One Piece Egghead (Mega-)Theory: Vega D Punk, Doffy vs Kuma, Power Ups and more


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Vegapunk inherited ancient Knowledge alongside Rocks D Xebec.
Blackbeard is after all of it.
Doflamingo being assassinated is a Red-Herring.
And Zoro's closed eye is...

More in this theory:
We are 5 chapters into the final saga and everything so far is connectable to something in the past or a future premise. Who would guess's One Piece afterall.
It is clear that the final saga started with something, that will dictate the story and it's direction. In this case it is mainly Shanks proclaiming, that he wants to take the One Piece.
We are on the hurry now and everything is bult on the fundaments of moving forward.

The result is us arriving on Egghead, meeting Vegapunk, while the Blackbeard Pirates and the World Government play their powershift game of thrones. We got introduced to one of the new main forces in the final saga, the Seraphims, and while we are barely on Egghead, we get to meet a new Seraphim:

What's most significant is that Seraphim Kuma is called out a "problem child" here. The premise is simple: The World Government had higher expectations on this Seraphim, but those were not met and Vegapunk is at fault. I will go deeper into it any moment, but did you notice how Oda built the Seraphims up?
We first met them on Amazon Lily whilest the Captain Koby incident and the Seraphims were children and deemed useful. Right after that Helmeppo claims that the Seraphims could be deployed to save Koby on Beehive. So there are some expectations and most of them were met so far based on feedback, which let's use peek our eyes on the new relevation. What is different with this new Kuma?

Most noteable is that this Seraphim is grown up, I think this might be based on samples and that they had much more samples of Kuma available at that time of creation. But that is not the point. The point is that Vegapunk has seemingly, successfully split his consciousness into multiple artifical bodies. My question is, why shouldn't he have used the same technology on Bartholomew Kuma?

I want to take you back on a trip, not long away from the current plot. We are in Wano and we know that Momo's artificial devil fruit was dubbed "a failure" by Vegapunk. The fruit was left alone but Momo came across it, like this being fate. With Wano it is fully confirmed that this fruit is not a failure as Vegapunk proclaimed it to be. This is the very first hint about Vegapunks true motivation in this story. Imagine Imu, ruler of the world would learn about Vegapunks godly ability to recreate devil-fruits, holy moly Vegapunks ass would be torn apart by the World Government for power. I think Vegapunk is aware of it and so there was no other way than deeming his creation as a failure and "lying" to the World Government. Flashing forward to the current plot:

Vegapunk lied to the World Government and CP-0 learned about this from Wano obviously. As a possible result CP-0 is now ordered to assassinate Vegapunk. Mysteriously, Seraphim Kuma is not functioning as he should be. Vegapunk has all rights now to turn back into independency, do work for history and maybe for the better. So I think he maybe took a precaution and saved the original Bartholomew Kuma's consciousness, in order to transfer it into his formerly future Seraphim and gain the upper hand against the World Government if they ever should turn against him. This moment is right now! Bartholomew Kuma is not dead per se, he is about to return and performing an undercover mission as a Seraphim.

Let's talk a bit more about Seraphims and Shichibukai. By the looks of it the Seraphims are going to be literal "replacements" for the Shichibukai. We have Mihawk, Hancock and Kuma confirmed. I think Doflamingo having a Seraphim too is most likely now, also coincidentally Doffy is in the hands of the World Government.
An assassin on the way to silence Doflamingo? Nah, this is a red herring for sure. This happened during the Reverie, and I think it is technically not necessary knowing how powerful he is. The assassin was a wrong call, I think the SSG of the World GOvernment did abduct Doflamingo, in order to improve his Seraphim. This is a more rational take as it lines up with the SSG reveal and now going into the endgame it lines up with the Seraphim plotline and everything above that I already explained.

It is very likely now that Vegapunk "upped" the Seraphim Doflamingo in order to also be grown up. Why is that of importance? Ofc, because "prime" is actually a thing in One PIece, and Doffy at prime age is a monster that could take it almost head to head with a Yonko of Luffy's caliber.

I think currently Doflamingo might be even of Egghead, he was a living experimental subject, probably his spirit got broken and all his powers, mental, muscular and maybe even DF powers were transformed into his Seraphim. I don't want to exclude anything, just give a room for speculation.

