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Name: Leonard Burns
Alias: ‘’Fire Demon’’ Leo, ''Marine Vice Admiral'' Leo
Affiliation: Marines
Rank: Vice Admiral
Bounty: n/a
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Height: Akainu height
Weight: Unknown, muscular build
230,594 + 12,500 + 1,000 + 6,061 + 7,000 + 1,000 + 4,500 + 1000 = 263,655 EXP
23,500,000 Beri

Appearance: Leo is a very tall and muscular man with wavy grey hair, with some of it being styled into a ponytail in the back. He has a bearded chin-strap and green-colored eyes, one of which is covered by a black eye-patch. This eye-patch, along with Leo’s hair and beard, become enveloped in flames whenever Leo uses the Mera Mera no Mi. Leo's outfit consists of a jacket, which he wears over his shoulders, a white collared shirt, dark-colored trousers and boots and a light-colored belt. His outer jacket is coated with blue lines and the buttons on it are in shape of cross-like symbols. Overall, it looks like a customized Marine Vice Admiral attire.

Personality: Leo is a serious and intimidating Vice Admiral that adheres to the principles of Absolute Justice. He dislikes pirates. However, interestingly enough, two pirates have earned his respect, and he does not go after them on sight - though he would still be willing to fight them if it was for the sake of justice. When not on duty, Leo likes to play with his cats, which reveals just a slightly more charming side to his personality, though he would never show this side of him in front of a pirate, fearing that it could be disadvantageous. He believes it is advantageous to have an image that pirates fear.


83 x 5 = 415
- STR: 84 (Race: +16) = 100

- SPE: 75 (Race: +16, DF: +10) = 101

- Movement: 101
- Reaction: 101
- VIT: 55 (Race: +16, DF: +5, MA: +5) = 81
- Stamina: 81
- Durability: 81
- Mera Mera no Mi: 76 (Race: +24) = 100
- Martial Arts: 50

- Rokushiki: 100
- Haki: 75
- Busou-shoku no Haki: 81
- Kenbun-shoku no Haki (precognition): 69
- Haou-shoku no Haki: Yes

Devil Fruit: Mera Mera no Mi

  • Enkai:
Leo summons a large amount of flames. This is usually used in preparation for another larger attack. Unranked - supplementary move.
  • Hotarubi:
Leo creates many small, green-colored fireballs that can float around the area. This is usually used in preparation for another attack. Unranked - supplementary move.
  • Hidaruma:
Leo can surround a target with the many small, green-colored fireballs created by Hotarubi. Then, Leo can detonate the fireballs, engulfing the target in flames. Rank C.
  • Kagerou:
Leo unleashes a stream of fire from the palm of his hand. Rank C.
  • Higan:
Pointing the index and middle fingers of both hands at the target like guns, Leo turns his fingertips into fire and shoots bullets made of compressed fire from them. Rank C.
  • Hibashira:
This technique can only be used after Enkai. Leo directs the amassed fire upward or downward, creating a huge pillar of fire. Rank B.
  • Kyokaen:
Leo unleashes a wall of fire to block certain attacks. Rank B.
  • Enjoumou:
Leo creates a circular wall of fire that surrounds an area, making it hard for anyone to enter or leave the area. Rank B.
  • Hiken:
Leo turns his fist into fire and then punches, unleashing a huge column of fire that can plough through several ships. Rank B.
  • Shinka Shiranui:
Leo creates lances made of fire and hurls them at a target. These lances can pierce and burn simultaneously. Rank A.
  • Jujika:
Leo places his index fingers together in a cross shape and then fires a cross-shaped column of fire at a target. Rank A.
  • Dai Enkai Entei
Leo summons a huge sphere of fire in the palm of his hand and then hurls it at a target. Rank S.

  • Fire Engine:

Leo unleashes fire from the soles of his feet, or transforms his entire lower body into fire, and uses that to propel himself like a jet, or fly. Cannot be used consecutively, I.E. follows Soru guidelines. Unranked - supplementary move.

  • Fire Aura:

Leo unleashes an aura of fire that surrounds him, making it dangerous to get too close to him. Rank C, B, or A, depending on intensity of fire. Rank C intensity can be maintained for 4 turns, with a cooldown of 1 turn, Rank B intensity can be maintained for 3 turns, with a cooldown of 2 turns, and rank A intensity can be maintained for 1 turn, with a cooldown of 3 turns.

  • Fire Vortex:

Leo spawns a massive, spinning vortex of fire around himself, burning anyone and anything that comes near him. This can be used as a defensive technique in some cases. Alternatively, he can take control of fire in the area and form a vortex of fire around the target, instead of spawning it around himself. Rank B.

  • Fire Blast:

Leo makes fire erupt from his body in all directions. Due to the blast behind the fire explosion, the fire carries concussive force, allowing Leo to blow his surroundings away from himself. Rank B.

  • Fire Kick:

A kicking version of Hiken, instead of punching and unleashing a giant fire fist, Leo kicks and unleashes a giant blast of fire , engulfing the target. Rank B.

  • Fire Blade:

The equivalent of the above Shinka Shiranui, but instead of creating lances and hurling them, Leo creates a scythe or a sword and swings it. This scythe or sword can cut and burn simultaneously. Rank A.

  • Voltage Nova:

The equivalent of Enel's Amaru. This is Leo's strongest form. He transforms his body into an embodiment of fire and heat. While in this form, Leo can create more fire more quickly. Rank S.

  • Fire Missile:

Leo transforms his body into fire and flies toward a target like a fire missile. He then punches, unleashing a massive amount of fire and engulfing the area in a large fire blast radius. Rank S.

  • Prominence Burn:

Leo unleashes all of his ''inner fire'', unleashing a massive blast of fire that can evaporate even the clouds. Due to exhaustion, he can only use Rank D and Rank C Mera Mera no Mi techniques for the remainder of the fight, after using this technique. Rank S+.

  • Meteora:

While up in the air, Leo creates five fire spheres and rains them down onto the battlefield below. Upon impact, the five fire spheres erupt into large infernos of fire, engulfing a widespread area. Rank S.

  • Shinka Shiranui Barrage:

An upgraded technique of the canon Shinka Shiranui, instead of hurling only two lances made of fire, he hurls as many as 100, increasing the power, as well as success rate of the technique. Rank S.

  • Fire Crush:

While up in the air, Leo plummets down toward the battlefield with fire trailing from his feet. He then comes crashing onto the target from above in the form of a powerful stomp, driving the target into the ground while unleashing a large blast of fire. Rank B.

  • Fire Festival:

If there is a lot of fire on the battlefield, likely toward the end of a prolonged battle, Leo can gather all of the fire around him on top of creating fire, allowing him to increase the size of the next technique. Increases AOE. The more fire is gathered, the more the AOE is increased, up to 50%. Unranked - supplementary move.

  • King's Entei:

A variation of Entei performed after the Fire Festival. This is a larger Entei. Rank S+.

  • Dual Entei:

Instead of forming Entei in the palm of one hand, Leo splits the flames in two, creating two smaller Enteis in the palms of both of his hands. Each Entei is only half as strong, but it allows Leo to throw one after the other. Rank A.

