines of the island, taught science and basic knowledge and finally to fight even if according to god, the last option was not advised. Shaarib was not a problematic child. The concerns which he caused served only to draw the attention of his "Grandfather" who was too busy. He was god after all.

At 10 years old, Shaarib began to be interested in the inhabitants of the blue sea. Each time the news of a ship coming to town was heard, he would run to see it. A little too much to the taste of the other priests who let it to him know via chores and physical punishments.

When he was 12 the irreparable was committed, Ener arrived on Skypiea. Aggressors attacked in the middle of the night. The guards of the palace were not enough prepared and underwent a crushing defeat. The priests thus served last ramparts. Shaarib too picked some weapons in spite of one of them ordering him to run away. He fell on an opponent of rather big size with the most atypical mustache . This one had a different getup, of orange colors. This one had a lance of joust in the hand. Shaarib tried to fight but finished with half of his body burnt. The pain made him faints and the last thing he saw was Gan Fall, being struck and then him falling towards the ground. They were thrown to the sea and Gan Fall seeing the era in which Skypiea was going to be plunged, left Shaarib in the hands of those blue seeders and left for the boy 3 dials. A month after Shaarib woke up in a small clinic with scars on his upper body, scars that will wake him at nights for most of his life and completely distraught, what happened ? How did he arrived here ?

He resolved to abandon this older life with the objective to return one day on the celestial island. When he will be strong enough to free it. The clinic was actually an old church. The sisters and the priest gave him a roof over his head and in exchange, he began doing chores. Soon he began taking lessons and began to follow the path of the goddess. It was a good life but it wasn’t enough for Shaarib, he still had nightmares and wanted to get stronger. Luckily for him, the priest turned out to be a former officer of the navy.

At 16 years Shaarib made a commitment, he was going to become a great officer of the navy. Get strong enough and finally free his island. To never forget about where he came from, he took the last name of the Priest and began preaching the way of the enlightenment. Shaarib Hassan the marine was born. 2 years later, now promoted Captain, he entered the 169th unit.

Year 1 : Clown Investigation : Success
Year 1 : Raid on Kokoyashi Island : Failure
Year 2 : Deratting Dawn Island : Success
Year 2 : Punk Hazard Investigation : Success
Year 3 : Vs Beautiful Pirates : Success

Year 3 : Joining Sword and Capturing Punk Hazard
Year 3 : Vs Barto Club : Success
Year 4 : Conquest of Fishman Island : Success

Year 4 : Leaving Sword
Year 4 : Conquest of Arlong Park : Success
Year 5 : Vs Tricksters : Success

93 x 5 =465

Strength: 73+(2x9)= 91 (+10=101)

Speed: 69+(3x9)+5(MA)=101 (+10=111)

Vitality:73+(3x9)=100 (+10=110)
100*2= 200

Haki : 59 + 10(MA)
Armament = 100 + 20
Observation = 38

Devil Fruit : 100

Pic - The user attack his enemy with his beak.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Picore - The user attack 3 times with his beak
DPR: B, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 100 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 120 mastery and strength

Pique Assiette - The user grab his opponent with his talon and use picore in the air before letting him/her falling from above. (Need Shaarib to be stronger than is opponent, 1 tier above Mastery and Strength (for now))
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Bec Vrille : The user spins on himself and use the momentum to use his beak like a drill.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Tristesse : In his phoenix form, he let out a cry which create a burst that blast things around him.
DPR: B, requires 61,41,41
DPR: A, requires 81,61,41
DPR: S, requires 100, 81,41
DPR: S+, requires 120 strength, 100 mastery, 100 speed

Ejection : Transforming his arms in wings, the user rush to his opponent to kick him
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Ejection d’Urgence : The user readies both his talons in front of him and then delivers a strong, two-legged kick to a target.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Acrobatie : The user attack his opponent with an overhead kick.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Pèlerinage : Clinch an opponent with his legs and fly upwards with him spinning at high speed before crashing on the floor. (Need to be stronger 1 tier above Mastery and Strength (for now))
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Danse-Plummes: An attack where Marco uses his outstretched index and middle fingers to make a dense, flaming swirl of phoenix feathers in front of him, remotely shaping it into a large fireball that he, upon uttering the attack's name, launches straight toward an enemy in a thrust-like, concussive attack.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Griffes : Utilizes his claws to cut his enemy with a diagonal strike
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Météore : The user soars in the sky before covering himself with his wings before falling on the ground with a bang.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Cruauté : With his foot now claws, he rushes to his opponent and tries to cut his throat with them.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Croix : With his wings, he try to cut his opponent forming cross.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Transmigration : Flaps his wings and blast his opponent away
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Rapace : Charge at his opponent and tackle him with his wings.
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength

Façade : A defensive move , the user jump in front of someone he wishes to shield from an attack. While midair, he forms a protective swirl of fire in front of him, out of his wings, in order to block the attack in question (Need to be stronger 1 tier above Mastery and Strength (for now))
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and durability
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and durability
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and durability
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and durability

Tornade : A gust of wind is whipped up by wings and launched at the foe to inflict damage.
DPR: B, requires 61,61
DPR: A, requires 81,81
DPR: S, requires 100, 100
DPR: S+, requires 120 strength, 100 mastery

To heal each part the user need to fill up the numbers. For each turn they receive points equal to their mastery. For example if the user is missing a limb, it would take 3 turns if they had 75 mastery, but 4 turns if they had 50 mastery.
Minor damages: 75 (1 turn)
Deep cut in muscles: 150 ( 2 turns)
Missing/ruined limb: 200 ( 2 turns)
Destroyed organ: 300 ( 3 turns)
Near death injuries: 400 ( 4 turns)

Double that to heal one person.

Martial Arts: 91+(1x9)=100
-Rokushiki : 100
- Dials : 100
- Fishman Karate [PERK]


Shigan(Destructive potency: S):

-Shigan Cue
Requirements: 41 Mastery and 41 Strength
Description: In this attack, the user uses his blunt staff in the same way a finger is normally used in Shigan.

Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength
Description:This is a very strong punch which is done at the same speed as Shigan, making it even more powerful.

Shigan "Oren"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 51 Strength
Description: This attack is simply a rapid-fire version of the normal Shigan technique that hits the enemy multiple times.

Tobu Shigan "Bachi"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 41 Strength
Description: A projectile version of Shigan that fires sharp compressed air bullets from the fingers, similar to "Rankyaku".

Jugon Ogi: "Fukuro Dataki"
Requirements: 31 Mastery, 21 Strength and 51 Movement Speed
Description: A rapid-fire version of Jugon, in which the user unleashes a flurry of punches at the enemy while using Soru to move around him, in order to strike from all directions.

Shinaru Shigan "Whip"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 41 Strength
Description: In this attack, the user pulls back her arm as if to use a normal Shigan attack, then whips her arm out at the opponent at high speed, causing their arm to appear as if it is bending like a whip would, and hits the enemy with their finger.

Shigan "Madara"
Requirements: 51 mastery, 51 strength
Description: Appears as Oren, but is performed with both hands instead of one causing massive damage.

Requirements: 61 mastery, 61 Strength
Description: In this attack, the user puts both of his hands together and performs Shigan with all ten of his fingers at once, greatly damaging the opponent

"Gekko Jusshigan"
Requirements: 81 mastery, 71 strength, 61 movement speed
Description: A combination of Jusshigan and Geppo. After using Geppo to get himself into the air, the user finally uses it to launch himself towards his target in a vertical drop. The added momentum and the vulnerable target makes the following Jusshigan more effective, and harder to avoid.

Soru(Mastery/5 (1 turn cool down)):

Requirements: 46 Mastery, 41 Strength and 61 Movement Speed
Description: A combination of Geppo and Soru, where the user uses Soru in a zigzag motion in midair, allowing extremely fast movements in three dimensions.

Tekkai(1 turn cool down when moving):

Tekkai "Utsugi"
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 strength, 41 drability
Description: This form of Tekkai is used entirely as a counter instead, where the purpose is not to absorb damage from the attack, but to transfer the shock of the attack back to the attacker, which can lead to broken bones in a normal human body.
(2 turn cooldown)

Tekkai Kenpo "Don Poro"
Requirements: 46 Mastery, 41 Strength and 41 Durability
Description: A punch to the opponent's stomach with Tekkai in use.

Tekkai Kenpo "Matenro"
Requirements: 46 Mastery, 41 Strength and 41 Durability
Description: The user flips onto his hands, then kicks his opponent up into the air.

Tekkai "Sai"
Requirements: 46 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement Speed and 41 Durability
Description: After using Geppo to project himself towards his opponent, the user uses Tekkai to harden his body, smashing the enemy.

Tekkai "Go"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 51 Strength and 51 Durability
Description: Visually, the move differs from the ordinary Tekkai in that the user visually tenses his body even further while standing still; the ordinary Tekkai could be activated seamlessly.

Cho Sokuten: Tekkai Dama
Requirements: 56 Mastery, 41 Strength and 41 Movement Speed
Description:The user combines his Tekkai Dama (spinning himself with Soru while using Tekkai) movements with Geppo to use it in midair.

Tekkai Kenpo "Roba no Kamae"
Requirements: 46 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 Movement Speed and 41 Durability
Description: A form of Tekkai Kenpō, in which the user seems to combine Tekkai with Soru in order to move at extreme speeds.

