Town of Salem Cobwebs ToS Round- Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

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Wait... whaaaaa?
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Hi! Very nice! We need to release from our current hibernated state and get these mafias back to number one!
We have released @Shottie in the form of Borat (big mistake) to shake off these cobwebs with "a batshit crazy*" round of ToS**.

*i have no idea what I was doing/thinking when I created the set up. Please note, unapproved hosts will not be able to do this kind of set up.
**roles have NOT been updated as of 10/2020, so no changes to roles have been implemented.

Host: @Shottie
Number of players: 15

Find all explainations and how to play here.
1.) This game is almost exactly like the BMG version of ToS (any changes are noted in the guides)
2.) You are required to post at least 3 times in every Day Phase and send in Night Actions every evening phase.
- If you cannot commit to the minimum requirements please do not sign up.​
3.) You can leave a Death Note (meaning the last will)
4.) No talking about the game outside this game thread or your Role PM with me.
5.) Scum chats are allowed to talk during the night, they are not allowed to speak during the day.
6.) Dead are not allowed to post in the game thread.
7.) Whispers will not be included in this game.
8.) No speaking of the characters you were given, do not ask people for the character's they were given either
9.) Please note my timezone is different and I will try to start day/night when it's most convenient for the players. This may result in a few delays of phases starting.
1) rej
2) ryu
3) gambit
4) joby
5) Bonnie
6) pepper
7) Nessos
8) juliet
9) oddodd
10) Hayumi
11) Naomi
12) acid kitty
13) Mango deux
14) Man in the box
15) Beky

1) al
2) Sallu
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