Island Kingdom of Alabasta

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Day 7: From Debris to Renaissance

Sarge was standing in front of the fallen kingdom of Alabasta, manning the citizen and his crews to restore the palace itself. From debris, they tried to harness all the resources they needed in order to bring it back to its pedestal and mighty fortress. At first, the citizen was skeptical and cynical in allowing them to help them, but after hours of courtship, they finally achieved the trust of its deprived people. "Everyone! I want you to put all of your efforts in completing the restoration of this palace today!"

One of the pirates he went along with came to him and said. "Motherfucker, how about yesterday?"

He turned to the pirate and realized that it was KG. "Oh KG, what do you mean?" It's done?"

"Take a look.." KG responded.

"How did you guys make it?", he wondered.

"Well, you were too busy hunting Joby but it seems that she's already headed somewhere and off the island. You were also busy courting Ymir but you didn't realize that Rodman, after shooting and burning the enemy flag has already captivated her soul. You don't have anything to worry about.", he narrated.

"Well, if that's the case then I guess supplies and foods and restoration of the energy are the only stuff we have to work on, no?"

"Jordan!!! Come over here you motherfucker ass.", KG yelled over his peer.

"What the fuck do you want KG? We was busy attending to the medical department to treat the wounds of the victims. Luckily, amidst the enormous impact of Joby's attack, it was surprising that only a few died - well I mean all the people in the palace, including Koza. Most of them were injured but they seem to be fine and better now. Take a look at this shit.", Jordan said.

"What the hell is this man?", KG and Sarge noticed.

"Bitches, it's called blueberry cheesecake. It was made by the nurse we was helping with the patients. It's pretty delicious as fuck, I want to eat them all but she asked to share with you guys.", Jordan bragged about.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yummy!", KG and Sarge reacted.

"Damn man, take it easy. We got to let the others have a slice, too. Gimme that KG. You motherfucker!!!"

"No man. It's mine now... Hahahahah!"
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Day 11: Dust and Ashes

11 days since the attack of the captain of the Everything Pirates, the country was back in business. Thanks for the aid of the mighty crew of the Silver Hair Pirates led by the fierce gunslinger and brawler, Sarge. The castle was finally brought in its former state, sturdy and mint. The citizens have all recovered from their wounds and eventually has started to find its way back home to recuperate. The businesses have also reinstated their own and have begun to generate income once more. Without the cooperation of the entire nation, it would have not been possible to get back up from this mishap. In spite of this so-called success, their hearts would be filled in sorrow and pain after learning a truly tragic incident back in the palace.

All the citizens of Alabasta have gathered in the Royal Memorial Park situated just half a kilometer from the palace itself. All of them were dressed in black loose, long-sleeved and ankle-length clothing to signify their sympathy to the royalty. They were not wearing any headdresses as an act of courage to face the future. In the innermost circle of the crowd gathering on that morning, Tom and Jerry in their wheelchairs were whimpering like puppies left alone by their master. They tried to contain their emotions but after recalling what Koza had done in order to save the two, they let it all out like a horn blown by a giant that roared across the field. And as they did, so as the entire nation. Their crewmates tried to comfort the duo by patting on their backs. "Ouch! You motherfucker! That hurts Rondo!", said the two in unison.

A middle-aged man moved in front of the pit and he began to talk in his shaky voice. "How can anyone forget a patriotic man and a humble personality that Koza represented? Looking at him underground this morning made me feel the same pain I felt when the news of his demise first struck me.

The passing of our late leader was like a flaming titanium arrow. It impaled down the joy imbued in his circle of greatness.

Many of us might have felt the same, his death might have been the most tragic part of our rehabilitation but his in a better place now. We shall, too.

The dust and ashes, refused the sun to shine and the redness of the desert swept away the tears the day he left this cruel world.

If only one could turn back the hands of time, then the pain and the eternal sorrow we now have shall be replenished with joy and happiness.

He lived and fought for many and saved family, friends, and an entire nation." Tom and Jerry continued to weep at this point as they remembered how Koza shielded the impact of the attack just to save them both.

Cobra continued, "You will be forever remembered by all those that you have affected so gloriously. We remember you today as that King who cultured as brand new era of leadership.

I will forever miss you in different ways. May your soul keep resting in God's Heavenly bliss."

