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Kingdom 636
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Post here half/cropped scans of the spoilers

Text Spoilers from the Kingdom Vietnamese Community (word by word, so it might not sound very good)
*There's no leak pictures cause (the spoiler agent in Japan) couldn't take the pic*
*this chapter is mainly about the way qin delivered the supplies*
*just as expected, right from the beginning Ousen already prepared for the supply line*
*Kaioku (Shouheikun's vassal) was in charge of the supply line from Qin to Gyou*
*Zhao immediately intercepted and tried to prevent this*
*What now? This is dangerous...*
*Too bad...this is just a fake supply line to trick the Zhao*
*The real supply line is actually somewhere else. But that's for the next chapter*
*This mofo Ousen has got to be (god) tier =)))))))*
*mofo Hara dragging another chapter )*

This is translated by Paradise on TKC :
think they were trying to refer to the shk request ousen made.
so kai oku is currently in charged of carrying the food.
zhao intercepts.
but apparently that's just a diversion and there's supposed to be another supply trail going from somewhere.
seems like that's the whole chapter
The rest of the Ousen army arrived at Gyou. A few soldiers died here and there due to starvation during the march. They also ate all of their war horses in an effort to have the energy to reach Gyou. As soon as they reach Gyou Shin greets his soldiers and Bihei asks if there's anything left, to which he replies there isn't. Ousen and Kanki's groups are discussing the situation. The army is on the brink of starving to death and Maron guesses this would only last 2 more days if they were just staying idle. However, he assumes Riboku wouldn't let them just do nothing.

Riboku HQ:
Riboku watches as the rest of the Ousen army finishes entering Gyou. A messenger arrives saying the Yotanwa army is still in Ryouyou and doesn't seem like they're planning to leave. Riboku says the way they'll recapture Gyou is with the same strategy that the Qin has taken Gyou.

Qin Palace:
A messenger arrives telling them that Ousen and Kanki's armies have taken Gyou. Sei says it's not the time to celebrate yet due to the starving armies in Gyou and Ryouyou. Shouheikun says he has no idea how Ousen did it but since it's done the armies won't be able to hold out much longer with food as an issue. Mouki says someone left and Shouheikun says the supplies are probably about to arrive.

Kaioku is leading the Qin supplies over and they see a 10000man strong Zhao army against their own 10000man strong Qin army. Leading the Zhao is General Kochou (...is what I want to say but the Korean name sounds sort of different but most likely Kochou). Kochou's soldier asks if they should start and he says no since someone else will start. Shinsuujuu's army comes from the side and catches the Qin by surprise. They aim for the supplies and starts burning/destroying them but a soldier found out that it's empty. Kaioku smirks.

No break next week!

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Isn't Ritsubi under Zou again ?
Is there another way ? Through river or mountains

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Just read it on Reddit ! Yeah I forgot that Qin have alliance with Yan And Qi !
And Yan's attack on Zou could have been distraction?
Qin saved Qi from coalition army afterall and Qi king is aware King Qin's unification dream
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