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Name: Kyria Race: Large human | Organisation: Pirate
Age: Mid 20’s | Height: 11 ft
Alias: "Crimson Blade"

Incredibly sharp light stung the eyes of the baby as he for the first time met the outside world. "It's a boy!" Someone cried out, hands lifted the baby, and something very foreign though very comfortable was pressed against him. This didn't stop him from crying and screaming. "That kid's got some strong pipes on him," Someone said... "Oh hush" It came from whoever was holding the baby "He's my precious treasure"

The 7-year-old boy was running and laughing, the sun in his eyes and the wind in his hair. Not a care in the world existed in him, no discontent could be found. Other kids were running after him, sticks in their hands acting as swords. "I've got you now you Marine!" one kid shouted "he's too fast," said another. They had been at this for hours, the other kids mostly wanted to be pirates, but the kid that ran so fast... He just wanted to be a marine. "Kyria! Come home, food is ready" The kid dressed as a marine, looked at the disappointed faces of the others, but he knew, same as them, that you come home when you're told.
It was his favorite, spaghetti with sausage and meatballs, Kyria devoured it like an animal that hadn't eaten for days, he had eaten both breakfast and supper, but it made no difference to his appetite. His mother was looking at him with a loving though slightly exasperated expression, "I'm glad you like it, but can't you at least take the time to taste it?". The boy looked up, a spaghetti dangling from his upper lip, "but I am tasting it mother I swear" "It's so good I just can't stop myself".

His mother chuckled loudly, her smile beaming at him: "Well alright then, but don't choke, I swear you've gotten your father's appetite, though I managed to reign him in, happier you.. I've got no chance haha". Kyria smirked at that, but he also felt incredible happiness just from hearing his mother's laugh. "When is dad coming home?" He was going to buy me a Marine jacket that would fit me he said" The woman raised her left eyebrow looking at her content, and very spoiled son: "Is he now?" "Those are expensive, and yes I know he can afford it, he managed to sell quite a bit of silk this year, so it shouldn't be a problem, but Kyria.." "Why this focus on being a marine?" The boy swallowed another mouthful of spaghetti, the sauceoutselling dripping from his cheek: "Because marines are strong, and I want to be strong so I can protect you when dad is outselling wares" Saying up to here the boy grinned.
The mother's heart completely melted and she walked up to the chair Kellan was sitting on and grabbed him in a long, long hug. "Oh, you're my sweet little treasure". The child returned the hug, smug that he had managed to make his mother even happier, "Yes, yes I am".

"You're accused of aiding pirates, giving them food, water and, clothes on their back". "This enabled them to be far bolder in their tyranny of the masses since they always knew that they had somewhere to get fresh supplies no matter what" "What is your defense"?
"Your honor, the only thing I can plead is that I did what I had to do to keep my family alive." "I am but one man, and I did not have the strength to defy them, look behind me. My son is only 13 years old, he's barely started his life, how could I let the pirates snuff it out?" "I had to comply."
After his last statement, faint sobbing could be heard, the boy... Kyria was crying because he hadn't known about his father's hardships. He'd had no clue, and now, his father was standing there, surrounded by people that to Kyria looked more like vultures. His father was a sorry sight, he had been beaten black and blue. By who, Kyria didn't know and didn't want to guess.
"That matters not in the slightest in the eyes of the law, criminal". "You broke the law and will have to pay the price for it!" "I sentence you to 8 years in Impel Down!"
The crowd gasped, the boy shouted "No!!!", this only earned him a smack on the side of his head from a marine officer standing behind him. His mother said nothing, she was beyond grief, and she knew that if she made a fuss now, her son would be left all alone.
As his father was hauled away, Kyria could hear an officer whisper to the judge: "8 years in Impel Down for being forced at knifepoint to give supplies to some lowly pirates sir?" The judge looked quite annoyed, and attempted to whisper, though Kyria heard him perfectly fine. "It's harsh, but I've heard Admiral Akainu is not far from here, and perhaps he will favor me and give me a position of power somewhere off this goddamn island"

Kyria felt sick to his stomach as he was dragged outside, cursing the marines, and the judge as cowards in his heart.
His mother grabbed his hand, more for her comfort than for his perhaps, but Kyria didn't know. "Your father will make it out of this alive, we still have money and will be fine". "Stay strong"
His mother's words always brought him comfort... Only made his heart colder.

