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Hi, Thriller Bark

I'm going to point out something to you guys about the One Piece Fandom and how they write their descriptions about stuff.
- I am going to point out that the One Piece Fandom very likely reads One Piece forum pages to figure out what they want to say on their website. In other words, they do their research on sites JUST LIKE THIS ONE. Then, they pick what they want and host it, but they're ignorant and selective about it.

I will also point out that it's very likely the One Piece Fandom research team has, on several occasions, plagiarized from people just like myself (but only when it suits their interests).

I had made a point about Captain Kidd using a particle beam weapon OR directed-energy weapon as opposed to a railgun on either this forum or some other forum. It's probably this one. In any case, it is very likely those jerks read that discussion and then picked the stupid idea that didn't make any real sense.

This is a description from the One Piece Fandom about Captain Kidd's ability to construct and apply the use of a laser-beam.
  • Damned Punk (電磁砲ダムドパンク Damudo Panku?, literally meaning "Electromagnetic Cannon"): Kid utilizes a large amount of metal to construct an enormous railgun, which he then uses to fire an electromagnetic projectile at the target. It was first used against Big Mom, causing significant damage to her and sent her off Onigashima. This technique's name might be inspired by the British punk rock band The Damned.
I would point out that the literal translation here describes an "Electromagnetic Cannon", and NOT a railgun.
- I spent a fair bit of time describing the differences between a railgun, and a particle beam or energy-directed weapon. A particle beam or energy-directed weapon is FAR SUPERIOR to the likes of a mere railgun. Moreover, they don't seem to understand that a railgun does not produce a laser-beam. It merely uses an electromagnetic force to launch a physical object which then deals significant kinetic damage (kinetic meaning physical damage).

This is what a railgun does. This is not a laser-beam.

A railgun is a linear motor device, typically designed as a weapon, that uses electromagnetic force to launch high velocity projectiles. The projectile normally does not contain explosives, instead relying on the projectile's high speed, mass, and kinetic energy to inflict damage. The railgun uses a pair of parallel conductors (rails), along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects of a current that flows down one rail, into the armature and then back along the other rail. It is based on principles similar to those of the homopolar motor. - Wikipedia

I know the FEW technical words in this description has confused a great many people, however, I would point out it simply means the actuating force in the device uses the horsepower produced by a motor instead of a firing pin mechanism to launch projectiles.

It is not a generator that is inside of the device, but a motor. Motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. So, when they describe the electromagnetic force they are describing the cutting action of the flux lines in the stator and rotor of the motor (the armature), which creates the mechanical energy used to launch the projectile at high-speeds. It does NOT describe a laser-beam being produced by the machine.

I'll say it again... what Captain Kidd created was NOT a railgun. It was either a particle beam emitter, or a directed-energy weapon. It can be classified as either of those two types of devices, but not as a railgun. There is NO projectile in the weapon that Captain Kidd created. It did not contain a missile or a bullet. If it contained a missile, it would be a rocket-launcher lol... if it contained a bullet, then it would be a gun. It did not contain either of those things. What Captain Kidd's weapon did was produce a laser-beam. Railguns don't do that.

It's annoying that I know they read that conversation and yet they STILL chose to describe it as a railgun. It's NOT a railgun. The only reason they want it to be a railgun is because they think railguns are cool. Particle beams and energy-directed weapons are WAY COOLER. Their ignorance in the matter makes them want something that's trending in social media as opposed to the actual thing and the actual thing (the particle beam) makes railguns look like crap.

A railgun is basically just a gun that doesn't use gunpowder, and instead uses electricity to launch a bullet by powering a motor. That's what the difference really is, and it's not that much of a difference. It's a change, sure, but not that much of one.

Note: Railguns are a real thing, and they're not that complicated either. Particle beams and directed-energy weapons are basically science fiction. Militaries have tried to use particle beams and directed-energy weapons, and it's possible for them to do it, just not in a practical amount of time. The technology isn't there yet. They can make a shitty railgun, but they can't make particle beams or energy weapons yet.

That's the entire reason why Franky was so amazed that laser-beams even existed at all (they're not supposed to).

As a final note... In Star Trek they had something called a "Photonic Cannon" which is essentially the same thing as an "Electromagnetic Cannon.". This is a picture of the photonic cannon.

Notice that it is an actual laser-beam. This is what the "Electromagnetic Cannon" in One Piece is most comparable to. I would also suggest that it's significant that the "Photonic Cannon" was considered to be more powerful than conventional laser-beams. They had energy arrays, and energy turrets, but an energy cannon is considered to be classified separately as a more powerful device.

If One Piece Fandom was smart, they would change that description immediately.
- I would love to know what they think an "Electromagnetic Projectile" is. That's not even a thing!

Author Note: I have received education in the electrical field. I could actually describe how the inner workings of a railgun are put together. Meaning, I could describe the components such as the armature of the motor and how it relates to the device's ability to launch projectiles. I am familiar with the technical terminology used, and I can tell you when someone is misusing such technical terminology. One Piece Fandom does not seem to have someone like myself among them who can do this for them in such events.
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This isnt a theory. If you have a problem with the wiki, you can always edit it yourself.
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