One Piece green bull is actually a spy for blackbeard (his vergo) and will be sanjis opponent on the bbpirates

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in the sbs of volume 76 line
D: You know how there was a question in SBS Volume 75 about the admiral candidates?? Well I just figured out the reason behind your final choice of the “Ox” and the “Tiger” so here it is…

Hitsujisaru [未申 (坤) - literally “Sheep Monkey”] → Momotaro
Ushitora [丑寅 (艮) - literally “Ox Tiger”] → Kimon [鬼門 - literally “Demon Gate”] → Oni [鬼] (Tiger loincloth, Ox horn)
And the “Oni” in this case would be representing the pirates.
Could the two new admirals “Ryokugyu” and “Fujitora” possibly have been created with the concept that, despite them being people of the Marines, deep down inside they are both Admirals who secretly harbor ill feelings towards the World Government (going against the WG → kind of like pirates?) as can be seen with Fujitora’s wish to completely abolish the “Shichibukai” system set up by the World Government? P.N. Tosaka Kouhai
(Translator’s Note: The epithets of the first three admirals [Kizaru- literally Yellow Monkey, Akainu- literally Red Dog, and Aokiji- Literally Blue Pheasant] come from the Japanese Legend of Momotaro, where Momotaro befriends a Monkey, Dog, and Pheasant on his journey to defeat an evil Oni in a distant island. This tale is actually based off of Onmyodo [derived from the more commonly known Feng-Shui, a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology, in which the Ox and the Tiger, aka Ushitora, are the two zodiacs positioned in the Northeastern direction of the Onmyodo diagram and considered to be evil or unlucky. In Momotaro, the Tiger and Ox are represented by the evil Oni.)
O: What? Me, becoming restless? (cold sweat) W-w-what are you talking about? Of course not.
Uhhh, well that was one heck of a complicated theory written on this piece of paper. If you want to, go ahead and try to process it. I haven’t said a single thing about whether this theory is correct or incorrect, okay! (cold sweat) Just saying. I j-just happened to throw this postcard in, so that I could show my fans the kinds of questions I’ve been getting and s-stuff.

its pretty obvious that oda is implying that is the case for fujitora and green bull but while its clear that fujitora is opposing the WG for good purposes and to help the people that doesnt mean its the case for green bull and I think it isnt for fujitora and green bull replaced aokiji and akainus spots whose views on were opposed to each other absolute justice vs moral justice

so it would fit that fujitora and green bulls personalities and way of opposing the world government would also contrast from each other in that while fujitora hate the warlord system and opposes the world government in ways that are good for the people green bull opposes the world government for his own corrupt purposes and is an actual pirate which is something fujitora hates ( corruption

and for why I say specifically blackbeard well its so green bull can be sanjis opponent in the blackbeard pirates for the blackbeard pirates are the evil counterpart to the strawhat pirates with shiryuu being evil zoro and blackbeard being evil luffy so green bull would be like an evil sanji ( and just watch when green bull and shiryuu interact they will bicker like zoro and sanji for there had been a tendency for zoro and sanjis opponents to have a similar dynamic to them like bon clay and mr one of baroque works or kaku and jabra of cp9 (which is why I think zoro and sanji will fight king and queen respectively ) ) and sanji has already showed to be skilled at espionage ( with the mr prince stuff)

sanjis epithet is black leg

and there is a highly fatal disease of cattle (which includes bulls etc) etc called blackleg. which is the name of sanjis epithet so Its possible sanji will cause green bulls death

and in one piece there are multiple references/allusions to journey of the west for luffy is inspired by sun wukong

sanji besides his reference to satan/lucifer alludes to two characters in journey of the west sun wukongs companion pigsy/zhu baije

(sanjis references to zhu bajie

Zhu Bajie is a complex and developed character in the novel. He looks like a terrible monster, part human and part pig, who often gets himself and his companions into trouble through his laziness, gluttony, and propensity for lusting after pretty women. He is jealous of Sun Wukong and always tries to bring him down.

