Island Lemnos

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Chapter 0
The Return
It had been a little over a month since I vanished in the eyes of everyone in the world and now had re-appeared. Since I vanished a stand-in commander had been appointed, that being my old comrade in arms Solomon. He was last sighted at the very island I myself was making my next destination.

It was a sunny day that had the clouds dispersed with the color sky blue coating the skies like a huge carpet, though what pushed the clouds away as they clogged together was the cluster of pyroclastic clouds, otherwise known as volcanic clouds. The clouds were thicker grey clouds and darkening as it got closer to the mountain with the ash plumes.

We had been traversing the oceans with the crewmen scurrying about performing their respective vessel operations. Meanwhile, at the front of the deck, I stood with my arms crossed whilst tapping on my index finger against my biceps. The vessel rocked with every mile as we got closer to the island but the rocking became tamer and quieter.

We finally were at arriving at the port and prepared to set land upon the island. I'd turn around giving my command.

" Anchor the ship! "

As men scurried across the deck of the ship performing the task.

" Get me Velvet, Cú, Leon, and Marko. Let them know we setting land in 10 minutes " was my command as I prepared myself to make land. Landing on the deck of the port as I strolled down finally stepping on the sandy shores of Lemnos.

10 minutes later, I was stood on the sandy shores of Lemnos followed by four others as we stood shoulder to shoulder.

" Okay, guys I ain't one for speeches or anything. I haven't been here for long to be acknowledged as your superior. But over the course of our adventure to this island Lemnos, I hope I can prove otherwise. " would be my speech as Velvet stared at me who was my new stand in the seat of right hand whereby Solomon agreed upon.

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