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Make your Devil Fruity (MyDF)
Info thread

I am happy to finally reintroduce an event which a few of you might remember as "Devil Fruit of the Month", invented and hosted by @SkeletonsOfThePast (better known as Xatch).

What is MyDF?
MyDF is a seasonal Event which will be organized every 3 month. The host will reveal a Devil Fruit name that ddidn't appear in OPverse yet, therefore a thread will be opened in the Community Events-section. Then you have to think about what about what kind of powers that Devil Fruit will grant. To take part in the event you have to send an entry via PM to the host. After the submission phase is over the entries will be revealed and every member of Thriller Bark will be allowed to vote for their favourite.

How should an entry look like?
An entry should contain following informations:​

  • Fruit Name (given, small variations possible but have to be verified by host)
  • Type (Paramecia, Zoan or Logia)
  • Visuals (Fruit Type, color)
  • Brief Description of the granted power
  • 3 potential abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit
  • Weaknesses/Advantages (if any)
To get a better feeling her ist an example based on the Devil Fruit of our beloved MC​

  • Fruit Name: Gum-Gum Fruit
  • Type: Paramecia
  • Visuals: Violet Yubari King
  • Brief Description of the granted power: The user of the Gum-Gum will be able to stretch his body like rubber. He will become a Rubber-Man.
  • Abilities:
    1. Gum-Gum Pistol: The user stretches his arm back then throws a devasting punch.
    2. Gum- Gum Whip: The user stretches his leg and kicks in wide circle
    3. Gear 3: The user bites in his thumb joint to blow air into his bones which inflates his arm. He then able to Transfer the air through the entire body. This increase the area of effect and the damage output of attacks
  • Weaknesses/Advantages: Bullets and punches have no effects in the user cause they are Rubber. Bullets will be fired back.

Once you send the entry to the host, your are still able to work on it as long as submission time is up.

1st place:
800 SD, special tag, color change
2nd place:
600 SD, special tag
3rd place:
500 SD, special tag
75 SD
1st place:
500 SD, special tag, color change
2nd place:
350 SD, special tag
75 SD
1st place:
400 SD, special tag

As special feature will the winning fruits be added as object to the Role Play section!
Suitable for RP is not a criteria for the Event, a PM with the Game Masters @Ziosa, @Ranger
and @joby will be opened after the event to balance the Devil Fruit if needed.

I really hope you are as hyped as I am!
The first event will be
MyDF - Summer 2020
starting in June!
Hope to see many of you there!

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