Pigsy’s Buddhist name “Zhu Wuneng”, given by Bodhisattva Guanyin, means “pig (reincarnated) who is aware of ability,” or “pig who rises to power”, a reference to the fact that he values himself so much as to forget his own grisly appearance*. Xuanzang gave him the nickname Bājiè which means “eight restraints, or eight commandments” to* remind him of his Buddhist diet*.*

In the original Chinese novel, he is often called dāizi (呆子), meaning “idiot”. Sun Wukong, Xuanzang and even the author consistently refers to him as “the idiot” over the course of the story. Bodhisattvas and other heavenly beings usually refer to him as “Heavenly Tumbleweed”, his former name when he was a heavenly marshal.

sanji is called an idiot by ussop and zoro multiple times.

Sanji is a cook, while Pigsy got insane appetite (sometimes Pigsy is also portrayed as a chef in some versions)

and zhu bajie lusts after every woman he meets

plus pigysy/ zhu baji

Bajie joins The Team because his mortal in-laws end up hiring Monkey and Xuanzang to exorcise him from their farm and chase him away from their daughter, Blue Orchid. However, Bajie legitimately married Blue Orchid and did so with their permission, and while he is quite a glutton (as he himself admits), he’s also a very hard and diligent worker who more than earns his keep by his labors. As he notes to Monkey-in-disguise, he cleans the ground, drains ditches, carries bricks and tiles, builds walls, plows fields (pulling the plough singlehandedly at that), plants grain and generally improves the farm, with even his in-laws admitting that he does his labors, which is why they were happy to take him in as their son-in-law in the first place. So why do they want him gone? Because it’s undignified to have a monster as a son-in-law. This makes perfect sense to Chinese and Japanese cultures, even today, but modern Westerners tend to see them as Ungrateful Bastards engaging in Fantastic Racism: he’s being cast out, despite being everything a farmer could want in a son-in-law, simply because of his race. noteIncidentally, this may be why this aspect of Bajie’s story is almost never adapted straight. For example, in Monkey, Bajie is to be exorcised because he’s given up being a dutiful son-in-law to instead become a wastrel who spends his days eating, drinking and picking fights. In Dragon Ball, the Bajie-expy Oolong is an enemy because he keeps kidnapping girls (all of whom end up pushing him around and bullying him, to the point he’s happy to give them back) and the whole “in-laws call for exorcism” angle is dropped entirely. Admittedly Bajie isn’t entirely innocent — by the time Monkey and Xuanzang come along, he’s keeping Blue Orchid locked up in his private room and not letting her parents see her. But it’s never clarified whether he’s doing that because he’s just an asshole or if he’s only doing so because he’s angry at how, after having welcomed him into the family, his in-laws have turned on him for his supernatural nature. “

basically zhu bajies inlaws had him kicked out by son wukong and this could be referenced in a way with how zeff had luffy take sanji away with him by the baratie despite sanji being a good chef though he is perverted due to the fact that he wanted sanji to follow his dreams since he was kept here by his debt so while zhu bajies in laws were assholes sanjis father zeff had him taken away because he cared about sanji

but the part about zhu bajies in laws are applied to sanjis biological father how while zhu bajies in laws didnt like him because he was supernatural sanjis biological father hated him for being born normal)

who fought against the bull demon king along with sun wukong and more importantly sanji references prince nezha who captures bull demon king

“ In the ensuing fight against Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie, Bull Demon King reveals his true form, a giant white bull, and attempts to charge towards his opponents. Nezha shows up, captures Bull Demon King“

since nezha was known for his temper and conflict with his father and fire based weapons and sanji uses fire abilitys powered by anger and hada conflict with his biological father and nezha was called the third lotus prince and sanji is a prince not only does sanji mean third son but he is the biological third son to his biological parents and while sanji had a loving relationship with his mother his father was angry at him

