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Enies Lobby

Azrael had made short work of a large portion of the agents that defended this place. He shouted a command towards those that were left standing, run or die. Some instilled with fear took head of that command and began to run away, others stood firm and began their fire. Sadly, those that remained were bull rushed by Azrael's two officers, James and Arthur. Charging through the crowd they pierced and toppled over any remaining officers, reaching the gates of the courthouse in a matter of moments. Each hit of the officers started to crack and break the massive door until it could no longer handle the punishment, forcing it open. Within the courtroom, Arthur and James stood eye to eye with the remaining forces the marines had stationed here. Behind them a very tall three-headed man stood at the ready, wielding a massive cutlass in his right. The agents and marines rose their firearms and unleashed hell fire upon the two officers.

"Inform Spandam! They've reached the Courthouse!" the head in the middle bellowed.


Ohm VS Nero

Nero rushed forward after launching his sonic blast, hoping to have caught his opponent off guard enough to create an opening. And the agent would've succeeded, if it wasn't for an unknown party. A second sonic shot would be launched but this time Nero was its recipient. The young agent, unable to counteract the effects of this shot felt the sound pierce his ears. His eyes still able to follow would spot a massive punch heading his way, the darkening of his hands a foreign interference for the young Nero. He was oblivious to haki and could not observe its powers. "TEKKAI!" The young agent shouted boosting his durability to its highest point. But the punch dug in deep and obliterated the tekkai wall, shattering it like glass. Nero was left to the devices of momentum and power was sent flying, flipping over until a wall would halt this incredible backward movement. One punch, even with increased ability that was all it took to defeat one of the fabled CP9. A trainee at the very least. What remained in the back would surprise Ohm, Chris, James, Arthur and Azrael.

The real monsters had to even move out of their cage.


Tower of Justice @Ichimonji

The CP9 elites stood ready. Spandam was just about to discuss the tactics with them until a den den mushi disrupted their conversation. "I'm BUSY! This better be important!" The Chief raged against whoever was at the other end of the line.

"WHAT?!" Spandam shouted, a look of disbelief as he jolted from his chair. Standing upright.
"Delay them as much as possible you hear me! Why the hell are we even paying you baffoons anyway?!"


The line was dropped and Spandam sunk back into his chair, arms running through his hair as he couldn't believe the situation. "Urgh. Change of plans. They're already at the courthouse. We've got to make sure they don't reach this tower. I need Lucci, Kaku and Jabra here. Less the unthinkable happens."

Spandam said, thinking out loud but when he snapped back to reality he'd notice that several of the agents already stood up. Leaving through the door of the chief's office.

[Kumadori] - "YO YO YOI.....We'll handle them!"
[Kalifa] - "Hmph. They better keep their hands off me. Otherwise, I'll sue them."
[Fukurou] - " can't sue those that are dead...chapapapapa"
[Blueno] - "Let's see the strength of a yonkou crew. Even if they're on the lower end of the Hierarchy they should be worthwile opponents.

The door would close behind them, leaving Jabra, Kaku and Lucci still in Spandam's office. The latter two sat with their arms folded across their chest while Jabra started to pace, clearly anxious. "They better not kick the bucket against mere officers!"

"Spandam Boy, Why not try and contact young Wukong. His mission should be almost over, right?"
Kaku suggested, the more power they had the better.

"I'll try and see if he receives the emergency hail at the very least. If he makes it in time is a different matter. "

"It will not matter. These fools don't know what they're trying to pull."
Lucci said, confident in his raw abilities.

Spandam in the meantime took out a mini den den mushi that slightly resembled Wukong and pressed the button. This wasn't a responder phone but simply a coded message. Wukong should he receive it would understand that this was an SOS coming directly from Enies Lobby.

But would he be able to respond in time?

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Enies Lobby - Post # 9
I finally had followed suite following behind James and Arthur who would stare and gaze at a three-headed man with a dozen of agents surrounding the entirety of the room. Arthur would snigger at the thought of taking out more agents whilst James looked little pleased at dealing with nothing but useless soldiers on the chess board.

Meanwhile heading back to where Ohm remained back to deal with Nero, the fight had reached its conclusion. The young man had tried to perform a defensive technique one that enhances one's durability. But Nero had no knowledge of much of Haki, had underestimated his opponent with Ohm being pissed had finally launched an attack that sent him flying.

