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The battle continues. Deadpool successfully stopped the attack using a single swing but Cyrus is not stopping just yet. For when the trident was blown up into the air, the Olympian General caught the weapon before dissecting the air space between them, appearing before Reynolds.

This man's fast, he thought. A little too late to react, Reynolds would see the trident poked into the ground before raising it in an upward motion. He knew what he was aiming at. So Reynolds looked upon it and see his balls being fumed, sending him flying a couple of yards midair. He stared at the punk, not feeling pain. How could he? This raid suit is designed to tank even an attack capable of destructing a mountain. Eat that mothafucka!

Whilst midair, Reynolds rolled and used the jet-propelled boots to fly forward while simultaneously drawing his gun. He fired 5 consecutive high-calibre bullets at Cyrus before finally stopping a couple of meters behind him. As he stopped, he would fly down straight, placing the hilt of his sword against his chest before thrusting it, targeting the enemy's chest. "Basic Poke!"
Raid Suit Durability = Destroyed after a small country-level attack or 3 island-level attacks. So none of the attacks from Cyrus or even Niobe's (should it hit him randomly) would have harmed Reynolds at this point.

Bullet Attacks: X5 A-rank Bullets fired consecutively. Each bullet is 81-100: 3. Large Building Level + 3 (A) = 6. City Level.
Sword Attack: 81-100: 3. Large Building Level + 1 (C-rank due to the graded sword) = 101-119: 4. City Block Level

As the clash of the generals transpired, Gambit held the two women on their waists. The scent of the two emanates a fragrance he couldn't explain, all he knows at this moment was. All he could think of at the moment was. Romance. He daydreams, reciting poems in his head.

"You're beside me and all the universe sleeps;
The music plays on and I want to kiss your lips;
The sky is filled but I see the stars in you;
We're so close and I just want to tell you;

We're two souls lost in time, destined together.
Like the ocean to the waves.
Like the flowers to the sunrise.
Like the enchanted mountain to the fairies.
They will be one if you believe in magic.
There is magic when two hearts meet again.

I need you here tonight like the moon needs the sun.
I need to tell you I missed the chance of telling you.
I need you here tonight like the galaxy needs the One.

I need to let you let me let go of letting you go."

As he recited the very last line, Niobe began to pull herself out, drawing and knocking the arrow before releasing it to the wild. Gambit was sent back to reality, and there he quickly noticed her intent. He was about to stop it but the resolve he saw in her eyes made him realise what she truly aimed at. "Niobe, I understand your frustration and hatred. But let us leave it all up to my friend. He will handle him. Let's get going. The real battle has not started just yet." And then Gambit held her hand, looking at her Sangley eyes sincerely.

"He's right, woman.", T-Bag seconded. "There's no need to stay here. Our crew's doctors are coming in a matter of minutes. They would treat all the wounded. Save your energy for the worst."
Cyrus and The Plight of Icarus

The sound of metal clashing would throw Cyrus off for a moment, but it didn't take him long to put the pieces together. He could sense that this red suited warrior was a lot more powerful than he was expecting. It didn't look like he was wearing armor but somehow he had clothing as durable as a suit of armor. Surprise would appear on his face. He's not even the leader. Was this what Lord Apollo meant when he said... that? A frown followed next as he watched Deadpool fly into the air, do a summersault, pull a gun out from somewhere and spraying his direction with 5 bullets.

"Unyielding Cycle Spear-Ughhkk!"

Cyrus stood and begun to spin his haki empowered trident, taking a bullet in the shoulder before successfully deflecting the others and clashing with the mercenary's blade. Though he had struggled to keep up with Reynolds, Cyrus was unyielding. Something in him had changed after Wade flew down towards him. Enhancing his left hand in black armament haki, Cyrus would reach over to grab Reynolds' blade, pivot beside the merc with a mouth while weaving the blunt end of the trident over the red garbed man's head and under his own armpit, before twisting sideways and attempting to smack Reynolds' in his left temple and separate him from his weapon.