Martial Arts: Rokushiki

  • Hand Rankyaku:
Combining the principles of kicking quickly to unleash a flying slash, with the arm speed of Shigan, Leo performs a quick karate chop, unleashing a Rankyaku using a karate chop instead of a kick. Rank B.
  • Leg Jugon:
Extending the principle of Shigan’s arm speed to the legs as well, Leo is able to kick with the speed of Jugon. Rank B.
  • Rock Punch:
Combining the principles of Tekkai Kenpou and Jugon, Leo hardens his fist and then punches with the speed of a bullet. Rank B.
  • Jugon Headbutt:
Extending the principle of Shigan’s arm speed to a headbutt, Leo is able to headbutt the target with the speed of Jugon. Rank B.
  • Gosshigan:
A halved, or rather one-handed version of Jusshigan, Leo performs Shigan with all five fingers of one hand, instead of all ten fingers of both hands. Rank A.
  • Moon Rokuougan:
A halved, or rather one-handed version of Rokuougan, Leo positions one fist in front of the target and unleashes a shockwave. Rank A.
  • Yaiba:
Combining the principles of Soru/Kamisori and any Shigan variant, Leo charges the target with the speed of Soru, then fluidly channels that velocity and momentum into any Shigan variant, increasing the damage output of any Shigan variant. Rank A.
  • Rokuougan Punch:
Instead of simply positioning the fist in front of the target and unleashing a shockwave, Leo actually punches the target and unleashes the shockwave, allowing for both external (through the punch) and internal (through the shockwave) damage. This can be done with one or two hands. Rank S.

  • Fire Claw:

Leo transforms his hand into fire before using any variant of Shigan. This allows his Shigan to burn the insides of whatever the fingers stab, as well as unleash a blast of fire that blows the target away after the Shigan connects. Rank S.

  • Fire Kick:

Leo transforms his leg into fire before using any variant of Rankyaku. This allows him to create a fire flying slash that not only cuts but also burns whatever it passes and cuts. Rank S.

  • Hiken Rokuougan:

Combining the principles of the Mera Mera no Mi's Hiken and Rokushiki's Rokuougan, Leo punches a target with all of his might, while unleashing a powerful blast of fire and a powerful shockwave. Rank S+.

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Character Song
Name: Pastel | Sex: Female | Age: 20 | Race: Human | Affiliation: TBD | Occupation: TBD | Level: 80 | DF: Harpy Zoan | Bounty: ???

Pastel ate her Devil Fruit at a very young age. As a result, her family grew terrified of her. She had no control for the first couple weeks and was quickly abandoned. A former pirate who was now retired from that life, saw her and took her in. The pirate raised her and taught her how to control her powers. Quickly viewing her as her own daughter. Just as she quickly thought of him as her father. When he passed away, she decided to go on an adventure like he did. Sailing the all over the world with a group of like minded people.

Statistics 80 x 5 = 400
Strength: 101 (70 +16 Human +15 Harpy)
Agility: 101 x2 (65 +16 Human +20 Harpy) [Movement Speed: 101 - Reaction Speed: 101]
Vitality: 101 x2 (65 +16 Human +20 Harpy) [Durability: 101 - Stamina: 101]
Harpy MZ: 100 (76 +24 Human)
Haki: 93 x2 [Armaments: 100 - Reaction Mantra: 86]
Mind: 31 x2 [Medicine: 62]

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Harpy

The Tori Tori no Mi; Model Harpy is a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit. It allows the user to transform into a full or partial Harpy at will. A legendary creature that is said to be the personification of storm winds. Giving the user the ability to manipulate the wind as if it was an extension of their own body. The wings also give the user the power of flight. There isn't really a hybrid transformation, but as with all Zoan, the user is able to partially transform specific parts through "points".
Wing Point- A specialized form that only causes her wings to grow. Giving her human form flight.
Super Wing Point- A form that focuses on her wingspan. Doubling in size, it features stronger wind and faster flight.
Huntress Point- A form that grants her wings, claws, and enhanced muscles while leaving her lower half unaltered.
Leg Point- A form that transforms the user's legs, enhancing and altering their muscle mass to focus on kicks or speed.
Feather Point- A form that covers her body in tough feathers. Bolstering her defense while lowering her movement.
Wind Point- A form that allows her to manipulate wind even while in her human form.

Monster- A form that is the result of overdosing on Rumble Balls. While in the form their human features are almost completely hidden by the monstrous form that is taken. Growing several times larger, with very muscular limbs, terribly large wings, and even signs of a beak forming.

Harpy Combat [DF Techniques/Attacks]

Through training both with her father, and on her own, she developed the following techniques in conjunction with her physical abilities and the abilities granted to her via her Devil Fruit.
Gale Step- A stepping technique that greatly improves the users running speeds. +20 Movement Speed, 1 Turn Duration, 1 Turn Cooldown.
Winged Guard- Bracing for an attack, the user toughens up their feathers and guards using their wings as a shield. Can be further amplified with Armaments. In her Feather Point, this becomes full body armor similar to tekkai. Complete with the inability to move while it is active. Durability +20, 1 Turn Duration, 1 Turn Cooldown (41 dura, 41 mastery)
Wind Fist- An intense punch that wraps the user’s fist in wind before the punch connects. After the punch is complete the wind surrounding the fist is sent outwards in the form of a fierce blast. Can be altered if she currently has her Harpy’s claws out. In this instance, wind wraps around her claw and upon completion of the swipe three sharp air blades are sent outwards. (51 str, 51 mastery. DPR: B, long-range)
Air Force Kick- An ax kick in which a blast of air is emitted from the point of impact in all directions. If her Talons are out this becomes more of a slash than a kick and blades of wind are shot out in one direction rather than in all directions. (51 str, 51 mastery. DPR: B, AoE)
Dual Assault- An all-out barrage of blows. Can be performed with punches on land or with kicks while airborne. Either way, the series of blows is so fast it makes the user look like she has extra limbs. Each strike is accompanied by incredible wind pressure which makes it hard to escape if caught by the initial blows. (61 str, 61 spd, 61 mastery. DPR: A)
Gungnir- Usable only while the user is transformed fully into a Harpy. She places her feet together to mimic the tip of a lance and is launched forward with incredible wind pressure. The speed and power of the attack are quite high and it is comparable to other style's secret techniques. (91 str, 91 mastery. DPR: S, long-range)
Air Bullet- Patel fires a fast, highly pressurized blast of air from her fingertip. Can be used in rapid succession for a barrage style attack. (41 strength, 41 mastery. DPR: B each hit, A combined)
Tornado Kick- A spinning kick that stirs up a tornado at the same time. Causing damage from the kick itself in addition to the tornado. (71 str, 71 mastery. DPR: A, AoE)
Fujin's Fist- A punch with everything put into it. Her strongest attack. It's a double threat thanks to the powerful winds that accompany it. Can only be used twice per arm before requiring rest. Otherwise, she risks losing the use of her arms. (100 str, 100 mastery. DPR: S+)
Wind's Roar- Pastel throws a punch at long rage that releases a horizontal blast of wind forwards. (71 str, 71 mastery. DPR: A, long range)
Feather Assault- Pastel fires off a series of feathers from her wings towards her target. A two-pronged ranged attack as her opponent has the toughened feathers and the wind to worry about. (91 str, 91 mastery. DPR: S, long range)
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Basic information:
Name: Ray Señior
Epithet: Perfect Calamity
Race: ???
Affiliation: Devil Pirates
Rank: Pirate
Special abilities:
Can speak over 100 languages, a quick learner. Can hold his breath for a day. Has great senses(sight,smell,taste,hearing, touch, like Gon from Hxh) Decent Regeneration Ex:if he has a paper cut, it takes 10 secs to heal. Tough Skin Ex; Bullets are punches to his body.
Height: 5'8/173 cm
Age: 19
Physical description: Red hair, gold eyes, childish features despite his age. Wears comfy jackets and sweat pants.
Ray or better PERUMAN.3, is an experiment made by a scientist/pirate Senior. In Ray's 12th year he got saved by a man called "Hero". Hero gave Ray his name because Ray "Was able to bring positivity in the darkest of situations. Like a sun ray shining through the crack of rubble." Ray and Hero spent 2 years together until one day, Ray felt light-headed. He couldn't fight normally and was taken to rest, he couldn't sleep that night so he rested his eyes. He felt a quick surge of pain on his arm that went away as quickly as it came. He opened his eyes and saw Hero with a huge butterfly needle taking his blood. Ray went for a strike at Hero's neck but Hero evaded, after this Ray removed the needle and ran away from Hero as fast as possible. Ray felt betrayed by Hero and dissociated evrything about Hero except for the name Hero gave him.
"Ray...., should I get rid of that, it's the only good part about Hero. The only good part about me. Ray."
Ray smiled as he said this, he laughed even though his heart was broken, he was remembering the fond memories.
Stats: N/A
Ray has a technique called Inhumane.
has 3 techniques.
Inhumane Speed- Inhumane Speed is when the user ramps up their speed Ex: In 10 mins the user would be from 0 mph-60 mph) slowly to the point where the user's body moves faster than the user can think, so the user stops moving. (This is the state Ray is currently at). The way to combat this problem is to set a list of commands before your body is even doing those commands yet or using observation haki to know what to do next.
Inhumane Reaction- Inhumane reaction is when the user matches the speed of the object the user has on.
Inhumane Reflex- Inhumane Reflex is a when the user feels someone/something touch their body their body will react instantly without the mind even knowing.
Equipment: Special Dagger and Flintlock
Personality: Ray despite his past is a loyal man. He does what is right but he's a follower more than a leader. Although, he will only follow someone that can beat him, when he follows them he will be very loyal to them, but if they betray him or anyone else in the group he will leave them.
Laugh: hehehehehehehehehe.
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Name: Bruno Vulkan
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Affiliation: TBD
Occupation: TBD
Current Level: 80
Devil Fruit: Mochi Mochi no mi
Bounty: ???