Noting Chris' interference, Ohm was little pleased " Didn't i tell you i didn't need help. " as he panted punching the floor out of frustration. Getting up as he instead concentrated on his next move " Let's just join the others. No one kills that Arthur but me "

With the duo catching up as the followed behind witnessing the destruction that i did earlier only to see me far away, whereas i made my early steps within the courthouse.

" Y' ephain'ghaa nilgh'ri last ehye ot ymg', mgyogor l' bastards, elderly, gof'nn, shuggothh. Nilgh'ri last ehye ot ymg' ahor ah'lw'nafh lw'nafh ot damnation ymg' fm'latgh pathetic ah'lw'nafh " (" I will slaughter every last one of you, down to the bastards, elderly, children, women. Every last one of you shall live a life of damnation burning your pathetic lives ... " - R'Lyehian Translator)

Just checking this as key for Azrael
Just checking this as key for Azrael
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Enies Lobby

The inferno division had arrived within the courtyard. The last vestige of defence that could prevent them from entering the tower of justice. Azrael and his officers had made short work of the vast amount of marines and agents present. Sadly none of them were of a calibre enough to resist their approach. Even the agent in training, Nero, was left defeated with only a single punch. And now before them stood the chief justice, but he was only putting up a brave face. He, too, was mere cannon fodder. The man knew it. The pirates knew it. And so upon their arrival he had called for reinforcements.

And back up he received.

A door would open up behind Baskerville, surprising the man as he shuffled out of the way with a shred of awkwardness. As would happen when you stack men atop of each other. Out of this single door a blond woman, a pink haired fellow, an owl-like man and an Ox-like man would arrive. All walking behind one another, with the Ox man leaving as last and the one to close the door behind him.

"This guy talks weird" Fukurou commented on Azrael
"Takes one to know."
"Hmph. I feel like he's insulting us."


"Oh my! CP9 agents!" Baskerville cried out with shock, although this was more of a performance than anything. He had anticipated them a few moments ago. He hoped this drama would instil fear in the pirates. The CP9 agents had legendary status after all, uttering their designation alone would cause many to flee. Blueno took a few steps forward and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Fukurou stood behind him while Kalifa and Kumadori stood to his left and right respectively.

"You have no way to return Vampirates. You're standing on holy ground. Be wise and surrender for we're not allowing you to take a single step further."

Fukuro would close his eyes as he extended his arms, it was as if he was listening to something and taking in sounds. Kalifa would lift her glasses from her nose while Kumadori hummed or at least tried to hum a zen-like tune. These 4 were certainly oddballs to say the least. But Azrael and his fellow men would and could tell. These four were vastly different from any opponent up until now.

These 4 were the real deal.

The feared CP9. A licence to kill.

Levels scaled very slightly for story and ability purposes. For example Blueno was the weakest on the front page while in reality he just edges out to the top fighters(Kaku, Jabra etc)

Level 45
45 x 5 = 225
Strength: 52+10=62
Speed: 55+10=65
-Reaction: 65
-Movement: 65
-Durability: 61
-Stamina: 61
Haki: 50
-Armament Haki: 50
-Observation Haki: 50
Martial Arts: 22+15=37
-Rokushiki: 74

Level 50
50 x 5 = 250
Strength: 62+10=72
Speed: 65+10=75
-Reaction: 75
-Movement: 75
Haki: 14
-Armament Haki: 28
Martial Arts: 56+15=71
-Rokushiki: 71
-Life Return: 71

Level 55
50 x 5 = 250
Strength: 46+10+5(ma)=61
Speed: 33+10+10(df)=53
-Reaction: 51
-Movement: 55
Vitality: 33+10+10(df)=53
-Durability: 51
-Stamina: 55
Haki: 41
-Armament Haki: 21
-Observation Haki: 61
Dvil Fruit: 66+15=81
Martial Arts: 31
-Rokushiki: 62

Level 40
40 x 5 = 200
Strength: 28+8+5(ma)=41
Speed: 32+8+10(df)=50
-Reaction: 50
-Movement: 50
Vitality: 37+8+5(df)=50
-Durability: 50
-Stamina: 50
Haki: 12+12(human)
-Armament Haki: 48
Devil Fruit: 61
Martial Arts: 31
-Rokushiki: 62
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Enies Lobby - Post # 10

Just as it occurred in Alvida's Base, my threat was one of another language. It felt and sounded foul, like a wailing screech with a snarling after tone. James, Arthur and Ohm who were in the vicinity felt a sheer wave of uneasiness, the hairs on their arms and back crawled, each gulping with disbelief with their eyes targetting me then their gaze focused on the ones before us. All that remained were the lap dogs little soldiers on the chess piece, the main pieces were yet to get off their chairs as one would believe. But they knew exactly the entire ordeal that was taking place and made it their mission to halt it.

