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Shirai Ryu Kombat
Falling ashes- Scorpion performs a roundhouse kick and follows up with a spin kick with his leg.
Rank B
Requires: 41 mastery, 41 strength

Demon slam- Scorpion throws his opponent to the ground while in the air.
Rank C
Requires: 21 mastery, 21 strength

Takedown- Scorpion trips his opponent with a leg scissor takedown.
Rank A
Requires: 61 mastery, 61 strength

Dark Soul- Scorpion throws two punches and follows up with a Superman punch with his hand wreathed in Hellfire.
Rank B
Requires 51 Mastery, 51 strength

Uppercut- Scorpion throws a powerful uppercut.
Rank A
Requires 61 mastery, 61 strength

Flaming Backflip Kick-Scorpion performs a backflip kick followed by a trail of fire.
Rank C
Requires 31 mastery, 31 strength
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Boxing is a dangerous sport, where a single mistake can be the difference between life and death.
11 Mastery, 21 Movement Speed.
Dash is a basic boxing technique, where the boxer closes the distance between them and the opponent with a straight and fast run. The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down

Cross-Arm Block
Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Durability.
The user crosses both of their arms to protect their upper-body area, with the inner forearm facing outward, absorbing even the heaviest attacks. The arms make either a form of a plus or an X. The plus is tighter and protects the frontal area more completely. The user can rush forward with the guard to get into their favoured range. Increases Durability by Mastery/5.
11-50 mastery: 2 turn cool down
51-80 mastery: Can move while using Cross-Arm Block. (2 turn cooldown) Not moving is 1 turn cooldown.
81-100 mastery: Using Cross-Arm Block while moving has a 1 turn cooldown. Standing still has no cooldown.

Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Reaction Speed.
Is a technique used to avoid attacks aimed for the head/body by swaying it to either the left or right of the oncoming blow.
The user relaxes their body, increasing their reaction speed by Mastery/5. Can not attack.
11-50 mastery: Must stand in one place (2 turn cool down)
51-81 mastery: Can move around. (2 turn cool down) Standing still while using Headslip has a 1 turn cooldown.
81-100 mastery: Can move around.(1 turn cool down) Standing still while using Headslip has no cooldown.

The Jab (ジャブ, Jabu) is a quickly thrown punch. The user throws a quick, sharp punch typically aimed at an opposing boxer's head. While similar to a straight when executed, jabs tend to be much quicker and more compact. In return, a boxer's jabs are rarely stronger or equal in strength to their straights.
Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Strength.
11-40 Mastery: Destructive potency: C
41-60 Mastery: Destructive potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive potency: A

The Straight (ストレート, Sutorēto) is a powerful straight punch thrown with the rear hand. From a guarding position with fists at eye level and the armpit tight, the fist is thrown with the rear hand crossing the body in a straight line towards the target. In addition, doing a step-in while twisting the hips and rotating the shoulder gives the punch more power
41 Mastery, 41 Strength
41-60 Mastery: Destructive potency: B
61-80 Mastery: Destructive potency: A
81-100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S

The hook is a specific punch used in boxing performed using the core muscles and back. Typically, the hook is a punch that aims to strike at an opponent's head. The hook can be thrown at the body as well, causing internal bleeding and, most likely, damaged or broken ribs.
61 Mastery 61 Strength DPR: A

The Uppercut is a punch used in boxing usually directed towards the opponent's jaw. With their fist positioned at their stomach, the user throws an upward punch with their dominant arm while twisting their waist counter-clockwise, ending the throw in front of them with their arm bent at a 90 degree angle.
61 Mastery 61 Strength DPR: A

The user throws a rapid barrage of punches at his opponent that pricks them over and over again. The damage adds up because the punches rattle the opponent's brain, slowly pulling them out of consciousness. It's a very powerful combination, usually aimed to not stop until the opponent has fallen. The punches are all aimed at the head. With good control of these punches, and the user can weave them through the tiny openings of his opponents' guard.
61 Mastery 61 Strength DPR: A

Body Blow
By themselves, body blows typically do not knock an opponent out, though hard punchers can bring opponents down with relatively few ones. As they interrupt the internal organs' regular rhythm, a body blow's worth lies in its setup for a knock out. In disrupting blood flow and proper oxygenation, victims can find themselves unable to move due to shortness of breath, sometimes to the point of feeling suffocation on top of the pain. Thus, a boxer immobilized by a body blow is vulnerable to further attacks.
61 Mastery 61 Strength DPR: A

Motionless Jab
Known for being an extremely high-level jab compared to techniques such as the Flicker Jab and the Bullet, the Motionless Jab has no build-up in the user's shoulder or elbow. This is accomplished by keeping one's fist and shoulder completely lined up with the target's eyes, which is difficult to do consistently. This increases the speed, since it gives a smaller window to react, and range, since the opponent can't gauge if they're in striking distance. The end result is a punch that flies straight out of the user's stance, which looks as if the glove got bigger out of nowhere.
81 Mastery 61 Strength DPR: A

It requires a lot of training, technique, and a strong wrist and shoulder. It is a highly compact, rapid punch due to the positioning of the arm. Because of the twisting motion, it focuses the power to a single point that makes it have a high penetrating power, and is able to cause damage through a guard.
61 Mastery 61 Strenght DPR: A

Jolt Blow
A combination a dash and a straight. The user charges head-first at top speed and whips their arm from an overhead position into a straight, resulting in a haymaker of a punch regardless of whether or not it connects. It is a powerful technique, enough to damage someone even when it hits their guard.
81 Mastery 81 Strength 81 Movement Speed DPR: S