A fierce and temperamental young man Bruno is quick to be angered with even the shallowest of insults. However, even with these negative traits, Bruno carries a deep respect for those that can or have bested him in combat.

In combat, however, Bruno manifests even nastier traits. Becoming sarcastic, boastful and even taunting his enemies when they fail to attack him. A second version of Bruno exists when he dones his signature mouth mask becoming serious and even more deadly than he already was. However, in this form, he ditches the trashtalk and gives his 100% focus on the battle. He also cares little about his fellow man as his only concern with killing his opponents would be that the battle itself would be over far too quickly.

Summarized Bruno is a shrewd combatant who views physical strength to be an absolute doctrine.

80 x 5 = 400
- STR: 70 (Race: +16 , DF: +5) = 91
- SPE: 74(Race: +16, FS: +5) = 95
- Movement: 94
- Reaction: 96 (+4)
- VIT: 60 (Race: +16, DF: +10) = 86
- Stamina: 72
- Durability: 100

- Mochi Mochi no Mi: 76 (Race: +24) = 100
- Martial Arts: 50
- Ssam-Su Taekkyeon: 100
- Haki: 70
- Busou-shoku no Haki: 100
- Kenbun-shoku no Haki: 40 (Precognition)

Devil Fruit: Mochi Mochi no mi

Yanagi Mochi (柳モチ, Yanagi Mochi?, literally meaning "Willow Mochi"): The user sprouts multiple long tendrils of mochi mimicking their leg and uses them to stomp down on the opponent.
DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength

Kaku Mochi (角かくモチ, Kaku Mochi?, literally meaning "Square Mochi"): The user turns their arms and hands into mochi and compresses them until they acquire a square shape. They then hardens them with Busoshoku Haki and punches their opponent. The compact, tight square-shape of the fists result in attacks that are a lot stronger than a regular Haki-enhanced punch.
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery, 81 strength, 61 armament haki

Yaki Mochi (焼餅ヤキモチ, Yaki Mochi?, literally meaning "Grilled Mochi"):
The user inflates their mochi forearm until the pressure causes it to explode, propelling their Haki-embedded fist at their target from a distance. The speed of the fist is so high that it catches on fire due to friction.
DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength, 71 armament haki

Zan Giri Mochi (斬ザン・切ギリ・餅モチ, Zan Giri Mochi?, literally meaning "Sliced Mochi"): The user turns their entire body into mochi and rapidly spins towards their opponent in a doughnut-like shape. When they reach their opponent they return to normal shape and, using the momentum from the spinning, slams their enlarged mochi forearm, covered in spikes and hardened with Busoshoku Haki, into their opponent with tremendous force. Aside from the damage caused by the powerful impact, their opponent will also be stuck to their forearm due to the stickiness of the mochi, which the user then uses to spin their arm several times through the air before smashing it down into the ground from a very considerable height, crushing their opponent under its weight with enough force to create a large crater.
DPR: S, requires 81 mastery, 81 strength, 81 armament haki, 81 movement speed

Tori Mochi (鳥モチ, Tori Mochi?, literally meaning "Bird Mochi"): The user extends a mochi whip from their hand and uses it to entangle their foe. They then swing the whip around to throw their enemy away.

DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength

Mochi Hadan (モチ刃弾, Mochi Hadan?, literally meaning "Mochi Blade Bullet"): The user turns their hand into mochi and makes a finger gun. They then harden the tip of their index finger with Busoshoku Haki and fires it at their opponent like a bullet.
DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength, 71 armament haki

Muso Mochi Hadan (無双モチ刃弾,Musō Mochi Hadan?, literally meaning "Peerless Mochi Blade Bullet"): An empowered version of Mochi Hadan, the user transforms their entire forearm into mochi and shapes it into a Gatling-gun hardened with Busoshoku Haki. They then fire a barrage of Busoshoku Haki-enhanced mochi bullets at their opponent.
DPR: A, requires 81 mastery, 81 Strength, 81 armament haki

Naguri Mochi (ナグリ餅, Naguri Mochi?, literally meaning "Fist Mochi"): After using their Kaku Mochi technique, the user launches a barrage of punches at their opponent.
DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength

Awakened techniques:[Locked]
Nagare Mochi
(流れモチ, Nagare Mochi?, literally meaning "Flowing Mochi"): Using their awakened powers, the user transforms the ground around them into mochi and uses it to capture their opponent from a far-away distance.
DPR: A, requires 120 mastery

Kagami Mochi (加々身かがみ モチ, Kagami Mochi?, literally meaning "Concentrated Mochi"): Using their awakened powers, the user transforms nearby walls and ceilings into mochi and causes them to collapse on their opponent, burying them under a large pile of mochi and suffocating them.
Requires 120 mastery

Amadare Mochi (雨垂モチ, Amadare Mochi?, literally meaning "Raindrop Mochi"): Using their awakened powers, the user transforms nearby surfaces into multiple blunt-ended mochi tendrils. They then have them converge on their opponent with great force, attempting to crush them.
DPR: S+, requires 120 mastery