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Day 14: Departure and New Adventure

3 days have passed since the burial of the late King, the kingdom has finally managed to return to business. And now it's time to part ways to the citizen and to commence a brand new adventure, at least for the few. "Everyone!", King Cobra summoned his people. "Alabasta, as you all know it has been a prison of its own hell for the last few years. I want this to be short and precise. We fell many times over but here we are now, rising to its feet once more and we would have not been able to do that without the help of our family, the nation, and of course the mighty Silver Hair Pirates!" He paused for a brief period of the time as he stood there in the platform of the newly built Kingdom, surveying and attending all the people as they all rejoiced in their accomplishment. And then the crowd roared in massive chorus. So loud and strong that it was similar to the explosion created by Joby when she destroyed the place. They chanted for the pirate crew eventually as they gave an emotional round of applause. The king let this evolved until he nodded to Sarge to go up the stage.

Sarge responded to the king by walking slowly as he was summoned. He held the mic and began to speak. "Ah-I". Tears fell down to his cheeks His voice was shaky and his head bowed down. "Whooooooooooooooh!!" The crowd cheered as they acknowledge the kind gesture. "Ah-I stand here before you not because he had to. We love you and all of us! I mean, all of us will forever be in your aid no matter what happens, you just have to call out for our names and we will be there. And with that, as my comrade blew away the flag of the enemy ship, the Silver Hair Pirates will once again the sole protector of this home. Viva Alabasta!!!!" He raised his head and his right arm in front of the numerous people, exchanging glances to all the people on the stage. The crowd then responded like they always wanted and channeled all their emotions into their mouth and once again exploded like a bomb from the ground. "VIVA ALABASTA!!! VIVA SILVER HAIR PIRATES!!!"

After the ceremony, Sarge and the others headed to the port where they saw their very flag raised to the very shore. And it flirted with the ocean breeze, it only signified that their territory is more than that. It was their extended family. A home. And a precious gem in their hearts. "Comrades! The captain commander will be very glad about our success. And there's one more thing that I wanted to announce before we go. Lord Gambit, will be the one to give commands until further notice from Larsi. And as he man the first fleet as our first commander, we should follow orders from him. Respect him like what Larsi do. We head back to the base and find out what's going on with the old man. Let's go sail boys!" He turned to his man and so were they. "Aye!"

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The New Beginnings

Underneath the blue sky and angry rays of sunlight, Tom and Jerry were sprinting like cheetahs in the vast savannas. They were heading towards the castle carrying some important information!

"Huff Huff Huff!!!", the two in chorus as the ran across the desert. "I heard that are friend Gambit is now leading the crew.", Tom said, running.

"You're right!", Jerry replied. "I still can't believe that we were once on the same ranking but it could be that he was just hiding his true power all this time. We didn't know at first that he was once a leader of paid assassins and a prince of a kingdom. He is a real deal. But let's put our trust on him. There's more important stuff that we have to pass onto the King."

The two shared stares with each other, "let's go!!!"

Inside the palace, King Cobra was sipping a cold ice tea in a wine glass rolling with cubed ice and topped with lemon, which doesn't make any sense because it's not even touching the tea but only inserted onto the tip of the glass. He closed with eyes remembering his daughter.

Outside the palace where the guards were manning the security of the vicinity, holding onto their swords, snappy as ever. The man on the lookout outpost roared!!! "Open the gatessssss!!! The twins are here!!!" As the guards watched out for the incoming Tom and Jerry, The King inside accidentally puked whatver liquid he had just intaken. "Bwaaah!", as he wiped it off his lips. "What's happening!", he asked a servant.

"Your highness! Looks like the twins are in a hurry!", he responded, chest puffed out and chins up.

"What might it be?!"

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"Speech" / Actions / Thoughts / Narration / Other

Level 73
73x5 = 365
Strength: 81 + 14 + 5 = 100
Speed: 71 + 14 + 5 = 90
90x2 = 180
-Reaction: 90
-Movement: 90
Vitality: 67 + 14 = 81
81x2 = 162
-Durability: 81
-Stamina: 81
Haki: 71
71x2 = 142
-Armament Haki: 81
-Observation Haki (Awareness): 61
Martial Arts: 60 + 21 = 81
81x2 = 162
-Nitoryu: 81
-Mythical Soul Forge: 81
Devil Fruit (Hana Hana): 15

Having recently finished up their business on Little Garden, Acaremus Weapon, content to have finally got the adventure he craved but did not get on his first island, now had a most pressing matter to attend to: ensuring that the princess of Alabasta, the Captain of the Guard, and a perhaps former Baroque Works agent would be returned home safely, and not have to continue travelling with him. It was evident on both sides that there was no interest in friendships or anything of the sort. Weapon had no interest in the lives of teenagers, his experience as one being something he was glad to have moved past. Vivi's focus was on the state of her nation. Marianne's focus was on painting.

