One Piece Haki Types and Applications

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I am here to discuss the Haki types and applications associated with them.

1. Armament Haki
- Enhanced Body
- What are armaments? An armament refers to military weapons and equipment.
- Developing an armament allows a person to use Armament Haki.

a) A person can enhance their body with Armament Haki if they weaponize their body.
b) Luffy became rubber and developed Rubber Pistol.

Note: A person may consider any of their body parts to be an armament component.

2. Observation Haki
- Enhanced Mind
- What are clairs? A clair sense refers to a sense that is clear.
- Developing a clair sense allows a person to use Observation Haki.

a) A person can enhance their mind with Observation Haki if they gain a clair sense.
b) Fujitora became blind and developed Clear Seeing.

Note: A person may consider any of their senses to be an observation component.

3. Sovereign Haki
- Enhanced Spirit
- What are sovereigns? A sovereign refers to a person that is a supreme ruler.
- Developing a kingdom allows a person to use Sovereign Haki.

a) A person can enhance their spirit with Sovereign Haki if they create a kingdom.
b) Big Mom became Queen of Totland and developed Ikoku Sovereignty.

Note: A person may consider any form of supreme rule to be a sovereign component.

Armament Haki Theme during Attacks
Example of Luffy's Normal Techniques:
- Gomu Gomu no Bullet = Rubber Rubber Gun Bullet

Example of Luffy's Armament Haki techniques:
- Buso Koka: Gomu Gomu no Bullet = Armament Hardening: Rubber Rubber Gun Bullet

Observation Haki Theme during Attacks
*There is nothing to be said about this because actual attacks don't involve clair senses themselves*

Sovereign Haki Theme during Attacks
- The telltale sign of a Sovereign Haki technique may include references to royal power or status.

Examples of Sovereign Haki Applications:
- Gol D. Roger developed an attack titled Divine Departure (Kamusari) which was once translated as Black Emperor's Blade: Aversion to Divinity.
- Kaido and Big Mom developed an attack titled Conquest of the Sea (Hakai) which is also translated as Supremacy Sea.
- Ikoku Sovereignty is interpreted as Mighty Nation. However, Ikoku means [Foreign Country] and Sovereignty is an English word.
- King Elizabello of Prodence was born with a King's Body. It takes time to use it, but he developed an attack titled "King's Punch" which is said to be able to knock-out the emperors of the sea if it lands. Noticeably, King Elizabello creates the same kind of red/black aura surrounding his body that other people do when they perform similar attacks. For example, Gol D. Roger's move below [Kamusari] has a red/black aura.

Examples of the Basic Form of Sovereign Haki application

- Luffy and Doflamingo Haki clash.

- Roger's Kamusari is shown with red/black aura

- Elizabello's King Punch is shown with red/black aura

Examples of Sovereign Haki Infusion Applications

- Kaido begins to emit purple lightning from his body, and then becomes surrounded by a red/black aura, which he then focuses onto his weapon. Kaido's weapon begins to emit purple lightning, and Kaido's body stops emitting it. [Thunder Bagua]

- Big Mom emits purple lightning from her attack Ikoku very briefly during the initial shockwave.

Author's Note: What I would say is the determining factor for Sovereign Haki applications is that they may appear with both Red/Black auras or lightning and Purple auras or lightning. The difference between people who use Red/Black auras and people who use Purple auras is that one of them is a normal king, and the other is a heavenly king. Notice that the King's Punch was developed by a normal Human King (King Elizabello). The King Kong Gun is a recreation of a King Gorilla's Punch in the form of a Gun Bullet. Neither the normal Human King nor the Animal King are considered to be Heavenly or Divine. However, Big Mom and Kaido are people who are considered to have Powerful Spirits. Therefore, the determining factor for Sovereign Haki users that employ different types of auras is the fact that they have different types of spirits, and spirits are what determine the height of a person's potential as a supreme ruler. Additionally, a person may use both types of auras if they're capable of doing so. It is likely that Gol D Roger is able to perform both normal king type Sovereign applications as well as divine king type Sovereign applications. It's just in this particular instance, he only used the red/black aura.

Author's Note: Look at all those people just pooping their pants every time someone uses one of these moves.

Author's Note: It may be worth noting that when a person uses Sovereign Haki alongside Armament Haki to enhance techniques, there seems to be a relationship between kinetic force and the pushback that occurs during these techniques. For example, Doflamingo and Luffy pushed people away when they collided. When Roger used Kamusari, he pushed Oden back through trees. Again, when Elizabello uses the King's Punch he pushes Pica's colossal stone body. Then, when Kaido lands Thunder Bagua on Luffy, Luffy is sent flying. When Big Mom uses Ikoku, she creates an actual shockwave which obliterates anything in its path and continues flying for miles. In other situations, Armament Haki users haven't demonstrated this pushback effect that occurs with these specific people. For example, Swordsmen perform Sword Techniques which cut their opponents. However, they rarely create pushbacks. They do, however, create Flying Sword Techniques. (it's interesting how Fujitora kind of works around this by using a gravity fruit, thereby allowing him to create massive pushbacks with ease).
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