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The member created fan clubs and groups are a social hangout for those who share similar interests. Kindly read the below terms before creating a fan club or a group. This also outlines what should be done - and what shouldn't be done, in an existing group.

A) Content
A.1) All content within all clubs and groups must follow the Thriller Bark guidelines, there are no exceptions.​
A.2) Please respect artists wishes and do not hotlink/share images directly if the artist doesn't wish re-posts. Provide direct link to original source of such artists/artwork.​
A.3) Remain civil towards other groups/fan clubs, or the group/fan club may be shut down.​
A.4) No fan club or group is allowed to:​
- Force a member to join their club/group.​
- Force a member to change any part of their profile or account with regards to their membership in the club/group.​
- Force a member to recruit more members into the club/group.​
- These may be done by the user themselves on their own free will and should not be forced.

B) Fan Clubs
Fan Clubs are threads dedicated towards a singular character or a group/organization. Fan Clubs for couples is not permitted.​
B.1) There can only be one active fan club for a "group" or "character" (i.e: The group Straw Hat Pirates can only have one fan club - and the character Gol D. Roger can only have one fan club).​
B.2) A member can not create/run more than one fan club for each series, and may not create more than a total of three fan clubs across all series, genres, etc.(i.e: Larsi can have only one fan club from something in One Piece, one about something in My Hero Academia and one about something in Berserk.).​
B.3) Fan clubs are not allowed to be based on Thriller Bark members (i.e: no "Member XYZ Fanclub").​

C) Groups
Groups are quite simply a group of like-minded people. It's not meant to be an alternate setting for fan clubs.​
C.1) Any group needs to be approved by the staff. Before creating a group, start a conversation with all Admins and Super Moderators describing your group and what it will be about, the name. etc.​
C.2) A member cannot create/run more than 1 group (i.e: The owner/starter of an existing group cannot create another group until and unless the old group is locked or deleted).​
C.3) Each person may only be part of two groups at one time.​

D) Closure
The Thriller Bark Staff reserve the right to lock, delete or modify any club or group for any reasons we deem valid.​
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