Rokaru Area Network
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength and 61 Movement Speed
Description: While moving at high speed, the user slashes at his opponent with both hands. Because of his high speed, it appears as if he was attacking with multiple hands.

Tekkai Kenpo Genkai (Tekkai Kenpo - Limit) -> A more advanced version of tekkai gou but instead of flexing the entire body the user flexes one or both their arms. Upon activating their biceps expand exponentially, increasing their strength far beyond their normal limits. The resulting blows in this form leave hand imprints into the area they punch. A side effect of buffing one's muscles to their limit is that the user needs to rest for several turns before being able to use tekkai again. - A Rank - tekkai buf goes to strength instead of durability, 2 turn CD(71 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 durability )

Rankyaku Destructive potency: S) :
Rankyaku "Sen"
Requirements: 31 Mastery, 31 Strength
Description: Used in a stomping action. The air is blasted straight ahead in a line towards the opponent like a bullet, instead of in a curve as witnessed in the normal version.

Rankyaku "Shuriken"
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 31 Strength
Description: The user fires multiple Rankyaku blades in the shape of shuriken.

Rankyaku "Gaicho"
Requirements: 51 mastery, 41 strength
Destruction Potency: B
Description: the user creates a large Rankyaku in the shape of a bird, . This Rankyaku has a much wider range, greater attack power, and is capable of cleaving steel - something not witnessed from other variations. The cut also seems more focused, instead of flickering and jagged like a normal

Rankyaku "Hyobi"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 41 strength
Destruction Potency: B
Description: The user creates a large, powerful Rankyaku in the shape of a swirl, which is launched at the enemy like a razor blade. When it hits the opponent, he is damaged and stunned.

Rankyaku "Renge"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 51 Strength
Description: In this attack, Rankyaku is performed with both legs instead of one, causing multiple cuts on either side of the opponent. The cuts at first appear small and then "blossom" into larger ones, perhaps explaining the name.

Rankyaku "Hakurai"
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Strength
Description: A much more powerful form of Rankyaku that is used by using both legs, it appears to cut the air in a larger area.

Kami-e(1 turn cool down when moving)

Kami-e "Slime"
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 51 Reaction Speed
Description: Instead of the body becoming limp like paper, it stretches and moves in ways slime or sludge would move in order to avoid attacks.

Kami-E : "Pacifisme" :
Requirements : 21 Mastery, 31 Reaction Speed
Description : involves seeing and manipulating the "flow of power", using minimal motions to turn the opponent's attacks against them.
2 versions of it :
1. If the user is 1 tier above in Reaction and is on the same tier (or above) in Mastery and Strength : Can redirect the attack. (1 turn cool down)
2.If the user is 1 tier above in Reaction, in Mastery and STR : Can redirect the attack against the user. (2 turns cool down and only on ranged attack)

Kami-E : "Réaction" :
Requirements : 21 Mastery, 31 Reaction Speed
After dodging with the Kami-E, with his temporary flexibility, the user tries to put their target into a chokehold. (
1 tier above in Strength and Mastery = Two Turns to choke
2 tiers above in Strength and Mastery = One turn to choke

Kami-E " Changement" :
Requirements ; 51 Mastery, 51 Reaction Speed
Descrption : Uses Kami-E to change the direction of an attack at the last moment.

Karakusagawara Seiken (literally meaning "Arabesque Tile True Punch"): The user punches at a fair distance from the intended target(s), so instead of the fist connecting, it uses the water vapor in the air to release a shock wave that sends them flying. This move is similar to Bartholomew Kuma's Pad Ho with the only difference being that the shock waves are not concentrated upon being released; but in exchange, it has a much wider area of effect. This move has a delayed effect, as the shock wave takes a while to affect the opponent(s).
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: D

Hyakumaigawara Seiken (literally meaning "Hundred Tile True Punch"): A hard punch that can send an opponent flying. It can break through one hundred tiles.
Requirements: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C

Ka Ka Kakato Otoshi (literally meaning "Fire Flower Heel Drop"): The user spins and hits his opponent with the heel of his foot.
Requirements: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C

Kachiage Haisoku (literally meaning "Rising Thrust-Kick"): An inner-sole kick to the chin of the opponent.
Requirements: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C

Jodan Bakusho (literally meaning "High-Rank Exploding Palm"): This is an open-palm attack to the chin of the opponent.
Requirements: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C

Senmaigawara Seiken (literally meaning "Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much stronger version of the Hyaku Maigawara Seiken. It can break through one thousand tiles, and kill a human with one shot.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Yarinami (literally meaning "Spear Wave"): A technique used on a body of water's surface. The user heaves a spear-shaped burst of water with enough force to punch a hole in solid structures.
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Samehada Shotei (literally meaning "Sharkskin Palm Block"): A simple palm block with enough force behind it to slap away a sword swing from the shadow-powered Gekko Moriah.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Uchimizu (literally meaning "Water Shot"): The user hurls a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by their immense fishman strength.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Soshark (literally meaning "Rough Shark"): The user uses his tremendous strength and grip to crush large walls of stone.
Requirements: 21 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Umidaiko (literally meaning "Ocean Drum"): The user punches the water in front of him pushing it at his opponent and sending a shockwave through it.
Requirements; 61 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Samegawara Seiken (鮫瓦正拳 Samegawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Shark Tile True Punch"): A powerful straight punch that is strong enough to send the shadow-powered Gekko Moriah reeling. (61 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A

Nanasenmaigawara Mawashigeri (literally meaning "Seven Thousand Tile Roundhouse Kick"): The user performs a roundhouse kick, which is strong enough to block the gigantic Wadatsumi's punch and break one of his fingers.
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A

Kaimen Wari (literally meaning "Sea Surface Splitter"): Using a karate chop, the user can split the very ocean itself in order to send a shock wave to attack an enemy.
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A

Gosenmaigawara Seiken (literally meaning "Five Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much-stronger version of the Senmaigawara Seiken. It is a very powerful punch, able to knock out a Jailer Beast in one strike. It is used like an uppercut, rather than a straight punch, sending the opponent flying skywards.
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A

Yabusame (literally meaning "Arrow Military Shark"): The user first wets his arm, then he uses his massive strength to throw many drops of water, which are converted into deadly arrows through mere kinetic force.
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A

Yonsenmaigawara Seiken (四千枚瓦正拳 Yonsenmai-gawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Four Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much-stronger version of the Senmaigawara Seiken. It is a very powerful straight punch that sends the opponent bigger than the user flying backwards.(61 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A

O Uchimizu (literally meaning "Great Water Shot"): Similar to a normal Uchimizu, but much larger in size.
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A

O Yabusame (literally meaning "Great Arrow Military Shark"): A larger version of a normal Yabusame. The water droplets act more like blunt cannonballs causing dents in the deck of a ship than like arrows.
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A

Gyojin Karate Ogi: Buraikan (literally meaning "Fishman Karate Secret Technique: Mighty Reliant Piercing"): Possibly the most powerful technique of Fishman Karate seen so far, The user hurls a pack of water in his hands and shoots a powerful water shock wave that pierces through his opponent's body.
Requirements: 100 Mastery, 81 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: S

Murasame (literally meaning "School of Shark"): The user throws the water which takes the shape of a flock of sharks which bite his opponent. It is essentially a more powerful version of his Yabusame technique.
Requirements: 100 Mastery, 81 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: S

Gyojin Karate Ōgi: Onigawara Seiken( literally meaning "Fish-Man Karate Secret Technique: Onigawara True Fist"): Jinbe delivers a powerful straight punch similar to his other seiken, but used with the Hardening technique and without connecting to its real target. It is able to generate a powerful black lightning charged shockwave.
Requirements: 100 Mastery, 100 Strength, 100 in CoA
Destructive Potency Rank: S

"Peine de Mort" : " Shaarib launches himself at his opponent with a Kamisori and with the momentum combine Rokushiki and Fishman Karate. Normally he would deliver a powerful straight punch similar to his other seiken, but used with the Hardening technique and without connecting to its real target. It is able to generate a powerful black lightning-charged shockwave but now coupled with the Rokougan, the lighting bounce on the organs of the opponent.
Requirements : 100 strength, 100 Armament, 100 Fishman Karate, 100 Rokushiki
Destructive Potency Rank : Z


Minor burn: using the burned part slightly hurts. lasts for 2 turns. Requires a least 31 mastery
Moderate burn: using the burned parts hurts and will cause slight extra damage each turn (D rank). lasts for 3-4 turns. Requires at least 51 mastery
Major burn: using the burned hurts alot and becomes unusable if used twice while still burned, will cause extra damage each turn (C rank). lasts for 3-6 turns. Requires at least 71 mastery

Low poison: slowly does small amounts of damage (D rank). lasts for 3 turns. Requires at least 31 mastery
Mid poison: does an average amount of damage (C rank). lasts for 4-5 turns. Requires at least 51 mastery
Major poison: moderate amount of damage each turn and resets if they are hit by anything that can mid poison or above up to a max of 3 times (B rank). lasts for 5-6 turns.
Requires at least 71 mastery

DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery and strength
DPR: S+, requires 100 mastery and strength
AOE ( is +10 for both requirements)

Missile: Let out a blast of sound as strong as a missile.

Tympan: Let out a blast of sound near the ears of an opponent, targeting their eardrum.

Hurlement : lets out an unbelievably loud scream which blasts out in all directions ( AOE)

Protection : makes a wall of sound to block incoming attacks.