How will CP-0 assassinating Vegapunk play out? I theorize that Vegapunk might deploy the Seraphim Doflamingo onto Egghead Island and as a result fend off the assassination attempt, while creating a new chaos that has to be stopped. And here comes Seraphim Kuma into play who might face off Seraphim Doflamingo in order to hold back the chaos and have the SHPs focus on protecting Vegapunk, since Vegapunk will be important going into the final saga. This also is not far off considering that both Doflamingo and Kuma were introduced at the same time.

So to be honest with ya'll, I think the Egghead arc is a big interlude into a much bigger conflict. It has been teased with Helmeppo and a potential rescuing mission for Koby. And remember how I told you how Shanks will dictate the pace now in how the big main players will make their moves in the big One Piece world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we enter Blackbeard:

Blackbeard is currently one of the main connections to Rocks D Xebec, because of the deuteragonistic role, in the pirate world, but also as a D clan member.
Deuteragonistic might be a bit out of nowhere, but from a worldbuilding standpoint it makes sense. Hear me out, because Blackbeard fulfills a role as important as Vegapunk, and both are in tandem currently.

First: If Blackbeard were to die, then not only the Darkness fruit should spawn, but also the Quake fruit. That is the theory since we base it on the concept of only one devil-fruit example existing at the same time. No two, not more. That is why Vegapunk broke this rule with the Pacifista enhanced with Kizaru's powers.

Second: We know about the existence of a devil fruit encyclopedia, it does listen the Darkness and Rubber fruit, but with the current knowledge we can assume that those are outdated information about the fruits. It let's me think that this book could even be a guide to someone. The one who utilized the book the most effectively throughout the story was noone else than Blackbeard! Why is the book so important? Since it somehow guided Blackbeard into finding the Darkness fruit.

Third: Did Xebec potentially have the same knowledge, the same fruit and he ensured that someone from a future D generation will obtain the fruit to comeplete it's role? Yes!

We enter the God Valley incident:

Now be with me, it all will add up, but as start up we have to expect that Xebec was the Blackbeard of his era and that he pathed the way for Teach, same as Roger pathed the way for Luffy.

God Valley is not "God" Valley for no reason, there is something behind that and it was a popular place to visit for Celestial Dragons. I think Xebec was after the same thing that took out Lulusia and it was stationed in God Valley, a heavy guarded island that was similair to a treasure room of the World Government. It contained knowledge and weapons banned from history, hidden fruits, everything is possible here and Oda keeps it open for a purpose, so he can tied open plot strings into this.

We are seeing it from a perspective of Xebec being a greedy man, similair to Teach, so it makes sense to target such an island and claim it's treasures and secrets.
If Xebex really had the informations needed in order to threat the existence of such a place, then where did he get it from? It is a hint to me the Darkness fruit played a role there and that is the point of this theory: Xebec was the former user of the Darkness fruit and he obtained ancient knowledge. If you know about My Hero Academia and the power of Deku, One for All, then you might see where I am going with it.

The Darkness fruit has a mythical ability imbued to it, it is the galactic power of the gravity lingering in the darkness of the universe. The fruit is metaphorically simulating a Black Hole that absorbs and negates other physical attributes, such as powers from other devil fruits. So I am not surprised when a part of the consciousness of former users is trapped inside the devil fruit. This concept also has been hinted with Luffy's Nika fruit and Ace's/Sabo's Fire fruit. If this is the case for Blackbeard the a part of Xebec's consciousness is absorbed into Blackbeard thus amplifying his already existing knowledge.

Rocks knew he went into an all out situation with the God Valley incident, there was no way back. So it makes sense for him to plan out his successor beforehands. All that was needed for it are a potential logbook and the devil fruit encyclopedia. All his successor needed was a small "hint" into that direction, maybe through a logbook or leaving a legacy behind.

Now I am spitting fire here but where are the proofs? One proof could be actually the fact that the World Government possesses many many powerful fruits, those held by admirals but also those passed down to the Ciperpols, as we saw with CP-9 in their Water 7 flashback. Another proof could be Kaido's devil fruit once again, as Big Mom confirmed to have obtained it on God Valley and gave it to Kaido in order to save his life. Which hints that the fruit or power was present there.
I just think that it is possible that Xebec even has these fruits all claimed in his possession and that with his fall the fruits reappeared and were unleashed onto the world, hence the World Government, especially the intelligence units present at God Valley were able to obtain new fruits, but also Big Mom was able to grab her fair share for Kaido.