Five years passed, it was a miserable experience for the mother and son. Kyria now 17 was hungry and struggling, he had little to no friends because the only friends that wanted anything to do with him were the type of people Kyria avoided like the plague. He hadn't broken, he hadn't given up. He hadn't turned to crime, even as his mother got poorer and had to take increasingly more difficult jobs, he just put his head down, grit his teeth and did as much as he possibly could to contribute to the finances.
A scream ripped asunder the silence. "Mother!" Kyria ran for all he was worth through the streets, his shoes almost falling off in the process. He fell and cut his left leg on a rock, but that didn't matter and onward he went.
He ran around a corner, and there... In the middle of the road lay his mother, her back stained red with blood. Kyria almost fainted on the spot, above his mother stood a weirdly dressed man with a glass bowl over his head. In his hand was a nasty whip, which he lifted once again and struck down, Kyria's mother screamed, and Kyria himself howled with rage: "stop it!!!"
His mother's eyes snapped open and looked at him sharply, but tinged with indescribable fear: "stay away Kyria!" "Leave!" The man looked up at Kyria, sizing him up, and started to laugh "hyojojojo" "You're a big boy aren't you?" "Talk sense into your foolish mother and tell her to become my concubine hyojojojo". Kyria didn't understand a damn thing about what was going on, but onlookers were already gathering, and shouts of "Tenryuubito!"

Kyria felt faint of breath, he knew of the Tenryuubito, and he understood how dire the situation had just become. He knew he had to be as polite as he was capable of being: "Sir, my mother might seem alone right now, but she is married". "Would you show mercy and let us leave?" The tyrant was looking at Kyria with joy in his eyes, it looked sick "Hyojojojo but your mother isn't married, why are you lying?" "Do you want to die?" Hearing his Kyria's mother cried out: "Lord have mercy, I am married, my husband might be in jail, but we will be reunited" "Hyojojojo, but you're not married, a marriage lasts until death do you part". "So I had your husband killed, you are hereby a free lady, now become my concubine hyojojojo!!"
The woman broke down sobbing, Kyria just lost it: "I'll KILLL YOU!!" "Kyria don't do it!!" His mother's plea never reached Kyria, he ran forward, he'd always been faster than most, that had never changed. The Tenryuubito tried swinging the whip against him, but to no avail, Kyria's fist smashed into the man's glass bowl and shattered it. The onlookers gaped and screamed as Kyria threw the Tenryuubito on the ground and just continued to hit, again and again, and again. Blood was now covering him, but before he could throw the final blow, his mother threw herself at him, forcing him to stop.
Before Kyria could even say something, he and his mother was lifted by strong hands and whisked away at an incredible speed. The surrounding city flew by while Kyria was starting to feel sick, he was thrown down on the ground just as the bile started to creep up his throat.
"That was admirable, but incredibly foolish, thankfully your mother stopped you from killing the man, alive he might vent his wrath here, but dead and the whole World government would have burned this place to ash".

Kyria didn't even know what to say, he was shaking from head to foot, his mother had passed out. "What am I supposed to do now?" The man took pity on him and kindness filled his eyes as he answered: "You can't stay here, nor can your mother, I have friends in this town that will take her with them, to a new place". "After today, the Celestial Dragon won't remember her, he will remember you, and you my boy must come with me to a revolutionary stronghold". "I will try my damnest to make you prepared to go up against your foe, and when I'm not skilled enough others will take over".
All Kyria managed to do was nod, and that was enough, his journey was now just starting.

Back in the city, members of the revolutionaries had already started to secretly explain to the citizens that they had to leave, nobody wanted to, but they knew they had to.