Flicker Jab
A Flicker Jab is thrown quite differently than an ordinary jab. As opposed to snapping the left hand straight out with great speed (for an orthodox, or right-handed, fighter), a Flicker Jab is thrown from a lower angle and is, as the name implies, "flicked" almost with a jerking motion. This allows for jabs to come from various angles at high-speed, making it an impressive offensive weapon.
81 Mastery 81 Strength DPR: S

Chopping Right
The user sends their right fist upwards behind them and then launches it downward toward their opponent. The technique adds extra weight to the punch, making it seem as if the opponent is getting hit from a punch from a different weight class. The technique benefits off the user being tall and having long arms due to being able to put more weight into it.
81 Mastery 81 Strength DPR: S

Knuckle Drop
A stronger version of "Chopping Right" using Busoshoku Haki (Armaments). The power the punch is so great, that direct contact with the ground causes it to tremble.
100 Mastery 100 Strength 100 Armament Haki DPR: S+

The user throws a rapid-fire succession of jabs and straights that are thrown at impressive speed with the same hand, the resulting effect of appearing like birdshot pellets, with next to no space between punches, coming in at various angles. The Shotgun can be used offensively and defensively, and can be used it as a finisher.
100 Mastery 100 Strength DPR: S+

The Corkscrew Blow (コークスクリューブロー, Kōkusukuryū Burō) is a right straight thrown with the rotation of the arm. The user twists their arm and body while throwing a punch as if they are drilling inwards, giving the punch more power and the ability to penetrate their opponent's guard.
100 Mastery 100 Strength DPR: S+

Raging Impact: The user imbues their fist with Busoshoku Haki before delivering a massively powerful punch with shockwaves that project forward.
Requires: 120 Mastery 120 strength, 120 COA Rank S+, long range

The Tekken are fists trained to be as strong as iron, making a punch thrown with enough strength leave a print of the user's fist on the opponent's flesh, similar to an iron burn, even when blocked. The power of the Tekken can shatter rib cages, which in turn, can pierce an opponent's internal organs. If the user has weakened fists, they can shatter upon impact hitting with Tekken.
120 Mastery 120 Strength 100 Armament Haki DPR: Z
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"Hammering Style"
A simple fighting style that completely revolves around the usage of a massive hammer to fight!
"Imbedding Pound!"
The user widely grips their hammer, incorporating a subtle shift in their weight through the hips as well as the incorporation of one's back muscles; they perform a powerful smash to an opponents chest/torso often accompanied by a brutal shockwave to properly distinguish the amount of strength needed to strike so powerfully!
DPR B: 61 Hammering Style Mastery, 61 Strength
DPR A: 81 Hammering Style Mastery, 81 Strength
DPR S: 100 Hammering Style Mastery, 100 Strength

"Upper Smash!"
The significantly narrows their grip before brutally swinging their hammer in an overhead horizontal arc aiming to strike larger or airborne opponents; to send them pummeling off the the ground as their defenses significantly crumble. This also produces a shockwave.
DPR B: 61 Hammering Style Mastery, 61 Strength
DPR A: 81 Hammering Style Mastery, 81 Strength

The user holds the Hammer with a narrow grip over head before swiftly bringing it downwards from an over head arch; to Smash the ground beneath them creating a massive fissure and generating a slight earthquake!
DPR A: 81 Hammering Style Mastery, 81 Strength
DPR S: 100 Hammering Style Mastery, 100 Strength
DPR S+: 120 Hammering Style Mastery, 100 Strength

"Rushing Smash!"
The user switches to a wide grip and swiftly rushes at their opponent, incorporating a slight dip in their rush; they swivel their hips, activate their back muscles to perform a swift and devastating round about swing to knock their opponent right off their feet and sending them flying with their incredible strength!
DPR B: 41 Hammering Style Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Speed
DPR A: 61 Hammering Style Mastery, 61 Strength, 61 Speed
DPR S: 81 Hammering Style Mastery, 81 Strength, 81 Speed

"Crushing Smash!"
The user switches to a more narrow grip, elongated their initial step the swing their hammer over head incorporating their entire body into the motion to deliver a powerful overhead arching downwards hammer smash onto their opponent; not only intending to strike them but also devastate the terrain about them with their might!
DPR S: 81 Hammering Style Mastery, 81 Strength
DPR S+: 100 Hammering Style Mastery, 100 Strength

"Whirlwind Smash!"
The user switches to a more narrow grip, winds up and then begins spinning like a twister using the weight of the hammer in opposition of their own to generate momentum. The user may either; spin like a top along a terrain or finish with a devastatingly powerful horizontal side smash capable of generating a medium sized crater as well as causing a terrible but short-lived earthquake.
DPR S+: 120 Hammering Style Mastery, 100 Strength

"Hammer Throw!"
A disarming technique that requires a whirlwind windup to do however in exchange for the windup the user will be granting themselves an added ounce of distance, momentum and power. Whilst the user winds themselves to a maximum speed at the crux of that building they release their weapon a throw it; the air cones around the weapon as it coned about the head of the Hammer to hit their opponent and cause immense environmental damage through the transfer of their strength!
(Ranged AOE Attack)
DPR A: 81 Hammering Style Mastery, 81 Strength
DPR S: 100 Hammering Style Mastery, 100 Strength
DPR S+: 120 Hammering Style Mastery, 120 Strength
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