One Piece Cb2405 Theory Discussion: Foxy's Noroma Beam!

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Hi, Thriller Bark

I am here to present a theory concerning Foxy's Noroma Beam.

The concept is... scientific-based.

The argument holds that Foxy's Noroma Beam is a form of exotic particle used in the emission of particle beams by means of his Devil Fruit abilities.

It is known that these particles are not fully understood, and by that virtue alone they fit the criteria of an "exotic" particle. The emission of the particle, which would be described as a directed form of energy, occurs through Foxy's own body when he makes a hand gesture.

I will add that Bartolomeo also makes a hand gesture to create a form of shielding. Could it be that this shielding is created by the emission of exotic particles as well? Perhaps most, if not all, of the hand gesture techniques are based on creating a way for the exotic particles to be directed away from the user's body. The shape of the hand is the actuating mechanism for the emission of these exotic particles, and the mind is what directs the energy wave onto a target. The hand gesture may seem silly, but it's actually important. The shape of the hand is like the creation of a deflector dish on a starship - the shape itself is what allows the energy to be emitted (or to stop being emitted).

With that said, with enough research... it should be possible to contain, capture, or impede these particles when they are released. Meaning, there is a way to counter all of these techniques with technology.

Furthermore, it is known that Foxy's Noroma Particles are a form of photon. The type of exotic energy itself is therefore photonic! I will go a step further and suggest that this is bio-photons, and not simply just photons. This would imply a relationship between Life Force Energy and the release of Bio-Photons from molecular activity in people's bodies. This implication reveals several interesting facts about the story. However, I won't talk about any of those facts because the esoteric nature of them becomes unappealing for readers.

In conclusion, the shape of the hand gestures are the same thing as a device known as a reflector or deflector dish on devices which create particle emissions. (I know about these kinds of things because it's actually in my field of study - electrical technology).

Author's Note: If you have been keeping up with Dr. Stone (and I really recommend you do!), then you may know that the headdresses on the native inhabitants of the planet acted as dipolar antennae unbeknownst to the inhabitants themselves as the Why-Men received transmitted frequencies from them and learned of their existence. So, that is a reminder that in stories something that may seem as innocuous as a hand gesture may actually be crucial as a story element.

Author's Note: Any such device as a Particle Wave Nullifier or a Quantum Stasis Field would effectively negate the activation of these Devil Fruit abilities. A Particle Wave Nullifier would counteract the formation of these particles, and disrupt the effect, whereas a Quantum Stasis Field would prevent Devil Fruit users from altering the bio-molecular structure (thereby preventing them from creating the molecular activity that emits these particles in the first place).

Author's Note: I find it absolutely fascinating to see this as a story element. I always wondered about the hand gesture type Devil Fruits and why they required a hand gesture at all. This makes total sense, though. Shapes are related to geometry, and the geometry of devices relates to particle wave emission. In science fiction stories, authors have used shapes to justify the implementation of futuristic technology. In this case, the author has used shapes to justify the emission of particle waves from the bodies of the characters.

Finally, I will end this discussion by describing the exact type of exotic particles we are dealing with in the story. See below.

There are several proposed types of exotic matter:
  • Hypothetical particles and states of matter that have "exotic" physical properties that would violate all known laws of physics, such as a particle having a negative mass.
  • Hypothetical particles and states of matter that have not yet been encountered, but whose properties would be within the realm of mainstream physics if found to exist.
  • Several particles whose existence has been experimentally confirmed that are conjectured to be exotic hadrons and within the Standard Model.
  • States of matter that are not commonly encountered, such as Bose–Einstein condensates, fermionic condensates, nuclear matter, quantum spin liquid, string-net liquid, supercritical fluid, color-glass condensate, quark–gluon plasma, Rydberg matter, Rydberg polaron, photonic matter, and time crystal but whose properties are entirely within the realm of mainstream physics.
  • Forms of matter that are poorly understood, such as dark matter and mirror matter.
  • Ordinary matter placed under high pressure, which may result in dramatic changes in its physical or chemical properties.
  • Degenerate matter
  • Exotic atoms
The highlighted portions indicate areas that involve the types of exotic matter found in the story.
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