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Basic information:
Name: Ray Señior
Epithet: Perfect Calamity
Race: ???
Affiliation: Devil Pirates
Rank: Pirate
Special abilities:
Can speak over 100 languages, a quick learner. Can hold his breath for a day. Has great senses(sight,smell,taste,hearing, touch, like Gon from Hxh) Decent Regeneration Ex:if he has a paper cut, it takes 10 secs to heal. Tough Skin Ex; Bullets are punches to his body.
Height: 5'8/173 cm
Age: 19
Physical description: Red hair, gold eyes, childish features despite his age. Wears comfy jackets and sweat pants.
Ray or better PERUMAN.3, is an experiment made by a scientist/pirate Senior. In Ray's 12th year he got saved by a man called "Hero". Hero gave Ray his name because Ray "Was able to bring positivity in the darkest of situations. Like a sun ray shining through the crack of rubble." Ray and Hero spent 2 years together until one day, Ray felt light-headed. He couldn't fight normally and was taken to rest, he couldn't sleep that night so he rested his eyes. He felt a quick surge of pain on his arm that went away as quickly as it came. He opened his eyes and saw Hero with a huge butterfly needle taking his blood. Ray went for a strike at Hero's neck but Hero evaded, after this Ray removed the needle and ran away from Hero as fast as possible. Ray felt betrayed by Hero and dissociated evrything about Hero except for the name Hero gave him.
"Ray...., should I get rid of that, it's the only good part about Hero. The only good part about me. Ray."
Ray smiled as he said this, he laughed even though his heart was broken, he was remembering the fond memories.
Stats: N/A
Ray has a technique called Inhumane.
has 3 techniques.
Inhumane Speed- Inhumane Speed is when the user ramps up their speed Ex: In 10 mins the user would be from 0 mph-60 mph) slowly to the point where the user's body moves faster than the user can think, so the user stops moving. (This is the state Ray is currently at). The way to combat this problem is to set a list of commands before your body is even doing those commands yet or using observation haki to know what to do next.
Inhumane Reaction- Inhumane reaction is when the user matches the speed of the object the user has on.
Inhumane Reflex- Inhumane Reflex is a when the user feels someone/something touch their body their body will react instantly without the mind even knowing.
Equipment: Special Dagger and Flintlock
Personality: Ray despite his past is a loyal man. He does what is right but he's a follower more than a leader. Although, he will only follow someone that can beat him, when he follows them he will be very loyal to them, but if they betray him or anyone else in the group he will leave them.
Laugh: hehehehehehehehehe.
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"Journey before destination"


: Kallavan
Epiteth: N/A
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Height: 300 cm
Affiliation: World Government
Occupation: Vice-Admiral/ Fox Hound Commander

Activity Tracker
230,594 EXP + 2000

232.594 EXP + 9248
Money: +

241.842 EXP + 25.000
Money: -

New Total EXP: 268.842
New total money: 721.000.000

New Total EXP: 269.842
Money: 868.000.000


salary: 2,050,000

274.842 + 14,338(kano clear) = 289.180
603.000.000 + 600,000,000(kano clear) =
Shop post

activity post

+1000 EXP
+341 2500 000 Berri

-1000 EXP(stat change)


+1000 EXP(334.430)
+341.250.000 ( 719.250.000 Berri)


+1000 EXP(335.430)

+1000 EXP(336.430)

+1000 EXP(337.430)

+21.858 EXP(359.288 - Level 93)

+1000 EXP(360.288 )
+348.750.000(2.191.750.000 )

17/08 - Store purchase
New EXP: 265.288 (level 84)
New Berri count: 71.750.000

+1000 EXP(266.288)

+1000 EXP(267.288)

+1000 EXP(268.288)

+1000 EXP(269.288)
+315.000.000(1.331.750.000 )

+1000 EXP(270.288)

+1000 EXP(271.288)

+1000 EXP(272.288)

+1000 EXP(273.288) - Level 85

+1000 EXP(274.288)

+1000 EXP(275.288)

New Money total: 3.548.000.000
New EXP: 276.288

New Money total: 3.866.750.000
New EXP:277.288

New Money total: 4.185.500.000
New EXP:278.288

New Money total:4.504.250.000
New EXP:279.288

New Money total:4.823.000.000
New EXP:280.288

New Money total: 5.141.750.000
New EXP:281.288

New Money total: 5.460.500.000
New EXP:282.288(86)

New Money total: 5.783.000.000
New EXP:283.288(86)

New Money total: 6.105.500.000
New EXP:284.288(86)

A fierce and stern man who lives by upholding his own honour code. He is said to be very militaristic even amongst the highest of echelons within the navy. Following orders and the chain of command without fault, even putting aside his own interests if it benefits the navy. Kallavan emits a strong bound with his crew and while he won't necessarily show it. He holds every single on of them in high esteem which is affirmed by the crew themselves. Both men and women would gladly pay their own lives if it meant rescuing the Vice-Admiral. This weird bound and tight-nit camaraderie often gives the impression that he is running his own pirate crew or a mercenary band. If not for the marine attire most of the men and women wear.


60+: 500 fodder NPC at level 60, +20 every level. 1 Pacifista

Haki limit break + kings haki

1. lvl 55 npc at 50% mark up

Name: BT/47

Affiliation: Marines

Race: Pacifista


50 x 5 = 250

Strength: 50

Speed: 70

[Movement Speed: 70 | Reaction Speed: 70]

Vitality: 50

[Stamina: 40 | Durability: 100]

Cyborg: 80

[Armor: 93]

[Energy: 81]

[Utility: 61]



Modification slots = 30/35


71-99: For each 5 mastery you will unlock pacifista plating for one of the following slots: Arms and front Torso(Gives +2 durability rank)


81-99: Thermal power cell. (Can do cyborg techniques 81-100 a few times)


61-80: rocket booster (+5 mobility)(2 max) - costs 4 modification points

Installed at the back of the Torso


Assault Rifle -3

Gattling Gun -3

Grenade Launcher -3

Stun Gun - 3

Flamethrower - 3

Laser right palm - 4

Shoulder mounted rocket launchers - 4

+ 2 magazines or 10 bullets (DPR: C) - costs 3 modification points

85 x 5 = 425 Zoan boosts

- STR: 79 (Race: +16 , DF: +20, FS: +5) = 100(120)

- SPE: 79(Race: +16, DF: +15) =95(110)

- Movement:98(120)

- Reaction: 90(100)

- VIT: 75 (Race: +16, DF: +20) =91 (111)

- Stamina: 92(120)

- Durability: 90(102)

- Ryū Ryū no Mi, Model: Allosaurus : 57 (Race: +24) = 81

- Martial Arts: 50

- Rokushiki: 100

- Haki: 85

- Busou-shoku no Haki: 100 ( Item/Haki boost:+20) = 120

- Kenbun-shoku no Haki: 70 [Precognition]

Basic techniques
Custom Rokushiki
Tesshi(Iron fingers): A selective mode of tekkai that is mostly used as a combination with Shigan to increase piercing damage. But can be used as shockfactor to block attacks with only one finger. - A Rank (71 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 durability )

Tekkai Kenpo Genkai (Tekkai Kenpo - Limit) -> A more advanced version of tekkai gou but instead of flexing the entire body the user flexes one or both their arms. Upon activating their biceps expand exponentially, increasing their strength far beyond their normal limits. The resulting blows in this form leave hand imprints into the area they punch. A side effect of buffing one's muscles to their limit is that the user needs to rest for several turns before being able to use tekkai again. - A Rank - tekkai buf goes to strength instead of durability, 2 turn CD(71 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 durability )

Soru ("Rankyaku Firebird") :
Another combination move where the user dashes forward with soru while extending their kicking leg. By using the momentum one can afterwards deploy a technique that combusts high air pressure by grinding the ground during the dash. The user can guide the fire created by kicking it towards the enemy. A Rank(71 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 movement speed )

Claw Rankyaku :
Self explanatory, by using the claws in hybrid form Kallavan launches a hand based rankyaku without the need to kick his leg - B Rank(41 DF, 41 mastery, 41 strength, 41 movement speed )

Jugon "Madara" :
A high-speed version of Jugon mimicking the shigan Madara variant but instead of regular shigans, Jugon is being used.
A - Rank (71 Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 movement speed )

Rokuougan shoot :
A kicking version of a regular Rokuougan that is capable of sending the opponent flying while also damaging the opponent internally.
S-Rank(91 Mastery, 91 Strength, 81 Armament Haki )

Rokuougan Kyoryu Ha! (Six kings Dino Wave Gun :
Just like rokuougan shoot this is a more concentrated version of that technique. Overflowing with power the user dashes madly at their opponent with all the speed they can muster before dropping down on them with a double dropkick, amplifying the 'blast' while also knocking them backwards several yards away if connected.

S+ Rank(100 Mastery, 100 Strength, 81 Armament Haki, 81 movement speed )

Hakai (破壊 Hakai, lit. "Destruction" ):
Kallavan's most powerful attack. In his hybrid form, Kallavan gathers every bit of power he can muster into his right fist, coating it black as well. The fist and arm physically trembling at the incredible might that is stored within the punch. After the required power has been gathered Kallavan delivers an incredibly powerful punch and smashes his target into the ground. The attack appears to compile the strength from all of Kallavan's rokuougan variants into one over encompassing punch.

The impact of this smash is so strong that, upon striking, the wind pressure created from its delivery left a massive crater in the ground and spawned a twister strong enough to carry nearby buildings. Causing mass destruction on a scale unseen to everything around him, including Kallavan himself. The punch is on such a scale that the shockwave rebounds back into him, draining him of almost every resource in his body but also wounding him to a life-threatening degree. Because of that Kallavan has simply labelled this punch, Hakai. For it destroys everything around him, including himself.

Z - Rank (100 mastery, 100 armament haki, 100 strength)
Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus

The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into an allosaurus hybrid and a full allosaurus at will.

The major strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to transform into an allosaurus, a large and powerful predator from the prehistoric era, making them much better suited for combat than basic Zoans. As is the case with every other Zoan ability, the user can also become a human-animal hybrid at will.


Jurrasic Assault:

While in full zoan form Dalinar rushes towards an opponent aiming to trample and or push them back due to the incredible weight this form grants.

DPR: C (21 mastery, 21 strength)

Equally used in full zoan form Dalinar aims to bite an opponent using its incredible jaw and teeth to deliver incredible damage.
DPR: B (41 mastery, 41 strength)

Apex cannon:
Able to be used in both full and hybrid mode, Dalinar delivers a headbutt towards his opponent with incredible might and durability. Easily capable of knocking out foes.
DPR: A (61 mastery, 61 strength)

Jurassic Drop.
The user jumps up high into the air seemingly going for a normal and regular attack but while in the air switches to their full zoan form. Using their incredible weight combined with gravity to deliver a powerful ground shattering drop.
DPR: S (81 mastery, 81 strength)

Apex Stun
While in full zoan form Dalinar roars at his opponent inflicting fear into their bodies. Impeding them from concentrating correctly on their own actions.
Moderate fear: affected is dizzy, has slightly reduced observation Haki and finds it slightly hard to concentrate on anything but the thing scaring them. lasts for 3-4 turns. (51 mastery for 3 turns, 71 mastery for 4 turns)
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"Our war is a righteous one."​

Salvatore is a tall, muscular man who was born into an aristocratic family of the Ballywood Kingdom, with a rich military heritage within the World Government. The family boasts to have a militaristic lineage within the Marines dating all the way back to the organizations founding. Furthermore, due to the country's strong maritane trade, Ballywood is particularly aggresive toward pirates, who often harass their trade routes. This aggression has carried over to Salvatore as well, as he views piracy as one of the greatest sins. He is also quite arrogant, boastful, and domineering, and often takes it upon himself to deliver judgmenet to those he feels have sinned. Salvatore's pride and attitude is such that he never holds hatred in his heart to anyone, even Pirates, as he does not hold hatred to those beneath him, he only pities them for taking a wrong path in life, and strives to course correct them by eliminating them, thus erasing their sins. Overall, Salvatore is convinced that he is on a righteous path that all must follow; this renders him to be a strong adherant of absolute justice.

Name: Salvatore
Alias: Lionheart
Affiliation: Marines
Rank: Vice Admiral
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Height: 325 cm (10'8)
Weight: Heavy, Muscular Build

Race Boost: 16/16/16/24
Tier 3 DF Boost: +10 vitality, +5 strength

Strength 65+16+5=86
--Reaction 100
--Movement 100
--Durability 91
--Stamina 91
--Armament Haki 100
--Observation Haki 20
Devil Fruit
Martial Arts
: 50
--Rokushiki: 100

Devil Fruit - Bomu Bomu no Mi
The Bomu Bomu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to make any part of his or her body explode, whether it be hair, mucus, or breath, making the user a Bomb Human. It was eaten by Salvatore, a Vice Admiral of the Marines. The fruit's main strength is that the user can turn their body parts into a bomb with no harm done to the user. The explosive quality extends to emissions such as mucus and breath. The fruit also grants immunity against all other explosions, as well as the ability to evaluate their quality.


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Isis “La Spada”
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“It is not the dead who should not be among the living,
but the living who should not be among the dead.”

Isis “La Spada”
Epiteth: Grim Reaper | Death
Race: Human/Lunarian Hybrid
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 10 feet (admiral)
Weight: 50lbs (skeletal)

Affiliation: Spada Pirates
Position: Captain
Bounty: 787,500,000
Devil Fuit: Yomi Yomi no Mi
Occupation: Musician
Laughing Style: Kuhahahahaha

Pearly white skeleton traces her once voluptuous frame and shaved skeletal horns adorns her head. Chunks of face are the only flesh that remains, ever rotting. La Spada has pearly yellow slit eyes, and red luscious lips. Etched across her face is a deep scar. La Spada’s left arm is replaced by Aegis’ Hook and a boney demon tail trails behind. Over her body is a black cloak, hiding the madness within.


