One Piece luffy represents son wukong and the references to journey of the west in one piece

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oda partly based luffy based off son goku from dragon ball series and son goku was based off the monkey king sun wukong heck sun goku is the japanese version of the name sun wukong


is a fan of Akira Toriyama. In a Jump interview, when asked about his inspirations, he said, “I mirrored many traits and tropes for Luffy off of Goku. By far the manga that inspired me the most was Dragon Ball and I think the same could be said for many other Mangaka. But the simple fact is, if there was no Dragon Ball, there would be no One Piece.” dragon ball was partly based off journey of the west with goku representing son wukong. I mean his name is the japanese romanization of son wukong, he has a monkey tail and has a extending pole (power pole) like how son wukong had one.

the Power Pole is based off one of the Sun Wukong’s possessions in the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the Ruyi Jingu Bang (如意金箍棒, lit. Compliant Gold Rim Pole). And like it, part of the weapon’s full name in Asian languages is exactly the same as the version seen in Dragon Ball.

In both depictions, the weapon is a pole that can change size when the user wills it;

and son goku had flying nimbus which mimics one of son wukongs item the magic cloud which he rides on.

regards to the cloud, which has the same name as the Nimbus’ Japanese name in Chinese (筋斗雲, Jīndǒuyún/Kinto'un, lit. Somersault Cloud), it is derived off of the technique Wukong learned of the same name that either allows him to ride on a cloud and/or leap through the clouds up to a distance of 108,000 li, being roughly 54,000 kilometers

plus in dragon ball there is a three eyed clan which tien is descended from

The Three-Eyed People (三つ目人, Mitsume-jin), also called Triclops,[1]is an ancient group of three-eyed aliens from which Tien Shinhan is descended from.

It is noted by Akira Toriyama that beings with a third eye on their forehead like Tien are thought to be godlike and possess the power of true seeing. However, due to being raised by the evil Master Shen, Tien lost the ability to use the myriad powers of his third eye for good purposes

and there is a three eyed tribe in the world of one piece thats said to have special powers

Katakuri be pulling a Raditz

goku has a power pole that extends

the devilmite beam is referenced with hancocks meroo mero behancockam in that devilmite beam requires evil in the heart while hancocks requires lust and they both used it on the maincharacters goku and luffy respectivelyy because they lacked the thing required to make it work goku was pure of heart while lufffy didnt lust after

pudding seemingly has 2 personalitys one whereshe is nice and one where she is mean reminds me of launch from dragon ball

Launch (ランチ, Ranchi; lit. “Lunch”) is a woman with a strange disorder which causes her to switch between two different personalities each time she sneezes. Her first personality is a blue haired woman, who is sweet, pure-hearted and cheerful and always ready to help. Her other personality is a blonde haired woman, who is angry and trigger-happy and commits crimes for money and is quick to respond with gunfire when angered. Neither of Launch’s personalities remembers the other’s actions, or anything they said, that is until the King Piccolo arc, which is evident when she remembers who Krillin was when he died.

leo bazooka attack and hand motions resemble kamehameha

big mom rides zeus like it was a nimbus cloud

Big Mom is based off of a character from the DB series. They share the same color theme, initials, obese figure, they are both described as invulnerable, and they have almost the exact same personality; from raging extremely hard for sweets to being childlike and easily influenced. that character is majin buu

majin buu like big mom ate people . majin buu transformed people into candy and ate them big mom ate people

and both of them temporarily went into a skinnier form at a point

and they were both destructive in their kid forms ( in big mom case when she was a actual child boo in his kid boo form and both of them have states where they didnt have any or just little rationality left ( big mom during her temper tantrums and kid boo ) and both of them have a connection to someone much smaller than them ( streusen and babidi ) who motivates them with food etc but streusen is actually nice to big mom

plus there are two characters who reference babidi and majin buus relationship

both miss buckin and babidi treat their “kids” badly and despite being weaker than them yells at them and is grating and insulting to them etc (and babidi eventually gets killed by buu)

both the minks and saiyans have a connection to the moon in which when they look at the moon they transform and become much stronger with the first saiyan who was shown doing this was named goku whose saiyan name was kakarot a reference to carrots

while the first mink to go into the form was carrot


the minks sulong transformation originially caused them to go into a berserk but if they receive training they can learn to keep their minds

A Saiyan loses the ability to reason in this form, and will typically display berserk and destructive characteristics, even in the cases of protagonists. To quote Yamcha, “When Goku transforms like that, he loses all sense of himself. He’s just a big hairy ape with a sweet tooth for ripping people’s limbs off.”