A few years passed as the revolutionaries tried to instill a righteous heart into the boy, but Kyria's heart was filled with too much wrath and bitterness. He'd had people that cared for him among some revolutionaries, trainees mostly. Sadly after a few years, he chose to leave. He told his superior: "As I am now, I'm of no use to your cause. Pirates got my father in trouble, but the judge and marines were the ones that sent him to Impel Down like he was a hardened criminal".

"I'll travel the seas as a pirate, I hope you trust me enough to never betray you"

His superior let out a deep sigh before he said: "It might not be my decision to make, but I'll let you go" "If you ever feel yourself finding some sort of peace of mind. I'd love to have you come back.

Kyria didn't say anything to that, just bowed deeply, turned around, and left.

He might be his mother's treasure, but he would be his enemies' curse.

His personality as a child was happy-go-lucky. Tragedy and grief made him harder as he got older. He can still be kind, even if he's not righteous like the Revolutionaries. The only thing he truly desires at the beginning of his journey is to vent his anger.

The problem with Kyria, with me... Was that there had been something slightly wrong with me since my father had been arrested all those years back. The encounter with the Celestial Dragon, and the knowledge that my father was dead, had increased that wrongness. Had put a scar on my soul that never really got looked after. And with the war in the Bloody Forrest... Real cracks had started to appear in his psyche. And now... With every swing of my sword, every life I've taken... Slowly, oh so slowly, but surely... Parts of my humanity were decaying.

60 x 5 = 300
Human Race Bonus (large human) Strength: 12 Speed: + 12 Vitality: + 30
Strength: 79 + 12 = 91
Large building Level
Speed: 69 +12 = 81
81x2= 162
-Reaction: 81 Massively Hypersonic Reactions
-Movement: 81 Massively Hypersonic Speed
Vitality: 51 + 30 = 81
-Durability: 81 Town Level
-Stamina: 81 Vast Endurance
-Can use several large scale abilities without it greatly taxing
Haki: 60
-Armament Haki: 81 - Can coat full body with hardening. Can coat intangible attacks with, such as air slashes with hardening. Can be used 16 times in 10 turns.
-Observation Haki: 39 (Awareness, can sense anything within 78 meters)
Fighting Style: 41
-Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 82 - Excellent Mastery

Current Exp: 114797
Starting exp: 112797

+1000 exp
+1000 exp

Current beri: 532 500 000


Island Weekly: 251,250,00
Character Weekly: 60 x 250,000 = 15,000,000
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General Information

Cletus Dragon
Alias: "The Predator"
Affiliation: The Silver Vampirates
Occupation: Pirate, Mercenary
Race: Lunarian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: April 26th
Age: 23
Height: 305 cm (10'0")


Cletus was once a happy go lucky and laid back child. But after the tragedy that transpired in his home village in the Grandline he became stern and and entirely devoted to vengeance, though deep down he hadn't lost his compassion.

His most defining trait is his immense hatred of the Marines and the World Government alike for the destruction of his home. More often than not, he leaves a wake of destruction in his path in his hunt to wipe everyone associated with them off of the face of the earth.

He greatly respects strength, sometimes tipping his hat to even his most hated enemies for giving him a good fight. He's not one for posturing, or following fighting etiquette. Instead, he wastes no time in going for the kill should the opportunity present itself, personally goes after noteworthy enemies when they are physically disabled, swiftly strikes at foes who are distracted, and may relentlessly mount attack after attack on his opponents to leave them little chance to defend themselves.

He is against showing his appearance and keeps himself hidden under a mask, feeling great shame to have indirectly caused the demise of his friends and family for his race. Even going as far as to remove his own wings.