Cocky. Morbid. Sarcastic. Overconfident. At her core, Spada is an evil being who relishes in pain, death, destruction, fear, and power. Spada displays a civilized and refined demeanor. She commonly utilizes dark humor, mocking her foes before killing them. La Spada can be summed up as an intelligent, composed, yet extraordinarily sadistic and completely heartless sociopath.



Skeleton/Lunarian Body
La Spada’s light-weight skeletal body allows her to move most dexterously. She can easily repair any bone damage by consuming milk. Due to her lack of flesh, La Spada is immune to lightning, temperature, poison, and other sensorial damage. As a half-Lunarian, La Spada is resistant to fire and can channel it at will with Fiero.

Aegis’ Dark Hook
Forged by lost souls, Hades’ Hook is the Underworld's gift to Isis made out of steel. Hades’ Hook replaces La Spada’s left arm. Daedelus welded the Aegis shield into the hook, gaining its Olympian abilities and might.
- Nigh indestructible​
- Absorbs haki in attacks​
- Adds aborbed haki to users’s attack​
- Can only absorb one haki attack per turn. 2 turn cooldown​

Kitetsu Blades
Cursed with bloodlust only matched by La Spada, the Grim owns all three Kitetsu swords of legend. Strings are attached to each of the three blades’ pommel up to the tip, acting as a violin. A 12 Saijo O Wazamono sword, Shodai Kitetsu’s edge and tip of the blade are made of seastone.
- Steel Wires (pommel)​
- Seastone Edge/Tip (Shodai only)​

86 x 5 = 425
Race, MA, DF, Mind, Item

Strength: 101 (64 + 32 + 5)
Agility: 101 (70 + 16 + 15)

Movement: 101
Reaction: 101
Vitality: 91 x2 (45 + 32 + 10)
Durability: 101
Stamina: 81
Yomi Yomi no Mi: 120 [(84 +16) +20]
Haki: 100 x2

Armaments: 120 [100 +20]​
Awareness: 100​
Martial Arts: 50 x2
Fencing Style: 100
Mind: 9 x2 (17 - 8)
Musicianship: 18

Yomi Perk: Bones are hardened with one’s soul, granting a +1 durability bracket.
Fencing Perk: Fencing techniques use significantly less stamina.
Devil Fruitology: *****​
Mythologist: ***​
Purchases: Seastone Weapon (x1), DF Awakening, 120 CoA, Sandai Kitetsu, Nidai Kitetsu, Shodai Kitetsu, Small Emperor
Current EXP: 288,850 EXP​
(Start) 230,594 EXP
Current Beri: 1,671,125,000​
(Start) 500,000,000 Beri
To be Added...


East Blue - Tequila Wolf
Start - End
Birthed new life from Necrohol, La Spada resurrected and set her sights on her comeback. Tequila Wolf was the first. The Empress entered the Marine base and decimated the troops, taking souls with her. A woman from a life past appeared. Irra the "Bloodhound", now old and with power waned. Recalling her past, La Spada reasserted her desire to end humanity.

New World - Maelstrom Island
Start - End
The Spada Pirates set their eyes on the high impenetrable natural defensive island; Maelstorm Island. They refused to be swallowed and defied La Spada - their reward was annihilation. The island came under their control. The island quickly became an explosive production island. Where once was a lush green parasite, now turned cold and gray like La Spada’s soul.

North Blue - Lemnos Island
Start - End
The Spada Pirates landed on Lemnos in South Blue, a technological marvel, intent on stealing their military might. La Spada ended Hepheastus’, saving Athena and her city. Athena gave Spada a list of Olympus gods, declaring them infected by Pandora, and pleaded Spada to take them out. To even the loser go the spoils.

New World - Wano Island I
Start - End
Suffering of drought, the Beast Pirates were weakened. The most powerful came to Wano to exploit. Providing water, La Spada Pirates took over On Flower Capitol, leading a Revolution. This drew the wrath of King, yet La Spada and The Shadow drove him away. Kaido himself arrived, only for the most powerful gathered, including Gambit, to drive him back to Onigashima.

New World - Wano Island I
Start - End
Spada Pirates conquering Flower Capitol, Oden’s samurai guided La Spada to Onigashima to confront Kaido.
Soul Projection: The user's soul ejects from their body and is able to move freely. The can move through walls, pass through objects, and cannot be harmed. However the soul can also not interact with anything, but-for their voice. While the user's soul is projected, their body is vulnerable, unable to move.
Requirements: 31 Devil Fruit
Rank: D (Supplementary)

Spirit Gun: The user concentrates their soul into the user's hand, releasing it through one's finger tip in the form of a blast. The blast is capable of damaging and freezing anything it hits. At 81+ mastery, the blast speed rivals a laser.
Requirements: 21 Devil Fruit, 21 Strength
Rank: C
- Shotgun [B Rank] (51 Devil Fruit, 51 Strength)​
- Wave [A Rank] (71 Devil Fruit, 71 Strength)​
- Cannon [S Rank] (100 Devil Fruit, 100 Strength)​
Hades' Soul: The user utilizes a medium, typically music, to increase and expel a large piece of their soul. The soul can freezes anyone it touches. It can also completed overwhelm Homies. While Hades' Soul is active, the user's power within their body wanes In relation to the size of the soul monster.
Requirements: 81 Devil Fruit, 70 Vitality
Rank: A
- Wotan Size [S Rank] (91 Devil Fruit, 91 Vitality)​
- Giant Size [S+ Rank] (100 DF, 100 Vitality)​
Cárcel del Espiritú: (literally meaning “Soul Prison”) La Spada uses liquid and souls to create an ice prison around the target, with large slabs of mirror inside. La Spada can eject her soul to move quickly through the mirror, using souls to slowly freeze those trapped within. The prisons’ durability scales off Devil fruit mastery.
Requirements: 81 Devil Fruit, 81 Speed
Rank: A

Puño del Diablo (literally meaning “The Devil’s Punch”): By collecting a large amount of souls into her palm, La Spada uses the Chill of the Underworld to create a giant fist of ice. La Spada then thrusts it towards the target, delivering terrible impact power along with an explosion of ice and soul. Instead of a fist, the user can make other weapons. Unlike the Hie, this attack does not freeze.
Requirements: 120 Devil Fruit, 100 Strength
Rank: S

Meteoro del Infierno (literally meaning “Hell Meteor”): Using the Chill of the Underworld, the user freezes a large amount of liquid above them, meteor-sized. The ice is then pulled into the earth with terrible force, shattering and laying ruin to the area. This rivals an Entei. Unlike the Hie, who can simply create ice of that magnitude, La Spada needs copious amounts of liquid to turn into ice.
Requirements: 120 Devil Fruit
Rank: S

Shinigami: The advanced version of Soul Projection, the user ejects their soul from their body and enters a non-living thing, becoming a host. The user can the control that host as long as their soul is imbued to it. Any damage the new host incurs is translated to the user's stamina through the soul inhabiting it. Like Soul Projection, the user's real body becomes vulnerable, unable to move. Can only be used on NPCs whose level are half of the user’s own or below.
Requirements: 91 Devil Fruit, 91 Strength
Rank: S (Supplementary)

Marca del Espíritu (literally meaning “Soul Mark”): By biting into the target’s neck, La Spada injects a tiny piece of her soul into the living being. This creates a mark of A Grim Reaper. Those injected can hear a voice in their heads, La Spada, urging them to do evil. Because a small fragment of the soul is injected, La Spada can track the individual anywhere within half an island’s range. Only NPCs half of the user’s level are affected.
Requirements: 120 Devil Fruit
Rank: S (Supplementary)

Dragon of the Mortal Flame: A more tame version of the Dragon of Hades. The user calls the souls of the primordials, the first humans, to the palm of her hand, roaring with anger and the Chill of the Underworld. The force can be used to coat the user’s fists in battle, increasing its power. Once released, a red dragon made of souls is released, freezing and shattering upon impact, creating a small explosion.
Requirements: 81 Devil Fruit, 81 Strength
Rank: S

Dragon of Hades - The user calls the very soul of Hades to his palm, roaring with malevolence and the Chill of the Underworld. By coating Hades with Haki, the user creates an entirely new force: a dark dragon. The dragon can freeze and then shatter it’s target, creating a giant explosion. This leaves the user arm immobile for two turns.
Requirements: 120 Devil Fruit, 100 Speed, 100 Haki, 100 Vitality
Rank: Z

Soul Parade: Fiero Slice - A parry technique. The user combines Fencing with with DF. By using the quick draw-sheathe technique while coating their sword with ice from the Chill of the Underworld, the user is able to cut through incoming fire by diverting it.
Requirements: 41 Strength, 41 Devil Fruit, 41 Fencing
Rank: C

Soul Parade - A defensive maneuver, the user holds the sword backhand while the Chill of the Underworld is imbued, and blocks an attack, freezing anything it touches. The ice slows down the attack and muffles the power behind it. The defensive effect depends on the user’s DF against the power source of the attack.
  • If DF is two or more brackets higher: -3 DPS
  • If DF is one bracket higher: -2 DPS
  • If DF is equal: -1 DPS
  • If DF is lower: No effect
Requirements: 70 DF, 61 Fencing
Rank: B

Soul Parade: Blizzard - The user combines Aubade Coup Droit with the Chill of the Underworld. This creates a piercing wind that carries the Chill of the Underworld, overtaking the target. The attack pierces and freeze anything it touches.
Requirements: 51 Strength, 41 Fencing, 61 Devil Fruit
Rank: B

Soul Parade: Ice Burn - Combing Swallow Bond en Avant with the Chill of the Underworld, the user jumps towards the opponent and performs a very swift vertical downward slash that cuts and freezes them. The freezing effect is such that it even freezes the ground and anyone on it.
Requirements: 41 Strength, 31 Fencing, 61 Devil Fruit
Rank: B

Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri ("Drawing Song: One-Joint Slash"): Another swift draw-and-sheathing technique, it slices and freezes the opponent's torso with three horizontal freezing cuts. Hitoyogiri is a musical instrument with five fingerholes made from a piece of bamboo with one node.
Requirements: 61 Strength, 61 Movement, 51 Fencing, 61 Devil Fruit
Rank: A

Soul Solid: Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri - Combining Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri with the Chill of the Underworld, the user employs an iai resheathe technique upon the user’s body. A few seconds will pass before the user realizes he’s been slashed, freezing the opponent in a block of ice after cutting them.
Requirements: 81 Strength, 81 Movement, 81 Fencing, 81 Devil Fruit
Rank: S

Phrase d'armes: Orchestra: The user creates a slash in the shape of a G-clef, which freezes the point of impact on his opponents. It was first used to defeat Kunyun, Sarahebi, Nure-Onna, and Tenjo-Sagari. Phrase d'armes is a fencing term which describes the sequence of actions during an assault.
Requirements: 81 Strength, 81 Movement, 81 Fencing
DPR: S Rank

Song of Scratches: Blizzard Strike - Combining his incredible speed and his Devil Fruit ability, the user uses an iai resheathe technique, but he sheaths his sword from top to bottom and the streak mark he creates with his "chilled" sword freezes the opponent's blood. The wind produced from this technique contains the essence of the chilling winds of the underworld itself.
Requirements: 81 Strength, 81 Movement, 81 Fencing, 81 Devil Fruit
Rank: S

Hanauta Sancho: Tyamasi no Yahazu Giri ("Three-Verse Humming: Soul Arrow-Notch Slash"): Combining Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri with his Devil Fruit power, Brook jumps into the air and uses a draw-and-sheathing technique to vertically slash his opponent. His speed and light weight allow him to jump high into the air and cut faraway opponents. It was first used against Zeus, and was strong enough to bisect the cloud homie. As the technique is imbued with soul power thanks to his Devil Fruit, it even inflicts pain on the homie.
Requirements: 100 Strength, 91 Fencing, 91 Devil Fruit, 100 Movement
Rank: S+

Sword of Hades: The user imbues the very soul of Hades to her sword, darkening him further with Haki. Employing the iai resheathe technique Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri, the user concentrates the dragon to a single point: the blade. The technique leaves the user’s sword-wielding arm immobile for one turn.
Requirements: 100 Strength, 100 Movement, 100 Fencing, 100 Devil Fruit
Rank: S+

Dawn of the Dead
Hell brought on earth. Once awakened, the Yomi’s power of revival stretches to the world around La Spada. The area around her begins to wither, turning into a dark wasteland. A thick cold fog rolls and the ground turns black. From the ground, the dead rise.