nezha was known for going on aa fit of anger before a certain event and sanji has shown that she had a temper and nezha “His mother then secretly built a temple for Nezha and this temple later flourished. This temple became very well known and grew vastly because Nezha granted miracle cures to the sick and the crippled. However, Li Jing soon found out about this temple and burnt it down because he was still angry at Nezha and felt that he had already caused too much trouble for their family.Li Jing burning the temple caused Nezha to desire his father’s death. Thus, enmity between father and son grew. Nezha was later brought back to life by his teacher, Taiyi Zhenren, who used lotus roots to construct a human body for his soul and gave him two new weapons: the Wind Fire Wheels (風火輪) and the Fire-tipped Spear (火尖槍). With the reincarnation of Nezha by his master, Li Jing and Nezha fought many battles. However, Li Jing soon realized that his mortal body was no match for Nezha and so he ran for his life. On the run, he met his second son, Muzha, who fought and was defeated by Nezha. , Randeng Daoren.Nezha is often depicted as a youth, instead of an adult. He is often shown flying in the sky riding on the Wind Fire Wheels (風火輪), has the Universe Ring (乾坤圈) around his body (sometimes in his left hand), the Red Armillary Sash (浑天绫) around his shoulders and a Fire-tipped Spear (火尖槍) in his right hand. Sometimes, he is shown in his “three heads and six arms” form (三頭六臂). “and nezha ended up going on a fit of rage against his father so he hd been known for his anger

green bull = bull demon king

and for more on green bull being sanjis evil counterpart

The only two pieces of information we have about Green Bull have to do with Food and Women. Basically he was introduced during the Reverie solely to let us know that about him.

Just like how Sanji was introduced. And then they are contrasting to paint them as opposing forces
“Eating is a pain in the ass” and “I haven’t bothered eating” vs Sanji’s appreciation towards food after he experienced starvation

Saying that he would eat even if it’s a nuisance solely if he’d get to flirt with a girl vs Sanji putting himself aside and preparing his best dishes for ladies

And on top of that

Fujitora praises his meal and thanks him for the food, making it very likely that Green Bull is a cook just like Sanji, and a very talented one as well given the praise.


If the whole “eating is a pain” thing is a key character trait for Ryokugyu (which it likely will be since it’s what Oda chose to focus on in his only appearance so far), Sanji finding out about that would be a key part of fuelling the battle between them.

- Luffy and Blackbeard’s first dispute was about food, which sets up while they act similar they have different tastes

sanji and luffy are foils to each other and the blackbeard pirates are the evil counterpart to strawhats with

blackbeard being evil luffy

lexinthymia . tumblr . com/post/152629529785/alexinethymia-spacespheal-so-i-was

So, I was thinking that Luffy and Sanji are like two sidesfrom the same coin, ‘cause there are some aspects of them that are the same or at least really similar, but some others are just complete opposites

(This is going to be pretty long, sorry, so I’m dividing it in blocks, which may be a lil messy, sorry)


Both, are thin, but, while Sanji is tall, Luffy is short. Sanji has blond and well brushed hair that covers part of his face, but Luffy’s got black messy hair. Both have a “mark” on their face, Luffy’s got his scar, Sanji’s got his eyebrows.

Sanji always wears formal clothes that are black, whileLuffy wears informal clothes, which are bright colored.

Fighting Style:

Both fight without anything else but thier body, but while Luffy’s a Devil Fruit user, Sanji’s not. On the other hand, Sanji’s the best swimmer in the crew. Also, Luffy uses mostly his fists to attack, while Sanji uses only his legs (well he uses knifes in his fight versus Wanze, but just one fight, so let’s ignore it).


Most of the time, Sanji’s composed and mature, but there’s a lot of moments when he’s really childish. Luffy, is most of the time childish, but he can be serious if the moment requires to. While Sanji has shown he has sexual desires, Luffy has shown he has less sexual desires than a snail.

Both are hopeless dreamers, with kinda impossible dreams. Sanji want to find a legendary sea that may not exist, and Luffy wants to find a legendary tresaure that’s wanted by a lot of people. Luffy will do whatever he has to do to achieve it, but Sanji has been shown to deny his desire to accomplish his dream, just for the sake of someone else.