Muso Donuts (無双ドーナツ, Musō Dōnatsu?, literally meaning "Peerless Donuts"): Using their awakened powers, the user summons tendrils of mochi from the ground and loops them into the shape of donuts.
Requirea 120 mastery

Chikara Mochi (力餅, Chikara Mochi?, literally meaning "Power Mochi"): The user shapes the donut-shaped mochi into giant Busoshoku Haki-enhanced arms, similar to their Kaku Mochi technique. With a layer of mochi over their hands, they then manipulate the arms to punch their opponent with extreme force.
DPR: S, requires 120 mastery, 81 armament haki

Mochi Ginchaku (餅吟着モチギンチャク, Mochi Ginchaku?, literally meaning "Mochi Singing Result"): A more powerful version of Chikara Mochi, the user summons multiple mochi donuts around their opponent, shapes them into Busoshoku Haki-enhanced arms, and has them pummel their opponent into the ground repeatedly.
DPR: S+, requires 120 mastery, 100 armament haki

Kuzu Mochi (九頭モチ, Kuzu Mochi?, literally meaning "Nine-Headed Mochi"): The user uses their awakened powers to create nine Muso Donuts, which they shapes into Busoshoku Haki-enhanced arms. They then direct the nine arms to punch their opponent repeatedly.
DPR: S+, requires 120 mastery, 100 armament haki

Kashiwa Mochi (拍手モチ, Kashiwa Mochi?, literally meaning "Handclap Mochi"): The user uses their awakened powers to create two Muso Donuts, which they shape into two large mochi arms. They then have the arms attack their opponent with a clap, trapping them between the two hands.
DPR: S, requires 120 mastery

Muso Kashiwa Mochi (無双拍手モチ,Musō Kashiwa Mochi?, literally meaning "Peerless Handclap Mochi"): An empowered version of Kashiwa Mochi, this time the two mochi arms are covered in Busoshoku Haki, and the user has them clap onto the opponent repeatedly, smashing them between the two hands multiple times.
Kuri Mochi (栗餅, Kuri Mochi?, literally meaning "Chestnut Mochi"): The hser uses their awakened powers to create an extremely large Muso Donut covered in spikes and hardened with Busoshoku Haki. They then fire a continuous barrage of hardened mochi spikes at their opponent from the donut.
DPR: S+, requires 120 mastery, 100 armament haki

Martial Arts: Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

Choshinsog (Hyperspeed aka Soru)

A powerful strike that’s mostly used to blow an opponent away, with haki damage is boosted immensely.

Dragon’s Hook
A fast knee strike towards the opponent’s head, causes mild dazing.
(41 str, 41 mastery. DPR: B)

Dragon’s Jaw strike
A powerful kick that can be delivered two folded. Once by lifting the leg up high before bringing it down like an axe kick. The motion slightly resembles a dragon biting down on an opponent. (61 str, 61 mastery. DPR: A)

Tail slash(Hwechook)
A kick that has gathered force through spinning on a central point. Resulting in a devastating blow. (61 str, 61 mastery. DPR A)
  • Flying Tail Slash
A variation on tail slash that unleashes the force through an incredibly sharp air blade. (71 str, 71 mastery. DPR: A, long-range)

Dragon Fang
A counter to high kicks. By twisting the body and delivering a more pushing kick. The user can take advantage of the unstable footing to deliver damage. (21 str, 21 react, 21 mastery. DPR: C)

Hydra Kick
A super-fast combo that involves 3 kicks. Starting with a high kick aimed to the opponent’s face from either left or right. If connected a second kick follows from the opposite side and lastly from behind, the back of the head. A technique which is solely aimed at the brain of an opponent and to ‘shake’ it within the skull. Causes dazing. (61 str, 61 mastery. DPR: A)

Dragon King’s leg
Following the same principles as Tail slash but dialed up even more. With the increased friction from the rotation, the user can ignite their leg on fire. (81 str, 81 mastery. DPR: S)

  • Dragon King’s roar
A flurry strike with a flaming leg aimed to deliver damage to multiple opponents but can also be used on one to overwhelm. (81 str, 81 mastery. DPR: S)
  • Hell strike
A powerful single strike kick aimed at an opponent’s neck. Aimed to blow the opponent away with a devastating blow while also burning them. (100 str, 100 mastery. DPR: S+)
A variation on flying tail slash. With the last remaining burning energy a blade of fire is released towards an opponent. Setting them on fire. (91 str, 91 mastery. DPR: S)
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"Our war is a righteous one."​

Salvatore is a tall, muscular man who was born into an aristocratic family of the Ballywood Kingdom, with a rich military heritage within the World Government. The family boasts to have a militaristic lineage within the Marines dating all the way back to the organizations founding. Furthermore, due to the country's strong maritane trade, Ballywood is particularly aggresive toward pirates, who often harass their trade routes. This aggression has carried over to Salvatore as well, as he views piracy as one of the greatest sins. He is also quite arrogant, boastful, and domineering, and often takes it upon himself to deliver judgmenet to those he feels have sinned. Salvatore's pride and attitude is such that he never holds hatred in his heart to anyone, even Pirates, as he does not hold hatred to those beneath him, he only pities them for taking a wrong path in life, and strives to course correct them by eliminating them, thus erasing their sins. Overall, Salvatore is convinced that he is on a righteous path that all must follow; this renders him to be a strong adherant of absolute justice.

Name: Salvatore
Alias: Lionheart
Affiliation: Marines
Rank: Vice Admiral
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Height: 325 cm (10'8)
Weight: Heavy, Muscular Build

Race Boost: 16/16/16/24
Tier 3 DF Boost: +10 vitality, +5 strength

Strength 65+16+5=86
--Reaction 100
--Movement 100
--Durability 91
--Stamina 91
--Armament Haki 100
--Observation Haki 20
Devil Fruit
Martial Arts
: 50
--Rokushiki: 100

Devil Fruit - Bomu Bomu no Mi
The Bomu Bomu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to make any part of his or her body explode, whether it be hair, mucus, or breath, making the user a Bomb Human. It was eaten by Salvatore, a Vice Admiral of the Marines. The fruit's main strength is that the user can turn their body parts into a bomb with no harm done to the user. The explosive quality extends to emissions such as mucus and breath. The fruit also grants immunity against all other explosions, as well as the ability to evaluate their quality.


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“It is not the dead who should not be among the living,
but the living who should not be among the dead.”

Isis “La Spada”
Epiteth: Grim | The Empress
Race: Human/Tiefling
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 10 feet (admiral)
Weight: 50lbs (skeletal)

Affiliation: Spada Pirates
Position: Captain
Bounty: N/A
Devil Fuit: Yomi Yomi no Mi
Occupation: Musician
Laughing Style: Kuhahahahaha

Beri: 243,000,000


A pearly white skeleton traces her once voluptuous frame and, shaved skeletal horns adorning her head. Chunks of face are the only flesh that remains, ever rotting, covered by a white mask. La Spada has pearly yellow slit eyes, red luscious lips, among the her rotting face. Etched across her face is a deep scar. La Spada’s left arm is replaced by Hades’ Hook and an a boney demon tail trails behind. Over her body is a black cloak, with a mask hiding the madness within.