La Spada summons the souls of the dead, able to rise in the form of an army of evil skeletons to fight. It is said that they will drag those who La Spada commands down to Hell. The skeletons can slowly freeze those they touch, as the are themselves souls with the Chill of the Underworld. If any NPCs have been killed in the same storyline, Spada can resurrect them, though they are devoided of any special abilities like DFs.
  • Turns area into dark graveyard
  • Summons army of skeletons
  • Summons recently deceased
    • Max Level: 70
    • Level range: 200 (at one time)

Aubade Coup Droit ("Dawn Serenade: Right-Handed Strike"): A thrusting technique, the sword creates a highly compressed blast of air as if fired from a gun.
Requirements: 31 Strength, 21 Fencing
Rank: C

Prelude: Au Fer ("Prelude to Iron"): The user slashes an opponent's weapon almost instantaneously. Apparently intended to disarm the opponent by destroying whatever weapon they might be wielding at close range.
Requirements: 41 Strength, 41 Fencing
Rank: B

Gavotte Bond en Avant ("Gavotte: Leap Forward"): A thrusting technique, the user propels himself forward in order to strike an opponent. This move can be done even in mid-air.
Requirements: 41 Steength, 41 Movement, 41 Fencing
Rank: B

Polka Remise ("Polka Continuation"): The user delivers several thrusts against an opponent. Visually, due to the user's speed, it looks as if they are thrusting with several swords. Utilizing this technique, the user can make various Abade Coup Droit.
Requirements: 51 Strength, 41 Fencing
Rank: B

Swallow Bond en Avant ("Swallow Leap Forward"): An aerial version of Gavotte Bond en Avant, the user first positions himself in mid-air several feet above his target and then performs a descending Bond En Avant spinning downwards in an attempt to spear his target.
Requirements: 41 Strength, 41 Movement, 41 Fencing
Rank: B

Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri ("Three-Verse Humming: Arrow-Notch Slash"): The user slashes an opponent at such a fast pace that it appears that they did not attack at all. Only when a certain amount of time has passed, which is approximate to the time the user walks ten feet away, or three verses, does their opponent realize the attack. It seems to employ elements of iai. The actual attack itself, however, is never seen clearly due to the speed implemented.
Requirements: 41 Strength, 41 Movement, 41 Fencing
Rank: B

Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri (“Drawing Song: One-Joint Slash): This is another swift draw-and-sheathing technique and it slices the opponent's torso with three horizontal cuts.
Requirements: 71 Strength, 61 Fencing
Rank: A
Devil’s Iai: Employing the fencing iai technique principle, the user performs a high-speed movement without a sword, creating a vacuum of speed. The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5. Follows Soru guidelines.
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down​
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down​
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down​
Requirements: 41 Fencing, 41 Movement Speed
Rank: C

Agonia Mortal (Mortal Agony): The user leaves his sword trailing behind him, while picking up momentum. Around the blade, wind collects, and upon translating that momentum into a spin, the user swings the sword in a powerful diagonal swing. The wind collected explodes at the end of the swing, creating a gale of wind with great impact power.
Requirements: 51 Strength, 51 Movement, 51 Fencing
Rank: B

La Muerte (“The Death”): Initiating a high-speed movement, translated the momentum into one spot by leaning his body forward and delivering powerful impact with the blunt part of his sword. Because of the momentum, changing direction is not possible, yet the force of the attack creates a shockwave.
Requirements: 71 Strength, 81 Movement, 71 Fencing
Rank: A

Octava (Eight Slash): The user curves the blade at the end of the slash, bringing it back diagonally for the next strike. By using the momentum of each slash to increase the force of the next slash, each slash becomes stronger and faster than the last, for dozens of slashes done in the span of moments, leaving behind a streak in the form of an eight, hence its name.
Requirements: 61 Strength, 61 Movement, 61 Fencing
Rank: A
Variation: Ochocienta [S-Rank] (81 Str/MS/MA]​

Ittoryu Iai: Nadegiri: The user un-sheathes his sword and slashes the opponent as he sheathes it back, in one high-speed movement, seeming as if nothing happened. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are not even aware of it until after it has taken place. What is unique about this attack is that the user uses gravity to aid in the speed and force of his attack, making for a more powerful downwards iai slash.
Requirements: 81 Strength, 81 Movement, 81 Fencing
Rank: S

Kendo Ogi: Yahazu Giri - The ultimate attack of the fencing style. The user‘s breathing becomes one with his heart, making his pulse and blade an extension of him, rather than an weapon. By coalescing the weight of his blade with one’s breathing, the user unsheathes it with no resistance, not touching the inside of the sheathe. This allows for the fastest unsheathing attack, bringing the blade against an opponent with extreme speed and power. The speed is such that it ignites the user’s hand, burning it. Use of the Yomi will increase the attack’s AoE.
Requirements: 100 Fencing, 100 strength, 100 movement speed
Rank: S+


Buffs (+2 turns if used with Yomi)
Ballad: A piece of music that expresses a narrative. Makes listeners cheerful. Listeners that are cheerful get a speed buff in battle. Buff is mastery/10. If the user has 100 mastery then the buff is +10 speed. AoE is 5 meters (16 feet).
Requirement: 21 musicianship

Concerto: A piece played with two instruments, using aggressive high bass lines to elevate one’s heart rate. Makes allies stressed. Being stressed increases one’s heart rate, giving a reaction speed buff to allies. The buff is mastery/10.
Requirement: 31 musicianship

Rally: A piece played with uplifting and upbeat lines, rallying one’s spirit. Music gives a surge’ adrenaline on allies. A surge in adrenaline increases durability. The buff is mastery/10.
Requirement: 41 musicianship

March: A piece of music with a strong regular rhythm that is associated with battle. Gives strength buff in battle. Buff is mastery/10. If the user has 100 mastery then the buff to allies is +10 strength. AoE is 10 meters (33 feet).
Requirement: 41 musicianship

Lied: a piece of music that tells a poem with solo voice and accompaniment. Gives a haki buff allowing you to use haki when it is on cooldown. AoE is 15 meters (50 feet).
Requirement: 61 musicianship

Anthem: An uplifting piece of music that is identified with a particular person or group. Gives a martial arts and devil fruit buff in battle. Buff is mastery/10. This only increases attack speed and damage (if mastery is what determines the damage). AoE is 20 meters (65 feet).
Requirement: 81 musicianship

De-Buffs (+2 turns if used with Yomi)
Serenade: A calm and light piece of music performed in the open air. Makes enemies calm. Enemies that are calm get a strength de-buff. The de-buff is mastery/10. If the user has 100 mastery then the de-buff is -10 strength. AoE is 5 meters (16 feet).
Requirement: 21 musicianship

Sonata: A piece played with fervor, using aggressive high bass and decibels to damage one’s eardrums. Damaging one’s eardrums causes one to lose balance, giving enemies a de-buff to reaction speed. The de-buff is mastery/10.
Requirement: 41 musicianship

Lullaby: A soothing piece of music that is played to put people to sleep. Makes enemies to drowsy. Drowsy gives a movement speed de-buff. The de-buff is mastery/10. Enemies who are drowsy that are 1/3 level or less of the user's master will sleep. This lasts two turns or until they are hit. AoE is 10 meters (33 feet).
Requirement: 41 musicianship

Lament: A piece of music that expresses grief or sorrow typically accompanied by a descending bass line. Makes enemies depressed. Enemies who are depressed lose haki activation turns equal to the de-buff length (at 41 musicianship enemies lose 2 turns, at 100 musicianship enemies lose 3 turns . AoE is 15 meters (50 feet).
Requirement: 61 musicianship

Dissonance: A pedantic piece of music that is identified with a low downtrodden base line. Gives a martial arts and devil fruit de-buff in battle. De-Buff is mastery/10. This only decreases attack speed and damage (if mastery is what determines the damage). AoE is 20 meters (65 feet).
Requirement: 81 musicianship
Hade’s Repel: A rapid scale of tones using an using an instrument, sending out omnidirectional music waves, repelling incoming attacks from any direction. Reduces DPR of any incoming attacks as follows:
- 2 for Haki-less​
- 1 w/ Haki​
Requirement: 41 mastery / musicianship mastery a minimum of a tier below oncoming DPS

Metal: A piece of music with strong will, typically loud music expressing suffering and evil. An attack in the form of sound waves! Nearly inescapable. Destructive potency scales off of musicianship. AoE is 15 meters (50 feet).
Requirement: 61 musicianship
DPS: 5 meters = B, 10 meters = C, 15 meters = D
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General Information

• Name:
• Alias: "Mr. Halloween"
• Affiliation: Underworld
• Occupation: Pirate, Broker, Mercenary (Undercover)
• Race: Human
• Gender: Male
• Birthplace: ???
• Birthdate: October 31
• Age: ???
Height: 205 cm (6'8½")

• Personality: When calm and rational, Mr. Halloween possesses a rather businesslike mindset and seems to enjoy his job of being a leader of an undead mercenary force, despite the fact that some believe that this force causes nothing but destruction and misery. Although he considers himself a mercenary, many people believe his true colors resemble more of piracy, many rumors spreading that Mr. Halloween's services are involved in racketeering, where only he gets to benefit from the results of who wins or loses. His outward appearance seems to be relaxed, easygoing, cheerful, and free-spirited. He has a habit of losing his composure in light of an urgent situations in a comical fashion. He also has a love for sweets and apples, being his favorite food and is rarely seen without eating them. He tends to randomly fall asleep while eating and conversing, leaving strangers around him wondering if he had died.

However, Halloween can be very impatient and ill-tempered, being not at all above injuring others, even his own crew, should they provoke his ire even in the slightest. For so long as he is not agitated, he prefers to avoid making a scene whenever as possible in order to not confront enemies that he might view as troublesome. Mr. Halloween can also be extremely sadistic, bloodthirsty and rarely backs down from a fight. On the occasion that he keeps his end of the bargains, the other party fails to uphold or goes directly against their part in the agreement, Halloween will display immense rage and will not hesitate to inflict the worst punishment upon them. Halloween suffers from his extreme narcolepsy.

Although many consider him coldhearted, Halloween has a strong degree of affection for his crewmates. He will recklessly defend or rescue his subordinates if they are mocked or in danger. His strong attachment to his partner, Lazuli, is considered to be his one weakness.

History | Relationships

From what few people know of his past, Halloween has been an "entrepreneur" for many years, having been associated with famous groups of the past. Most suggest that he was a pirate, part of the Revolutionary Army and even part of a terrorist group at some point. Whenever referring to his childhood, he suggests that his "parents" were not the best caretakers, having mostly provided for himself and Laz. Many believe that he was raised in an infamous family of criminals who have caused havoc around the world, but Halloween claims that he hasn't spoken to his family in many years, implying they are no longer on good terms. Many believe that has connections to some of the Four Emperors, possibly being a former member of their crews. Nowadays, he sails with his only companion, Lazuli in order to expand his empire of the undead and hope to gain power within the New World.

Level 80 - 400 Points

Devil Fruit Tier 3 Bonus = Vitality +15

Strength: 75 (+16 Race) = 91
Agility: 80 (+16) = 94
Movement Speed: 100
Reaction Speed: 94

Vitality: 69 (+15 DF + 16 Race) = 100
Stamina: 100
Durablity: 100

Devil Fruit: 76 (+24) = 100
Martial Arts: 50 x 2
Shinshin Taijutsu= 100

Haki: 55 x 2
Armament Haki: 100
Possesses Conqueror's Haki


• Burn Blades
• Flutter Kick Coating

Bakumetal Scythe

Cybernetic Freedom

Devil Fruit: Kage Kage no Mi

"Halloween" ate the Kage Kage no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to manifest and control shadows as physical beings. It is this fruit that allowed him to build his zombie army by depriving living beings of their shadows and implanting them in dead bodies. He can have his own shadow, which he calls Doppelman, fight for him;] in addition to being mostly solid and easily changing its form into things like tiny bats, Doppelman cannot be destroyed and will continue to reform. He can switch locations with his shadow instantaneously, which he uses to dodge attacks.

The Kage Kage no Mi allows him to steal the shadows of others. The theft of another person's shadow causes them to be vaporized if they come in contact with direct sunlight.[ He can create a zombie by implanting a stolen shadow into a lifeless corpse.
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General Information
• Name:
Genji Nobunaga
• Alias: -
• Affiliation: Marine
• Rank: Vice-Admiral
• Race: Human
• Gender: Male
• Birthplace: Wano
• Birthdate: June 29
• Age: 42
Height: 270 cm

Appearance & Personality
Genji is taller than normal humans, though is small when compared to the bigger characters out in the seas. He is a middle-aged man with an eye patch over his right eye. Despite being a high ranking marine offical, he wears black torn pants, worn out sandals and a messy white shirt, looking more like a pirate than a vice-admiral. However above that atire, he wears the standard issued marine captains cloak, with "Justice" written on his back.

Genji has a very smart and cunning personality and is sometimes even intimidating. Genji as a Vice-Admiral of the Marines is managing the tactics and commanding of his branch. Genji believes in absolute justice, which means that he will hunt down criminals with any means to his disposal. He is very manipulative and doesn't hesitate to use others to achieve his goals, but despite that he has also shown himself to be self-conscious of his actions.

Despite being aggresive when hunting criminals, around his friends he likes to fool around and bug them alot. He constantly tries to make them laugh with bad word plays and gets bummed and frustrated if it does not work.

Total Points: 80 x 5 = 400

Strength: 60 (Race: +16, DF +5) = 81
Speed: 74 (Race: +16, DF: +10) = 100
- Movement: 100
- Reaction: 100
Vitality: 65 (Race: +16) = 81
- Stamina: 81
- Durability: 81
Nikyu Nikyu no mi: 76 (Race: +24) = 100
Martial Arts: 50
- Flowing Palm Style: 100
Haki: 75
- Busou-shoku no Haki: 100
- Kenbun-shoku no Haki: 50

Nikyu Nikyu no mi – Paw Paw Fruit

Genji has consumed the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that bestows him the ability to repel everything he touches, and is physically represented as paws on his palms, making him a Paw Human. The first and foremost strength of the fruit is that the user is able to push virtually anything they touch into paw-shaped bubbles and send it flying at an extremely high speed. This includes both tangible materials like people, objects, and even gases such as air as well as intangible things and the sensation of physical pain. This power also offers the user an incredible defense in battle, allowing them to deflect or redirect any attack. They are also able to harness their abilities to perform offensive maneuvers, such as repelling the very air around them at very high speed.