Martial Arts
DFs: Flame, Lava, Heat, Soul, Cream
Martial Arts/Other: Black Leg, Dials, Fiero,Cyborg
Minor burn: using the burned part slightly hurts. lasts for 2 turns. Requires a least 31 mastery
Moderate burn: using the burned parts hurts and will cause slight extra damage each turn (D-rank). lasts for 3-4 turns. Requires at least 51 mastery
Major burn: using the burned hurts a lot and becomes unusable if used twice while still burned, will cause extra damage each turn (C-rank). lasts for 3-6 turns. Requires at least 71 mastery
Severe burn: burned part is unusable and causes a lot of extra damage each turn (B rank). lasts for 5-8 turns. Requires at least 91 mastery and a shop upgrade

Dash Burn: A wild flaming dash. Cletus Ignites his body and dashes forward quickly leaving a trail of fire as he burns everything in his path.
Requirements: Mastery 41 Movement Speed 41 21 Strength

King's Flame: Cletus conjures a fireball over his open palm, then forms a fist to execute a powerful flame punch.
Requirements: Mastery 41 Strength 41

King's Flame: Hot Box: Cletus conjures a fireball over both palms, then forms fists to excute a powerful barrage of flame punches.
Requirements: 41 Mastery 41 Strength

Flame Twister: Cletus ignites his body and spins to create a flaming tornado that burns and blows away opponents.
Requirements: 61 Mastery 61 Speed 61 Strength

Great Flame Twister: A stronger version of Flame Twister. He spins to create a tornado of flame that burns and blows away his targets, but like an actual tornado it keeps going and burns anyone who gets caught in it.
Requirements: 71 Mastery 61 Speed 61 Strength

Fire Mode: The user boosts their body by igniting a flame from their back gaining 20+ Durability and -10 speed, for 10 turns. When the fire is off, the inverse happens. -10 Durability, +20 Movement Speed.

Race Boost.Martial Arts Boost
66×5 = 330
Strength: 62+24+5 = 91
Speed: 81+5 =86

86×2 = 172
Reaction: 91
Movement: 81
Vitality: 77+18+5= 100
Durability: 100
Stamina: 100
Haki: 60+6 = 66
66×2= 132
Armanment Haki: 81
Martial Arts: 50
50×2= 100
Fiero: 100

-Steel Mask
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Name: Sephiroth
Alias: Sephiroth ''the Apocalypse''
Affiliation: Silver Vampirate Pirates
Rank: Crew member
Bounty: n/a
Race: Lunarian
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 8'
Weight: Unknown, lean muscular build
Distinctive feature: Black wings, long white hair
EXP tracker: 18,599 + 1,000 + 3,250 + 1,000 + 3,750 + 1,000 + 3,750 = 32,349 EXP

Beri tracker: 0 + 135,178,571 - 130,000,000 + 149,385,915 - 150,000,000 + 153,932,432 - 150,000,000 = 8,496,918 Beri

All items (used by):

  • Sephiroth:
    • TBA
Personality: Sephiroth hails from the Lunarian clan of ''Gods'' that used to exist atop the Red Line. Ever since his race went largely extinct, Sephiroth has been forced to live on the surface. However, his life, due to his black wings, has been anything but easy. Due to this, he is rather cold and only looks out for his own survival. He has joined the Silver Vampirate Pirates, though that move, too, was but a survival tactic. He uses them to survive, and they find him a valuable member, due to his race. In battle, Sephiroth is very shrewd, calculated, and sometimes arrogant.


32 x 5 = 160

Strength: 39 (Race: +12) = 51

Speed: 36 (MA: +5) = 41 [Movement Speed: 41 | Reaction Speed: 41]

Vitality: 40 (Race: +9) = 49 [Stamina: 49 | Durability: 49]

Martial Arts: 45 (Race: +6) = 51 [Lunarian Arts: 51 | Swordsmanship: 51]

Martial Arts: Lunarian Arts


Sephiroth conjures a fireball over his open palm, then forms a fist to execute a powerful, flame-clad punch. Rank C. Requirement: 31 strength & 31 mastery.