Cocky. Morbid. Sarcastic. Much of the underworld is within, with a dark and morbid demeanor. By the signature call of the soul, La Spada is confident in her abilities, and rarely one to smile. Torture comes natural, to toy with her opponents. Composed, absence of fear or doubt, the soul within acts largely on whims and selfish desires, to assert the underworld in the higher world.

81 x 5 = 405

Strength: 81 (44 + 32 race + 5 martial arts)
Agility: 100 (80 +15 DF + 5 Mind)

Movement: 100
Reaction: 100
Vitality: 81 x2 (47 +24 race, +10 DF)
Durability: 62
Stamina: 100
Yomi Yomi no Mi: 100 (92 + 8 race)
Haki: 61 x2

Armaments: 81​
Awareness: 41​
Martial Arts: 41 x2
Humming Swordsmanship: 82
Mind: 41 x2
Musician: 82
Current EXP: 238,594 EXP​
(Start) 230,594 EXP
Current Beri: 243m Beri​
(Start) 500m Beri
Spada Beri: 81m Beri​

To be added...


East Blue - Tequila Wolf
Start - End
Birthed new life from Necrohol, La Spada resurrected and set her sights on her comeback. Tequila Wolf was the first. With a statement of power, La Spada single-handedly invaded Tequila Wolf. The Empress entered the Marine base and decimated the troops, taking souls with her. A woman from a life past appeared. Irra the "Bloodhound", now old and with power waned. Recalling her history, La Spada reasserted her desire to end humanity. The remaining half of the rebels joined the Spada Pirates, and the territory came under La Spada Pirates control.

New World - Maelstrom Island
Start - End
To be added...

Hades’ Hook
Forged by lost souls, Hades’ Hook is the Underworld's gift to Isis made out of steel. Hades’ Hook replaces La Spada’s left arm. An Impact Dial is imbued in the hook, absorbing blows at its sides.
-Impact Dial​

Shodai Kitetsu
The Shodai Kitetsu is one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono swords, the strongest in existence. It is said to be cursed, bringing demise to all who wield it. Strings are attached to the pommel up to the tip, acting as a violin.
-Steel Wires (pommel)​


Soul Projection: The user's soul ejects from their body and is able to move freely. The can move through walls, pass through objects, and cannot be harmed. However the soul can also not interact with anything, but-for their voice. While the user's soul is projected, their body is vulnerable, unable to move.
Rank: D (Supplementary)

Soul Shapeshifting: The user’s soul projects and is shape is shifted into any weapon the user desires: swords, bow and arrow, hammer, gauntlets, etc. The weapon harms and freezes anything it touches. An opponent using haki can materialize the weapon.
Rank: C

Spirit Gun: The user concentrates their soul into the user's hand, releasing it through one's finger tip in the form of a blast. The blast is capable of damaging and freezing anything it hits. At 81+ mastery, the blast speed rivals a laser.
Rank: C
Variations: - Shotgun [C Rank]​
- Wave [B Rank]​

Hades' Soul: The user utilizes a medium, typically music, to increase and expel a large piece of their soul. The large piece of soul is capable of using the raw energy and presence to momentarily paralyze those whose bodies have souls, while completely overwhelming those made of others souls, like homies. The soul can also freeze anyone it touches. While Hades' Soul is active, the user's power within their body wanes In relation to the size of the soul monster.
Rank: A
Variations: - Giant Size [S Rank]​

Shinigami: The advanced version of Soul Projection, the user ejects their soul from their body and enters a non-living thing, becoming a host. The user can the control that host as long as their soul is imbued to it. Any damage the new host incurs is translated to the user's stamina through the soul inhabiting it. Like Soul Projection, the user's real body becomes vulnerable, unable to move.
Rank: S (Supplementary)

Soul Parade - A defensive maneuver, the user holds the sword backhand while the Chill of the Underworld is imbued, and blocks an attack, freezing anything it touches. The added slab of ice creates an additional coat of armor.
Rank: C

Soul Parade: Blizzard - The user combines Aubade Coup Droit with the Chill of the Underworld. This creates a piercing wind that carries the Chill of the Underworld, overtaking the target. The attack pierces and freeze anything it touches.
Rank: B

Soul Parade: Ice Burn - Combing Swallow Bond en Avant with the Chill of the Underworld, the user jumps towards the opponent and performs a very swift vertical downward slash that cuts and freezes them. The freezing effect is such that it even freezes the ground and anyone on it.
Rank: B

Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri ("Drawing Song: One-Joint Slash"): Another swift draw-and-sheathing technique, it slices the opponent's torso with three horizontal freezing cuts. Hitoyogiri is a musical instrument with five fingerholes made from a piece of bamboo with one node.
Rank: A

Soul Solid: Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri - Combining Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri with the Chill of the Underworld, the user employs an iai resheathe technique upon the user’s body. A few seconds will pass before the user realizes he’s been slashed, freezing the opponent in a block of ice after cutting them.
Rank: A

Song of Scratches: Blizzard Strike - Combining his incredible speed and his Devil Fruit ability, the user uses an iai resheathe technique, but he sheaths his sword from top to bottom and the streak mark he creates with his "chilled" sword freezes the opponent's blood. The wind produced from this technique contains the essence of the chilling winds of the underworld itself.
Rank: S

Dragon of the Darkness Flame - The user calls souls from the Underworld to his palm, roaring with malevolence and the Chill of the Underworld. By coating the souls with fire, through Fiero, the user creates an entirely new force: a dark dragon. The dragon can freeze and then incinerate it’s target, creating a giant explosion. The technique leaves the user’s arm immobile for two turns.
Rank: S

Sword of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame: The user imbues the Dragon of the Darkness Flame to her sword. Employing the iai resheathe technique Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri, the user concentrates the dragon to a single point: the blade. The technique leaves the user’s sword-wielding arm immobile for five turns.
Rank: S+


Aubade Coup Droit ("Dawn Serenade: Right-Handed Strike"): A thrusting technique, the sword creates a highly compressed blast of air as if fired from a gun.
Rank: C

Prelude: Au Fer ("Prelude to Iron"): The user slashes an opponent's weapon almost instantaneously. Apparently intended to disarm the opponent by destroying whatever weapon they might be wielding at close range.
Rank: B

Gavotte Bond en Avant ("Gavotte: Leap Forward"): A thrusting technique, the user propels himself forward in order to strike an opponent. This move can be done even in mid-air.
Rank: B

Polka Remise ("Polka Continuation"): The user delivers several thrusts against an opponent. Visually, due to the user's speed, it looks as if they are thrusting with several swords. Utilizing this technique, the user can make various Abade Coup Droit.
Rank: B

Swallow Bond en Avant ("Swallow Leap Forward"): An aerial version of Gavotte Bond en Avant, the user first positions himself in mid-air several feet above his target and then performs a descending Bond En Avant spinning downwards in an attempt to spear his target.
Rank: B

Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri ("Three-Verse Humming: Arrow-Notch Slash"): The user slashes an opponent at such a fast pace that it appears that they did not attack at all. Only when a certain amount of time has passed, which is approximate to the time the user walks ten feet away, or three verses, does their opponent realize the attack. It seems to employ elements of iai. The actual attack itself, however, is never seen clearly due to the speed implemented.
Rank: B

Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri (“Drawing Song: One-Joint Slash): This is another swift draw-and-sheathing technique and it slices the opponent's torso with three horizontal cuts.
Rank: A

