My Hero Academia Fall of Hero Society and Exile to USA ( My Hero Academia )

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Salty Doubloons
For quite some time i had an idea in my head that Hero Society in MHA will fall and that a part of heroes will be forced to defect to other countries. This all started during Liberation Army arc - MHA movie and overall bits and pieces scattered through the manga

Corruption of Heroes

We know that Hero Society is very very flawed under its glory. Stain brought this up first with the term of fake heroes - heroes only dedicated to fame and not helping people. We've seen this through the story more than once with Endeavor , Mount Lady and heroes Stain hunted. If someone seeks popularity he will never achieve real power to help people.

In U.A. we also learned of the possible traitor/mole. Teachers tried to combat this by putting students in one dorm to monitor them

This concluded in the most recent chapter when principal and inspector said that the traitor is probably not one of the students. I still have my doubts about this but it remains to be seen.

In the most recent chapter teachers are U.A. were talking about the destruction done by Shigaraki and how it is strange that the Public Safety Commission is not saying everything in regard to it and the whole internship being forced.
We know for a fact that Liberation Army has major influence in connections and information but it is surprising their influence is so big it can be kept from Top Heroes.

Last point about the corruption is the quote for Midnight in the recent chapter

Heroes despite having more numbers than ever are still lacking manpower. Society is pushing students in internships to pump out as many heroes as they can. Corruption is so big that the question of heroes became one of quantity and not quality. They don't care if the student is good or bad - just push him out to the front lines and hope for the best.

Society is creating this false image that the heroes are all powerful and nothing is wrong with them. In reality Hero Society is heavily corrupt and inflated and it is far from the reality.

Power of League of Villains

Liberation Army arc confirmed one thing - new force under Shigaraki is equal if not stronger than all heroes combined

It took one High-End Nomu to push Endeavor to his upmost limit - Doctor who made them has several more being made. That power alone is scary to imagine even without the numbers of the Liberation Army , quality of their 9 commanders , influence in media and industry.

All in all Villains are looking way more capable and powerful than heroes. It bares the question , can they get stronger and the answer is yes.

Assault on Tartarus.
Having such power there is only one thing left for Villains to do - Free All For One and all captured Villains in Tartarus

Freeing All For One and all those top tier Villains would be a final nail in the coffin for the heroes. On top of their current power they would get even more power. Nothing can stop them.

Death of All Might , Death of Jeanist , Death of Hawks and future of Endeavor

One Thing is for sure - All Might has to die by the hands of Shigaraki. Shigaraki wants to destroy the society as people know it, what better way to start this but with freeing All For One and then Killing One For All. With death of All Might the world of heroes will fall in a massive shock despite them knowing All Might isn't a symbol of peace anymore. It will be a huge blow to the moral of heroes

Other hero that already died is Best Jeanist.

Hawks - The Man who is too fast for his own good - will die. I have yet seen a double agent character that survived until the end. Hawks simply has to die.

Endeavor - Now i do feel like Endeavor's redemption arc isn't over yet. He still needs that one moment that will redeem him. That being said i think he will die too simply bcs that would mean top 3 heroes and All Might died - the ripple that would send through the hero world would be massive.

Fall of Hero Society

With All Might , Endeavor , Hawks and Best Jeanist dead, League of Villains having so many resources to use and All For One and the corruption of Hero Society the destiny is clear - Hero Society will fall. Hero Schools will be closed, heroes will be hunted and will be forced to hide or go to exile. Japan will fall in the state of chaos under the rule of Shigaraki and All For One.

Which leads us to the question of the future of students. What will happen to them?

I believe the students will forced into exile into USA or other countries - doesn't matter where , just as long as it is far away from Shigaraki and All For One.

Exile of Students

In All Might Rising OVA we learned that All Might was forced to go to USA to train after the death of his mentor because of lack of experience. Even with Gran Torino helping All Might in school he still lacked so much experience to fight All For One.


If All Might stayed in Japan during the reign he would be hunted down and killed by All For One

This is relevant because i believe that no matter how much experience Deku gets in the school under All Might he will still lack experience when fighting All For One or Shigaraki. Even tho Deku will receive more quirks he still needs a lot of practice and experience when using them.

Deku is all about copying All Might , walking in OFA's steps as he goes. From quirkless nature , hero mentality , attack moves and power Deku is always doing what All Might did - Just better.

Because of that i believe that Deku will go to USA just like All Might and train while making alliances to eventually one day return to Japan and take down Shigaraki and All For One. Deku was already is USA during the movie and he knows people there that can help him.

Hero Society in MHA is heavily corrupt and feeds on its fake image. League of Villains has enough resources and Manpower to take them on. In the first conflict someone of the best heroes in Japan will die and the hero society will crumble. Students will be forced into exile in USA and other countries where they will train to eventually one day return to Japan and take down Shigaraki and All For One

Update 1: in chapter 245/246 Shigaraki laid his plans to destroy everything in 4 months
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Salty Doubloons
Your theory is the one I wish to become a reality.
Deku might go to USA just like All Might did in the past. Maybe Bakugo will do the same.
Where would the rest of the heroes go I wonder?
I'm most excited by the prospect of Tokoyami visiting Egypt. His "Black Ankh" move already gave it away. I hope he's going to be a badass representation of Egyptian God of Death Anubis in the future.

And it's a bit out of topic, but I see quite a strong resemblance of One Piece's Pacifista in MHA's Nomu.
I can't help but fantasize that, if we get a timeskip (or a training arc), our future Big 3 (Deku-Bakugo-Shoto) will slaughter Nomus like Luffy-Zoro-Sanji 1 shotted Pacifistas post-timeskip.