Rank: S
Tier 1 boost: +5 speed
Tier 2 boost: +5 speed, +5 strength
Tier 3 boost: +10 speed, +5 strength
1-20 Basic Mastery
21-40 Adept Mastery
41-60 Skilled Mastery - Can send self flying at a tier higher than own movement speed for short distances
61-80 Proficient Mastery - Can extract damage from target
81-99 Excellent Mastery - Can send others flying to any other destination in the world with only a 3 day travel time, though only voluntary. Only places the user has visited.
100 Supreme Mastery
120 Absolute Mastery - Awakening

Canon Techniques
-Pad Ho (31 Mastery, 41 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B): The user repels the air around them, sending a devastating shockwave toward their opponent at high speeds. The shock wave can travel directly through the body of the victim and continue into the distance, leaving paw imprints in its wake. Anyone and anything that is in the path of the blast receives serious damage.
-Tsuppari Pad Ho .(51 Mastery, 51 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B): The user first plants both feet firmly on the ground by means of a sumo-style foot stomp. Then, throwing his palms forward multiple times, the user fires a vast number of "pressure shots" at the enemy. The way they push their palms forward and the stance they take while performing this technique resemble those used commonly in sumo wrestling. Tsuppari is a thrusting open-handed strike about the upper chest and face, a technique in Sumo
-Ursus Shock (61 Mastery) Destructive Potency Rank: A: The user gathers air with their palms and compresses it into a giant bubble which resembles a paw-print. Once the bubble is compact enough to fit within his hands, they release the compressed air and send it toward their opponent. The air quickly decompresses, causing a massive explosion in the form of a bear paw.

Custom Techniques
-Kuma Step (+1 Movement Speed Tier): Using the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no mi Genji repels himself at light speed. Follows Soru-Guidelines.
-Super Pad Ho Destructive Potency Rank: A AOE (Requirement: 71 Devilfruit): Genji puts hits hands together Kamehameha-style and then creates a bubble that resembles a paw-print between them. He then streches his arms towards his opponent, releasing the paw-bubble at high speed, which is also suddenly grown multiple times the size of Genji himself. As indicated in its name, this a more powerfull Version of the normal Pad Ho technique.
-Superior Ursus Shock Destructive Potency Rank: S+ AOE (Requirement: 100 Devilfruit | 1 Turn Charge Time): Ursus Shock, just bigger. Needs more preparation.
-Ursus Palm Destructive Potency Rank: S (Requirement: 81 Devilfruit): Using the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no mi Genji repels himself above the target which he will then strike with his open palm, repelling it into the ground with lightning speed. The impact on the ground causes a huge shockwave and large scale destruction, leaving a big crater in its wake. Follows Soru-Guidelines
-Karma Palm Destructive Potency Rank: Determined by Opponents technique (Requirement: Devilfruit/Reaction Speed equal to Opponent): Used against straight forwards attacks, Genji repels and opponents attack back into himself.

Martial Arts - Flowing Palm Style
Genji is proficient in the Flowing Palm Style, which is a martial art that is inspired by kung fu, but puts an emphasis on using the users open palms to attack. This complements Genjis Paw Fruit powers greatly. When locked in close combat, the user will dance around his opponent like a flowing current, using evasive maneuvers to dodge and deflect incoming attacks and positioning himself perfectly for decisive attacks. Given enough power, the user may turn the purling creek into a ripping stream, confronting his enemy with countless blows.

Base Techniques
-Tiger Palm Destructive Potency Rank: B (Requirement: 41 Strength | 41 Mastery): The user strikes his opponent with his open palm at great speed, that matches the tempo of rokushikis shigan.
-Snake Palm Destructive Potency Rank: B (Requirement: 41 Strength | 51 Mastery): The user strikes his opponent with his open palm, his arm however seems to wreathe as if it was liquid, making this attack difficult to predict and defend against.
-Crane Palm Destructive Potency Rank: B (Requirement: 41 Strength | 51 Mastery): The user strikes his opponent with his open palm while also adding a circular motion his arm. Upon impact, this concentrates the force on the very center of the palm, allowing it to pierce instead of dealing blunt damage.
-Turtle Palm (Requirement: Mastery/Reaction Speed equal to Opponent): The user uses his palm to redirect an incoming attack with a circular movement.

Advanced Techniques
-Ordeal of the 32 <Insert Base Palm Technique> Destructive Potency Rank A (Requirement: 71 Strength | 71 Mastery): The user attacks his opponent 32 times using one of the Flowing Palm Styles base techniques in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
-Ordeal of the 64 <Insert Base Palm Technique> Destructive Potency Rank: S (Requirement: 91 Strength | 91 Mastery): The user attacks his opponent 64 times using one of the Flowing Palm Styles base techniques in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
-Ordeal of the 128 <Insert Base Palm Technique> Destructive Potency Rank: S+ (Requirement: 105 Strength | 120 Mastery): The user attacks his opponent 128 times using one of the Flowing Palm Styles base techniques in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
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Name: General Mukollo "Muk"
Alias: "Har-Ibo"
Affiliation: Vampirates Pirates
Race: Reptilia/Humandrill
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Luffy
Weight: Luffy

Wallet: 377.000.000 B
Exp Points: 260.249 exp


Originally, he looked like this, but due to an experiment done on him by Dr.OS. Keeping a Ryu-Drill appearance, although the recipe that was based off Frieza's dna reacted with his Ame Ame no mi body.

Personal Background:
Mukollo was born and bread in an island located in the New World. A place where hybrids races are created. Created out of those projects, Muk was considered to be a genius. Due to some interference with Silver Hair Pirates, Muk was recruited in their ranks. Due to unknown reason, Muk was ordered stay in the East Blue.

He's a calm, intelligent, and unflinching individual. Extremely curious about people, Mukollo likes to engage with people. Although, he's only interested in other people, he rarely talks about himself. He's a master in diversion, and uses this skill when fighting. His goal is to acquire the most unique individual. He's recruiting them to create his own unique nation.


83 x 5 = 415

+6 for Speed
+6 for Strength

+15 DF for Vitality
+5 MA for Speed
+5 MA for Strength
+5 MA for Vitality

-2 Mind


Strength: 33 + 48 + 5 = 86
Speed: 50 + 48 + 5 + 5 = 108
Movement: 108
Reaction: 108 + 10 = 118
Vitality: 66 + 15 + 5 = 86
Stamina: 86
Durability: 86
Fighting style: 100
Toxia: 100
Mimic: 100
Perk - The Remix: The user can do more than just mimicking physical moves, it can mimic devil fruits and other moves, but replacing with his own. Thus molding it with his own arsenal (DF). He call this process, "The Remix".
Haki: 50
Busou-shoku no Haki: 100
Ame Ame no Mi: 100
Mind: 16 (-16)

Fighting Abilities


  • Toxia
  • Ame Ame no Mi
  • His Tail
  • Haki
  • Mimic

Mukollo ate the Ame Ame no Mi. This Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into a kind of green-colored candy syrup. The user cannot be hit nor sliced because his body will just absorb the impact or take the blade which also immobilises the attacker which then allows the user to pummel his enemy. The user can use it to either make himself syrup-like (with sticky properties to trap the opponent) or intensely solid.

Furthermore, Mukollo uses it with his Toxia, rendering his syrup like attacks poisonous. (The Poison effect work like CoA, it can be used on any moves. It will be specified when it is). Even tho, he's ambidextrous, Muk is stronger with his reptile like tail.
His tail acts like an extra limb, in which he can use offensive, defensive and even supportive moves.

The Remix, is the perk granted from his full mastery of his Mimic MA. Juggernaut enables Muk to have his body automatically reacting to attacks. Meaning that once he sees an attack, his body will respond by defending him.
The second perk, The Remix, enables him to copy attacks and remake in his own version. He can copy certain devil fruit attacks, but not the effects.

The DPR remains the same if the attacks come in single or barrage.


Everlasting Flow
Like most logia user, Muk
turns the lower half of their body into a ame shape snake's tail, which greatly increases their speed and agility.
By increasing his production and erupting ame from his turned parts, Muk can slide fast. However, this process leaves syrup behind. It's his least stealth move.

21 Ame Ame no Mi

The Remix
It's his Mimic perk, he can remix attacks he's has just witnessed. Contrary to mimicked moves, those move aren't memorised. They are forgotten once he leaves the island.

100 Ame Ame no Mi


Everlasting Skin
The user covers part of their body or the entirety of it including their hair and clothes with hard syrup to dramatically increase both their offensive and their defensive capabilities.
Requires 21 Ame Ame no mi

Everlasting Bullets
The user mimics with their hand the appearance of a gun, and then slightly bends their index and middle fingers, thus firing hard syrup bullets at his target.
Requires 21 Ame Ame no mi

Everlasting Root
The user can reshape limbs into a dense lance like weapon. The weapon can be incredibly destructive, wielded as a sort of battering ram or spear.
Requires 21 Ame Ame no mi

Everlasting Tail
The user hardens and turn his tail sharp. Used to slash or stab the foe. He's also capable of infusing toxic syrup into his target.
Requires 21 Ame Ame no Mi 21 Toxia

Everlasting Wall
The user unleashes a wall of syrup that can be liquid or solid. When it's liquid, the syrup is malleable and can be used to counter attack.
Requires 21 Ame Ame no Mi


Everlasting Blast
The user shoots ball shaped ame projectiles that will erupt on impact. The ball is hard on the outside, but semi liquid inside. The impact would be similar to a cannon blast. With two types of poison, a liquid based one, and one that is airborne. The latter is the toxia that is released from the outer part of the projectile.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Everlasting Shards
The user releases from his body solid Ame shaped shards at a specific target(s). Generally used with Toxia, it's a primarily a defensive move that can be used to push back a foe.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Everlasting Serpent Tails
The user turns his tail into a sticky and elastic syrup version of itself. They can be used for capture or for attack. The tip is sharp capable of piercing or stabbing someone.
If he manages to stab his target, he can infused toxic syrup.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Everlasting Shot
The user shoots sticky syrup from either arm to his target. If the projectiles are small the effect will be similar to Hody's Yabusame. If they are large, they'll be used to sticky onto the enemy, making them susceptible to be glued to anything they come on to contact.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Everlasting Canon
The user creates one of his arm into a syrup shaped bazooka, capable of shooting canon shapes projectiles. Sent at high speed, sticky or hard, the ammo will cause damage on impact.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Everlasting Spike
The user sprouts hard syrup shaped spikes on his body. The spikes can be shot out. Although if he shoots too many spikes he won't be able to control the path of all the projectiles.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Everlasting Pond
The user creates a large puddle of ame around him. Filled with toxia, the sticky puddle purpose is to defend him from any attack. He can also create a clone of himself made of syrup met for defence.
Requires: 61 Ame Ame no Mi


Everlasting Dragon
The user births a syrup shaped dragon. An extension of him, the dragon can act as his puppet. Elastic on the outside and liquid in the inside, this attack is used to either ram into his target. The goal for the dragon is to eat it's prey. Trapping them in a pool of toxic syrup. Any severed head, can be regrown.

Requires: 61 Ame Ame no Mi 61 Toxia

Everlasting Roar
Similar to Maple Dragon, the users unleashes a syrup shaped dragon. Although contrary to the other, this dragon isn't made to last, but to erupt. The impact to being hit by a huge wave. The damage can be extensive depending on the amount released. A poisonous gas is released.
Requires: 61 Ame Ame no Mi
61 Toxia

Everlasting Mold:
The user coats himself with huge amount of ame to become a blob looking person. Filled with toxia, this move consists of creating a more offensive defensive techniques. He can use attack from a distance, but also capture or bind his target.

Requires: 81 Ame Ame no Mi 81 Toxia

Everlasting Razor
It's his special technique. The user coats his body in Ame armor that is coated in Toxia. He can also turn his arms into scythes. Without the scythes, the user's attack is more brute force, while with it, his attack are powerful slashes.
Requires 91 Ame Ame no Mi ; 91 Toxia

NPC Squad

Muk has his own squad called The Everlasting. Recruiting people with unique abilities and that are outkast. Due to that each are extremely loyal and each have an important role. Currently he's got:

Personal NPC Slot: 1 named NPC level 58
Named NPC slot from the crew: 2 NPCs level 60
Extra: A certain amount of regular NPCs.


Name: Dr. James Jim Faust "JJF"
Alias: Dr.Over-Shot
Affiliation: Vampirates Pirates
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Stats: (Level 58)

+3 Strength
+3 Speed
+3 Vitality

Strength: 46 + 15 = 61
Speed: 66 + 15 = 81

Movement: 81
Reaction: 81
Vitality: 57 + 24 = 81
Stamina: 81
Durability: 81
Fighting Style: 41
Gunslinging: 82
Haki: 35
CoA: 70
Mind: 50
Medecine: 50
Science: 50


Name: Frieza
Alias: Golden Frieza
Affiliation: Silver Fang Pirates
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male

Stats: (Level 60)

+4 Strength
+4 Vitality

Strength: 57 + 24 = 81
Speed: 81

Movement: 81
Reaction: 81
Vitality: 57 + 24 = 81
Stamina: 81
Durability: 81
Fighting Style: 41
Fiero: 82
Haki: 64
CoA: 70
CoO: 58


Name: Janemba
Alias: Red Streak
Affiliation: Silver Fang Pirates
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male

Stats: (Level 60)

+4 Strength
+4 Vitality

Strength: 57 + 24 = 81
Speed: 81

Movement: 81
Reaction: 81
Vitality: 57 + 24 = 81
Stamina: 81
Durability: 81
Fighting Style: 64
Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 81
Fiero: 47
Haki: 41
CoA: 82
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Fubuki Yukihana "Blizzard of Hell"
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Basic Information
Name: Fubuki Yukihana
Blizzard of Hell
Level: 25
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Marines
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Date of Birth: 1st Nov
Age: 22

Lieutenant Commander Fubuki Yukihana is a young woman under the 199th Branch. She is slim and has a curvaceous figure. She has chin-length, dark green hair styled into a bob, and her eyes are light green. Her main attire consists of a long white fur marine coat, a dark green form-fitting dress, thigh-high black boots, and several necklaces. Occasionally, she wears other outfits like a white off-shoulder blouse paired with either red loose pants or pink short jeans and a triple white Mid Air Jordan 1.
Level: 25 x 5 = 125

