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Hello and welcome to Evil Morty Theory.
In this theory i will explain my reasoning and beliefs why i think Evil Morty is the original Morty, his plan and his future with Original Rick

1. Evil Morty's Plan

Evil Morty was first seen in episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind/Gallery where he controlled a Rick to do various crimes. Evil Morty made a fortress filled with Mortys but it was never explained why he made it so. After the fortress was taken over by the Citadel all Mortys were sent to the Citadel with Evil Morty being one of Mortys sent there.

Now i believe he made the fortress filled with Mortys because he wanted the fortress to be discovered and all Mortys to be shipped out to Citadel. Doing so he would inflate the number of Mortys in the Citadel that would allow him to be voted for the President of the Citadel which did happen.

Now in control of the Citadel Morty swiftly dealt with the council of Ricks to remove any and all power houses on his path. Now with full control of the Citadel Morty can finally enact his plan. As to what plan is that - i believe Evil Morty wants to make true equality where all Rick's and Mortys are the same with same abilities, options and rights.

By His words:

"This seems like a good time for a drink, and a cold calculated speech with sinister overtones. A speech about politics, about order, brotherhood, power. But speeches are for campaigning. Now is the time for action "

"The division I see is between the Ricks and Mortys that like the Citadel divided, and the rest of us. I see it everywhere I go. I see it in our schools. Where they teach Mortys we are all the same, because they’re threatened by what makes us unique. I see it in our streets. Where they give guns to Mortys. So we’re too busy fighting each other to fight real injustice. I see it in our factories. Where Ricks work for a fraction of their boss’ salary, even though they are identical and have the same IQ. The Citadel’s problem isn’t homeless Mortys or outraged Ricks. The Citadel’s problem is the Ricks and Mortys feeding on the Citadel’s death... But I’ve got a message for them, from the Ricks and Mortys keeping it alive, a message from the Ricks and Mortys that believe in this Citadel... to the Ricks and Mortys that don’t. You’re outnumbered."

Now to understand how Evil Morty will accomplish this and why he wants it in the first place you need to understand Evil Morty.

2. Evil Mortys Origin

I believe Evil Morty is the Original Morty and the Morty we follow now in the story is one of many Morty's original Rick took under his wing. If you look at the following conversation between Rick and Morty you will notice two interesting bits of information.

Morty: Man, I can’t believe you, Rick! That right there! Tha-that was a great opportunity to show a little humanity. You know? To connect with me a little?
Rick: Hey Morty, you want connection? Go be part of some stupid club like all those dumb Ricks. You know, maybe I don’t connect because I’m the Rickest Rick there is. And you know, it would [belch] go without saying that the Rickest Rick… would have the Mortyest Morty.
Morty: It would go without saying, huh?
Rick: Yeah, it would. Did you hear me say it?
Morty: Nah… (to himself) The Mortyest Morty…
Rick: Just don’t get too big for your loafers, Buster Brown. A cocky Morty could lead to some big problems. Could be a real bad thing for everybody.
Morty: Oh yeah, how’s that?
Rick: I-I-I’ll explain when you’re older.

1. Rick called himself the Rickest Rick but didn't say Morty is Mortyest Morty.
2. Rick said Cocky Morty could lead to some big problems which he knows can happen

That indicates two things

Morty isn't Mortyest Morty and Rick knows of the problems Mortyest Morty can do.
Rick used to know Mortyest Morty and he was a witness to the problems Mortyes Morty can cause.

In episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind/Gallery there the following memory Rick has

This image has one major flaw - Rick wasn't present when Morty was born. Rick came later on when Morty was in his current age.
So if this Morty isn't the Morty we follow , which Morty is this then?
That Morty right there is the Evil Morty - Original Morty.

Evil Morty is the Rick's Original Morty.
Now, knowing that you have to question yourself what went wrong.
Why did Rick leave Original Morty?
How does Rick know what happens when Morty gets cocky?

If Rick is the Rickest Rick , then Evil Morty is the Mortyes Morty and with that he is much different than any other Morty just like Rick is different that any other Rick
He doesn't have usual weakness Morty has, he isn't insecure and he isn't dumb. I suspect Rick once brought Original Morty to the Citadel and when Original Morty saw all the corruption and division he grew angry at the system he saw. Rick being the Rickest Rick didn't care and offered no sympathy to the Original Morty.
That started to cause the division between them which eventually lead to Morty becoming cocky and thus creating a low of problems.

From that i see 3 possible options
1. Rick and Original Morty got into a fight - Original Morty won and Rick had to escape
2. Rick and Original Morty got into a fight - Rick Won and Morty had to escape
3. Rick and Original Morty got into a fight - Rick wasn't able to attack Original Morty so he escaped

I believe option 3 is what happened because we see Rick shedding tears after seeing image of Baby Morty. He feels sorrow because he remembers the poor choices he did that resulted in a fallout between them. Having no other option, Rick escaped to another reality where he eventually find Morty he is now with.

Original Morty knowing the despair, corruption and division in the Citadel decided to take action. His plan was started and now he is on the way to fulfill it not knowing his plan is the bomb ready to destroy everything.

3. Evil Morty's Plan part 2 and the future of Rick

Reason why every Rick has a Morty is bcs their brain waves sync together. Morty's lack of intelligence counters Rick's intelligence and thus creates balance. If one changes too much the balance tips of and bad things can happen.

Evil Morty's goal of equality is straight up nightmare. If every Morty and every Rick become the same there will be no push and pull mechanic they have.
It will be straight up chaos that will destroy every possible reality.

I believe Rick will figure out what Evil Morty wants to do and will try to stop him but will eventually fail. He won't be able to strike down his true nephew he wasn't able to strike years ago.

Job of defeating Evil Morty will fall to Morty. Morty already has been proclaimed The One True Morty that is capable of attracting Morty's just as Evil Morty can.
After Rick's demise Morty will face of against Evil Morty and win. Knowing that if he continues the dream of Evil Morty the balance will be tipped and everything will go to ruin. Morty will thus keep the balance.

Thanks for reading, i will update this theory where more information comes up. But so far S4 didn't offer any content when it comes to Evil Morty
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Remember the toxic episode.."Rest and Ricklaxation.” Morty capitalized off his “lack of conscious” as a stock broker being his personal version of healthy.
Remember the toxic episode.."Rest and Ricklaxation.” Morty capitalized off his “lack of conscious” as a stock broker and Rick was doing everything he could to try to make him insecure again..I think that played into it as well.
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