This is speculative still but now everything adds up more. The grand cherry on top of it all is that I think this cycle of passing on the Darkness fruit exists for over 900 years now.
It would heavily hint that the devil fruit encyclopedia was actually written by the D clan before, to be more specific the ancient Darkness fruit users. This book was meant to guide future generations of D clan members, so they could find the Darkness fruit and continue what has never been fulfilled in the past:
Releasing the world from the shackles of the devil fruit powers, by accumulating all the devil fruits into a single individual.
This would create a literal god, I can see why Imu would be against it lol.

Is this the true endgoal for devil fruits in One Piece? Seeing how Vegapunk progresses his experiments, how Imu strives for stability and even aims to rise higher by monopolizing power under their wings...I think yes. And this is why second to Luffy, Blackbeard, Marshall D Teach fulfills the second most important role in the story, by getting rid of the devil fruits.

This is it for Blackbeard, I think he knows of his duty and he is fully aware of his ancient role, his amplified knowledge and how he has been guided to where he is now. Unlike Luffy, Blackbeard after all is the opposite of Luffy. Luffy does not have this awareness, or atleast doesn't care about it. As where Blackbeard cares about everything and plans accordingly.

Where does Vegapunk play a role in this? Since Oda hinted that this "certain scientist" will reveal the truth about devil-fruits to us. I think it will happen soon and that Vegapunk learned about all of these in the past, possibly by encountering characters like Rocks, Dragon, Garp, Roger and more. If Vegapunk has a duty to fulfill, does it actually make him a candidate to be a member of the D clan? Room for thoughts. I think yes, Vegapunk is a D and he also has his fair share of ancient knowledge". We can't go into details here but his fair share is also science based and it can be anything from old books, sending knowledge through time and many more aspects that lead to Vegapunks current actions.
Him recreating a devil fruit clone would in the end break the cycle of the Darkness fruit. It could make Imu's position stronger...more stable, safer, but Vegapunk decided against it. Imu is not possessing this power and this will be key to the story going from now on.

Also to clear out plot holes in my God Valley incident section: Yes that Lulusia Uranus weapon thing was used on God Valley in order to remove the Rocks pirates but also evidence that could have been leaked by surviving Rocks pirates. Guess what happened, exactly that. Not only that, even Garp is leaking informations. Food for thoughts.

So what are the main plotpoints that we will tackle in Egghead? Those of huge relevance?

1. Oda sets up Bonnie and Kuma to have an encounter, we will learn more about their relationship, and their endgoal which should go against the World Government

2. More messed up Seraphim revelations, and the return of Doflamingo to the story

3. A setup for a Koby rescue mission with Sword

4. The fight CP-0 vs the Strawhat Vegaforce alliance

5. Setting up the reveal of the God Valley incident

I have a sixth bonus point that I want to tackle, something less important imho but it is there:
Power Ups!

Most people are obviously rooting for Franky and the Sunny to get their final power ups here, but the recent chapter let me think that this is not only about Franky, the Sunny or those that use unconventional and scientific weapons like Nami and Usopp. No, this is another Zoro arc:

We enter Zolo: I am pretty sure that everything revolving around swords has been resolved through Wano, Zoro has all the knowledge he needs.
Do you remember when Mihawk said that Shanks is not an opponent for him anymore after he lost his arm? What if Zoro has a similair incompleteness and thus he wants to be more complete when facing Mihawk. I am talking about his left eye!

In chapter 1062 Oda cleverly plays with holograms in Egghead. We even learn that Vegapunk can connect and touch holograms which implies that this has relevance.
Did you know that you need 2 eyes, 2 different angles in order to see things clearly as 3D? Zoro should technically lack this capability and compensate his sights with CoO.

I think it is more likely that Zoro will ask Vegapunk to either restore his eye, or get him an artificial eye. Zoro knows best what happened to his eye and that Chopper might not be able to interact on that level. Now opportunistically he confronted Vegapunk. Will we finally learn the story behind Zoro's eye and how it might affect him in reality? I think yes, it is time, we are in the endgame and this might be Zoro's final power up in order to fit him for the confrontation with the Worlds Strongest Swordsman.

Egghead looks truly great to me as a potential arc, Vegapunk seems to follow a theme of making dreams a reality through science and holograms. Egghead looks like a convenient place that could make life easier, healthier and more lush. It aligns with what the potential goal of the D clan could be.

With that, peace out guys!

We were brainstorming together that's where I got most of my thoughts from and started to sort them!

Correction: after writing this I am aware that this Seraphim Kuma could most likely also be a kid and not a grown up Seraphim. I was just rushing this particular idea because they had Kuma in their possession for quite an intense time during their experiments and studies. In the end this should not take anything away from the theory in itself.
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