Luffy’s an excited child that go running towards anything that sounds fun to him without any second thought. Sanji’s careful and thinks his next moves with precison, also Sanji is one of the main strategist of the crew

Luffy easily falls for lies,tricks and ilusions, while Sanji doesn’t and even sometimes uses them in his advantage.

Both are so damn protective, but Sanji’s a lot more sacrificed.

Luffy’s loud and bad at infiltrating, but Sanji’s quiet and awfully good at infiltraitng and finding ways to help the crew.


Both are saved by a pirate that looses, an arm on Luffy’s part, a leg on Sanji’s part,

Their fathers are both famous criminals, but while Sanji’s father’s more from the underworld, Luffy’s father from the upperworld.

Also both have two older siblings, but while Luffy’s aren’t blood related, Sanji’s are.

Well, that’s just a list of things that have come to my mind for now. Feel free to expand it.

Sanji can’t hit a woman at all, while Luffy could care less about your gender if you’re the enemy. Zoro’s in the middle of the spectrum. I got this from TV Tropes.

I’d also like to point out how Oda’s chosen colors for them are red and blue. While you have Zoro and Nami whose colors are their hair color, Sanji could honestly have yellow or even black as a color, but those were assigned to Usopp and Brook instead.

In most literature, red and blue are symbolic opposites. Usually they designate for convenience enemies or rivals at least. While Sanji’s rival is Zoro, sanji unwilling had sort of a heelface turn where in chapter 844 they actually had what they talked about sort of sanji vs. luffy more like sanji hitting luffy in order to strive him down
both sanji and luffy had 2 flashbacks first one featuring their mentor and their mentors losing a limb for them and the second featuring a relationship with their brothers for luffy it was in spirit for sanji it was biological for luffy it was positive relationship for sanji negative

in the tea party since sanji is trying to save his biological brothers and father who he hates while e how luffy tried to save his brother in spirit ace

this serves as an excellent point of contrast while sanji is saved his brothers and father who he hates (along with his sister who he loves) luffy tried to save his brother in spirit and failed where sanjis mentor lost a leg to protect him while luffys mentor shanks lost a arm saving him heck in the manga this was outright referenced when luffy told him

so if Ryokugyu really is a mole for BB then there’s two food-based battles going on in the Straw Hats vs Blackbeard Pirates ( the pirates meant to be an evil strawhat pirates ) war (two people who have opposite tastes vs two people who have opposite feelings about eating)

( and it would be fitting for the blackbeard pirates sanji equivalent to go undercover in the marines given the skillset sanji has shown with infiltration like the mr prince etc

Also, it’s interesting that we don’t really know who put a stop to Judge’s conquest of the North Blue
after the incident where he took down four nations. Something must have happened to make Germa fall back and look for support from a Yonko to achieve their dream. Judge doesn’t look that different in the picture, so maybe that happened during the time skip. Watch Oda make Green Bull be involved in that incident, as the Admiral who was dispatched to prevent the Vinsmokes from attempting to conquest the whole North Blue once again.

So Zoro and Sanji, the two Monsters enforcing the will of Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy will end up fighting the newly recruited Admirals who were called Monsters in the same breath by Doflamingo back in Dressrosa

and all of the admirals powers are references to their color motif akainu (red = magma) aokiji (blue = ice/cold) kizaru yellow = light and in japan the color purple is associated with gravity fujitoras power so its quite likely that green bulls power is associated with the color green and since ice/cold, magma, light, and gravity are the things that make up the world I think that green bulls power is related to nature and he is able to survive without eating through photosynthesis (and normal plants are vulnerable to fire ) and green bull probably has pop greens in his arsenal considering how dangerous they are its fitting if a admiral with plant powers has them

cows/bulls are slaughtered and for their meat like people make beef and used for cooking
Beef is the culinary name for meat from cattle. Beef can be harvested from bulls, heifers or steers. Its acceptability as a food source varies in different parts of the world.
en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Beef
and theres another exotic type of dish called bull testicles / people eat the testicles of the bulls and sanji is a chef and has a tendency to make comments about cooking in his fighting so when he faces ryokugyu he could make a comment saying he will turn green bull into beef or make references to preparing beef in reference to green bull

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