"Fabububu!" laughed Charles. "That's quite the work of art you have there, Marianne..."

"Thanks. I call it 'The Alabasta Shoreline'," she replied.

It was then that Charles noticed that they were arriving at Alabasta. It looked exactly as Marianne had drawn it. "Wait, I'm supposed to be the lookout, how did I miss that?"

"It's not your fault," said Emily. "The last few days have been very leisurely. Well, except for the post-Little Garden party."

"Oh yeah, that was a great party," said Charles.

Weapon, for his part, was already standing at the bow in front of the howling wolf figurehead. As he watched the shoreline get closer and closer, he recalled an old pirate song he had heard from Skeez.

Yohohoho, yohohoho, yohohoho, yohohoho
Binkusu no sake o, todoke ni yuku yo
Umikaze kimakase namimakase
Shio no mukou de, yuuhi mo sawagu
Sora nya wa o kaku, tori no uta

It was in a language he didn't quite understand, but knew had been part of everyday life at some point in the past.

The ship made landfall, with Jeremiah steering it into port, and then dropping the anchor.

"Alright guys, we're here in Alabasta!" said Charles. "Who'll disembark first?"
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Level 58
58 x 5 = 290
(human race bonus: +3 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Vitality, +2 Mind)

Strength: 50+15+5=70

Speed: 54+10=64
-Reaction: 63
-Movement: 65

Vitality: 57+10+5=73
-Durability: 63
-Stamina: 83

Mind: 11+10=21
- Science: 42

Haki: 36
-Observation Haki (Awareness): 25
-Armament Haki: 47

Martial Arts: 81
-Anago Sword Style: 61
-Snapping Style: 51
-Life Return: 50

"talking" thinking

As Dagon stepped onto the main deck, he was overwhelmed by the light of the blazing sun. The air was searing and the horizon was cloudless as far as the eye could see. "Mhh..? Are we there yet?" He looked up and saw Charles and that little witch talking at the lookout. Like an old man, he shook his head in disbelief and continued to the foredeck, while protecting his eyes from the sun with his hand.

During their voyage, Dagon finally understood Vivi's and Igaram's connection to the king of the land they were heading to. Since then he gave them those strange, almost sinister glances every time he crossed their paths.
While the Wild Party docked, he stood next to Igaram, looked up at his face and weirdly waggled his brows when he returned the look. Then he turned his eyes to the land ahead. "What a dusty place..."
"Alright guys, we're here in Alabasta!" said Charles. "Who'll disembark first?"
He turned to his captain, who was standing on the figurehead, seemingly humming a melody to himself. Dagon's attitude towards Weapon has changed a bit since he was named "Royal Shichibukai" by that strange bear-man, which seemed to be kind of a big deal. Whenever he wanted to talk to Weapon, he was searching for a suitable appellation for a man of his noble rank.
"So, what's the plan... Lord Weapon?"
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King Cobra finally met the twin fools, pirates of the Silver Hair Pirates stationed in Alabasta. They were hysterical and unease but their sudden change of behaviour drew interests towards the King. "What news might it be and you came rushing the palace this fine morning?"

Tom and Jerry were holding on to their knees. They let several seconds went by before finally gathered themselves partially. "Your Highness. Huff. Huff. It looks like we have an invader once more!"

"?!!!!", synchronized awe erupted off the eyes of the King and the rest of the servants attending the hall.

"What?! Another invasion?! We cannot allow that!!! You better call Gambit or Larsi, now.", the King notioned. "We have just recovered from the destruction of that fool Joby and now, we are again in this demise. How many times will our Kingdom be free from war."

The king took a moment and walked towards the terrazio before looking up in the sky. He thought about his daughter, Vivi, who was at this point, far away from their homeland and wandering elsewhere in the world. If only my daughter is here today, she could give me comfort to think of ways to secure the peace and order in this country.

"All of you! As we wait for reinforcement.. Do everything to protect the citizens.!!", the king ordered.

"Sir yes Sir!"

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