Hanauta Sancho: Tyamasi no Yahazu Giri ("Three-Verse Humming: Soul Arrow-Notch Slash"): Combining Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri with his Devil Fruit power, Brook jumps into the air and uses a draw-and-sheathing technique to vertically slash his opponent. His speed and light weight allow him to jump high into the air and cut faraway opponents. It was first used against Zeus, and was strong enough to bisect the cloud homie. As the technique is imbued with soul power thanks to his Devil Fruit, it even inflicts pain on the homie.
Rank: S

Agonia Mortal (Mortal Agony): The user leaves his sword trailing behind him, while picking up momentum. Around the blade, wind collects, and upon translating that momentum into a spin, the user swings the sword in a powerful diagonal swing. The wind collected explodes at the end of the swing, creating a gale of wind with great impact power.
Rank: B

La Muerte (“The Death”): Initiating a high-speed movement, translated the momentum into one spot by leaning his body forward and delivering powerful impact with the blunt part of his sword. Because of the momentum, changing direction is not possible, yet the force of the attack creates a shockwave.
Rank: A

Octava (Eight Slash): The user curves the blade at the end of the slash, bringing it back diagonally for the next strike. By using the momentum of each slash to increase the force of the next slash, each slash becomes stronger and faster than the last, for dozens of slashes done in the span of moments, leaving behind a streak in the form of an eight, hence its name.
Rank: A
Variation: Ochocienta [S-Rank]​

Ittoryu Iai: Nadegiri: The user un-sheathes his sword and slashes the opponent as he sheathes it back, in one high-speed movement, seeming as if nothing happened. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are not even aware of it until after it has taken place. What is unique about this attack is that the user uses gravity to aid in the speed and force of his attack, making for a more powerful downwards iai slash.
Rank: S

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General Information

• Name:
• Alias: "Mr. Halloween"
• Affiliation: Underworld
• Occupation: Pirate, Broker, Mercenary (Undercover)
• Race: Human
• Gender: Male
• Birthplace: ???
• Birthdate: October 31
• Age: ???
Height: 205 cm (6'8½")

• Personality: When calm and rational, Mr. Halloween possesses a rather businesslike mindset and seems to enjoy his job of being a leader of an undead mercenary force, despite the fact that some believe that this force causes nothing but destruction and misery. Although he considers himself a mercenary, many people believe his true colors resemble more of piracy, many rumors spreading that Mr. Halloween's services are involved in racketeering, where only he gets to benefit from the results of who wins or loses. His outward appearance seems to be relaxed, easygoing, cheerful, and free-spirited. He has a habit of losing his composure in light of an urgent situations in a comical fashion. He also has a love for sweets and apples, being his favorite food and is rarely seen without eating them. He tends to randomly fall asleep while eating and conversing, leaving strangers around him wondering if he had died.

However, Halloween can be very impatient and ill-tempered, being not at all above injuring others, even his own crew, should they provoke his ire even in the slightest. For so long as he is not agitated, he prefers to avoid making a scene whenever as possible in order to not confront enemies that he might view as troublesome. Mr. Halloween can also be extremely sadistic, bloodthirsty and rarely backs down from a fight. On the occasion that he keeps his end of the bargains, the other party fails to uphold or goes directly against their part in the agreement, Halloween will display immense rage and will not hesitate to inflict the worst punishment upon them. Halloween suffers from his extreme narcolepsy.

Although many consider him coldhearted, Halloween has a strong degree of affection for his crewmates. He will recklessly defend or rescue his subordinates if they are mocked or in danger. His strong attachment to his partner, Lazuli, is considered to be his one weakness.

History | Relationships

From what few people know of his past, Halloween has been an "entrepreneur" for many years, having been associated with famous groups of the past. Most suggest that he was a pirate, part of the Revolutionary Army and even part of a terrorist group at some point. Whenever referring to his childhood, he suggests that his "parents" were not the best caretakers, having mostly provided for himself and Laz. Many believe that he was raised in an infamous family of criminals who have caused havoc around the world, but Halloween claims that he hasn't spoken to his family in many years, implying they are no longer on good terms. Many believe that has connections to some of the Four Emperors, possibly being a former member of their crews. Nowadays, he sails with his only companion, Lazuli in order to expand his empire of the undead and hope to gain power within the New World.

Level 80 - 400 Points

Devil Fruit Tier 3 Bonus = Vitality +15

Strength: 75 (+16 Race) = 91
Agility: 80 (+16) = 94
Movement Speed: 100
Reaction Speed: 94

Vitality: 69 (+15 DF + 16 Race) = 100
Stamina: 100
Durablity: 100

Devil Fruit: 76 (+24) = 100
Martial Arts: 50 x 2
Shinshin Taijutsu= 100

Haki: 55 x 2
Armament Haki: 100
Possesses Conqueror's Haki


• Burn Blades
• Flutter Kick Coating

Bakumetal Scythe

Cybernetic Freedom

Devil Fruit: Kage Kage no Mi

"Halloween" ate the Kage Kage no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to manifest and control shadows as physical beings. It is this fruit that allowed him to build his zombie army by depriving living beings of their shadows and implanting them in dead bodies. He can have his own shadow, which he calls Doppelman, fight for him;] in addition to being mostly solid and easily changing its form into things like tiny bats, Doppelman cannot be destroyed and will continue to reform. He can switch locations with his shadow instantaneously, which he uses to dodge attacks.

The Kage Kage no Mi allows him to steal the shadows of others. The theft of another person's shadow causes them to be vaporized if they come in contact with direct sunlight.[ He can create a zombie by implanting a stolen shadow into a lifeless corpse.
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General Information
• Name:
Genji Nobunaga
• Alias: -
• Affiliation: Marine
• Rank: Vice-Admiral
• Race: Human
• Gender: Male
• Birthplace: Wano
• Birthdate: June 29
• Age: 42
Height: 270 cm

Appearance & Personality
Genji is taller than normal humans, though is small when compared to the bigger characters out in the seas. He is a middle-aged man with an eye patch over his right eye. Despite being a high ranking marine offical, he wears black torn pants, worn out sandals and a messy white shirt, looking more like a pirate than a vice-admiral. However above that atire, he wears the standard issued marine captains cloak, with "Justice" written on his back.

Genji has a very smart and cunning personality and is sometimes even intimidating. Genji as a Vice-Admiral of the Marines is managing the tactics and commanding of his branch. Genji believes in absolute justice, which means that he will hunt down criminals with any means to his disposal. He is very manipulative and doesn't hesitate to use others to achieve his goals, but despite that he has also shown himself to be self-conscious of his actions.

Despite being aggresive when hunting criminals, around his friends he likes to fool around and bug them alot. He constantly tries to make them laugh with bad word plays and gets bummed and frustrated if it does not work.

Total Points: 80 x 5 = 400

Strength: 60 (Race: +16, DF +5) = 81
Speed: 74 (Race: +16, DF: +10) = 100
- Movement: 100
- Reaction: 100
Vitality: 65 (Race: +16) = 81
- Stamina: 81
- Durability: 81
Nikyu Nikyu no mi: 76 (Race: +24) = 100
Martial Arts: 50
- Flowing Palm Style: 100
Haki: 75
- Busou-shoku no Haki: 100
- Kenbun-shoku no Haki: 50

Nikyu Nikyu no mi – Paw Paw Fruit

Genji has consumed the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that bestows him the ability to repel everything he touches, and is physically represented as paws on his palms, making him a Paw Human. The first and foremost strength of the fruit is that the user is able to push virtually anything they touch into paw-shaped bubbles and send it flying at an extremely high speed. This includes both tangible materials like people, objects, and even gases such as air as well as intangible things and the sensation of physical pain. This power also offers the user an incredible defense in battle, allowing them to deflect or redirect any attack. They are also able to harness their abilities to perform offensive maneuvers, such as repelling the very air around them at very high speed.