Protection : makes a wall of fire to block incoming attacks

Boule de feu : Ball of Fire
DPR: B, requires 41 mastery and strength

Tygre Tygre : The user creates a giant tiger-shaped blast of fire
DPR: A, requires 61 mastery and strength

Dragon : The user creates a giant dragon-shaped blast of fire

Méchant Loup : The user creates a giant wolf-shaped blast of lightning (B Rank)
Titi : The user creates a giant hawk-shaped blast of lightning (A Rank)
Dragon :The user creates a giant dragon-shaped blast of lightning (S Rank)

Masse : The user covers his arm with iron cloud and makes a pole (B rank )

Fouet : The user covers his arm with iron cloud and makes a pole, instead of hitting a target like with Masse, he whips it in a circular motion to clear out anything in their immediate vicinity. (AOE)

Scie : Covers his hand or leg into a jagged blade made of iron cloud (A Rank)

Eisen X Flame X Lightining : Combining his three dials , the user forms several tendrils of lightning and fire that join in a large circular energy ring in between them. Then, by swinging the created sword, they then unleash the energy in the form of a thin, highly concentrated laser-like beam that can pierce through flesh in an instant (S+)

Jugon Ogi: "Fukuro Dataki"
Requirements: 71 RS, 31 Mastery, 31 Strength and 51 Movement Speed
DPS: C [Major]
A rapid-fire version of Jugon, in which the user unleashes a flurry of punches at the enemy while using Soru to move around him, in order to strike from all directions.

Shigan "Oren"
Requirements: 71 RS, 51 Mastery, 51 Strength
DPS: B [Mid]
This attack is simply a rapid-fire version of the normal Shigan technique that hits the enemy multiple times.

Shigan Cue
Requirements: 71 RS, 41 Mastery and 41 Strength
DPS: B [Mid]
In this attack, the user uses his blunt staff in the same way a finger is normally used in Shigan.

Shinaru Shigan "Whip"
Requirements: 71,71 Mastery, 51 Strength
DPS: B [Mid]
In this attack, the user pulls back her arm as if to use a normal Shigan attack, then whips her arm out at the opponent at high speed, causing their arm to appear as if it is bending like a whip would, and hits the enemy with their finger.

Requirements: 71 , 51 Mastery, 51 Strength
DPS: B [Mid]
This is a very strong punch which is done at the same speed as Shigan, making it even more powerful.

Requirements: 71 ,71 mastery, 71 Strength
DPS: A [Low]
In this attack, the user puts both of his hands together and performs Shigan with all ten of his fingers at once, greatly damaging the opponent.

Uchimizu (literally meaning "Water Shot"): The user hurls a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by their immense fishman strength.
Requirements: 71 , 41 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B [Mid]

Yabusame (literally meaning "Arrow Military Shark"): The user first wets his arm, then he uses his massive strength to throw many drops of water, which are converted into deadly arrows through mere kinetic force.
Requirements: 81, 81 Mastery, 81 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A [Low]

O Uchimizu (literally meaning "Great Water Shot"): Similar to a normal Uchimizu, but much larger in size.
Requirements: 81 81 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A [Low]

O Yabusame (literally meaning "Great Arrow Military Shark"): A larger version of a normal Yabusame. The water droplets act more like blunt cannonballs causing dents in the deck of a ship than like arrows.
Requirements: 81, 81 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A [Low]

Ka Ka Kakato Otoshi (literally meaning "Fire Flower Heel Drop"): The user spins and hits his opponent with the heel of his foot.
Requirements: 71 ,21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C [Major]

Kachiage Haisoku (literally meaning "Rising Thrust-Kick"): An inner-sole kick to the chin of the opponent.
Requirements: 71 ,21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C [Major]

Jodan Bakusho (literally meaning "High-Rank Exploding Palm"): This is an open-palm attack to the chin of the opponent.
Requirements: 71 ,21 Mastery, 21 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: C [Major]

Senmaigawara Seiken (literally meaning "Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much stronger version of the Hyaku Maigawara Seiken. It can break through one thousand tiles, and kill a human with one shot.
Requirements: 51 ,41 Mastery, 41 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B[Mid]

Yonsenmaigawara Seiken (四千枚瓦正拳 Yonsenmai-gawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Four Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much-stronger version of the Senmaigawara Seiken. It is a very powerful straight punch that sends the opponent bigger than the user flying backwards.

(71 Dials,61 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A [Low]

Gosenmaigawara Seiken (literally meaning "Five Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much-stronger version of the Senmaigawara Seiken. It is a very powerful punch, able to knock out a Jailer Beast in one strike. It is used like an uppercut, rather than a straight punch, sending the opponent flying skywards.
Requirements: 71, 61 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A [Low]
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(Legion flag to be added)


Name:Feli Aerom
Affiliation: Marines Legion of Crowns (Zerin
Occupation: (Captain)
Epithet: the 'Cheerful Gentleman'
rookie (formerly)
Race: Fishman
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Date of Birth: March 5
Height: 7 ft 0 in (232 cm)
Weight:??? lb (??? kg)
Laugh Style:.


Cheerful, gentle, highly enthusiastic, and kind, he
wants people to strive to be happy even during the
darkest times, and encourages this by being a
positive example himself. He always tries to keep a
positive outlook on life, he is also very brave and
never run from a fight (especially if it's to protect
his friends and those he holds dear). He can be seen
smiling most of the time, but he'll anger quick if
someone hurts his friends, pointing to his loyalty.
He's also a gentleman who hates fighting women as
he refuses to hurt them, if there's no other way, he'll
just do his best to subdue them when necessary.



Level 31
31 x 5 =155
Race bonus
MA bonus
Strength: 39+12=51
Speed: 48+2 +0=51
-Reaction: 51
-Movement: 51
Vitality: 39+12=51
-Durability: 51
-Stamina: 51
Haki: 0
-Armament Haki: 0
-Observation Haki: 0
Devil Fruit: 0
Expertise: 0
Mind: 0
Martial Arts: 29
-Kezin karate:51
-??? :7


-Air Wall Palm : defensive move. It creates a shock wave which act as a wall to block attacks which equal or below the defence.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength ) DPR: D
- Maruchi (マルチ means "speed "): The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Movement Speed.
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down
-Air Palm : simpler version of sixty four palm. Hit only once.(21 Mastery, 41 Strength) - DPR: C
-kuron Tenketsushin ken (clone mystery punch): A rapid-fire version of maruchi ken in which the user unleashes a flurry of pokes at the enemy while using maruchi to move around him, in order to strike from all directions.(31 Mastery, 21 Strength and 51 Movement Speed ) DPS: C
-Tenketsushin literally mean" Pressure Points Needle ") : User uses finger to attack on points of bodies, which will cause damage and cause paralyze (that part) temporary for 2 turns. (31 Mastery, 31 Strength). Destructive potency: C
-Umidaiko ( "Ocean Drum"): The user punches the water in front of him pushing it at his opponent and sending a shockwave through it. (61 Mastery, 41 Strength) DPR: B
-Sixty-Four Palms : can attack a person with in 5 m radius. While using this shock waves are created which hits the enemy. Hits 64 times.(41 Mastery, 61 Strength ) DPR: B (combined)
-su sen ken (thousands fist): This is a rapid-fire version of the normal Tenketsushin technique that hits the enemy multiple times and paralyze person for 2 turns.(61 Mastery, 61 Strength) DPR: B
-maruchi ken ( means "speed fist"): While moving at high speed, the user slashes at his opponent with index of both hands. Because of his high speed, it appears as if he was attacking with multiple fingers.(41 Mastery, 41 Strength and 61 Movement Speed) DPR: B
-Suiteki yajirushi: The user first wets his arm, then he uses his massive strength to throw many drops of water, which are converted into deadly arrows through mere kinetic force. (61 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B
-Soshark ( "Rough Shark"): The user uses his tremendous strength and grip to crush large walls of stone.(21 Mastery, 41 Strength)Destructive Potency Rank: B

-Yarinami (meaning "Spear Wave"): A technique used on a body of water's surface. The user heaves a spear-shaped burst of water with enough force to punch a hole in solid structures.(61 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

