One Piece cb2405's Discussion Theory: Why Did the Rubber-Rubber Fruit Eluded the World Government for 800 years?

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Hi, Thriller Bark

I am here to address why the Rubber-Rubber Fruit had eluded the World Government for 800 years.
- I will base this principle on the same principle found in Toriko, which concerns Gourmet Food ingredients choosing Chefs instead of the other way around.

The Voice of Ingredients
Ingredients have displayed a unique and strange phenomena that is described as a "voice", which "calls" for certain people, as shown with Ichiryu's Full Course, and "guides" them into how to prepare the Ingredient in question, like Komatsu with the Shining Gourami and Mors Oil. People who possess the ability to hear the Voice of Ingredients (食材の声 Shokuzai no Koe) are shown to have an affinity towards Ingredients, chiefly skilled Chefs.

Food Spirits
The source of this unique "voice" is the spiritual phenomena known as Food Spirits. Food Spirits, are the regretful souls of the deceased whose life essence lingers on in foods they could not taste in life, and special individuals are able to hear the call and whispers of these souls, who then share with them the secrets of how to prepare certain foods, so that the living may taste what they could not. These souls may have such a strong unified voice that the '"cry"' of a unique and special ingredient can be heard all around the world, as shown with the Million Seed.

Ingredients such as living plants or beasts while still alive may have certain "preferences" for those that eat them, as shown with the Ozone Herb, which seems to have chosen Komatsu over Toriko. In fact, both Setsuno and Komatsu, and many others, believe that rather than a Chef choosing the Ingredients, the Ingredients 'choose' the Chef.

How Does this Relate to One Piece?
Devil Fruits contain voices in a similar way that Gourmet Ingredients do. However, I would describe what happens therein to a more in-depth degree. In the Toriko wiki, they describe this as an unexplainable phenomena, and then attribute it to the acts of ghosts/spirits. I believe it's MORE than that. Often, these Wiki writers forget (or omit) information relating to esotericism unless it is explicitly stated by the author through the story itself. For example, spirits may be contained inside of Gourmet Ingredients, but the spirits themselves contain karmic value which dictates their behavior. Moreover, the reason why Gourmet Ingredients only allow certain people to eat them is NOT because it believes that person can cook them, but rather that this person should cook them. It is a philosophical thing.

Blackbeard's Remarks on Devil Fruits and How They Choose Their Owners
Blackbeard had previously stated that the Darkness-Darkness Fruit had chosen him - not the other way around. He concluded that his possession of the Darkness-Darkness Fruit was determined by fate. You may, actually, infer that this also means it was determined by The Heavens.

Why Did the Rubber-Rubber Fruit Elude the World Government?
- I believe the reason is simple, but it's not what the Five Elder Stars described. What they had described is that the spirit of Nika itself was trying to escape them. However, what I believe really happened is that The Heavens guided the fruit. The telling part about this may be that the Human-Human Fruit Model: Nika is, in fact, based on the model of a human. As in, Nika was a Godly person. Essentially, a demigod. The same would be true of the Buddha-Buddha Fruit and Sengoku. However, there has never been a God-God Fruit Model: [Insert Supreme Being here], and I'm pretty sure the reason for that is because all of the Gods in the story are originally based on human beings that had become Gods or transitioned into being one (originally human, hence the Human-Human Fruit Model gimmick). If any one of the Godly Human-Human Model fruits were truly Godlike, then there shouldn't be anybody who could oppose them in combat. These are demigods. They can bleed.

Definition of demigod
1 : a mythological being with more power than a mortal but less than a god. 2 : a person so outstanding as to seem to approach the divine

Note the *Mythological Zoan* part, and the fact that a demigod may be defined as a mythological being.

Why Didn't the World Government Capture Luffy if They Knew the Rubber-Rubber Fruit was the Human-Human Model: Nika?
- They tried.
- Luffy was as elusive as the Rubber-Rubber Fruit was itself.
- How many times did Luffy escape capture or become captured and then escape imprisonment shortly after?

I believe the real question that people want to ask is, "Why didn't the World Government send people like CP-0 or Akainu himself to go after Luffy?"

Tbh, I don't have an answer for that. That is a PECULIAR bit of reasoning to try to wrap one's head around. I would assume that *something* got in the way of that happening. Otherwise, they would have done it. I mean... I would have. It just seems silly to have a World Government that can't track down a single person or employ any of its millions of dollars worth of military technology, or any of its top brass, after making several wanted posters that increased in notoriety over the span of years.

Supposedly, a single Pacifista could've wrecked Luffy's entire crew at the Sabaody Archipelago pre-timeskip (debatable).

In conclusion, we are supposed to attribute the Rubber-Rubber Fruit eluding the World Government for the same reasons that Luffy himself eluded the World Government. It's basically just his fate, and the fate of the fruit.
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