Their arrival would cause the little soldier pieces of the chess board to smile as one of them ushered and yelled out CIPHER POL, this alone alerted Arthur, James and Ohm only, for after all they have heard all about it before. The two being trusted vassals of one Namor the 1st division fleet commander and James being who transferred from the Vice-Captain to the temporary made up division.

Each of the four of us had our eyes set on one each, with my eyes set on the one who opened the portal like a door, James eyeing the one with pink hair as he grinned, Arhur looked daggers at the owl looking man and Ohm who just wrapped up would stare at a fellow blond.

Arthur exclaimed thrilled at the sight " This is more like it, i call dibbs on the zipper looking mouth one " grinning as he took the first jab and dibbs.

James would look at the pink hair one and point at him as if he his target.

I would grin " Here comes the real guys, so make sure you dont lose to such dogs " saying sarcastically as i propelled myself kicking myself off the floor, spinning my scythe with my hand to propel and cause it to heat up with ignition being conjured into it. The aim was simple to also use the marine officers, the three headed weirdo and the government agent as targets. I would then raise both hands tightened to the scythe then slam it down as if an aim to cleave the ox looking agent. " SAVAGE RAMPAGE! "
Base Str Stat = 81 = Large Building Level
DPR: B = +2
Total DPR: Town Level

Area of Effect = Mastery/2 = 81/2 = 40.5 = 40.5 meters AoE
Status Effect = D rank fire that causes extra damage for 3-4 turns

Azrael had officially made the first move aimed at the agent named Blueno, whereas the others just locked their respective targets.
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Enies Lobby Invasion Arc - #1
@QuickZilver708 @Dream

Gate of Justice
The gentle breeze in clear day was violently interrupted by the rushing waters of the Tarai Current. Sloven between the three major World Government sites, it was the quickest way to get around, with a Marine ticket being the only entry. In the Tarai current a single ship rushed at high-speeds, flying through the current with added wind. A Marine ship, or so it seemed, but its occupants were far from Marine.

Enter Cipher Pol 9. The last remaining member of the elite organization had just come back from a series of missions, the last from the Sky. Once the ship hit the Tarai Current, a emergency message came from Enies Lobby. A message from Chief Spandam of Cipher Pol 9 himself.

The message was replayed.

"Spandam Boy, Why not try and contact young Wukong. His mission should be almost over, right?" Kaku suggested, the more power they had the better.

"I'll try and see if he receives the emergency hail at the very least. If he makes it in time is a different matter. "
Many men in uniform ran frantically around the ship to manage the high-speeds current, moving the sails and using the row system to stay with the current and keep direction. The wind blasted against the sails violently. Through all this chaos, five figures stood unmoving. At the bow of the ship, all sitting on the edge in equal distance from each other, were five. Five figures who sat in ironic meditation through the chaos. The Sage Squad.

The Gate of Justice was in view. Enies Lobby was on the other side. The Gate of Justice slowly opened, revealing the Bridge of Hesitation.

[Rafiki] "We have arrived just in time. I hope you rested your mind, Sun-san."
[Sun Wukong] "I'm ready."

That last voice was calm, gentle, but decisive. Sitting in the very edge of the bow, leading the ship, was a large twelve-foot figure. Long wild black hair rose from the figure's head past the shoulders, comparable to his thick eyebrows. Covered in red fur but-for the chest, the figure had a tail wrapped around his waist over his blue waistband and fighting yellow trousers. A shadow trim was around his eyes, and over the eyelids deep in crimson color. Lastly, a thick X scar was on Sun’s left cheek, a reminder of his training. This was the return. A Humandrill.