-Samehada Shotei ("Sharkskin Palm Block"): A simple palm block with enough force behind it to slap away a sword swing from the shadow-powered Gekko Moriah.(41 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B
-Uchimizu (meaning "Water Shot"): The user hurls a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by their immense fishman strength.(41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B
-Suijōki tōka(water vapour transmission ) :The user punches at a fair distance from the intended target(s), so instead of the fist connecting, it uses the water vapor in the air to release a shock wave that sends them flying. This move is similar to Bartholomew Kuma's Pad Ho with the only difference being that the shock waves are not concentrated upon being released; but in exchange, it has a much wider area of effect. This move has a delayed effect, as the shock wave takes a while to affect the opponent(s).(61 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B
-senju ken ( thousand hands): user puts both of his hands together and performs Tenketsushin with all ten of his fingers at once, greatly damaging the opponent.(61 mastery, 61 Strength) DPS: A
-Suiteki-shin yajirushi : more powerful version of Suiteki yajirushi. (81 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A
-Nanasenmaigawara Mawashigeri (literally meaning "Seven Thousand Tile Roundhouse Kick"): The user performs a roundhouse kick, which is strong enough to block the gigantic Wadatsumi's punch and break one of his fingers.(61 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A
-Karate Ogi: Buraikan (meaning "Karate Secret Technique: Mighty Reliant Piercing"): The user hurls a pack of water in his hands and shoots a powerful water shock wave that pierces through his opponent's body.(100 Mastery, 81 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: S
-Murasame ( meaning "School of Shark"): The user throws the water which takes the shape of a flock of sharks which bite his opponent. It is essentially a more powerful version of his Yabusame technique.(100 Mastery, 81 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: S
-Tenketsushin tenohira ( mystical palm) :user uses Tenketsushin technique using palm where he hits the vital organs which will cause destroyed organ or near death injuries ( extreme effect )
(100 Mastery, 100 Strength)DPS: S+
-sen-kiro ken ( thousand kilo fist ) A hard punch that can send an opponent flying. It can break through one hundred tiles.
21 Mastery, 21 Strength - Destructive Potency Rank: C
41 Mastery, 41 Strength - Destructive Potency Rank: B
61 Mastery, 61 Strength - Destructive Potency Rank: A
-Eight Trigrams Palms: Revolving Heaven : its a defensive technique which forms a sphere around using water to protect person inside but can't move around
DPR: C, requires 31 mastery, 31 Strength - 3 turn cd&1 m radius
DPR: B, requires 51 mastery, 51 Strength - 2 m radius & 2 turn cd
DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength - 5m radius & 1 turn cd
DPR: S, requires 91 mastery, 91 strength - can move around while skill is active.
-Nana ken( seven fist) : 3 left and 3 right punch alternatively ending with an upper cut.
31 Mastery, 31 Strength - Destructive Potency Rank: C
51 Mastery, 51 Strength - Destructive Potency Rank: B
RP Key:
~emotions /sound ~



(lvl 30)


50 x 5 = 250
Human bonus
Ma bonus
Strength: 51+10 =61
Speed: 46+10+5=61
-Reaction: 61
-Movement: 61
Vitality: 51+10=61
-Durability: 61
-Stamina: 61
Haki: 51
-Armament Haki: 61
-Observation Haki( Awareness):41
Martial Arts: 51 + 15 = 66
-Gunslinging: 71
-Ittoryu :61
45 x 5 = 225
Human bonus
Ma bonus
Strength: 33+8=41
Speed: 48+8+5=61
-Reaction: 61
-Movement: 61
Vitality: 43+8 =51
-Durability: 61
-Stamina: 41
Haki: 62
-Armament Haki: 61
-Observation Haki( Awareness): 63
Martial Arts: 39 +12 = 51
-sniper: 61
-Okama Kenpo: 41
SHIN "THE REAPER" (lvl 40)
40 x 5 = 200
Human bonus
Ma bonus
Strength: 43+8 =51
Speed: 33+8+5=46
-Reaction: 41
-Movement: 51
Vitality: 33+8=41
-Durability: 41
-Stamina: 41
-Armament Haki: 41
-Observation Haki( Awareness): 59
Martial Arts: 41+12=53
-scythe style :55
-Brawling: 51
"OLDMAN" BUSHI(lvl 35)
PIECES: (23)


Level 10
10 x 5 = 50
Strength: 10+2=12
Speed: 15+2=17
-Reaction: 17
-Movement: 17
Vitality: 10+2=12
Martial Arts: 15
-Swordmanship: 30

Level 10
10 x 5 = 50
Strength: 10+2=12
Speed: 15+2=17
-Reaction: 17
-Movement: 17
Vitality: 10+2=12
Martial Arts: 15
-gunner: 30

Level 10
10 x 5 = 50
Strength: 10+2=12
Speed: 15+2=17
-Reaction: 17
-Movement: 17
Vitality: 10+2=12
Martial Arts: 15
-gunner: 30

Level 10
10 x 5 = 50
Strength: 10+2=12
Speed: 15+2=17
-Reaction: 17
-Movement: 17
Vitality: 10+2=12
Martial Arts: 15

Level 10
10 x 5 = 50
Strength: 10+2=12
Speed: 15+2=17
-Reaction: 17
-Movement: 17
Vitality: 10+2=12
Martial Arts: 15
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Name: Professor Dondigo
The Professor
Affiliation: Everything Pirates
Rank: Crewmate
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Scientist and Shipwright
Devil Fruit: none
Bounty: ß 34 million
Age: 75
Date of Birth: April 20th
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 150 lbs

Prof. Dondigo
level 40
+2 Vitality
+2 Speed
+2 Strength
+3 That can be put anywhere

Strength: 11(+8)=19
Speed: 50(+8)=58
-reaction: 58
-movement: 58
Vitality: 31(+8)=39
-stamina: 41
-durability: 37
Mind: 48(+12)=60
-Science: 60
-Carpentry: 60
Haki: 30
-Armament: 10
-Observation: 50
Martial Arts: 30
-Sci-Sword: 60

The professor is a skinny old man (65yrs) with a pointed nose and chin, and wrinkles all over his face from making too many confused expressions. He has large (almost Saiyan like) spiky gray hair which is consealed slightly on the top of his head by his black fedora. He also sports goggles and a white lab coat (with a rather large collar) which is left open, underneath which, he wears a verticaly pinstriped dress shirt and black pants. Often something sciency is strapped to his back and it may or may not be spewing smoke out. Sometimes he is covered in soot from an experiment which recently exploded but he hasn't had time to clean up from.

Spoiler: Backstory[/B]:
A 65 year old man who spent his life in the laboratory with Dr. Vegapunk untill he saw his terrible creations in action. He worked on and saw the deployment of the pacifista force. Throughout the program he was told the machines would help bring justice and order to the world and this was reinforced by Kuma himself when the Professor asked him about the program. Kuma seemed so sure of this project and it's goal that he gave himself up for it. But after seeing the pacifistas in action the professor saw that both he and Kuma had been decieved. These machines would not bring justice or order to the world, they were mearly the newest tools of destruction of the largest band of things there is... The World Government... Not only had they decieved Professor Dondigo, but they tricked Kuma into giving his life for a cause they never truely shared. This is unforgivable, and the professor now seeks to rid the world of his terible creations. However, the World Government would never let him leave willingly. He knew too much, they would never let him escape alive. But one day, as he was toiling in his lab thinking of ways to escape, Gatsu (Npc) burst through a wall with Casca (Npc) over his shoulder, asking if the professor knew where the exit is. "I know a great many things... Including where the exit is...". Gatsu liked this answer and so he worked together with the professor and escaped. Afterwards Gatsu listened to the professor and his tail of the Pacifistas. Gatsu was exicited at the idea of fighting such a frightening oponent, and so agreed to help him accomplish his goal. Casca also tags along to "keep Gatsu under control." The band of three together find the Everything Pirates and their captain Joby (@joby ). Who's rightous dream inspires the trio to join his crew in a search for what they desire most.

Bubbler-rifle (requires 25 science): uses special juices (the same as from Sabaody Archipelago trees) to make bubbles which are then fired at the enemy. The blaster has two modes. - 10 invention points (because of versatility)

1) Bubble-Floater Mode: (projectile size ≈ 2 ft diameter) creates a bubble around the impacted target which will cause the target to float. The encapsulated target still maintains some control over motion while in the bubble (movement speed 1, can move in all directions). These bubble bullets can be broken before impact by projectiles or strong enough air waves. Any attacks from inside or out can break the bubble. (Durability 1) One could however reach their arm outside the bubble and attack or defend from there.

2) Slippy-dip Mode: coats impacted target with a slippery substance getting rid of nearly all friction around the object. Players hit by this will not be able to stand or hold on to weapons and weapons hit by this will become impossible to hold effectively. These bubble bullets can be broken before impact by projectiles or strong enough air waves. (Durability 1) Washing off the substance or rolling on an absorptive substance like dirt of sand will cause the effect to wear off but will use up the players turn.

Super-Heated Saber:
(requires 30 Science) the Professors sword is inserted into an Oven-Sheath which super heats the blade to a red hot temperature (Takes 1 player turn). The Super-Heated blade can then be used to slice targets and even set things on fire for the 1 player turn. Can be used 5 times before the power source runs out. The power source can be recharged using a nearby heat source, ie campfire, oven, flame dial, ect. This will take three turns to fully recharge.
(DPR: D w/o heat, DPR: C w/ heat) - Requires 10 Invention points

Dondigo Battle Brawler #1: (requires 30 science): a suit of powered armor that has two modes. The suit effects will have a 2 turn cool down after activating one of the modes. Destroyed after 3 street level attack or 1 wall/tree level attack. - 10 invention points
1) Defensive mode (requires 21 vitality): the suits in this mode have their own durability and shield the user giving them +10 (lasts one turn)
Ex: Wall/Tree Level damage to you will become Street Level damage to you if you are wearing a Power Suit in this mode.
2) Mobility Mode (requires 21 speed): the suits in this mode use pneumatic actuators to provide the user +10 mobility (lasts one turn)
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Name: Nora
Epithet: None atm
Affiliation: Devil Pirates
Rank: Crewmate
Bounty: unknown.
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: unknown
Date of Birth: November 1
Height: 5-8
Description of appearance: Greenish/blue eyes. Hair is dark with bluish tint.
Personality: Laid back/carefree, will be sarcastic when certain moments happen...Like humor.
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Name: Every T. Joby
Epithet: "The Tower”
Affiliation: The Everything Pirates
Occupation: Captain
Current level: 79
Devil Fruit: Yami Yami no Mi
Bounty: 184,950,000
Male --> Female
Race: Mink (Proboscis Monkey) --> Giant --> Human
Age: seems to be around 35 (real age unknown)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Height: 5'02"ft
Favorite Food: salted pickled plums and onigiri but will eat anything
Least Favorite Food: Carrots but will eat anything
Life-motto: "Whether you go up the ladder or down it, your position is shaky!"
Spoiler: Joby's theme music

