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Re-Reading One Piece Manga!

Come re-read One Piece manga with me! I’ll be re-reading the One Piece Manga from the beginning. As I go along, I’ll be updating here with interesting things I see along the way, cool scenes, and foreshadowing, in the form of colored manga screenshots. I’ll be giving a renewed review of each arc to see how they’s aged these 20 years, and how they stack up to the new chapters!

Come reminisce old times!

Thread Framework
The thread will be divided into different sections, focusing on characters, lore, crews, and arcs. If you have a suggestion on other sections to add, feel free to let me know!
  • Story Arcs
  • Joining Straw Hat Crew
  • One Piece: World Geography
Last Update
Captain Kuro Arc. [3/28/23]

Foosha Village
I felt good about re-reading Foosha Village, the beginning. While it’s only one chapter, I felt it aged well. Good combination of comedy, shock, and action. If we view it in the eyes of the intended audience, kids, it holds up. However, it woefully fails in comparison to some manga’s first chapter.

Best Character: Shanks, and it’s not even close.

Chapter 1: Romance Dawn: Dawn of the Adventure said:
I tried to figure out whether Oda planned the Nika DF. This panel shows Shank’s reaction to Luffy eating the fruit. Not sure I can infer he knew it was Nika DF. At this point, in East Blue, all Devil fruits were “rare” and a “treasure”.

Best Character: Shanks. Not even close.

I loved this panel! Shanks commending Luffy before he leaves, using foreshadowing. The comparison to himself is something I found cool upon re-reading.

Captain Alvida Arc
Aggressively mid. The arc was devoid of any real tension and risk. Seemed rushed. However, this is the first instance we get to see Luffy’s “power” to have people follow him. Coby immediately became Luffy’s friend, telling him his predicament and challenging Alvida. Captain Alvida was one-shotted.

Best Character: Coby. His emotional transformation was great.

Chapter 2: That Boy! The Straw Hat Wearing Luffy said:
Started from the bottom now we here! Cool to see Coby’s progression. Here he is being a little bi***. Fast forward to last few mangas, he’s clashing with Blackbeard. Amazing glow-up!

Panel below is the first time Zoro is mentioned. Love his evil grin!

Captain Morgan Arc
This was just fine. For some reason, I remembered Captain Morgan’s fall being more impactful. It was literally a one-hit from Zoro with ease, while Morgan was focusing on Luffy. This arc did not age well. The only saving grace was Zoro’s backstory, only in the backdrop of loving that character.

Best Character: Zoro, easily!

Chapter 5: The Pirate King Ans The Great Sworsdman said:
During Zoro’s backstory, I came across this gem. 2,000 loses. That’s insane! Makes more sense that Zoro continually says he won’t lose again, partly because he wants that memory of defeat to be only with Kuina. Beaut.

Chapter 6: The First Crewmember said:
This panel spoke to me. In their first meeting, Zoro declares that no one will interfere with his goal, threatening to kill Luffy if he interfered with his goal to become World’ Greatest Swordsman. Juxtapose that with Thriller Bark and Timeskip, in both instances Zoro puts Luffy in front of his dream. Very cool reading this back in that context. Truly, love between nakama.

Chapter 7: Friends said:
We all know after each arc, the Straw Hats celebrate by having a great feast and stuffing their faces. Below is the first time it happened! They’ve come a long way!

At the end of the arc, Luffy tells Coby they’ll always be friends! With these two at the helm of the Pirate and Marine forces, possibilities are endless! Great to re-read the bond they made. Look at that Coby face!

Buggy Pirates Arc
With the introduction of Buggy, a real contender, the story begins to pick up. Still aggressively mid in comparison to other arcs, but definitely exciting as it shows the show going in an upward arc. I personally feel that once we hit this arc, the upward trajectory keeps going until Marineford Arc. Buggy was funnier reading the manga this time around.

Best Character: Chochou. Mfer carried the arc. Panels galore of him in spoiler.

Chapter 8: Nami Enters said:
Our first look at Zoro’s bad sense of direction! Running gag win!

Chapter 10: The Incident At The Bar said:
Love this panel. Buggy-sama squaring up without a second’s thought! For whatever reason, I thought Buggy was shorter than Zoro till I re-read this panel.

Chapter 13: Treasure said:
Outside of Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece is an anime that has made me cry. The first instance of which was Chouchou fighting for his master’s shop. Great scene. In this moment I knew One Piece was different from others, as it covered real emotion and psychology. Enjoy these panels!

Luffy got SSOOO pissed! This was the first time we see Luffy pissed and fighting with such passion. One-shoted Mohji and lion. Peep the ‘Don’ sound effect!

Finally, Chouchou is gifted the last bag. He walks away content. What a way to end it. As a bonus, it was the first time Nami saw Luffy doing something good. Nami began to trust Luffy, even though he was a pirate.