"A Trident in the Road"

The fishman would spit out blood as he grit his teeth. The gunshot wound hurt. He felt heavy. Thoughts began to swim. He blinked hard in order to focus but he couldn't manage to censor his words.

"I'll prove Lord Apollo wrong!"

His words were gurgled on account of the flaming arrow in the side of his neck. He hadn't noticed it in the commotion. Maybe that was what was making his body feel heavy. The muscles in his neck and face tensed up as he held in his pain. It didn't matter what he was told. He was going to change things.

Unyielding Cycle Spear (PD)
Durability 86. Town Level + 2 (Hardening) = Mountain Level

A Trident in the Road (B Rank Attack)
81-100: 3. Large Building Level + 2 (B Rank Attack) + 2 (Hardening) = 7. Mountain Level

Gambit had grown distracted by the scent of heaven appealing to his senses. He succumbed to the sweet embrace of sweet thoughts, yet they lingered only for a short moment. He had seen that there was true pain and suffering in the eyes of Niobe. Tears had fallen down her face, yet as quickly as the pain came, her stoic and unfeeling gaze returned, in spite of her red puffy eyes. The Prince of the Pirates and T-Bag both offered to take the queen away from this place, she would only not weakly. A couple of her nearby soldiers would attempt to assist Niobe as they began to walk back towards the Eros Cafe.


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Deadpool vs Cyrus
Reynolds continued to spar against the might of the Fishman-Olympian hybrid. The Vampirate commander fired 5 bullets in which one of them dug into Cyrus' shoulder, evading the rest. As he thrust his blade, it clashed against Cyrus' trident, creating sparks of Haki between them. Reynolds grinned, allowing his opponent to feel his sturdiness. But this over-confidence allowed him to be wide open for a clear shot.

A loud thud resonated from his temple after his opponent grabbed his weapon and landed his foot on it, sending him several meters away from the opponent and away from his blade. Reynolds grunted as soon as his body rammed against the ground. But for some reason when he assessed his body, no injuries at all. "This suit is as magical as it could be. That's a strong kick."
- Deadpool Magnum 69 and Sea Prism Stone Bullets
- 2x Knives
- Deadpool I & II (C-Rank Swords)
- Deadpool S-rank Suit (requires 85 Science): Destroyed after a small country level attack or 3 island level attacks
(85 vitality to use) - 35 invention points

He got up. Shrugged the specks of dust off his skinny and black and red raid suit. "Oi, gimme that back. Whatever! I still have one here."

When he said that, he dashed forth his foe and held the Deadpool II blade in his outstretched right arm. After sprinting, his jet-propelled boots activated and sent him above his opponent before he swung it hard down with blisters of Haki intertwining the katana. He roared!

"Great Dragon Shock!"
Great Dragon Shock: Daishinkan consists of the user running toward his opponent with their sword held outstretched in one arm. He then executes a two-handed overhead swing used to split his opponent into two from the top down.
- DPR: A, requires 61 Mastery, 61 Strength, and 61 Movement Speed
  • 8. Island Level

Inside the cafe, the two guards having assisted Niobe would split. Gambit immediately strode towards Niobe and wiped away her tears. He then held her chin and lift it gently so that they would be gazing into each other's eyes. "This will all soon be over, I promise.".

Gambit put his right palm against her back and pulled her against his chest, embracing her with the most tender and sincerest bullshit this world has ever had. "Or we can just forget everything here and live the life we both deserve."

"Away from all the worries and demons this world has."

"T-Bag, you're the captain now."

"Bullshit Pretty. Bullshit!"
, T-Bag said. "Let's get your ass up and let's hurry to this fucking Apollo."

Outside, the dwarven physicians are now striding on the way to Eros cafe with their magical herbs and medicine boxes in tow. Quickly, they assessed the situation and started to give commands to their staff. "Who is in charge of these lowly knights?", Doc Brynja asked, shouting.

"Take them to the nearest vacant dwelling and we'll assess their needs. I need information about their medical history and if they have allergies to plants or not. Now!", he continued.
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