Strength: 17 + 4 = 21
Speed: 36 + 4 = 40
- Movement Speed: 39
- Reaction Speed: 41
Vitality: 37 + 4 = 41
- Stamina: 41
- Durability: 41
Martial Arts: 14.5 + 6 = 20.5
- Rokushiki: 41
Mind: 20.5 x 2
- Musicianship: 41

  • Rankyuaku
  • Shigan
  • Soru
  • Tekkai
Clarinet Death Barrel
Fubuki imbues her clarinet with Busoshoku Haki, turning it pure black, incredibly hard, and sealing the tone holes so that only the bell hole will be the passage of a devastating sound wave projectile that explodes in contact.
DPR: S (81 Musicianship, 81 Armament Haki)

Bass Line
Fubuki combines Rokushiki and Musicianship to release a single compressed sound bullet that strikes down an opponent by thrusting her clarinet forwards.
DPR: C (11 Rokushiki, 11 Musicianship, 21 strength)
DPR: B (31 Rokushiki, 31 Musicianship, 41 strength)

Alto Strike
Fubuki combines Rokushiki and Musicianship to release dozens of compressed sound bullets that strike down an opponent by thrusting her clarinet forwards.
DPR: B individual, A combined (31 Rokushiki, 31 Musicianship, 41 strength)
DPR: A individual, S combined (51 Rokushiki, 51 Musicianship, 61 strength)

C7 Repulsion
Fubuki played a rapid scale of C7 using her violin, sending out omnidirectional music waves, repelling incoming attacks from any direction.
Defensive, AOE: Reduces DPR of any incoming attacks by the ff:
- 2 for Haki-less
- 1 w/ Haki
(31 Musicianship)

Soprano 1 Slash
Fubuki combines Rokushiki and Musicianship to release a soundwave that slashes the opponents by swinging her Violin Bow across the wind.
DPR: C (11 Rokushiki, 11 Musicianship, 21 strength)
DPR: B (31 Rokushiki, 31 Musicianship, 41 strength)

Soprano 2 Slash Parade
Fubuki combines Rokushiki and Musicianship to release a wave of sonic slashes to the opponents by swinging her Violin Bow across the wind.
DPR: B individual, A combined (31 Rokushiki, 31 Musicianship, 41 strength)
DPR: A individual, S combined (51 Rokushiki, 51 Musicianship, 61 strength)

C20 Hell Scream
Fubuki hits a musical note using her very own vocal cords that are impossible for a normal human nor a musical instrument. It creates a stream of sound almost inescapable that when heard, causing internal bleeding which in turn loses the equilibrium of the victims.
DPR: S (81 Musicianship)
DPR: S+ (100 Musicianship)
  • Violin
  • Bow
  • Clarinet

Rem is an Ensign under Fubuki and the 199th Branch. She has medium length sky blue hair that covers her right eye, large light blue eyes, and young features. She also has hair clips towards the left side of her hair, a flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, a sailor hat. She wears a blue set of her unique sailor uniform: crop top blouse, yellow bow with red and white strife knot, and a mini skirt.
Level: 12 x 5 = 60
Strength: 19 + 2 = 21
Speed: 9 + 2 = 11
- Movement Speed: 11
- Reaction Speed: 11
Vitality: 19 + 2 = 21
- Stamina: 21
- Durability: 21
Martial Arts: 8 + 3 = 11
- Rokushiki: 21
- Swordsmanship: 11

  • Rankyuaku
  • Shigan
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Name: Seijuro Shin
Alias: Green Mask Shin
Status: Pirate
Affiliation: Silver Fang Pirates
Bounty: n/a
Race: Skyman
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Mihawk height
Weight: Hawk build
Exp Points: 69.159 Exp
Money: 205.516.948 B


Personal information:

Shin is a fun guy, that loves to have fun. He believes that having fun is the best way to live. At a young age he joined "The Seibu Wild Gunman", an infamous sharp shooter crew that reigned all over the sky island "Seibu". His time with them taught Shin to enjoy having company, but keep your personal interest to yourself. Due to that, Shin is extremely secretive about his personal goals or desire. He loves people, but doesn't trust them much. Loyal to a fault when it comes to his friends, Shin values his self preservation before anyone else.
Nicknames is a daily routine with him.
However, he does have a more nefarious side to him. He believes in a divinity that he encountered, it was the reason of him leaving the sky islands to go to the blue sea. Due that, he believes that he needs to be prepared when judgment day will arise. He believes in the arrival of "Razer".

48 x 5 = 240

Unused: 0

- Race: +2 STR , +5 SPE, +2 VIT,

- STR: 51 (+10 Race ) = 61
- SPE: 41 (+20 Race)=61
Movement: 61
- Reaction: 61
- VIT : 51 (+10 Race) = 61
Stamina: 61
- Durability: 61

- Haki: 31

- CoA: 62
- Ame Ame no: 61

Fighting Style: D.B Art (Dial-Brawl Art) - Locked
D.B Art is a fighting style that incorporates a Dial brawling martial art. It consists of hitting pressure points with his attack, by
using his speed to increase the power of his strength.

By adding a pair of jet dial powered *gloves (this could change), Shin can create wind based attacks from his hands (such as air blast, air slash, air bombs etc...)
He also added his "Stealth Walk" move that he got from Kuro to increase the speed of certain attacks. Due to the nature of this move, Shin's reaction and movement stat will need to be equal to perfectly perform an attack.

- Jet Dialed powered gloves (Fingerless Gloves) that generates wind base attacks.

Razer runs straights towards his target, and uses his movement to launch a punch on his opponent. Upon impact, the attack hits and pushes the enemy back.

Requires 21 D.B Art, 21 Strength

Same principle as Rosa, but with a kick and minus pushing them back.

Requires 21 D.B Art, 21 Strength

It's Shin's Stealth Walk move. Where he can ran so fast that he create afterimages of himself. It's used as a support move with an offensive one.

Requires 41 D.B Art, 41 Movement Speed, 41 Reaction Speed

It's an advanced version of Rosa and Mortis, where Shin would unleash a barrage of punches or kicks upon his foe.

Requires 41 D.B Art, 41 Strength

Beast Hit:
Shin's variation of Stealth Walk. Like Kuro, he enhances his speed, however he uses it to create an afterimage of himself. The afterimage is a distraction, being 2 seconds behind the real one, Shin uses this moment to launch either a headbutt, punch, kick etc... on his target.

Requires 41 D.B Art, 41 Strength

Dashing towards his enemy, Shin places his hands behind him and opens his palms, releasing a rapid flow wind from his jet dials increasing his speed as he runs. Charging fast towards his foe, Shin unleashes a headbutt at him/her.


Requires 51 D.B Art, 51 Strength

By opening his palms, Shin releases rapid air balls at his target from his jet dial powered gloves. Upon impact the balls releases an air blast. It can be used both offensively and defensively. It's the size of Shin's hand.

Requires 31 D.B Art, 31 Strength

By opening his palms, Shin rapidly spins around himself create a wall of wind capable of pushing back his enemy or projectiles. It's Shin's defensive move.

Requires 31 D.B Art, 31 Strength

El Primo:
By jumping from high enough, Shin uses his legs to unleash a powerful attack that is increased by the fast momentum of the fall. If the target avoid the attack, the ground around him is crumbles (the extent depends of the type of ground).

Requires 51 D.B Art , 51 Strength

Ame Ame no Mi:

This Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into a kind of green-colored candy syrup. The user cannot be hit nor sliced because his body will just absorb the impact or take the blade which also immobilizes the attacker which then allows the user to pummel his enemy. The user can use it to either make himself syrup-like (with sticky properties to trap the opponent) or intensely solid.


Sweet Skin: Supportive
The user covers part of their body or the entirety of it including their hair and clothes[1] with hard syrup to dramatically increase both their offense and their defense.
Requires 21 Ame Ame no mi

Sweet Bullets: Offensive
The user mimics with their hand the appearance of a gun, and then slightly bends their index and middle fingers, thus firing hard syrup bullets at his target.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no mi

Sweet Punch/Kick: Offensive
The user punches/kicks the target while covered in hard syrup, greatly enhancing their power.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no mi

Sweet Vines: Offensive/Defensive

The user creates sticky syrup tentacle like limbs. They can be used for capture or for attack. A total of 6 vines, the tip if sharp capable of piercing or stabbing someone.
Requires 61 Ame Ame no Mi

Sweet Shot: Offensive
The user shoots sticky syrup from either arm to his target. If the projectiles are small the effect will be similar to Hody's Yabusame. If they're large they'll be used to sticky onto the enemy, making them susceptible to be glued to anything they come on to contact.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Sweet Mold: Defensive
The user creates a protective syrup wall for defense. It can take any shape, and can also be used to shoot hard syrup canons if he's connected to it.
Requires 61 Ame Ame no Mi

Sweet Spike
The user sprouts hard syrup shaped spikes on his body. The spikes can be shot out. Although if he shoots too many spikes he won't be able to control the path of all the projectiles.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi

Sweet Canon
The user creates one of his arm into a syrup shaped bazooka, capable of shooting canon shapes projectiles. Sent a high speed, sticky or hard, the ammo will cause damage on impact.
Requires 41 Ame Ame no Mi


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Apostle of Emroy
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Name: Varan (Varanu'x Ranole)
Tempest Pirates
Occupation: Fisherman, Pirate
Gender: Male
Race: Reptilla
Age: 31
Date of Birth:
7'7 ft
Laughing Style:

Physical Description:

A taller than average Reptilla, a lizard like race; Varan has dark green scales and a pale underbelly.

Like the rest of his tribe, Varan is very patient. Unlike the rest of them he uses it to fish and to help people with problems they are having, stop arguments etc. He can still be quite dangerous and savage however, usually when someone does something he doesn't like. While he won't follow everyone or be friends with someone he has just met, once he has made up his mind to follow or be friends with you there is nothing he won't do. Varan quite likes beasts and spends quite a bit of time 'sparring with them'. Despite most his race not being seen as geniuses, he is very intelligent and given his patience it's inevitable he will figure things he doesn't know about out if he needs to. He dislikes authority without reason, feeling like people should make decisions themselves and not blindly follow; as such Varan hates the World Government although he isn't dumb enough to say or act on it, yet anyway.

A durable fishing rod


Level 25
25 x 5 = 125
Strength: 31+10=41
Speed: 30+10=40
-Reaction Speed: 41
-Movement Speed: 39
Vitality: 41
-Durability: 41
-Stamina: 41
Mind: 2-2=0
Martial Arts: 21
-Combat Rod: 42
Professions: 2 stars
-Fishing: **

Custom Fighting Style
The Combat Rod style revolves around mostly his fishing rod, using it as a melee weapon, attack from a distance, wrap around people to slow their movements, hook things etc.
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Sun Wukong “Monkey King”
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“The past can hurt.
But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

Sun Wukong
Epiteth: Monkey King
Race: Humandrill
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Height: 12 feet
Weight: A lot

Affiliation: Cipher Pol 9
Position: Agent
Occupation: Assassin/Medic
Devil Fruit: Numa Numa no Mi
Laughing Style: Chuhuhuhu

Sun is sagacious and wise. He prefers to use cryptic metaphors, and typically in a way that purposely annoys them. Sun takes great joy in this. Sun is quite eccentric, excitable, and energetic in spite of his age. Sun often laughs loudly and tends to speak in third-person when speaking of himself. When focused on the mission, Sun can be strictly ruthless. He follows Proportionate Justice.


A Humandrill. Long wild black hair rises from Sun’s head past the shoulders, comparable to his thick eyebrows. Covered in red fur but-for the chest, the Sun has a tail wrapped around his waist. A blue waistband hung above the loose fighting yellow trousers. A shadow trim around bore around his eyes and over the eyelids in crimson color. A thick X scar is on Sun’s left cheek, given by an old foe.



Sarutobi “Monkey Jump”
Sarutobi is a long pole, made out of an Eisen Dial imbued in the center. It is almost as long as Sun Wukong himself, often kept strapped to his back. One of the edges is imbued with a Heat Dial, able to sear and ignite anything it touches.
  • Heat Dial (x1)
  • Eisen Dial (x1)
Dial Inventory

58 x 5
= 290
Race, Martial Arts, DF

Strength: 76 (56 + 20)
Agility: 69 (44 + 20 + 5)

Movement: 69
Reaction: 69
Vitality: 65 x2 (50 + 10 + 5)
Durability: 69
Stamina: 61
Haki: 51 x2
Armaments: 41
Precognition: 61
Martial Arts: 48 x3 (33 + 15)
Rokushiki: 61
Mimicry: 42
Dials: 41
Mind: 0 (15 - 15)
Numa Numa No Mi: 41

Stealth: ***​
Physiology: **​

  • 30 Years Ago: A Human Friend
  • 25 Years Ago: Violent Regret
  • 23 Years Ago: Exacting Revenge
  • 21 Years Ago: Wallowing in Despair
  • 15 Years Ago: “The Monkey King”
  • 1 Year Ago: A CP9 Agent is Born!
Kuraigana Island - A Human Friend
30 Years Ago
Born in the Humandrill clan of Kuragaina Island, Sun was the youngest of the dozen children, often ignored for his older brethren, but bred by happy parents. At age 5, humans grew closer to the forest as they expanded their kingdom. Wandering out of curiosity, Sun found a small boy his age. Every day for five years the two played. Sun finally found a friend, and home. In them, the commingling of the races was foretold.

Kuraigana Island - Violent Regret
25 Years Ago
Turmoil plagued the kingdom in the heart of Kuragaina Island, and civil war erupted. Sun’s only friend, the boy, came to the Humandrill’s for help. Yet they turned him away; they knew who they would become if they saw bloodshed. Sun, wanted to help, but his very nature mimicked his elders. His body resisted, and ultimately Sun also shunned the boy. A few days later news spread: the kingdom had fallen, and the boy was murdered. Sun fell into a spiral of despair full of regret.