Fire Bomb:

Sephiroth has explosives set up inside his attire. When he is struck, he ignites the explosives with his Lunarian Fire, which causes them to erupt and engulf the enemy in a powerful explosion. Due to his high resistance to fire and heat, this does not harm Sephiroth. Rank B. Requirement: 41 mastery.

Red Kick:

Sephiroth engulfs his leg in Lunarian Fire and then kicks the target with great strength and speed. Rank C. Requirement: 21 strength & 21 mastery.


Sephiroth engulfs his sword in Lunarian Fire. Unranked - supplementary move. Requirement: 21 mastery.


Martial Arts: Swordsmanship




A powerful attack where Sephiroth ignites his sword's blade and, from its tip, produces a large, whirling, serpentine dragon made of fire, dense enough that it similar to magma. Sephiroth then sends this dragon flying against a single or multiple enemies in order to incinerate them. Rank B. Requirement: 51 strength & 51 mastery.

Omori Karyudon:

A more powerful version of Karyudon, creating a larger fire dragon with which Sephiroth attacks and tries to incinerate his opponent. Rank A. Requirement: 71 strength & 71 mastery.

Red Slash:

After engulfing his sword in Lunarian Fire, Sephiroth slashes. This slash cuts and burns at the same time. Rank C. Requirement: 21 strength & 21 both masteries.

Rush of the Fire Beast:

After engulfing his sword and himself in Lunarian Fire in the form of a fire beast, Sephiroth dashes forward and stabs through his target. This stab pierces and burns at the same time. Rank B. Requirement: 41 strength & 41 both masteries.

Fire Mine:

After engulfing his sword in Lunarian Fire, Sephiroth stabs it into the ground, unleashing a blast of fire in all directions. The blast of fire carries concussive force and burns at the same time. Rank B. Requirement: 61 strength & 61 mastery.

Fire Wave:

After engulfing his sword in Lunarian Fire, Sephiroth slashes, unleashing a wave of fire at the target. Rank C. Requirement: 21 strength & 21 both masteries.

For NPCs and ship armada, click here.

Places Sephiroth and his subordinates have been:

  • TBA
    • TBA
  • TBA
    • TBA
  • TBA
    • TBA
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Name: Ryu-shin
Alias: "The Reaper"
Affiliation: World Government, Cipher-Pol 9
Rank: Officer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6ft 10in
Weight: 175lbs, very lean but has a deceiving amount of muscle mass.
Distinctive feature: Long black hair, blood red eyes.

Personality: Ryu is a generally laid back, confident man whom enjoys smoking cigarettes, cigars and drinking whiskey. However, under this confident demeanor is a cold, callous man with only one purpose in life, to complete his mission, no matter the cost. He believes in nothing but true justice for any who break the law. From petty thief to Revolutionary, if you are against Law and Order, you must be taken out. If you are an ally, he will be the best friend you could ever have, but if you are an enemy... Begin counting down your own doomsday clock.

Appearance: Ryu-Shin usually sports a black tuxedo with a red shirt and silver tie, along with black shoes. He has long, straight black hair that reaches to his back. He is quite handsome, sporting a clean shaven look and no blemishes, but his piercing red eyes are often considered unsettling, so he often has them covered with round, orange-tinted sunglasses. He also always carries with him his curved sabre, which had been given to him by his father before he went off to basic training.


50x2= 250

Strength; 51 (+10 race boost) = 61

Speed; 46 (+10 race boost, +5 MA boost) = 61
61x2= 122
Movement- 61
Reaction- 61

Vitality; 51 (+10 race boost) = 61
61x2= 122
Stamina- 61
Durability- 61

Haki; 41 (+15 race boost) 56
56x2= 112

Armament- 61
Awareness- 51

MA; 61
61x2= 122
Rokushiki- 61
Sword- 61

Geppou [First Form]
Description: The Geppo allows the users to jump off the air itself to cross great distances without ever touching the ground. Mastery divided by 2 is the amount of times you can kick before having to land.
Spoiler: Variations/Combinations

Soru [Second Form]
Description: The Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in by kicking off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye.The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down
Spoiler: Variations/Combinations

