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Kingdom 652
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Post here half/cropped scans of the spoilers

Chapter summery thanks to the Kingdom Community and Jeeswag :

Moubu HQ:
Mouki and co sees the 30,000 Chu reinforcement coming. Everyone's observing the situation except Sentoun who's just pissed that they came.

Kouyoku is disappointed by the number of Qin while Hakurei mentions Tou is within the army. They remember how he killed Rinbukun and charges in toward Rokuomi's army. Sentoun is still hoping they stay away and starts thinking of how to best handle the situation, to kill Moubu's army first or kill the reinforcing Chu army first then deal with Moubu.

Tou says the situation is dangerous and that if it's left like this Rokuomi will die right away. Hakurei has his army fire arrows and everyone thinks it's too far away to reach Rokuomi, only to find that it did reach and the Chu calvary was already on their way. Rokuomi orders his army to turn around and retreat. Mouki says their army should retreat while the focus is on Rokuomi. The appearance of the 30,000 Chu army caused too much of a shock and they need to rethink their strategy. If Moubu isn't taken out of that situation their army will face total annihilation.

Tou hears the Moubu army's retreat signal and decides to support Moubu's retreat instead of just retreating on their own. As he starts to go the Chu right wing charged in to prevent them from leaving. Moubu's HQ sees it and wonders why Moubu isn't retreating either, whether it's because he doesn't hear the signal or he's just in a situation where he cannot turn around. Mouki begins to worry about his father.

The Chu strategist says he wanted to show the world the strength of the 4 defending Juuko but it's too boring and that Juuko will never fall while they're defending it. Everyone hears the noise of another army approaching and the Chu army begins to halt their attack. The Wei army has appeared on the Chu right. The Chu strategist says it's finally getting interesting. Sentoun's feeling so blessed lol.

The Moubu HQ initially celebrates until Mouki says they need to confirm the Wei army's intention, whether it's to attack Juuko together with them or to attack the Qin instead. A messenger from Wei appeared at their HQ and he's a general in GHM's entourage. After hearing Mouki's name he realizes he is Moubu's son and delivers GHM's message.

"Qin, Wei will fight Chu alongside you. We will simply pincer them and match your pace so fight as you wish."

Mouki asks if they're really on their side and the general replies for only 3 years. GHM says along with the Qin they will grind down the Chu.

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