Chapter 16: Gong said:
This panel really bothered me, now knowing who Buggy is. How can you say you can claim all the treasure, when you know full well what the top tiers are, and that you’re nowhere near them! You saw Roger and WB clash in their prime! I’d say Oda had not thought of making Buggy an apprentice in Pirate King’s ship here.

Chapter 18: Buggy The Clown Pirate said:
Savage. Buggy just cuts Luffy‘s straw hat up. But again, raises another question. If he knew it was Shank’s hat, he would know it’s actually Roger’s hat. Say what you will about Buggy, he respected Roger. Out if character that he would desecrate his old captain’s hat like this. Again, leads to the inference Oda had not made the character decision yet of having Buggy/Shanks in Roger Pirates.

Chapter 20: A Thief’s Philosophy said:
This just ain’t right, Luffy. Even Nami knows it! Lmfao!

Top-Tier comedic ending! Miss these kind of things in the new chapters.

Captain Kuro Arc
With the introduction of Kuro, a real villain, the fighting begins to pick up. Still aggressively mid in comparison to other arcs, but definitely is an improvement from other chapters just in the sheer fighting prowess. Overall, I loved Kuro. Great villain. I loved the story of Usopp and his lies, which the villagers end up growing fond of. Not the best, but it’s picking up!

Best Character: Captain Kuro. Finally we get a worthy and cool villain!

Chapter 23: Captain Usopp Enters! said:
Usopp’s first appearance! He looks so young! One thing that stood out to me is that his name means “Lie” + Name of Author of “Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Gold nugget!

Chapter 24: 800 Lies said:
This one made me a bit angry. When I was a kid, I didn’t care about Yasopp leaving his family to become a pirate. Now that I’m a Dad, this is so F-Ed up. Yasopp is just a selfish gunslinger. Thumbs down.

Chapter 3: Pirate Hunter Zoro Enters said:
In this panel, Luffy hears about Zoro and contemplates asking him to join. However, he’s not sure, as Zoro is a criminal. Luffy needs to see whether Zoro is a good guy for himself.

Later on in chapter 3, by eating the girl’s disgusting rice balls, Luffy sees Zoro is a good person. You can see it in his face, he’s convinced Zoro will be his first nakama!

Chapter 4: Marine Captain Axe Hand Morgan said:
Love this panel! So funny! Luffy’s like: “yeah, you’re now my cremate”. Like, wut? Lmao.

Chapter 5: The Pirate King and the Great Sworsdman said:
Finally, a chapter later, Zoro agrees. Kind of funny how Zoro ends up being the most loyal to Luffy, but it took him literally the threat of death to join him. Zoro’s reluctance to be a pirate and “pirate hunter” moniker makes more sense now that Oda mentioned in SBS Zoro’s father was killed by pirates.

Chapter 8: Nami Enters said:
First meeting after Luffy is blasted out of the sky. Nami uses him to get away from Buggy Pirates. In doing so, she offers a partnership for treasure. Other than Robin, I believe Nami is the only other SH who asked to join, though for nefarious reasons.

Chapter 9: Evil Woman said:
In this panel, Luffy asks her to join after he said he did not want to team up with her. Luffy learned she was a navigator and quickly changed his mind!

Chapter 14: Reckless said:
After going back and forth, and with Orange Town in danger, Nami agreed to form an alliance. Unbeknown to Luffy, she still plans on stealing from them!

Chapter 22 said:
Gammon was the first person Luffy invited to the crew but said no. Gammon decided to stay with his friends. Great feels!

Chapter 22 said:
Nami first explains the split of the ocean, setting the general idea for the world’s geography. It’s all about the Red Line!

Chapter 32: Grave Danger said:
Does this dragon look like Momo?! Coincidence? I think NOT!

Chapter 33: The Silent Man said:
This Chapter Title page is the first time we see the SH member’s Jolly Roger; Zoro & Nami’s! Check it out!

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How is this progressing for you? Might hop in.


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Started my reread, decided Id list my favorite part of each chapter.
1: shanks giving luffy his hat
2: luffy defeating alvida after koby stood up to her
3: zoro eating the girls food and saying it tasted good
4: luffy breaking morgans statue
5: zoro joining luffy
6: luffy taking down helmeppo while zoro covers him and takes down morgan
7: luffy and kobys goodbye
8: nami tricking buggy pirates twice
9: luffy and nami talking together
10: nami refusing to kill luffy
11: rubber rubber man calling chop chop man a freak
12: chouchou
13: luffy avenging chouchous store
14: luffy, zoro and nami agree to team up
15: luffy bouncing back the buggy ball
16: zoro giving himself a handicap against cabaji
17: buggy referencing shanks
18: luffy getting back at buggy for disrespecting shanks and his hat
19: buggy being an idiot and eating the df in flashback
20: luffy kicking buggy in the crotch
21: buggy pirates realizing theyve been shittalking zoro
22: gaimom getting closure
Syrup village next
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