Rank: S
Tier 1 boost: +5 speed
Tier 2 boost: +5 speed, +5 strength
Tier 3 boost: +10 speed, +5 strength
1-20 Basic Mastery
21-40 Adept Mastery
41-60 Skilled Mastery - Can send self flying at a tier higher than own movement speed for short distances
61-80 Proficient Mastery - Can extract damage from target
81-99 Excellent Mastery - Can send others flying to any other destination in the world with only a 3 day travel time, though only voluntary. Only places the user has visited.
100 Supreme Mastery
120 Absolute Mastery - Awakening

Canon Techniques
-Pad Ho (31 Mastery, 41 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B): The user repels the air around them, sending a devastating shockwave toward their opponent at high speeds. The shock wave can travel directly through the body of the victim and continue into the distance, leaving paw imprints in its wake. Anyone and anything that is in the path of the blast receives serious damage.
-Tsuppari Pad Ho .(51 Mastery, 51 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: B): The user first plants both feet firmly on the ground by means of a sumo-style foot stomp. Then, throwing his palms forward multiple times, the user fires a vast number of "pressure shots" at the enemy. The way they push their palms forward and the stance they take while performing this technique resemble those used commonly in sumo wrestling. Tsuppari is a thrusting open-handed strike about the upper chest and face, a technique in Sumo
-Ursus Shock (61 Mastery) Destructive Potency Rank: A: The user gathers air with their palms and compresses it into a giant bubble which resembles a paw-print. Once the bubble is compact enough to fit within his hands, they release the compressed air and send it toward their opponent. The air quickly decompresses, causing a massive explosion in the form of a bear paw.

Custom Techniques
-Kuma Step (+1 Movement Speed Tier): Using the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no mi Genji repels himself at light speed. Follows Soru-Guidelines.
-Super Pad Ho Destructive Potency Rank: A AOE (Requirement: 71 Devilfruit): Genji puts hits hands together Kamehameha-style and then creates a bubble that resembles a paw-print between them. He then streches his arms towards his opponent, releasing the paw-bubble at high speed, which is also suddenly grown multiple times the size of Genji himself. As indicated in its name, this a more powerfull Version of the normal Pad Ho technique.
-Superior Ursus Shock Destructive Potency Rank: S+ AOE (Requirement: 100 Devilfruit | 1 Turn Charge Time): Ursus Shock, just bigger. Needs more preparation.
-Ursus Palm Destructive Potency Rank: S (Requirement: 81 Devilfruit): Using the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no mi Genji repels himself above the target which he will then strike with his open palm, repelling it into the ground with lightning speed. The impact on the ground causes a huge shockwave and large scale destruction, leaving a big crater in its wake. Follows Soru-Guidelines
-Karma Palm Destructive Potency Rank: Determined by Opponents technique (Requirement: Devilfruit/Reaction Speed equal to Opponent): Used against straight forwards attacks, Genji repels and opponents attack back into himself.

Martial Arts - Flowing Palm Style
Genji is proficient in the Flowing Palm Style, which is a martial art that is inspired by kung fu, but puts an emphasis on using the users open palms to attack. This complements Genjis Paw Fruit powers greatly. When locked in close combat, the user will dance around his opponent like a flowing current, using evasive maneuvers to dodge and deflect incoming attacks and positioning himself perfectly for decisive attacks. Given enough power, the user may turn the purling creek into a ripping stream, confronting his enemy with countless blows.

Base Techniques
-Tiger Palm Destructive Potency Rank: B (Requirement: 41 Strength | 41 Mastery): The user strikes his opponent with his open palm at great speed, that matches the tempo of rokushikis shigan.
-Snake Palm Destructive Potency Rank: B (Requirement: 41 Strength | 51 Mastery): The user strikes his opponent with his open palm, his arm however seems to wreathe as if it was liquid, making this attack difficult to predict and defend against.
-Crane Palm Destructive Potency Rank: B (Requirement: 41 Strength | 51 Mastery): The user strikes his opponent with his open palm while also adding a circular motion his arm. Upon impact, this concentrates the force on the very center of the palm, allowing it to pierce instead of dealing blunt damage.
-Turtle Palm (Requirement: Mastery/Reaction Speed equal to Opponent): The user uses his palm to redirect an incoming attack with a circular movement.

Advanced Techniques
-Ordeal of the 32 <Insert Base Palm Technique> Destructive Potency Rank A (Requirement: 71 Strength | 71 Mastery): The user attacks his opponent 32 times using one of the Flowing Palm Styles base techniques in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
-Ordeal of the 64 <Insert Base Palm Technique> Destructive Potency Rank: S (Requirement: 91 Strength | 91 Mastery): The user attacks his opponent 64 times using one of the Flowing Palm Styles base techniques in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
-Ordeal of the 128 <Insert Base Palm Technique> Destructive Potency Rank: S+ (Requirement: 105 Strength | 120 Mastery): The user attacks his opponent 128 times using one of the Flowing Palm Styles base techniques in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
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  • Name: Dr. MadDoX "DoX"
  • Alias: Mad Wolf Brainiac
  • Affiliation: Revolution Army
  • Rank: Field Officer - Leader of Group B
  • Bounty: n/a
  • Race: Mink Wolf
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 3 meter tall
  • Weight: Muscular build
  • Exp Points: 230,594 EXP


MadDoX is a white and greyed-furred wolf mink with piercing amber eyes. He's usually seen dressed in a yellow superhero costume with black boots, black cape with his tail coming out from behind. The suit has a logo of a wolf located near the heart. He either wears his gauntlets or his gloves, that he only uses when he is building something.
Furthermore, due to his Life Return mastery, DoX's has a complete control over his tail and generally tied its around his waist (Similar to Saiyans in DBZ).
When in Sulong form, his fur becomes a bit more spikey due to the electricity coming out of his body and his tail seems longer.

Superhero appearance

Maddox possesses an energetic and optimistic attitude. Generally, an easy-going person that likes to see the bright side of things, DoX is someone who rarely puts his guard down. He uses his happy attitude to hide his goals or secret, as he believes that everybody is entitled to their own secrets, as long as they don't affect anybody else. He loves to quote himself or give people nicknames, as he is someone who has trouble remembering people's names. When he's in a good mood, he generally ends his sentences with "Dynamo".
Due to his upbringing, DoX firmly believes that everybody is capable of good or bad, it all depends of their circumstance. He rarely shows fear, as he trusts that the universe always has a plan. However he does get surprised or confused. He believes in equality and tries to create equality in places where there isn't. He has a mantra similar to Kizaru, once he is sure on what to do, Dox will do everything in his power to achieve his objective.
His personality changes when he's in Sulong. He becomes a bit more aggressive and prefer to by the name Dynamo when in this form. He talks less and becomes more a mink of action.