Enter "The Sage". Enter Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong
Epiteth: “The Sage”
Race: Humandrill
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Height: 12 feet
Weight: A lot

Affiliation: Cipher Pol 9
Position: Agent
Occupation: Assassin/Medic
Devil Fruit: Numa Numa no Mi
Laughing Style: Chuhuhuhu

83 x 5
= 415
Race, Martial Arts, DF
Strength: 101 (64 + 32 + 5)
Agility: 105 (84 + 16 + 5)

Movement: 102
Reaction: 108
Vitality: 101 x2 (64 + 32 + 5)
Durability: 108
Stamina: 94
Haki: 81 x2
Armaments: 81
Precognition: 81
Martial Arts: 81 x3 (57 + 24)
Rokushiki: 100
Mimicry: 81
Dials: 62
Mind: 0 (24 - 24)
Numa Numa No Mi: 41

Stealth: *****​
Physiology: ***​
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Enies Lobby

The two groups had a stare down within the courtroom. Four of Cipher Pol's most elite fighters and on the other side the Vampirates Officer and his colleagues. Who'd edge out to the top? They were slightly tied in terms of raw strength, but that wasn't all in this world. Especially when a fighter that could rival even Lucci roamed in the back, moving towards the Judicial Island with haste.

Foolishly or not the pirates would separate themselves and going for a tactic that'd allow them to fight one on one against these agents. Luckily these were people with egos that'd facilitate this way of thinking. The pirates wanted one on one battles? They'd get that, plain and simple. James would eye Kumadori, Arthur in turn would take Fukuro and Ohm would take the blond who was left.

That only left Azrael and Blueno as the final match up.

"Chapapa, You're funny. chapapa"
Fukuro said when he was drawn first.

The fights were set and Azrael gave his men a lasting speech before he dashed off with all his might. Blueno in response kept his calm and looked on towards the flaming Lunarian, eyes flashing red, reacting towards his movement with relative ease. The agent would take a step back and retreated through a door in the wall. While the pirate flew he'd notice the nearby Agents would follow this Ox-guy as fast as they could. Unfortunately only a handful of agents and the 3-headed fellow were lucky enough. Azrael would slam down onto the ground with incredible might, blasting a large part of this courtroom. Fire, debris and energy were sent flying towards anyone who stood nearby. With his scythe on the ground Azrael could take a look around. Finding that his primary targets were not around anymore. The sound of a creaking door would alert him to up the large set of middle stairs in front of him.

Up these set of stairs where the floor would connect two paths to the left and the right the wall would open up in the shape of a human. Blueno would casually walk out of it without a scratch on him. He'd dust off his shoulders before cracking his knuckles and shoulders. Looking down on the pirate he'd speak.

"This won't go as easy as you think it will, Pirate."

Having 'saved' those he wanted too Blueno was ready for a fight. His eyes would dart towards the rest of the courtroom and noticed that his 3 colleagues started to zip around the room through geppo, flying outside and hopefully drawing the pirates outside with them. Once outside their battles would be spread out over 3 different rooftops. This would allow them for their battles to happen without any interference, or so one might think.

The stage was set for the first round.

The Gates of Justice opened allowing passage to Enies Lobby. Sun would look at his home which was without any damage so far. However, from behind the majestic Tower of Justice Sun would be able to see smoke trailing over it. It'd seem that the path towards the Tower had seen a large scale battle with numerous locations of heavy fighting. And looking from the sound of explosions that echoed they had fought their way up towards the Courthouse only a single step away from the Tower. Fortunately he'd also be able to sense that most of them were now locked in combat with actual CP9 members that'd stall their approach significantly. These pirates held significant strength but were way below his level of fighting. If they could gang up on him though, that might be a different matter.

The ship could dock near one of the pillars that held this bridge, leading to a passage to the top of the bridge and eventually to the Tower itself. Whether he'd choose this direction or not his snail phone would ring once more, Spandam was hailing him.

"Agent Sun! Welcome back. We've got the situation under control. I've dispatched Blueno and others to beat these silly pirates into submission. Come to my office for a debrief of your mission first." The chief said, overconfident as always.
From the background of the call Sun could overhear a conversation their distance towards Spandam's receiver made it very quiet. It was not supposed to be heard by Sun.
"Why are you doing push-ups Jabra?" Kaku questioned the wolfman.
"So I can show that Mink that I'm still the superior one here! I won't be beaten by a Monkey"
"Help this child."
"I'll see you soon, Agent Sun"
Spandam said, ending the call.
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Enies Lobby Invasion Arc - #2
@QuickZilver708 @Dream

Note: These are unnamed no-stats NPCs, just for flavor purposes.