Physical Description:
As a human, Jobymamushi identifies as a woman. She is rather short—only 5’2”, has course and uneven snow-white hair and matching thick eyebrows. When she was a child, her teacher (who had the ability to inflict wounds that never healed) knocked out half her teeth and gave her a black eye and a large bump on the back of her head and the wounds exist to this day. On her first adventure as a pirate captain on Skypiea, a giant snake ate her left hand. While out on a night of drinking (as a giant) she bet a local artisan that he could give her a tattoo of the word “DRAGON” across her throat with a sword attached to an engine. Most recently after turning into a human in her sleep, she has awoken to discover she is now missing her nose (which previously was prone to falling off). She now has an assortment of small sculptural objects that she wears as prosthetic adornments in its place. As a self-taught (And one handed) Doctor, she was able to surgically imbed a brass triangular plate with a locking mechanism at the center which her prosthetics easily lock into.
As a human, Joby has lost many of her early memories and no longer remembers her life before forming the Everything Pirates. She is often absorbed in her own ever shifting reality—carefreely existing on another planet from the rest of us.
Yami Yami no Mi:
Yami Yami no: the Left Hand of Darkness
Requires: 90 mastery, 90 stamina, 90 durability
Description: darkness converges upon the end of Joby’s left arm as a billowing and turbulent mass in the approximate shape of her missing hand. Anything this ‘hand’ comes into contact with will experience crushing force applied to it from the full power of the darkness’s gravitation as the strange intangible substance blows gently through and around its target. The ‘hand’ itself is still completely intangible and incapable of ‘grabbing’ or ‘holding’ but the physical pressure exerted by its gravity is extreme.

Yami Yami no: "Abhayamudra"
Description: the abhayamudra or 'gesture of fearlessness' is the buddhist mudra of protection and inner peace--in some martial traditions it is incorporated into their main fighting stance as a means of telling their would-be assailant 'I mean you no harm'. It is said that the Buddha used this to calm a rampaging elephant destroying a village.

After swallowing a massive quantity of atmosphere with her darkness, Joby then covers her right hand in darkness and moves to strike her opponent with an open palm, stopping just short of hitting them by inches and releasing all of the atmosphere at once as hyper-compressed gas which rapidly explodes outward from the center of her palm.

The force of this attack dissipates quickly over a distance so it is only truly effective at very close range, However, if used on a solid object such as a building, landmark, or body, the force transferred to the object will send them flying and provide a more stable medium for the energy to continue destroying everything in its path.
DPR of resulting projectiles: A
Requirements: 100 mastery, 100 durability, 100 stamina
79x5= 395
Strength: 14+47=61
Speed: 83.5
Mov: 14+86=100
React: 14+5+81=100
Dura: 14+20+66=100
Stam: 14+20+66=100
CoA: 20+100=120
CoO: 39
CoC: 80
Mind: 21+29
Medicine: 42+58=100
Yami Yami no Mi: 100

Name: Persephone Mara
Epithet: "Half Tooth”
Affiliation: The Everything Pirates
Occupation: Doctor
Current level: 80
Devil Fruit:
Bounty: 184,950,000
Race: Skypiean
Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 10th
Height: 5'02"ft
Favorite Food: salted sky fish with braised cloud fruits
Least Favorite Food: Carrots but will eat anything
Life-motto: "FREE AND EASY"

80x5= 400
Strength: 8+44+5=57
Speed: 24+61+5=90
Mov: 84
React: 91
Vitality: 40+55+5=100
Dura: 100
Stam: 100
Haki: 100
CoA: 20+100=120
CoO: 100
CoC: 80
Mind: 40
Medicine: 80
Martial Arts:100
Dials: 100
Cloud Hands: 100
Dials: 1x Eisen Dial, 1x Flame Dial, 1x Ball Dial, 5x Breath Dials (affixed along the length of their belt), 2x Jet Dial (one in each shoe)
Dial Techniques:
Cloud Step
(can be used in mid air)using the jet dials in her shoes, Mara applies a quick burst of air in a single direction of her choice. She can only go in a straight line and the speed boost only applies for that moment. Increases movement speed by +1 ranks.
Cloud Burst
(can be used in mid air)while moving in any direction, Mara kicks her legs out in front of her and releases a quick burst of air from the jet dials in her shoes causing her to immediately halt her forward momentum as she backflips in place. Can also be used to kick and opponent or deflect an attack.
-Mara wraps her belt around her arm in such a way that the Eisen dial is located over her knuckles and the Flame Dial is located on the outside of her elbow.
Hell Tiger
-Mara grips her belt in her hand so that both the Flame and Eisen dials are located where the pummel of this make-shift 'whip' would be as the section of belt containing the 5x breath dials and 1x Ball Dial hangs loose.
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Name: Marie
Epithet: "Runaway"
Affiliation: Runaway Pirates
Occupation: Captain
Devil Fruit: None
Bounty: None
Gender: Female
Race: Human (long arm)
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 10/31
Height: 8 ft 5 in

NPC speech

Physical Description:
Marie is a tall long arm woman with a slim yet muscular physique. Almost always carrying a cigarette on hand, Marie largely resembles a biker, wearing long black pants, fingerless leather gloves, and an open leather vest that carries her jolly roger on the back. Under her vest she wears a dark purple t-shirt with bright-red stylized letters stating, "Are you Daft!"
Marie has short, straight black hair with grown out bangs swept to the right side of her face almost covering her right eye. Both of her eyes have dark circles underneath from lack of sleep and excessive smoking.

On first meeting her and her crew, very few would guess that Marie is the captain. She has a very laidback demeanor towards running her group, never caring whether or not she's referred to as captain, constantly allowing her crewmates to joke at her expense, and so on. Though this doesn't mean she doesn't issue commands or won't get angry at crewmates, it just happens on a rather rare occasion and when these moments arise she is taken seriously.
Overall, as an individual she typically gives off an air of apathy mixed some sass every now and then despite being a caring individual (to some people at least). She also has both an egoistic and childish streak. Often times when she does something radical she wants to be seen doing it to increase her infamy. Other instances, if she finds something she thinks is cool she will obsess over it to a distracting degree. There are moments where both streaks overlap and can cause otherwise unnecessary danger.


Devil Fruit:


49 x 5 = 245
Strength: ? + 2 + 2
Speed: ? + 2
? x 2 = 2?
Vitality: ? + 2
? x 2 = 2?
Haki: ?
? x 2 = 2?
-Armament Haki:
-Observation Haki:
Devil Fruit: N/A
Martial Arts: ? + 1

Mind: ?
? x 2 = 2?
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Name: Sasaki
Alias: ''Monkey King'' Sasaki
Affiliation: World Government, Marines
Official rank: Vice Admiral
True rank (hidden/unknown): Celestial Dragon
Bounty: n/a
Race: Half Human-Half Humandrill
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Height: Rayleigh height
Weight: Unknown, lean muscular build
Distinctive feature: Monkey tail

EXP tracker: 230,594 + 12,500 + 1,000 + 6,061 + 7,000 + 1,000 + 4,500 + 1,000 + 66,750 + 10,031 + 16,496 + 8,338 - 60,000 + 6,004 + 9,006 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 21,500 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 500 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 2,755 + 1,000 + 19,112 + 24,750 + 34,500 - 120,000 + 1,000 + 10,500 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 5,000 + 4,750 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 5,000 + 120,000 - 60,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 5,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 7,439 + 5,337 + 1,000 - 5,000 + 60,000 + 30,164 - 5,000 + 60,000 - 300,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 250 + 27,000 + 1,000 + 4,669 + 1,000 + 11,500 + 1,000 + 5,750 - 5,000 + 300,000 - 120,000 - 60,000 - 60,000 + 5,750 + 17,750 - 60,000 + 6,471 + 1,000 + 6,500 + 13,590 + 1,000 - 5,000 - 224,250 + 120,000 + 60,000 + 60,000 + 50,000 + 9,000 - 5,000 + 41,000 - 120,000 + 1,000 + 5,500 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 42,500 + 1,000 + 7,500 + 16,500 + 12,556 + 22,623 + 4,500 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 60,000 - 1,000 + 1,000 - 60,000 + 1,000 + 21,000 + 1,000 + 8,000 + 9,000 + 1,000 + 15,082 + 11,500 - 15,000 - 10,000 - 20,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 29,500 + 1,000 + 17,250 + 1,000 + 14,250 - 60,000 + 1,000 + 11,667 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 18,500 + 1,000 - 5,000 + 60,000 + 60,000 + 15,000 + 10,000 - 300,000 + 50,000 + 50,000 + 50,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 5,000 - 50,000 - 50,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 109,823 + 50,000 + 300,000 + 60,000 - 350,000 + 20,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 33,250 - 60,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 - 5,000 - 10,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 = 447,068 EXP