Shigan [Third Form]
Description: The Shigan is a close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound.
41-60 Mastery: Destructive potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive potency: A
81-100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S
Spoiler: Variations/Combinations

Rankyaku [Fourth Form]
The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and cause great damage.
31-50 Mastery: Destructive potency: C
51-71 Mastery: Destructive potency: B
71-99 Mastery: Destructive potency: A
100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S
Spoiler: Techniques/Combinations

Tekkai [Fifth Form]
Description: The Tekkai hardens the users' muscles to the level of iron, in order to nullify damage taken from attacks. The user hardens their body, increasing Durability by Mastery/5.
11-50 mastery: 2 turn cool-down
51-80 mastery: Can move while having tekkai activated.(2 turn cooldown)
Moving Tekkai requires 1 turn cool-down.
81-100 mastery: Using tekkai while moving has a 1 turn cool-down. Standing still tekkai has no cool-down.
Spoiler: Variations/Combinations

Kami-e [Sixth Form]
Description: The Kami-e makes the users' body extraordinarily flexible in order to avoid any attacks, float, and bending their body like a piece of paper, increasing their reaction speed by Mastery/5. Cannot attack.
11-50 mastery: Must stand in one place (2 turn cool down)
51-81 mastery: Can move around. (2 turn cool down) Standing still while using Kami-E has a 1 turn cooldown.
81-100 mastery: Can move around.(1 turn cool down) Standing still while using Kami-E has no cooldown.
Spoiler: Variations/Combinations

Rokougan [Final Form] LOCKED
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 81 Strength, 81 Armament Haki
Description: This is the ultimate Rokushiki technique that can damage an opponent internally, similar to the Reject Dial, but much more powerful. It appears to be two fists held at close range that can damage the opponent with a powerful blast.
Spoiler: Variations/Combinations

Hand Rankyaku:
Combining the principles of kicking quickly to unleash a flying slash, with the arm speed of Shigan, Ryu performs a quick karate chop, unleashing a Rankyaku using a karate chop instead of a kick. Rank B.

Leg Jugon:

Extending the principle of Shigan’s arm speed to the legs as well, Ryu is able to kick with the speed of Jugon. Rank B.

Rock Punch:

Combining the principles of Tekkai Kenpou and Jugon, Ryu hardens his fist and then punches with the speed of a bullet. Rank B.

Busoshoku Tekkai Sai:

Ryu covers his arms in Armament Haki, whilst also applying Tekkai, making his hands almost unbreakable, dealing a lot more damagae with every punch. Rank A

Busoshoku Soru-Shigan:

Ryu covers his finger tips with Armament Haki and then delivers a Shigan strike with the speed of Soru. Rank A

Busoshoku Rankyaku:

Ryu coats his Rankyaku in invisible Haki and launches it with a deft kick. Can also be combined with Geppou for a mid-air attack. Rank B

Busoshoku Quick Draw:
While Ryu's sword is still in his sheath, he silently covers his blade in Haki before drawing it quickly in a cutting motion toward his opponent. Rank B

Shigan Thrust:

Ryu uses his sword as an extension of his arm and uses Shigan with his sword arm. Rank C

Rankyanku Swipe:

Ryu slashes with his sword and sends a Rankyanku flying toward his opponent. Rank C

Buso-Soru-Gatling Slash:

Ryu coats his blade in Armament Haki before going into a trance of Soru, making four, extremely quick passes on his opponent each ending in a slash. Rank B

The Reaper:

Ryu coats his sword and both arms in Armament Haki and Tekkai before charging at his opponent with Soru, slashing with the back-hand of his blade before following through with an Armament Haki/Tekkai infused elbow strike. Rank A

My activity for week January 10 to January 16
My previous EXP was: 75,401
Gained EXP: 1,000
My new EXP is: 76,401
My previous money was: 0
My gained money is: Level (50) x 400,000 = 20,000,000
My new money is: 20,000,000
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