Gate of Justice
The Gates of Justice brought forth the Sage Squad, a squad of agents at the employ of Sun Wukong, "The Sage" came over the horizon. The Marine ship stopped short of the Bridge of Hesitation and the Humandrill jumped out. The tower seemed intact with no damage. Smoke, however, rose behind it - this was real. Rafiki, one of the Five Sages, the oldest, looked over the ship's bow as Sun walked away. The man quickly quipped their path, and Sun Wukong nodded, proceeding towards the Tower at the end of the Bridge of Hesitation.

[Rafiki] "The Sage Squad will set up perimeter in the Bridge of Hesitation. We will act as the last line of defense.... can't wait to see Jabra-san's reaction!"

The Sage walked up the Tower and climbed. As he did, in the distance, the Humandril saw the smoke more clearly. The invaders had made it all the way to the courthouse - they'd soon be in the Tower. CP9 had to had been activated. His den den mushi ran and Spandam was on the other side, noting they had dispatched Blueno and company to deal with them. Following orders, Sun Wukong went up the Tower to the observatory room and knocked, before quickly walking in.

With a sarcastic greeting, Sun Wukong entered the room.

[Sun Wukong] "Hey Jabra, I see you're still huffing and puffing. Chuhuhuhu, that was so howl-larious!"

The man entered the room, giving out puns as greetings - for Jabra the wolf. While Kaku and Lucci were above the banter, Sun was not. A little light-heartedness was something he had picked up from humans, particularly in this group with Kumadori, Jabra, and the others - one could argue he had no choice but to mimic. Sun Wukong quipped first and placed a yellow envelope on Spandam's desk - the intel and summary of his missions to assassinate Caribou Pirates and to enforce division in Sky Island - both a success.

Sun Wukong turned to Kaku and Lucci and nodded as a sign of respect, comically leaving Jabra out, before turning to Spandam.

[Sun Wukong] "What's the situation, Chief?"
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「 Enies Lobby 」 - Post 11
@QuickZilver708 @Ichimonji

My aim was simple yet effective by theory, attack, cause big damage and expect lots of collateral damage in the process. But none of this would go exactly as planned. This was the first time i came across the ones who label themselves Cipher Pol. I foolishly underestimated them despite making a quick speech about not doing so.

Just moments before i would have my scythe fall at the target that i had Blueno's head, his little portal power would yet again have me one step behind. He must have already pre-planned and done his research i would ponder as my scythe would have debris fly into the air with the very ground engulf in flames, beginning to burn and crumble into dust.

James, Arthur and Ohm had already made precautions as they tracked their respected targets each heading to other rooftops.

Arthur would snarl at Fukurou " Your one nimble fat-so, zipper face " ... embracing his snarl with a fist in the air. His fist would begin to bubble as a layer of water would form around his hand with him smirking then flinging a water projectile at the agent. " Uchimizu! "
Arthur Base STR stat = 81 = Large Building Level
Uchimizu = DPR B = +2
Total DPR = Town Level
James would quitely yet walk, jumping up and down around the debris that catapulted like a rubber band all over the place. He'd then stare daggers at Kumadori, who'd place his staff in his hands then comment on Azrael's earlier strange language then his arrogance. James would menacingly comment back " Quit talking shit about other people. You Cipher Pol are nothing but shit " his hands placed into his pockets as he would then comment. " Why don't we get the parted started " as he lunged forward aiming his kick towards Kumadori's cheeks. " Joue Shoot "
James Base STR stat = 61 = Small Building Level
Joue Shoot = DPR B = + 2
Total DPR = City Block Level
Ohm who'd be a little slower behind Kalifa, would pant, breathing heavily after his earlier confrontation with the agent. After catching up he'd comment. " Are we doing this, as i've had enough from all this wuss antics "

Seeing my attack take a few lives would bring a little bit of joy, though the target used his strange powers and escaped then re-appeared. Lifting my scythe into the air and drenched over my shoulder, breathing slowly with a spark of fire engulfing around the collarbone and eyes. I was now going to find out just who was these Cipher Pol first hand.

" Not bad evading my attack " then getting in a stance ready to dart at the direction of Blueno, the fire that engulfed my collarbone and eyes withered down, my hands began to engulf in flames as it got passed down into the scythe. Kicking the air darting forward with the scythes edge engulfed in a clad of darkening. " Unknowing Fire "
Azrael Base STR stat = 81 = Large Building Level
Unknowing Fire = DPR A = +3
Hardening = +2
Total DPR = Island Level
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