Beri tracker: 500,000,000 - 500,000,000 + 20,000,000 + 142,500,000 + 20,500,000 - 180,000,000 + 20,500,000 + 1,600,000,000 - 1,320,000,000 - 300,000,000 + 145,250,000 + 162,750,000 + 556,250,000 + 900,000,000 + 1,808,000,000 - 3,170,000,000 - 400,000,000 + 575,000,000 + 575,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 + 575,000,000 + 575,000,000 + 575,000,000 + 1,311,000,000 + 2,945,000,000 - 1,980,000,000 - 4,140,000,000 + 1,268,250,000 - 1,260,000,000 + 1,282,500,000 + 1,282,500,000 + 1,282,500,000 + 1,450,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 + 250,000,000 - 570,000,000 + 1,532,500,000 + 1,532,500,000 + 1,532,500,000 + 400,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 + 273,750,000 + 273,750,000 - 470,000,000 + 5,000,000,000 - 3,240,000,000 + 273,750,000 - 1,850,000,000 - 200,000,000 + 23,750,000 + 100,000,000 + 24,000,000 - 120,000,000 + 100,000,000 + 1,370,000,000 - 1,559,000,000 + 20,000,000 + 20,000,000 + 20,250,000 + 865,687,500 + 3,462,750,000 - 30,000,000 - 4,320,000,000 + 897,750,000 + 908,437,500 - 1,840,000,000 + 919,125,000 - 920,000,000 + 4,510,000,000 - 920,000,000 - 3,550,000,000 + 1,268,250,000 - 1,300,000,000 + 100,000,000 + 5,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 + 1,518,250,000 + 24,850,000,000 - 25,000,000,000 + 1,250,000,000 - 2,000,000,000 - 720,000,000 + 5,000,000,000 - 3,280,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 - 150,000,000 + 2,532,500,000 - 660,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 - 500,000,000 - 200,000,000 - 200,000,000 + 2,546,750,000 - 1,000,000,000 + 2,546,750,000 - 100,000,000 + 2,546,750,000 - 6,000,000,000 - 900,000,000 + 2,546,750,000 - 1,900,000,000 - 600,000,000 + 2,546,750,000 + 6,400,000,000 - 9,175,000,000 + 2,603,750,000 - 2,450,000,000 + 2,500,000,000 - 2,640,000,000 + 100,000,000 + 600,000,000 - 720,000,000 + 300,000,000 - 180,000,000 + 300,000,000 + 2,675,000,000 + 2,675,000,000 + 2,675,000,000 - 8,000,000,000 + 500,000,000 - 840,000,000 + 3,175,000,000 + 3,175,000,000 - 6,400,000,000 + 3,103,750,000 - 2,500,000,000 - 300,000,000 + 3,032,500,000 - 3,360,000,000 + 3,061,000,000 - 1,280,000,000 - 1,800,000,000 + 3,089,500,000 + 125,000,000 - 1,500,000,000 + 600,000,000 - 2,300,000,000 + 3,337,000,000 + 3,337,000,000 - 5,900,000,000 + 3,388,750,000 - 4,140,000,000 + 3,406,000,000 - 3,420,000,000 + 3,354,250,000 + 100,000,000 + 3,371,500,000 + 3,371,500,000 - 8,500,000,000 + 3,371,500,000 + 3,371,500,000 - 4,440,000,000 + 3,406,000,000 + 25,000,000,000 + 8,000,000,000 + 6,000,000,000 + 1,600,000,000 - 14,000,000,000 - 16,000,000,000 - 18,000,000,000 + 1,638,750,000 + 1,638,750,000 + 1,638,750,000 + 18,000,000,000 + 16,000,000,000 - 25,000,000,000 - 8,000,000,000 + 1,250,000,000 + 500,000,000 - 6,000,000,000 - 1,600,000,000 + 1,500,000,000 + 3,216,250,000 + 3,216,250,000 + 3,233,500,000 + 3,233,500,000 + 750,000,000 + 1,678,000,000 - 14,000,000,000 - 2,500,000,000 + 100,000,000 + 500,000,000 + 1,500,000,000 + 4,075,000,000 + 4,075,000,000 - 10,640,000,000 + 4,075,000,000 - 2,000,000,000 - 1,330,000,000 - 500,000,000 + 4,075,000,000 + 4,075,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 + 250,000,000 + 4,325,000,000 + 250,000,000 + 4,325,000,000 + 4,325,000,000 + 4,325,000,000 + 4,325,000,000 + 4,325,000,000 + 5,000,000,000 + 8,000,000,000 + 3,600,000,000 + 800,000,000 + 1,600,000,000 + 1,600,000,000 - 50,000,000,000 + 3,575,000,000 + 3,575,000,000 + 3,575,000,000 - 10,000,000,000 = 1,221,000,000 Beri

All items (used by):

Personality: Sasaki is an enigma. He is a close friend of Leo's, and is also his subordinate, despite the fact that Sasaki is very powerful in his own right and would arguably match Leo in battle. He adheres to Pragmatic Justice, and as such always adjusts his Justice based on the situation at hand and what he thinks would be the best and most practical solution. Sasaki seems to have some type of a connection to the Void Century, though what exactly it is, remains unknown for now. In a conversation with Sengoku, Sasaki has also said that he befriended Leo because it would allow him to find ''someone'' or ''something'' from the Void Century. At most times, Sasaki is rather nonchalant and funny. He loves flirting with women. However, secretly, his greatest love is fighting. He loves to fight strong opponents and push himself to the limits. When he meets a powerful opponent, especially if the opponent manages to injure him, Sasaki turns into a bit of a berserker, and his true love for fighting shows itself. Secretly, Sasaki is a Celestial Dragon. Only the Gourousei and Sengoku are aware of this fact.


100 x 6 = 600

Strength: 66 (Race: +30, MA: +5) = 101

Speed: 78 (Race: +20, Goro: +15, MA: +5) = 118 [Movement Speed: 120 | Reaction Speed: 115 (Mind: +5) = 120]

Vitality: 66 (Race: +30, MA: +5) = 101 [Stamina: 101 | Durability: 101]

Goro Goro no Mi: 100 (Awakening: +20) = 120
Perk - God Ears: Combining the abilities of the Goro Goro no Mi and his incredible mastery of Kenbun-shoku no Haki, Sasaki is able to pick up on electromagnetic waves from the air, allowing him to overhear conversations and everything around him with extraordinary range, over a whole island.

Martial Arts: 70 (Race: +30) = 100 [Ittōryū & Nitōryū: 100 | Santōryū: 100 | Rokushiki: 100 | (perk) -> Humandrill Mimicry: 100 <- (perk)]
Perk - Inherent Martial Arts Ability: Grants the user a maxed out substat in their racial MA.

Mind: 70 (Race: -20) = 50 [Navigation: 100]

Expertise: 50 [Beast Mastery: 100]

Haki: 100 [Busou-shoku no Haki: 100 | Kenbun-shoku no Haki (awareness): 100 (Item: +20) = 120]
Has Advanced Conqueror's Haki.

Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no Mi:

Sasaki heats the air around him with his Goro Goro no Mi powers until it explodes in a thunder clap. This is used to avoid and neutralize non-material attacks, such as flying slashes or certain other elemental attacks. Unranked - supplementary move.

Gloam Paddling:

Sasaki uses his Goro Goro no Mi powers to heat and melt nearby metal and then reshape it into anything he desires. He can also use this on his swords. Unranked - supplementary move.

Shinzo Massage:

Sasaki can use electricity to jump-start his heart if it enters a state of cardiac arrest by applying jolts of electricity to his body. Arguably, he could also do this for someone else. Unranked - supplementary move.


Sasaki unleashes a massive discharge of electricity from his hands or swords that forms a wide blast used to devastate large areas with no specific target in mind. Rank: A. Major Paralysis.

El Thor:

Mostly used to destroy targets from long range, Sasaki focuses a large cluster of electricity above his target, then uses it to send a huge and powerful lightning bolt crashing down from the sky. He can also use this attack to launch a massive lightning bolt from his hands or swords. Rank: A. Major Paralysis.

30,000,000 Volt Kiten:

Sasaki creates a giant wolf-shaped blast of lightning. Rank: B. Major Paralysis.

30,000,000 Volt Hino:

Sasaki creates a giant bird-shaped blast of lightning. Rank: B. Major Paralysis.


Sasaki uses his own electric powers with the Ancient Weapon Mika to create a huge thunderstorm. Using these storm clouds, Sasaki can rain lightning down on the land below. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.


The thunderstorm created by Deathpiea showers lightning everywhere. The lightning bolts are much larger and more powerful than normal lightning bolts and one is enough to burn down an entire village. Rank: S. Moderate Paralysis.

60,000,000 Volt Jamboule:

Sasaki creates a giant dragon-shaped blast of lightning. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.


Sasaki combines his own electric powers with the Ancient Weapon Mika to create a huge spherical cloud filled with electricity. The cloud has enough power to destroy an entire island, if it descends on it. Rank: S+.

Max Volt Amaru:

Sasaki transforms into a gigantic Raijin-looking thunder god made out of pure electricity. Unranked - supplementary move. Touching Sasaki in this form will result in major paralysis.

Flying Raijin:
By turning into electricity, Sasaki can blitz from one electrically conductive item to another, while also entering those items and staying inside them, if needed. The most common application of this is Sasaki stabbing his swords into the ground on the battlefield, and then moving between the blades like Namikaze Minato - the Yellow Flash - from Naruto. Unranked - supplementary move.

Thunder Festival:

Sasaki creates a sphere of electricity all around him that lashes out with lightning bolts at anyone that approaches, preventing anyone from getting close to him. Unranked - supplementary move. Major Paralysis.

El Thor Barrage:

Instead of firing one large El Thor from his hand, Sasaki fires a barrage of thin blasts of lightning, aiming to hit a more widespread area in a more unpredictable manner. Rank: B. Moderate Paralysis.