Kuraigana Island - Exacting Revenge
23 Years Ago
Two years passed as Sun trained to avenge his friend, watching humans in shadows fight and battle. His body copied their abilities, their anger, their darkness. In a fit of rage, blinded by his copied anger, Sun single-handed ly slaughtered the soldiers of the new regime, the entire army. Sun was only 12 years old. The remaining humans fled the island, now taken over by the Humandrill’s.

Kuraigana Island - Wallowing in Despair
21 Years Ago
The World Government heard news of the powerful being who single-handed ly took down an Empire. When the CP found Sun, they found a wild downtrodden monkey. His rage had left him, only despair left. The slaughter did not bring his friend back; it only added to the guilt. Cipher Pol offered him a chance to make up for his crimes, by stopping people who would be like him.

G-2 Island - “The Monkey King”
15 Years Ago
Ten years used to create the perfect warrior. However, try as they might, they could not break the Humandrill’s Spirit. Sun was chosen to infiltrate kingdoms, often for years at a time, and learn the way of the inhabitants. When triggered, he would make whole kingdoms crumble from inside and out, using politics and instigating Revolution. He was so good at it, they dubbed him the nightmare of kings, eventually earning the epiteth: “The Monkey King”.

Enies Lobby - A CP9 Agent is Born!
1 Year Ago
After decades of kingdom ruin, he earned enough acollades to be transferred to CP9, the highest know CP agency. Given a license to kill, he began his life as an agent. His true goal, undeterred by the wanting of the government, was to stop those who would commit the same mistake he did. To earn redemption; so he would one day be able to face his friend.


  • 3 Months Ago: Syrup Island - Plucking Weeds!
  • 2 1/2 Months Ago: Toroa Island - Death Note!
  • 1 3/4 Months Ago: Hunting Caribou!
  • Present: Dividing the Sky!
East Blue - Syrup Island
Start - End
Stationed in East Blue to pluck the weeds before they bloom. Sun begun his life as an agent exterminating those who would bear the next generation. Sun came face-to-face with Captain Kuro, an infamous pirate in East Blue. To protect the village and it’s benefactor, Kaya, Sun and Shin fought Kuro to a death match. The teamwork felled Kuro and ensured the continued safety of the village. Sun took the defeated Captain Kuro to Impel Down.

West Blue - Toroa Island
Start - End
A town fiddling with Pirates. A symbiotic relationship in the face of Justice. Sun was sent to Toroa Island to take down the 200b Beri musical Captain; Yorki of the Rumbar Pirates, and liberate the town. Sun Wukong gained valuable intel and reported back to the WG. An impending full-scale attack was incoming.

New World - Naval Battle / Caribou Pirates
Start - End
To deny entry to the New World. Sun Wukong sneaked into the ship and, through the use of stealth, attacked the Caribou Pirates. A sneak attacked wounded Coribo, later felled. Sun used a lie to kill Caribou, taking his fruit. Coribo was imprisoned in Impel Down. The kill made Sun more sadistic.

Geppou [First Form]
Description: The Geppo allows the users to jump off the air itself to cross great distances without ever touching the ground. Mastery divided by 2 is the amount of times you can kick before having to land.
Requirements: 46 Rokushiki, 41 Strength and 61 Movement
Description: A combination of Geppo and Soru, where the user uses Soru in a zigzag motion in midair, allowing extremely fast movements in three dimensions.

Soru [Second Form]
Description: The Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in by kicking off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye.The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down​
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down​
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down​
Requirements: 41 Rokushiki, 41 Strength, 41 Movement
Description: A variation of Soru in which the user performs said high-speed movement with only their hand or leg, instead of their whole body. By hitting the air ten times in the blink of an eye with his elbow, the user launches his arm in a punching maneuver in the blink of an eye, much like Luffy's Gear Second's Jet Attacks.

Shigan [Third Form]
Description: The Shigan is a close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound.
41-60 Mastery: Destructive potency: B​
61-80 Mastery: Destructive potency: A​
81-100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S​
Shigan Cue
Requirements: 41 Rokushiki, 41 Strength
Description: In this attack, the user uses his blunt staff in the same way a finger is normally used in Shigan.

Requirements: 51 Rokushiki, 51 Strength
Description: Using the principles of Jugon, the user punches the air, shooting an arblast towards his opponent; widespread or focused.

Shigan "Oren"
Requirements: 51 Rokushiki, 51 Strength
Description: This attack is simply a rapid-fire version of the normal Shigan technique that hits the enemy multiple times. The user can also perform this attack with both hands, increasing AoE.

Requirements: 61 Rokushiki, 61 Strength
Description: In this attack, the user puts both of his hands together and performs Shigan with all ten of his fingers at once, greatly damaging the opponent.

Gekko Jusshigan
Requirements: 81 Rokushiki, 71 Strength, 61 Movement
Description: A combination of Jusshigan and Geppo. After using Geppo to get himself into the air, the user finally uses it to launch himself towards his target in a vertical drop. The added momentum and the vulnerable target makes the following Jusshigan more effective, and harder to avoid.

Rankyaku [Fourth Form]
The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and cause great damage.
31-50 Mastery: Destructive potency: C
51-71 Mastery: Destructive potency: B
71-99 Mastery: Destructive potency: A
100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S
Rankyaku "Renge"
Requirements: 51 Rokushiki, 51 Strength
Description: In this attack, Rankyaku is performed with both legs instead of one, causing multiple cuts on either side of the opponent. The cuts at first appear small and then "blossom" into larger ones.

Rankyaku "Gaicho"
Requirements: 51 Rokushiki, 41 Strength
Description: the user creates a large Rankyaku in the shape of a bird, . This Rankyaku has a much wider range, greater attack power, and is capable of cleaving steel - something not witnessed from other variations. The cut also seems more focused.

Rankyaku "Hakurai"
Requirements: 61 Rokushiki, 61 Strength
Description: A much more powerful form of Rankyaku that is used by using both legs, it appears to cut the air in a larger area.

Tekkai [Fifth Form]
Description: The Tekkai hardens the users' muscles to the level of iron, in order to nullify damage taken from attacks. The user hardens their body, increasing Durability by Mastery/5.
11-50 mastery: 2 turn cool-down​
51-80 mastery: Can move while having tekkai activated.(2 turn cooldown)​
Moving Tekkai requires 1 turn cool-down.​
81-100 mastery: Using tekkai while moving has a 1 turn cool-down. Standing still tekkai has no cool-down.​
Tekkai "Utsugi"
Requirements: 41 Rokushiki, 41 Strength, 41 Durability
Description: This form of Tekkai is used entirely as a counter instead, where the purpose is not to absorb damage from the attack, but to transfer the shock of the attack back to the attacker, which can lead to broken bones in a normal human body. (2 turn cooldown)

Tekkai "Go"
Requirements: 51 Rokushiki, 51 Strength and 51 Durability
Description: Visually, the move differs from the ordinary Tekkai in that the user visually tenses his body even further while standing still; the ordinary Tekkai could be activated seamlessly.

Tekkai "Sai"
Requirements: 46 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement Speed and 41 Durability
Description: After using Geppo to project himself towards his opponent, the user uses Tekkai to harden his body, smashing the enemy.

Kami-e [Sixth Form]
Description: The Kami-e makes the users' body extraordinarily flexible in order to avoid any attacks, float, and bending their body like a piece of paper, increasing their reaction speed by Mastery/5. Cannot attack.
11-50 mastery: Must stand in one place (2 turn cool down)​
51-81 mastery: Can move around. (2 turn cool down) Standing still while using Kami-E has a 1 turn cooldown.​
81-100 mastery: Can move around.(1 turn cool down) Standing still while using Kami-E has no cooldown.​
Kami-E “Slime”
Requirements: 51 Rokushiki, 51 Reaction
Description: Instead of the body becoming limp like paper, it stretches and moves in ways slime or sludge would move in order to avoid attacks.

Rokougan [Final Form] LOCKED
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 81 Strength, 81 Armament Haki
Description: This is the ultimate Rokushiki technique that can damage an opponent internally, similar to the Reject Dial, but much more powerful. It appears to be two fists held at close range that can damage the opponent with a powerful blast.
Requirements: 61 Rokushiki, 61 Steength, 61 Armaments
Description: A variation ultimate attack of the Rokushiki style, that though releases less power, it can be done more often. The user generates tremendous amounts of impact force at extremely close distances, by a quick movement of the wrist at the end of a punch. This released the pent-up impact force and creates a small, but devastating, shockwave that damages internally, rather than externally.

Zankyō Kugiuchiki
Requirements: 100 Rokushiki, 100 Strength, 100 Armaments
Desceiption: A combination of Shigan and Rokougan. The user lunges his cupped arms forward with the speed and power of a Shigan. Upon contact, a Rokougan shockwave erupts, dealing both external and internal damage.


Technique Slots
  • Cat Swipe: Copied from Captain Kuro - 1/8/21
  • Cat Spin: Copied from Captain Kuro - 1/8/21
  • Shakushi: Copied from Captain Kuro - 1/11/21

Cat Swipe: Captain Kuro swipes with one of his hands, using the five katanas to cut down a target.
Requirement: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength, 21 Speed
Rank: C

Cat Spin: Captain Kuro starts to spin rapidly while extending both of his arms and their ten katanas outward, turning himself into a mini tornado of spinning blades that can cut down anything close to him.
Requirement: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength, 21 Speed
Rank: C

Shakushi: Kuro's signature technique, a maneuver combining speed and stealth for nigh-undetectable movement. The user moves at high-speeds often undetectable, attacking aimlessly And quickly. Under this technique, the user cannot direct or distinguish foes.
Requirement: 41 Mastery

Temporary Techniques (3 months)

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"Fear. My favorite thing in this whole world. And my favorite people know fear."

Name: Mars | Sex: Female | Age: 23 | Race: Human | Affiliation: Marines | Occupation: Ensign | Current Level: 25 | Devil Fruit: None

Mars is from a rather unknown island known as Rivayle. Her family was one of the three ruling families of Rivayle until she decided her ambitions held greater value and took off with the goal of combating the scourge known as Pirates by joining the ranks of the Marines. With great consequences awaiting her should she ever return to her home. Not that she has any intention of doing so. Her goals are clear in her mind. She wants to ascend the rankings of the Marine and bring an end to this new age of Pirates.

Statistics 25 x 5 = 125
Strength: 41 (37 +4 Human)
Agility: 41 x2 (37 +4 Human) [Movement Speed: 41 - Reaction Speed: 41]
Vitality: 40 x2 (36 +4 Human) [Durability: 40- Stamina: 40]
Martial Arts: 21 x2 (15 +6 Human) [Rokushiki: 42]

Mars studied Rokushiki when she was training to become a Marine, and given the short amount of time she's been practicing it, she is quite adept with it. Many are awaiting what she will do with it as she spends more time learning it. She already knows 4 of the 6 Powers. Even going as far as creating her own variation by combining Shigan and Rankyaku.

Shigan - Soru - Rankyaku - Geppou

41 Mastery, 51 Strength, 51 Movement Speed
41-60 Mastery: Destructive potency: B
61-80 Mastery:
Destructive potency: A
81-100 Mastery:
Destructive potency: S
120 Mastery:
Destructive potency: S+
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Ragnar al'Thor New
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Name: Ragnar al'Thor | Race: Half Bear Mink - Half Humandrill Hybrid | Alias: "The Relentless Storm"
Gender: Male | Age: Unknown | Height: | Weight:
Organisation: Vampirite Pirates| Bounty: ß0
Level 27 | 23,118 EXP
Theme 1 | Theme 2 」​

Level 27, 27 x 5 = 135
Humandrill / Mink Hybrid Race Bonus:
+6 in Strength | +6 in Speed | +6 in Vitality | -4 in Mind | +6 in Martial Arts
Strength: 35 + 6 = 41
Speed: 35 + 6 = 41 x 2 = 82
>Reaction Speed: 41
>Movement Speed: 41
Vitality: 35 + 6 = 41 x 2 = 82
>Durability: 41
>Stamina: 41
Mind: 5 – 4 = 1
>Science: 1
Martial Arts: 25 + 6 = 31 x 3 = 93
>Reaper: 41
>Electro: 11
>Mimicry: 41
coming soon.


Name: Ha Yuri Shiki / 「 Ha Yuri Shiki 」/ 「 HA YURI SHIKI
Organisation: Marines | Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Height: 180 cm | Hair Color: Black | Eye Color: Red​
Ha Shiki is highly beautiful with fair skin, piercing red eyes and long flowing dark hair that falls almost to her ankles. Her hair is always seen tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon or fascinator on the left side of her head. She wears a smart dark grey jacket, over a black t-shirt, and black trousers.
Personality-wise, she is hot-tempered and notorious for making rash decisions. Additionally, she has been shown to be strong rather than smart.
Level 25, 25 x 5 = 125
Human Race Bonus: +4 in Strength, Speed and Vitality | +6 in MA
Strength: 37 + 4 = 41
Speed: 37 + 4 = 41 x 2 = 82
>Movement Speed: 41
>Reaction Speed: 41
Vitality: 36 + 4 = 40 x 2 = 80
>Durability: 40
>Stamina: 40
Martial Arts: 15 + 6 = 21 x 2 = 42
>Rokushiki: 42
At 41 Mastery - Unlocks fourth form
Rankyuaku | Geppo | Shigan | Jugon
Epithet: Void | Alias: Black Snake
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Name: Nyx
Affiliation: Underworld
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 28 April
Height: 5ft10inch
Weight: 60kg
Eyes Color: Green


Nyx has unruly short taupe-black hair, with bangs that reach just below his eyes. His eyes are emerald-green. Usually, after waking up, his hair is extremely messy. He has a scar on his left cheek just little below the eye.

His regular outfit consists of an o-neck black t-shirt with multiple small skulls printed on it, jeans, and black shoes with red laces.