80 x 5 = 400
- Race: +4 SPE, +5VIT
- Mind: +15 SPE
- MA: +5 STR, +5 SPE, +5 VIT

- STR: 80 (+5 MA) = 85
- SPE: 58x2 (Race: +32, Mind: +5, MA: +5) = 100
Movement: 100
- Reaction: 100
- VIT :46x2 (Race: +40, +5 MA) = 91
Stamina: 82
- Durability: 100
- Martial Art : 91x2

- Electro: 100
- Life Return: 82
- Haki :75x2
- Busou-shoku no Haki: 100
- Kenbun-shoku no Haki: 50 (Awareness)
- Mind: 50x2
- Science 100

Martial Art


  • Basic Electro (Requires 1 Mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink shocks an opponent with their hand.
  • Full Body Electro (requires 21 Mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink shocks an opponent with their body.
  • Electro Coating (requires 41 Mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink covers their weapon in a layer of electricity that will shock on contact.
  • Sulong (requires 61 Mastery): using electricity the mink shocks their body function at limit breaker capacity giving +10 speed and strength. It can only be used at night
  • Sulong Shock (requires 81 Mastery): while in Sulong form the mink can shoot electro at a 1m range.

Users of Electro can channel electricity through parts of their bodies in order to shock anything they touch. Most of DoX's attack has a range of 1 meter. It's specified if he reaches the 2-meter quota.

  • Electrical Luna:
DoX charges up a ball of electricity with both hands and slams it into the ground, causing a wide-range blast capable of electrocuting several foes at once.
Requires 100 mastery, 100 strength - DPR: S

  • Mo Golova:
DoX headbutts his opponent while using Electro to shock them.
Requires 21 mastery, 21 strength - DPR: C

  • Moon Rabbit:
DoX uses either his fist or foot to launch an attack that generates an electrical strike upon contact.
Requires 81 mastery, 81 strength - DPR: A

It's a fighting style that allows the user to control their bodily functions. DoX's usage:
  • Claws:
The user increases the length and density of his nails to make them into claws. He uses in conjunction with electro to electrocute his foes.
Rank S

  • Hair:
The user increases the length of his hair and manipulates it.
  • Tail:
The user uses the same process as his hair on his tail. He has full control of his tail, generally used to bind or inflict electro attack.
  • Senses:
The user increases the capacity of his 5 senses, it generally focuses on one at a time.
  • Nerves:
The user manipulates his nerves and by using electro, DoX boosts his reflexes for a short period. He can also reduce feeling pain. He can only focus on one at a time.
Mastery 82/5= 16+boost with 1 turn cooldown

  • Blood:
The user manipulates his blood increases his blood flow, it's the Life Return version of Luffy's Gear 2.
+16 Speed (can be used for 4 turns per half hour at 81 mastery)

  • Muscle
The user manipulates his muscle density to increase his strength. A drop in his Speed when using this art.
+8 strength and +8 speed. Mastery/10=-drop with 1 turn cooldown

All of the Arts above is used in combination with Electro.

  • Kami Shibari (髪縛り Kami Shibari?, literally meaning "Hair Bind"): The user lengthens his hair and manipulates it to bind his opponents. 61 Mastery, 41 Strength
  • Haru Gin Jo (春・吟・情 Haru Gin Jō?, literally meaning "Spring Poem of Passion"): After catching his opponent in Kami Shibari, the user aims his staff at his opponent for a finishing blow.(61 Mastery, 61 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: A Sidenote: Instead of a staff, DoX uses his fists.
  • Shoka, Kyushu (消化 吸収 Shōka, Kyūshū?, literally meaning "Digestion, Absorption"): The user uses this technique to return to their normal size body fat after eating a lot of food.(61 Mastery and 41 Durability)

  • Dynamo-Shin:
DoX punches at his opponent using a one-arm thrust aimed at his opponent. Once the attack connects a rush of electro goes through his foe, causing a shocking effect that creates a shockwave.
Requires 51 strength, 41 life return, 41 electro - DPR: B (AoE)

  • Dynamo-Panther:
DoX's uses his LR to increase his blood flow. He dashes towards a target to launch a Dynamo-Shin. This combination enables him to temporary increase his speed to surprise his opponent. By using his Sky Walk Boots, DoX's can do an aerial version of this move.
Requires 71 strength, 61 life return, 61 electro, 61 movement - DPR: A (AoE)

  • Dynamo-Agon:
Its DoX's defensive move, where he uses an open palm punch that pushes back its foes. The electro after effect is stronger than with Dynamo-Shin.
Requires 61 strength, 51 life return, 51 electro - DPR: A

  • Dynamo-Taka:
With LR, DoX generates more electro that comes out of his body that surrounds him, similar to an aura surrounding him. He runs fast towards his target. The electro shocks anything that comes nears him in a 1 meter radius. The impact causes a strong stunning aftereffect.
Requires 100 strength, 100 life return, 100 electro - DPR: S+

DoX increases the length and density of his nails, this enables him to either pierce or slash his target.
Requires 41 strength, 31 life return, 31 electro - DPR: B
  • Dynamo-Pow:
DoX manipulates his vocal cord and shouts. The scream creates a sound wave. This attack resembles a Wolf's roar.
Requires 81 strength, 71 life return, 81 electro - DPR: A (ranged AoE)
  • Dynamo-Ario:
DoX manipulates his tail to use it in battle. Increasing its size, the tail is used it to either bind or whip his opponent. If he uses it to bind, his target will be electrocuted as long as he keeps hold.
Requires 41 strength, 31 life return, 31 electro - DPR: B

With a specialty in Science, DoX has 100 inventions points:

  • Mecha: Ou DoX - 40 inventions points
  • Utility Inventions: Sky Walk Boots - 30 inventions points
  • Power Suit: A+-rank Suit - 30 inventions points

Mecha - Ou DoX
Ou DoX is Dox's mecha that he built. It's a fully functioning larger version of himself that's 15 meters tall (3x 5m= 15meters). With city level durability. He has:

  • 2 Destruction Weaponry:
    • Directed-Energy Weapon + 3 magazines (DPR: A): Laser beams (located in his mouth)
    • Artillery Gun + 3 rounds (DPR: B): The gun is located in his right arm

  • 2 Utility Inventions:
    • Rocket Pack: Located on his back
    • Sky Walk Boots


As a Field Officer of the Revolution Army, DoX has 520 fodder NPC and 2 named NPC. He usually is seen with one of his two named Npc.

First Named NPC
  • Name: DoX-T1
  • Race: Cyborg, Human (Formerly)
  • Color: Red
  • Role: Tactical support and sniper
  • Stats: Level 56 - 280 Skill Points
    • Strength: 34+4=38
    • Speed: 81+10=91
      • Movement: 82
      • Reaction: 100
    • Vitality: 81+4=85
      • Stamina: 70
      • Durability: 100
    • Cyborg: 84x4=336
      • Destruction: 100
      • Armor: 100
      • Energy: 68
      • Utility: 68
  • Bionic (20/40 modification points used)
    • Destruction
      • Artillery gun + 3 rounds (DPR: B): 4 modification points
      • Directed-energy weapon + 3 magazines (DPR: B): 4 modification points
      • Missile launcher + 4 missiles (DPR: A): 5 modification points
    • Armor
      • Flexible armor allows user to eat a devil fruit
    • Energy
      • Supercharged electric battery. (Can do cyborg techniques 61-81 a few times)
    • Utility
      • Rocket Booster (+5 mobility)(2 max): 4 modification points
      • Extendable arms: 3 modification points
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