Lightning Pierce:

Sasaki forms an arch of lightning in the form of a lightning bow. The lightning bow then fires multiple arrows of lightning rapidly. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.

Thunder Play:

Sasaki creates multiple lightning spheres in the area. He can hurl these lightning spheres at the opponent, or the lightning spheres can fly around and unleash lightning bolts at everything in sight. He can also encircle enemies with the lightning spheres and focus the lighting bolts on one opponent. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.

Lightning Explosion:

Sasaki can unleash an explosion of lightning from his body, blowing everything away. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.

El Thor Maximum:

A more powerful version of El Thor. Rank: S. Moderate Paralysis.

Thunder Palace:

Sasaki unleashes a large amount of thunder balls up into the sky using his Clima Tact. The thunder balls form a large circle over a wide area. Using the Goro Goro no Mi, Sasaki then calls forth continuous streams of lightning down to the ground, creating a thunder cage/palace. Anyone that tries to leave the palace will have to risk electrocution and paralysis. The lightning streams can also be taken control of and used to attack anyone inside the thunder palace. Rank: S. Moderate Paralysis.

El Thor Ultimum:

The most powerful version of El Thor. Rank: S+.


A more powerful version of 60,000,000 Volt Jamboule, Sasaki creates a massive dragon of lightning and engulfs the opponent with it. Rank: S+.

Railgun Cannon:

A railgun only in name, Sasaki gathers multiple orbs of lightning behind him. The orbs of lightning then start to unleash more lightning, which all combines in front of Sasaki. He then fires an absolutely massive blast of lightning. Rank: S+.

Amaru's Final Thunder:

While in his Amaru form, Sasaki imbues his whole body with black Busou-shoku no Haki, turning himself into a more powerful form of Amaru. Unranked - supplementary move. Touching Sasaki in this form will result in major paralysis.



Raijin's Sword:

Sasaki forms a sword made out of lightning. Being a non-material sword, Sasaki can change its shape an even have it extend like a lightning bolt. The sword can unleash other Goro Goro no Mi attacks. Unranked - supplementary move.

Raijin's Cannon:

Sasaki unleashes a thin, piercing lightning bolt from his sword - either his physical swords, or his Raijin Swords. This piercing lightning bolt has a great range and can strike with great speed from a great distance. Rank: A. Major Paralysis.

Raijin's Flash:

Sasaki transforms his arms and legs into electricity, while the rest of his body remains physical. He charges his sheathed sword with a great amount of electricity. He then disappears from sight, blitzing the enemy with his fastest, lightning-speed Iaido slash. Rank: S.

Raijin's Roaring Thunder Blades:

Sasaki points his swords up into the air while there's a thunderstorm. Then, using his swords, he guides many lightning blasts down onto an area. Rank: S+.

Amaru no Ashura:

Sasaki's strongest technique, while in his thunder god Amaru form, Sasaki unleashes Ashura. With his swords crackling and bursting with lightning and thunder, and black Busou-shoku no Haki and advanced Conqueror's Haki cladding his blades, Sasaki blitzes the opponent with lightning speed, unleashing nine powerful slashes that could cut apart a massive island. Rank: Z.


Raijin's Shigan:
Sasaki turns his hand into lightning and then performs a Shigan. Rank: B. Minor Paralysis.

Raijin's Shigan Oren:

Sasaki turns his hand into lightning and then performs a Shigan Oren. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.

Raijin's Shigan Madara:

Sasaki turns his hands into lightning and then performs a Shigan Madara. Rank: S. Moderate Paralysis.

Raijin's Jusshigan:

Sasaki turns his hands into lightning and then performs a Jusshigan. Rank: S. Moderate Paralysis.

Raijin's Jugon:

Sasaki turns his hand into lightning and then performs a Jugon. Rank: A. Moderate Paralysis.

Raijin's Jugon Ogi Fukuro Dataki:

Sasaki turns his hands into lightning and then performs a Jugon Ogi Fukuro Dataki. Rank: S. Moderate Paralysis.

Raijin's Rokuougan:

Sasaki turns both of his hands into lightning and then performs a Rokuougan, which unleashes a powerful lightning blast. Rank: S+. Major Paralysis.

Humandrill Mimicry:


Clima Tact:

Sasaki carries the Monkey King's staff on his back. He is extremely proficient with it in combat. The staff is able to extend (same as Nami's), as well as produce various weather effects, including powerful rain, mighty gales and thunderclouds.

Ancient Weapon Mika:

Ancient Weapon Mika:

Ancient Weapon Mika is an ancient warship that is powered by electricity. It can fly and produce an enormous amount of thunderclouds. How Sasaki has obtained such a warship is currently unknown.

For NPCs and ship armada, click here.

Overarching Leo/Sasaki story so far:

  • Island - Prodence Kingdom | Thriller Bark
    • Due to an ongoing feud between the Prodence Kingdom and the Revolutionary Army, Leo had sailed to the Prodence Kingdom to defeat the Revolutionary Army, and bring the Prodence Kingdom under the protection of the World Government.
    • Thanks to the long lost secret daughter of the King of the Prodence Kingdom, Leo had managed to earn the trust of the King, while also defeating the Revolutionary Army.
    • Ultimately, Leo had successfully brought the Prodence Kingdom under the protection of the World Government.
    • Leo had also run into his presumed dead master from when he was young, Roshi.
  • Naval Battle - Neo Navy | Thriller Bark
    • The World Government, spread thin between numerous dangerous situations going on all over the world simultaneously, were met with yet another crisis - a former Admiral of the Navy, Admiral Zephyr, and his Neo Navy, were getting ready to use the Dyna Stones to destroy all of Grandline and kill all pirates in one go.
    • Naturally, due to how much collateral damage such a crazy tactic would cause, the World Government had to act. Leo, who was elsewhere at the time, was asked to send his subordinates, Sasaki, Tanya and Gen to deal with the Neo Navy. The three were successful in taking down everyone but Zephyr himself.
    • After Sasaki fought Zephyr for a short while, Leo finally arrived on the scene, seeing his old sensei, Zephyr.
    • In one final clash, Leo defeated Zephyr, taking his old - now radical - sensei's Battle Smasher as a memento to remember his mentor by.
  • Island - Wano Kuni | Thriller Bark
    • A severe drought cornered Wano and the Beast Pirates that occupied it.
    • This made Wano weaker than usual, and multiple pirate crews, among them the La Spada Pirates and the Silver Vampirate Pirates, decided to take advantage to kill Kaidou.
    • The World Government decided to send their own people in as well. Leo, Sasaki and Kallavan were sent. The invasion of Wano took a whole day, during which Sasaki defeated Queen, Leo defeated the Beast Pirates' Sasaki, Who's Who, Solitaire, Daifugo and Dobon, and ultimately helped overpower Kaidou.
    • The Big Mom Pirates showed up in the end to save Kaidou, and the Yonkous formed an alliance.
    • For his role on Wano and defeating Kaidou, Leo became a Hero of the Marines together with Monkey D. Garp.
  • The Primordial Saga (Treasure Hunt) | Thriller Bark
    • A letter was sent out to multiple Admirals and Vice Admirals, containing information on a secret mission. Admiral Kizaru, Vice Admiral Leo, Vice Admiral Tsuru, and Vice Admirals Onigumo and Dalmatian, along with legendary navy instructor, Chimera, were sent to the Pangean depths.
    • After descending incredibly deep toward the Pangean depths with the help of Enki, the Navy officers found ''the shadow''. They managed to get past it, and found their way into Pangea.
    • There, they awoke, but their infiltration of Pangea had not gone unnoticed, and they were welcomed by the Pangean army.
    • Much to the shock of the Navy officers, among the Pangean army was everyone's former comrade and the presumably dead, former Admiral Zephyr.
    • The Navy officers launched a massive assault on the Pangean army, starting the great Pangean war.
    • Ongoing: to be continued.
  • Island - Whole Cake Island | Thriller Bark
    • While Leo was on the mission to Pangea, the Navy was forced to act against the Big Mom and Kaidou alliance. As they were facing two Yonkous, an unprecedented situation, while also dealing with the situation in Pangea, the World Government was forced to send a strong force to Whole Cake Island. Among them were Vice Admiral Sasaki, Vice Admiral Kallvan, Vice Admiral Genji, as well as the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma.
    • Ongoing: to be continued.
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Salty Doubloons

Name: Kana Uteki | Sex: Female | Age: 24 | Race: Human/Lunarian | Affiliation: The Crimson Vow | Title: Carnage | Level: 90 | DF: Blood
Bounty: 560,000,000 Beri | Coffers: 612,750,000 Beri | EXP Tracking: 322,425| 7 LV55 NPCs | 103,250 EXP Bought (30m per now)

Uteki is a young woman of simple convictions. She stands by herself first and foremost. If she doesn't like something, she'll do something about it. If she is fine with something, she'll leave it be. There isn't a right or wrong to her. Only things that align with her goals and things that do not. Currently, the World Government stands in the ways of her primary goal. Which is to find her own personal paradise. She refuses to elaborate on what that entails to anyone and gets violent if anyone persists in asking after her initial refusal. This comes in contrast to her appearance. Many who do not know her do not expect such violent habits from her. She was forced to eat her devil fruit at a young age. Due to experiments that her adoptive parents did on her.