Nyx is cunning and charming, but his manipulative nature prevents him from making any genuine or lasting bonds with others. He has a jolly and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they are close friends and often using nicknames. During conflicts, he plays on both sides so that whoever wins, he will have an advantage. Most of the time, he is shown to express a carefree look, which suggests an unconcerned attitude. This can be interpreted as indifference or a relatively passive demeanor.

Due to Nyx's upbringing in the past, he sees everyone around him as tools and is only intent on winning. He does not mind manipulating others nor concerning himself with sacrificing a pawn as long as they help obtain his goal.

will get back to that


Level 25

25 x 5 = 125
Human Bonus: 4+4+4+6, in Str, Spe, Vit, and MA.
Strength: 7 + 4 = 11
Speed: 35 + 4 = 39 x 2 = 78
-Reaction Speed: 37 + 5 = 41
-Movement Speed: 41
Vitality: 27 + 4 = 31 x 2 = 62
-Stamina: 41
-Durability: 21
Mind: 41 x 2 = 82
-Science: 41
-Medicine: 41
Martial Arts: 15 + 6 = 21 x 2 = 42
-Gunslinging: 42
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Alice Wonder (Frayz#2)
Reaction score
Salty Doubloons

Name: Alice#Wonder
Epithet: #HatHeir
Faction: #RevoArmy
Rank: -
Race: Rabbit Mink
Age: 19 (November 26)
Height: 159 cm (5'2)
Eye Colour: Sky Blue
Laugh Style: #LaughingMyAssOff, #OMG, #El-Oh-El, etc



Fighting Style


Theme Song
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Salty Doubloons

Name: L'Enfant Lézard
Affiliation: Revolution ? Pirate ?
Occupation: Ventriloquist
Gender: Male
Race: Reptilla
Age: 45
Date of Birth: ??
Height: 5 Meters
Laughing Style: FaruFaruFaru

Appearance :


Level 25
25 x 5 = 125
Strength: 29+10=39
Speed: 31+10=41
-Reaction Speed: 41
-Movement Speed: 41
Vitality: 41
-Durability: 41
-Stamina: 41
Mind: 2-2=0
Martial Arts: 21
-Axe: 42
Professions: 2 stars
-Ventriloquism: **


Reaction score
Salty Doubloons

“Like a Shadow, I am and I am not”

Personal Information
Name: Akira/"Kage"
Epithet: Grim Reaper's Shadow (死神の影)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Organization: Spada Pirates
Role: Assassin
Berī: 4,999,850,000

Personality and History
Very little is known about Akira in his childhood, he is known to be a rather quiet individual, and an orphan living in an orphanage dojo up till the age of 13. A combat prodigy since young, outside of the basics taught by the orphanage, Akira started to develop his own fighting style during his time in the dojo. At the age of 14 however, his island was attacked by the Spada Pirates.

During the invasion, in his own self-defense, Akira was able to kill a couple of the Spada Pirates by stabbing them from the back with weapons dropped on the ground during the attack. However before long, the local militia and villagers surrendered to the pirates. The Grim Reaper, perhaps mildly interested in Akira’s potential decided that he was to be given an ultimatum, die along with the villagers or to join them. And as a test of loyalty, she gave Akira a katana and told him to kill the villagers if he wants to live. Due to his young age, the combination of wanting to survive, cries of the villagers and the mocking laughs of the pirates – pressure broke Akira and before long, the young child saw blood, splattered on his face and on the sword that was given.

In a blank state of mind, the only thing he could remember at that time was the laughs of the pirates. Afterwards, not much is known about the village – though it is presumably completely razed to the ground and those that did not escape the attack are likely slaughtered. Years later, the Spada Pirates came up with an idea, to start a legend about Isis, the Grim Reaper. And the core part of this plan is Akira, whom now known only as ‘Kage’, a loyal pawn of the Spada Pirates, now stoic and cold-hearted. A legend to tell the tales of those who goes against the Grim Reaper will be killed by her shadow. A myth to scare the enemies of Spada Pirates and create fear within the world.

Level 91 x 5 = 455 (Unused: 0)
Experience Points: 336,481 (Level 92: 342,964)
Race Bonus (+2 Strength/Speed/Vitality, +3 Haki per 10 level)
Martial Arts (+5 Strength, +5 Speed, +5 Vitality)
Store Boost

Strength: 82 + 18 + 5 = 105

Speed: 82 + 18 + 5 = 105
- Reaction: 105
- Movement: 105

Vitality: 81 + 18 + 5 = 104
- Durability: 102
- Stamina: 102

Martial Arts: 100
- Brawling: 100
- Shuurin Shūen Ryū: 100

Haki: 73 + 27 = 100
- Busoshoku Haki: 100 + 20 = 120
- Kenbunshoku Haki(Precognition): 100

Devil Fruit: 37 [Please ignore this stat, just putting here to do some calculation stuffs for the future]

Abilities and Skills
Shuurin Shūen Ryū (秋霖終焉流 Autumn Rain Demise Style)
Originating from an unknown Ittōryū style, this kenjutsu is a mix of speed and strength combined with precision. What it lacks in destructivity, the style instead focus almost purely on lethality, this is of course due to the nature of the user. While it is kenjutsu, the general concept of the martial art also involves using hand-to-hand combat alongside kenjutsu such as kicks and punches. As such, it seems less of a proper kenjutsu martial art and instead borders more onto a martial art created for assassination using kenjutsu that evolves as the user finds the need to. Users of this style typically use katana, chokuto and even nodachi, sometimes wielding the swords with a single hand or both.

Custom Techniques
Name: n/a
Rank: n/a
Description: The user plants a foot forward, bends a little and uses force to dash forward, which allows the user to propel slightly forward for the next step but with increased momentum, allowing one to strike with greater intensity which forms the basis for the fighting style. It can also be used in tandem to spin by twisting the body, resulting in a quick spin or two to create momentum. This technique can be used in conjunction with any basic attacks or certain techniques. [Pic 1][Pic 2] (Follows Soru rules: 11 Shuurin, 21 Movement Speed; The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5; 1 turn cool down at 100 mastery)

Name: Crescent Moon
Rank: C
Description: The user can generate an air blade with a swing of the sword. (31 Shuurin, 31 Strength)

Name: Autumn Rain
Rank: C
Description: A technique where the user charges and then slashes the sword at the opponent. The blade of the sword cuts around the user, forming a cross slash. Can be done with scabbard as an Iai technique as well. [Pic 1] (21 Shuurin, 41 Movement, 21 Strength)

Name: Pelting Rain
Rank: B
Description: Having seen western fencing by a certain Grim Reaper, the user learns and apply what he have seen to create a simple technique similar to how fencing works. The user performs a flurry of thrusting attacks that aims to puncture the target. Not as effective when using a single-edge weapon like katana however. [Pic 1] (41 Shuurin, 41 Movement, 41 Strength)

Name: Autumn's Night
Rank: B
Description: A counter technique where the user clashes the weapon against the enemy's and forcefully push down the weapon while at the same time moving closer to the enemy. With this, the user aims to slide his weapon towards the opponent's hands and immediately with two hands, applies body momentum and swing out the katana towards the side. Through this, one can possibly cut off the enemy's hand depending on the weapon being used, or break weapon's guard and then the hands before finally resulting in a horizontal swing to the target's body. (61 Shuurin, 61 Reaction, 61 Strength)

Name: Autumn's Leaf
Rank: B
Description: The user drops his weapon and quickly follow up with a kick to the sword's base, propelling the weapon towards the direction in which the kick does, and then immediately follow up with either another weapon in hand or unarm attacks. Depending on where the weapon lands, one may have to fight unarm momentarily till the weapon is recovered. Can be used as a surprise attack or even distraction. This is more of a universal technique in which any weapon can be used, technically. (61 Shuurin, 61 Reaction, 61 Strength)

Name: Full Moon
Rank: B
Description: An Iai technique where the user unsheathes and spun around on his own position, firing an air blade that takes the shape of a long circular air blade that can hit anyone from all angles. (61 Shuurin, 61 Movement 61 Strength)

Rank: B
Description: [Pic 1]

Rank: B
Description: [Pic 1]

Name: Autumn’s Fear
Rank: B
Description: A counter technique where the user blocks a melee attack with the hilt of the sword before guiding the attack away and immediately use the scabbard to slam onto the opponent’s head before delivering a quick Iai move that aims to bifurcate the man’s body. Can also be done without a scabbard and instead the attack would aim to pierce through the man’s head before swinging to bifurcate the enemy. A technique designed to strike fear into the hearts of the victim’s allies through the extreme brutality and spilling a lot of blood, thus is best used against canon fodders or even NPCs. [Pic 1] (41 Shuurin, 41 Strength, 61 Reaction Speed)

Name: Autumn's Storm
Rank: A
Description: Similar to Pelting Rain, the user thrust and slice while firing an air blade at each strike, which can be done from a distance away to create a powerful flurry of air blades. It has enough power to take out multiple targets in an area at once. One of the few flashy and destructive moves that this particular style has. [Pic 1] (71 Shuurin, 71 Movement, 71 Strength)

Name: Autumn's Surprise
Rank: A
Description: Similar to Daishinkan, the user instead of performing an overhead swing with both hands, slides the katana against the ground before performing a vertical upward swing from the ground. As with Daishinkan, it creates a powerful shockwave at the opponent, but at the same time breaks the ground beneath them apart and launch them alongside with the shockwave that not only aims to split the opponent as well, but with the shockwave and the launched chunks of dirt, obscures their vision as well. The user runs past the opponent afterwards. (61 Shuurin, 61 Strength)

Name: Autumn’s Petal
Rank: A
Description: Wielding the blade with one hand in reverse grip and the other hand normally, the user moves his hands continuously whilst generating air blades which creates whip-like air blades around him, creating a powerful attack that can be deceptively difficult to dodge. [Pic 1] (71 Shuurin, 71 Strength)

Name: Winter’s Dawn
Rank: A
Description: Using his physicality, the user swung his sword horizontally in front of him which generates a powerful shockwave as a result. This allows the user to blow away not just bullets, arrows but also even humans may be hit and be blown away by the shockwave. [Pic 1] (71 Shuurin, 71 Strength)

Name: Tranquility
Rank: S
Description: A technique that normally requires a stable foothold in order to be performed. By shifting his weapon towards his back, slightly twisting his body as he did, one can quickly swing 3 times in different angles simultaneously through a seemly single motion, allowing the user to attack his target in various angles that can be incredibly difficult to avoid. A lethal technique likely inspired from another swordsmanship. However due to the way the technique works, without a proper foothold its power and speed cannot be fully utilized. tl;dr: Tsubame Gaeshi [Pic 1][Pic 2] (81 Shuurin, 81 Movement, 81 Strength)

Name: Autumn's Great Wind
Rank: S
Description: The Ittōryū version of Kokujo: O Tatsumaki (Dragon Twister) but with greater potency. (91 Shuurin, 91 Movement, 91 Strength)

Name: Autumn’s Breath
Rank: S
Description: Going into an attack stance by arcing his katana towards his back, and position his body in a slightly lower stance, the user sprang forward with a single twisting, thrusting motion, whilst doing so, a powerful wind effect similar to a miniature tornado is generated around the blade – resulting in an extremely powerful drill-like effect at the katana’s tip while at the same time slicing anything that touches the wind, much like an air blade. [Pic 1] (91 Shuurin, 91 Strength)

Name: Autumn’s Moon
Rank: S
Description: A variant of the Full Moon technique, rather than an Iai technique – the user spins and generates an air blade while striking the opponent at the same, increasing the potency and power of the attack. [Pic 1] (91 Shuurin, 91 Strength)

Name: Autumn's Demise
Rank: S
Description: One of the most powerful technique known by this style. The user attacks in a flurry of skewers at an incredible speed such that all 13 strikes are done at the same time. Surprisingly, this technique is the result of practicing Pelting Rain and Autumn's Storm for an unholy amount of times, an imitation of fencing techniques. [Pic 1] (81 Shuurin, 81 Movement, 81 Strength)

Name: Autumn's Great Demise
Rank: S+
Description: The stronger version of Autumn's Demise, uses air blade for each strike as well. [Pic 1] (120 Shuurin, 100 Movement, 100 Strength)

Name: Nightingale’s Fall
Rank: S+
Description: The strongest form of air blade in the Shuurin style, unlike the typical air blades – this air blade is longer and massive, and is shape much more like a bird’s head. Depending on how the user swings the blade, the air blade may swirl accordingly – making it harder to move out of the way than a normal air blade would be. [Pic 1] (120 Shuurin, 100 Strength)

- Stealth: Despite being an assassin, "Kage" has no real stealth capabilities outside of using very basic skills such as being moving around with light steps, which is partially due to almost carrying nothing outside of his weapon. Being able to perform parkour to navigate around the environment is also another basic skill picked up. His stealth and assassination is essentially to make sure there's no witnesses of him doing so.

- Haki: Akira has been shown to utilize the Color of Observation at a very high level, and has perfectly mastered the Color of Armaments. Akira also possessed the Conqueror's Haki.

- Assassin's clothing
- Chokuto
- [ignore]
Raid Suit (S+ Rank) [Armor Design]
Capsule: Black Canister

Myōhō Muramasa (妙法村正)
DPR Scale: A

Crafted by a legendary swordsmith known as Muramasa from Wano, it is one of the Saijō Ō Wazamono. Believed to be an evil sword, cursed like the Kitetsu swords - the katana is said to originate from the times of Void Century. Originally a clean blade, Muramasa has been historically involved in many killings until it has been permanently stained from blood, unable to be clean of blood no matter what. Despite most of the blade dyed in blood, the blade never lost its quality, causing many to give it an alternate name known as the 'Demon Blade'.