Statistics 90 x 5 = 450 [11 Points Unspent]
Strength: 101 (60 +36 Human/Lunarian+5 DF)
Agility: 101 x2 (78 +18 Human/Lunarian+5 MA) [Movement Speed: 101 - Reaction Speed: 101]
Vitality: 101 x2 (55 +36 Human/Lunarian+10 DF) [Durability: 101 - Stamina: 101]
Chi Chi no Mi: 120 (82 +18 Human/Lunarian+20 Awakening) [Perk: Crystalized Blood]
Haki: 100 x2 (Armaments: 100 - Precognition Mantra: 100)
Martial Arts: 50 x2 (Path of Swords: 100) [Perk: Origin of the Swords: Utsuro]
Mind: 0 (9 -9 Human/Lunarian)

Chi Chi no Mi

The Chi Chi no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. It allows the user to generate, manipulate, and become blood. In excessive amounts. It was eaten by Uteki. At first glance, one could assume this devil fruit was a Paramecia. Given the uniqueness of the 'element' it produces. Due to her ability to generate blood, she isn't capable of dying via blood loss. She can also serve as a blood bank if needed. Uteki is given free control over blood, she is even capable of hardening it and forming it into various constructs. Most common are various weapons. The most terrifying aspect of the Chi Chi no Mi is that it gives her the ability to thrall weaker-willed individuals.

Awakening - Uteki has undergone Awakening, and as a result she is now capable of igniting her blood. This results in pinkish flames that can inflict minor to major burns on her enemies. Once she ignites her blood, she loses the ability to control it.

Perk: Crystalized Blood- Increases the hardness of her blood by +1. So it becomes Steel at 100 Mastery, and at 120 Mastery it becomes Titanium.


Enthrall- The user takes control of someone's blood, allowing them to manipulate their movements similar to the Ito Ito no mi's Parasite ability. This ability is only usable on fodder NPCs and single named NPCs. The number of fodder NPCs can not be more than 25% of the user's mastery, and the singular NPC can not be above 20 levels below the user's level and their mastery. (Requires 61 Mastery)

Construct- She creates one or more things out of the blood. Their shape is only limited by her imagination. Most common are various weapons. The strength and durability of her constructs depend on the amount of effort put into making them and can reach a certain point based on how high her DF mastery is. (Basic Constructs: 61 Mastery | Advanced Constructs: 81 Mastery)

Ragnarok- A massive sword of blood is formed in the air above Uteki and launched downwards at an angle. Upon impact, the sword bursts and sends a violent spray of condensed blood shrapnel in every direction. (71 Mastery, 71 Strength | A-Rank, AoE)

Spiral Shield- A rapidly spinning shield of blood is formed in the desired location. The spinning shield is designed to intercept attacks and can be layered to enhance its defensive capabilities. (71 Mastery)

Dancing Butterflies- A large number of butterflies formed out of blood are scattered around the field. In conjunction with her Mantra, these butterflies will seek out enemies within her Mantra's range if she desires them to, and detonate. If she does not direct them they will explode when an enemy gets too close to them. (81 Mastery, 81 Mantra | A-Rank if Single Hit, S-Rank if Multi-Hit)

Red Bullet- Uteki fires a fast, highly pressurized bullet formed from her blood. Can be enabled to be shot in a rapid-fire style. Despite its name, it is most effective at mid-range. Rather than long-range. (51 Mastery, 51 Strength | B-Rank)

Tsunami- A massive wave of blood is formed and launched towards a target. The force behind it is quite massive and is guaranteed to leave destruction in its wake. (91 Mastery | S-Rank AoE)

Accel Form- She temporarily accelerates the flow of blood within her body. Temporarily boosting her movement speed for the duration. Raises Movement Speed by Mastery/5 for the duration.

31-40 Mastery: 3-Turn Cooldown.
41-80 Mastery: 2-Turn Cooldown.
81-100 Mastery: 1-Turn Cooldown.

Severance- A thin, almost invisible wire of blood is formed. This wire of blood is extremely sharp and can be set up in a variety of ways. Altering its visibility and thickness as well as its sharpness. Max length/amount is Mastery/5 in meters. (51 Mastery)

Blood Fist- Punching forward, a large blast of blood is released from her fist. Highly pressurized, it is considerably dangerous. (31 Mastery, 31 Strength | C-Rank, Long Range)

Wings of Rebellion- Uteki forms wings on her back and uses them to fly. The wings can be used for offense or defense in battle as well. Depending on what the situation calls for. (61 Mastery, 4 Turn Duration with 2 Turn Cooldown.

Reflection- Creates a clone of blood. The exterior is hardened, while the interior remains liquid. Allowing for a durable clone to be formed. Will be destroyed when suffering enough damage. Is controlled by the user, but doesn't require much concentration thanks to Mantra. This clone can only do basic commands/attacks, max rank of techniques is C and no AoE techniques.. Can create a max of 3 at once, but doing so requires much more focus and stamina. With Uteki's current level of mastery, each clone as Steel level durability.

31 Mastery: Stone Durability
51 Mastery: Brass Durability
71 Mastery: Iron, with Perk: Steel

Exchange- The user can swap places with an equal amount of their own blood. Allowing for tricky movement and escape options. Follows Soru guidelines. Cannot be used if user was recently hit (previous turn) with a sufficient Armaments Haki attack. (51 Mastery)

51-80 mastery: 2-Turn Cooldown.
81-100 mastery: 1-Turn Cooldown.

Fatal Burst- Uteki summons a massive sphere of blood that descends on the battlefield. Akin to a meteorite in size. This massive sphere of blood coats the entire battlefield in her blood in addition to doing massive damage upon impact. Giving her a huge advantage after its use. (100 Mastery | S-Rank AoE)

Tainted Rain- Uteki's strongest Devil Fruit technique, inspired by her name. Uteki forms a colossal mass of blood above the battlefield. From this cloud, countless bullets of blood rain down. Each one has enough force to cause real damage on its own. This attack persists after it is unleashed. Due to the amount of blood created for this attack, Uteki is unable to create more blood after this and is limited in what she can do after as a result. (Lasts for 1 turn after using. 100 Mastery, 2 turn cool down after it ends. Individual blood drops are S-Rank but due to the amount that will hit it will do S+-Rank in total. The area it covers in meters is equal to Mastery/2)

Carnage- Uteki's strongest form. She becomes a being of blood and blood alone. She can create blood more quickly and can freely move her actual body anywhere. This can be used to evade attacks. Causing them to only hit blood she has created, and not the blood she has become. Depending on the situation, she can even become a gigantic version of this. Similar in size to Pica's golem form. (100 Mastery, Lasts 3 turns, including the turn it is used and the user is fatigued for 2 turns after using it.)

Path of Swords

A self-taught style. Each slash is accompanied by powerful vibrations that amplify the cutting power of all of her slashes.

First of the Swords: Kagero- A tricky slash/thrust using sleight of hand and misdirection to hide the initial motion of the swing. Causing enemies to mistime their response.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Reaction Speed.
41-60 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A
81-100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Second of the Swords: Hogosha- Can be used as a counter-attack or as an evasive option. After a fluid spin the user maneuvers behind their opponent while simultaneously attacking.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement Speed.
41-60 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A
81-100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Third of the Swords: Kogetsu- A flying slash/thrust that travels in an arc mimicking a crescent moon. Vibrations accompany it and make it more deadly than it appears to be.
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 51 Strength
51-70 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B
71-90 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A
91-100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Fourth of the Swords: Senpu- Four instantaneous slashes/thrusts that stir up the wind. A violent gale follows, which threatens the target with a force equal to the initial slashes.
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 DF
61-80 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B (AoE)
81-99 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A (AoE)
100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S (AoE)

Fifth of the Swords: Saigai- A powerful advancing thrust attack. The focused vibrations coming out of the tip of the blade do heavy damage to weapons and armor. A follow-up attack can be performed.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement Speed.
41-60 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A
81-100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Sixth of the Swords: Eikyo- A quick and decisive strike performed using the blunt side of her weapon so that the vibrations produced cause inward damage instead of amplifying her slashes.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement Speed.
41-60 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A
81-100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Seventh of the Swords: Tsubusu- A powerful downward slash/thrust, which ruptures the ground as energy is unleashed in the intended direction. In addition to damage, this energy threatens to inflict a severe amount of knockback to objects and people hit.
Requirements: 51 Mastery, 51 Strength
51-70 Mastery: Destructive Potency: B
71-90 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A
91-100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Eighth of the Swords: Shizukesa- The user assumes a defensive stance and parries incoming attacks with a physical form. Only works if the user's Reaction Speed is in the same tier as the speed of the attack(s). +1 DPR while defending.
Requirements: 61 Mastery, 61 Reaction Speed.

Ninth of the Swords: Oborozuki- The user slashes repeatedly with their blade. A flurry of twelve rapid blows is unleashed with extreme precision and power. Each slash can either target the same spot or different ones depending on the user's needs.
Requirements: 100 Mastery, 100 Movement Speed, 100 Strength.
100 Mastery: Destructive Potency: S

Origin of the Swords: Utsuro- The user clears their mind and enters a state of extreme and heightened focus. Removing the limiters the mind places on the body and bringing out its latent potential for a short time. +1 DPR to any attack at S Rank or below for 2 turns. Has a 4 turn cooldown if used with any S Rank techniques and a 3 turn cooldown if only used with A-Rank and below. If it is used 3 times during one fight/island the user will become fatigued.

NPC: Lady Hresvelg
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