As the blade is said to have been lost in time since the Void Century, and no one knows where it was gone only until recently where rumors of the blade appearance has resurfaced somewhere outside of Wano Country. Myōhō Muramasa is largely unrecognizable from its sheathe and the only way for one to recognize the sword is its blood-stained blade that is to be believed from stories and documents of the old. A unique property of this blade is when Haki is imbued into the sword, the blade instead turns into a crimson hue rather than the normal black blade while the rest of the weapon, such as the hilt and guard remains black.

New Weapon [Ignore]
Twilight's Edge (夕暮れの縁 Yuugure no En)
DPR Scale: A
Unique Feature: When imbued with Haki, the blade turns completely blue. However when a user with the King's disposition imbues it with Haki it not only turns the blade blue but black and blue smoke like effect emanates from the blade, indicating the user's disposition visually.

A Saijō Ō Wazamono grade sword known by as Twilight’s Edge, a sword of myths and legends said to be blessed by Seiryū. Many believe that the weapon is used by Kings and Conquerors centuries ago and is hailed as a sword that creates legends, a sword fit for someone with kingly ambitions. The sword is believed to be first seen in the Valley of the Peace and since then many whom taken Twilight’s Edge have brought forward change to the world, whether through destruction and chaos, or peace and hope. But one thing always sticks true to the weapon, that the sword will always find its way back home to where it comes from, Valley of the Peace.

Store Item Tracker
1) 100,000 experience bought (30m/250 experience)
2) +20 CoA
3) Conqueror's Haki

NPC [Ignore]
Name: Hydra
Age: Unknown
Race: Reptilia
Height: 540 cm (17'9")
Weight: 603 kg (1350 lbs)
Affiliation: Spada Pirates

Level 65 (325)
Race Bonus (+5 Strength/Vitality, -1 Mind per 10 level)
Devil Fruit (Zoan)

Strength: 45 + 30 = 75

Speed: 55
Reaction: 81
Movement: 29

Vitality: 45 + 30 = 75
Durability: 75
Stamina: 75

Mind: 6 - 6 = 0

Haki: 74
Busoshoku Haki: 61
Kenbunshoku Haki(Awareness): 87

Devil Fruit: 100

- Toxia

- Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi [Appearance][Full Size]

? [Ignore]
Wiki Link: Here
Full Beast Form [Alternate Pic] | Hybrid Form
Perk: Hybridised Zoan: (requires 100 Devil Fruit) allows extra hybrid transformations without the use of Rumble Balls.

Zoan Transformations
True Hybrid Form (Alternate): Similar to his other Hybrid Form, this form in particular is made for Akira to utilize his sword fighting style. Instead of a pair of long bladed wings, this form has shorter and smaller wings and limb appendages akin to a normal human arm length which allows Akira to wield katana properly. His feet became sharp talons. In this form long distance flying is slightly slower than the other hybrid form due to smaller wings but can be used for gliding around and making sharp turns in mid-air. Some Zoan-specific techniques are either unusable or weaker.

Beak Point: Akira's mouth became a large Pteranodon beak rather than a Pterosaur-like beak, increase the power of beak attacks and dive bombs that utilizes the beak as the focal point. [+1 DPR to beak/dive attacks]

Talon Point: Akira's feet transforms into a larger pair of sharp talons, allowing him to grab hold of things and crush easily. In this form, attacks using his talons are amplified [+1 DPR to attacks using talons]

Canon Techniques

Tankyudon (丹弓皇タンキュウドン Tankyūdon?, meaning "Vermilion Bow Emperor"): A melee attack where King flies toward his opponent in his Human-Beast Form, then hits them with a sweeping strike of one of his wings. When used against Roronoa Zoro, the attack overpowered the latter's Ul-Tora Gari technique before blowing the swordsman back with tremendous force, making him bust right through the Skull Dome's outer wall.
Rank: B

Custom Techniques
Name: Sonic Boom (Passive)
Rank: N/A
Description: In his full Beast form and Hybrid form, flying at full speed creates a powerful gale of wind that carries around him.

Name: Axe Drop
Rank: C
Description: Akira drops down from mid-air towards the target and aims to stomp and pierce the target with his talons, usually either performing an axe kick or a jump kick.

Name: Wind Gale
Rank: B (True Hybrid) | A (Hybrid/Beast)
Description: Akira claps his wings, creating a powerful wind gale in front of him capable of shredding objects with ease. The power of the wind gale is dependent on the wing size.

Name: Apex Bomb
Rank: B
Description: Akira drops back down onto the ground with his feet and destroy the ground with immense force, generating a powerful shockwave around him accompanying by beating his wings at the same time.

Name: Blade Wings (Passive)
Rank: B (True Hybrid) | A (Hybrid/Beast)
Description: When he is in his Human-Beast or Beast Form, Akira is able to use his Pteranodon wings like swords, allowing him to release powerful air blades by swinging them. These slash attacks can deal massive damage, and he can launch them in rapid succession. Akira is also capable of using the wings to attack normally, as the wings are both strong and durable enough to utilize it in melee. Doesn't stack rank bonus with other techniques using the bladed wings.

Name: Axe Guillotine
Rank: A
Description: Akira swings both bladed wings in a cross fashion. Not usable in True Hybrid Form.

Name: Sonic Spear
Rank: A
Description: Akira flies straight towards the target head first - utilizing the beak as the focal point to impale through objects, usually done with his body streamline with his wings placed closed to his body like a dive pose.

Name: Blade Storm
Rank: S
Description: Using the blade wings, Akira fires a storm of air blades towards the target indiscriminately, making it very difficult to dodge safely around the storm.

Name: Apex Spear
Rank: S
Description: Similar to Sonic Spear, Akira spins as he flies towards his target, generating a miniature tornado around himself as he attempts to impale through the target with the beak as the focal point.

Name: Apex Storm
Rank: S+
Description: Akira spins himself around as he beat his wings, generating a storm of tornados in the process, capable of destroying an entire area with ease.
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Level 25

Strength: 32 (+8)
Speed: 32 (+8)
-Reaction: 40
-Movement: 40
Vitality: 32 (+8)
-Durability: 40
-Stamina: 40
Mind: 9
-Blacksmithing: 18
Martial Arts: 20 (+2)
-Ittoryu: 44
Affiliation & Rank: --
Hyu is a twenty-year-old cloud-fox mink standing 5'6. He wears garb similar to the people of Wano. He changes yukata styles often but is rarely seen without his hat.

Eternal Pose to Zou, a nameless kendo sword

s t i l l u n d e r c o n s t r u c t i o n
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"Fear the old blood"

: Gehrman
Epiteth: The Hunter
Race: Skypian
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 300 cm
Affiliation: Hunters Dream
Occupation: Hunter/Bounty Hunter
Laughing Style: Hehehehe


Gehrman is a lone soul and more often than not keeps to himself. Even within the circles of the hunter's dream Gehrman has never taken a mission with a partner. The cause of this desire to be alone is only known to the man himself. But many believe it to be a character trait rather than an actual dark and tragic past.

Because of this, only a handful of souls have actually conversed with the man and from those only two or so can give a more detailed description of his actual personality. He’s a prideful man who upholds the code within the dream to the highest standard, a straight edge in his pursuit to cleanse the world of evil be it man or beast. Pirate and or marine. And while he’s not a stranger to an act of kindness here and there Gehrman is by no means a saint. Far from it, for his hands are soaked with blood.


A skypiean is Gehrman’s actual point of origin but most of it is covered up by his hunter’s attire. Consisting of a thickly padded coat, vest and trousers. Even his hands are equipped with gloves as his feet are supported by thick boots. A hat decorated by a lone feather combined with a face mask makes him highly suspicious while concealing his actual physical appearance. Only his white hair and yellow eyes piercing through his dark attire.
Saw Cleaver
The hunter’s weapon of choice when he starts on his hunt and his most trusted ally in fights. Capable of cleaving and slicing through most of his opponents. An additional feature of his saw cleaver is the ability to ‘slide open’ allowing for extra range and catching his opponents off guard.

A unique trick weapon contrived by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church workshop.
Striking this peculiar iron morning star flail like a match generates the same blue sparks that blanket a dark beast

Ludwig’s Holy Blade(locked)

Dead Man’s poison (2 vials)

Slow: (stamina+level)/10=turns to fully drain


Dials & Dial weaponry

-Impact Dial(not yet unlocked)
25 x 5 = 125
Race Martial Arts

Strength: 41 (39 + 2)
Agility: 45 (34+6 +5)
Movement: 45
Reaction: 45
Vitality: 35 (31+4)
Durability: 28
Stamina: 41
Martial Arts:15(9+6)
Arms Master: 30
Mind: 12

Arms Master

The bread and butter of the hunters within the hunter's dream. The ability and skill to work with multiple weapons. A jack of all trades but never a true master of one. To make up for this lack of mastery in a single craft a true lord of the hunt is able to overwhelm a swordsman or sniper due to their vast inventory of weapons and ability to adapt to any situation.

1-20 Basic Mastery - First weapon training and C Rank techniques with said weapon
21-40 Adept Mastery - Second weapon training and B Rank techniques with the first weapon
41-60 Skilled Mastery - Third weapon training/ A-rank techniques with the first weapon and C rank with the second
61-80 Proficient Mastery - A rank with 1st/B rank with 2nd/C Rank with 3rd
81-99 Excellent Mastery - A rank with 1 & 2nd/B rank with 3rd
100 Supreme Mastery - A rank with all 3 weapons.

//Cannot achieve S rank techniques or Z-Rank. But is able to wield several weapon arts.

-Dash(soru equivalent)
31 Mastery, 51 Movement Speed.
The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
31-60 mastery: 2 turn cooldown

61-100 mastery: 1 turn cooldown

Weapon based attacks

First weapon: Saw Cleaver


A short to mid-range strike with the saw cleaver cleaves through muscle and flesh alike
~ C-Rank, 21 mastery, 21 str

An upgraded version of cleave that delivers more damage to the opponent's wounds, leaving a nasty open gash - B Rank, 41 mastery, 41 str

Trick Cleave
The hunter strikes with his saw cleaver but unravels it at the moment of striking, with the weapon opening up it allows the hunter to strike from long range. The saw cleaver now at the length of a daito sword. B-Rank, 41 mastery, 41 str, 41 reaction

Trick Rend
An upgraded version of trick cleave B-Rank, 41 mastery, 41 str, 41 reaction

Hack and Slash
An unsightly technique was the hunter slashes with reckless abandon, appearing as if he’s attacking with multiple weapons at once. B-Rank, 41 mastery, 41 str, 41 movement speed

Second weapon: Tonitrus
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Personal Information
Name: ???
Alias: Talon/Fukurō
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 184 cm (6 ft)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Organization: Court of Owls/Underworld
Role: Assassin/Bounty Hunter
Bounty: 0
Berī: 54,250,000

Appearance: Link
Personality: A man seemly devoid of all emotions and live only to serve his organization and the Underworld. Fukurō does not talk but he is not a mute, which is led to be believed that abuse since young has led to a traumatic experience which Fukurō chose not to speak and thus his only real method of conversation are hand signs and writing it down through pen and paper.

History: Offered to an Underworld secret organization known as the Court of Owls at birth by his family, he is given the codename Fukurō as part of the group of assassins that the Court of Owls train and employ to the services of the Underworld known as Talon. Amongst the Talons, Fukurō has shown to be the most promising Talon-to-be so far.

Level 29 x 5 = 130 (Unused: 0)
Experience Points: 26,599 (Level 30: 26,870)

Race Bonus (+2 Strength/Speed/Vitality, +3 Martial Arts per 10 level)

Strength: 35 + 4 = 39

Speed: 45 + 4 = 49
- Reaction: 49
- Movement: 49

Vitality: 40 + 4 = 44
- Durability: 44
- Stamina: 44

Martial Arts: 25 + 6 = 31
- Ninjutsu/Talon Combat: 50
- Eskrima: 12

Haki: 0
- Busoshoku Haki: 0
- Kenbunshoku Haki(Precognition): 0

Martial Arts
Ninjutsu/Talon Combat

A Martial Arts that combined Shurikenjutsu as well as a fast and agile hand-to-hand combat style. Talon utilize a specialized Ninjutsu martial art with various weaponry such as retractable claws, knives (hidden, throwing etc) and even tools.

1-20 Basic Mastery: C-rank Throwing Knives
21-40 Adept Mastery: N/A
41-60 Skilled Mastery: B-rank Throwing Knives
61-80 Proficient Mastery: N/A
81-99 Excellent Mastery: A-rank Throwing Knives
100 Supreme Mastery: S-rank Throwing Knives

Name: Izuna Drop
Rank: B (41 mastery, 41 str, 41 movement speed)
Description: Talon grabs a target and jump, turning the person's body upside down as he spins and drives the target head-first into the ground. This can also be done in mid-air without the need to grab on to the person first.

Name: Scissor Kick
Rank: C [Scalable with knife rank]
Description: Talon goes into a handstand position and positions both legs together as he activates the hidden knives before spreading his legs to deliver a cross slash. Can be done without knives and deliver a drop kick instead.

Dolphin Flurry

21 mastery, 21 strength for C
41 mastery, 41 strength for B
81 mastery, 61 strength for A
100 mastery, 81 strength for S

Name: Spinning Kick
Rank: C (21 mastery, 21 strength)
Description: Talon jumps at spins before delivering a kick at great speed and force.

A Martial arts focusing on weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives, bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons, as well as "open hand" techniques without weapons.


1. Outfit
2. Wrist Blade (Right Hand)
3. Retractable Sharp Claws (Gloves)
4. Boots (Retractable Hidden Knife on each sole)
5. Court of Owl badge
6. 2x Daggers
7. 10x Throwing Knives
8. Small Notepad and a Pen
9. Smoke Bombs
10. Short Blade
Future Outfit [Locked/S+ Raid Suit]
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