Despite the lack of self-awareness, as Saiyans mature, they can potentially be taught how to reign in their instincts and retain normal cognitive functions as Great Apes. This displayed by Vegeta, who unlike Goku and Gohan, did received this training, and was even able to talk

and the saiyans were a warrior race and the minks are born fighters

oda made luffy a goko (fifth emperor) which sounds similar to goku

a reference to shenron from dragon ball

when shenron is summoned the skys turn dark

when kaido appears in dragon form the sky turns dark like its about to rain

kaidos full dragon appearance references shenron and I think that his hyrbrid form will reference porunga the dragon from planet namek

  • Luffy being covered by Haki in almost all his body, except for the abdomen, chest and head and the Haki shadow trim around his eyes are similar to Dragon Ball series, Super Saiyan 4 (instead of Haki, the Super Saiyan 4 is covered by hair). In addition, both forms are named after the number 4.

  • luffy fighting with a pipe as a kid is a reference to goku fighting with a staff as a kid which was a reference to son wukong
  • The Devil Fruits are a fantastic source of Competitive Balance; no matter how strong Luffy gets, he will never be as effective underwater as Sanji, or even Usopp.
luffy ate the devil fruit just as sun wukong ate the forbidden fruit from heavens garden

  • This point is similarly reminiscent of Sun Wukong’s abilities (Journey to the West was the inspiration for Dragon Ball, at least initially). Though he is by far the strongest of the group, Zhu Bajie (and zhu bajie has some similaritys to sanji for zhu bajie in some versions is a chef and a association with gluttony and sanji is a chef along with the fact that zhu bajie has a tendency to lust after every women he sees and Sha Wujing are still more effective water combatants than he is.
since son wukong can’t fight well in water just like how luffy can’t fight in water

Zhu Bajie is a complex and developed character in the novel. He looks like a terrible monster, part human and part pig, who often gets himself and his companions into trouble through his laziness, gluttony, and propensity for lusting after pretty women. He is jealous of Sun Wukong and always tries to bring him down.

Pigsy’s Buddhist name “Zhu Wuneng”, given by Bodhisattva Guanyin, means “pig (reincarnated) who is aware of ability,” or “pig who rises to power”, a reference to the fact that he values himself so much as to forget his own grisly appearance. Xuanzang gave him the nickname Bājiè which means “eight restraints, or eight commandments” to remind him of his Buddhist diet.

In the original Chinese novel, he is often called dāizi (呆子), meaning “idiot”. Sun Wukong, Xuanzang and even the author consistently refers to him as “the idiot” over the course of the story. Bodhisattvas and other heavenly beings usually refer to him as “Heavenly Tumbleweed”, his former name when he was a heavenly marshal.

sanji is called an idiot by ussop and zoro multiple times. sanji is a chef which pigsy is sometimes portrayed as plus there is the association with gluttony for pigsy and sanji has a habit of lusting after pretty women

  • Sanji is a cook, while Pigsy got insane appetite (sometime Pigsy is also portrayed as a chef in some versions)
plus pigysy/ zhu baji

  • Bajie joins The Team because his mortal in-laws end up hiring Monkey and Xuanzang to exorcise him from their farm and chase him away from their daughter, Blue Orchid. However, Bajie legitimately married Blue Orchid and did so with their permission, and while he is quite a glutton (as he himself admits), he’s also a very hard and diligent worker who more than earns his keep by his labors. As he notes to Monkey-in-disguise, he cleans the ground, drains ditches, carries bricks and tiles, builds walls, plows fields (pulling the plough singlehandedly at that), plants grain and generally improves the farm, with even his in-laws admitting that he does his labors, which is why they were happy to take him in as their son-in-law in the first place. So why do they want him gone? Because it’s undignified to have a monster as a son-in-law. This makes perfect sense to Chinese and Japanese cultures, even today, but modern Westerners tend to see them as Ungrateful Bastards engaging in Fantastic Racism: he’s being cast out, despite being everything a farmer could want in a son-in-law, simply because of his race. noteIncidentally, this may be why this aspect of Bajie’s story is almost never adapted straight. For example, in Monkey, Bajie is to be exorcised because he’s given up being a dutiful son-in-law to instead become a wastrel who spends his days eating, drinking and picking fights. In Dragon Ball, the Bajie-expy Oolong is an enemy because he keeps kidnapping girls (all of whom end up pushing him around and bullying him, to the point he’s happy to give them back) and the whole “in-laws call for exorcism” angle is dropped entirely. Admittedly Bajie isn’t entirely innocent — by the time Monkey and Xuanzang come along, he’s keeping Blue Orchid locked up in his private room and not letting her parents see her. But it’s never clarified whether he’s doing that because he’s just an asshole or if he’s only doing so because he’s angry at how, after having welcomed him into the family, his in-laws have turned on him for his supernatural nature. “
  • basically zhu bajies inlaws had him kicked out by son wukong and this could be referenced in a way with how zeff had luffy take sanji away with him by the baratie despite sanji being a good chef though he is perverted due t othe fact that he wanted sanji to follow his dreams since he was kept here by his debt so while zhu bajies in laws were assholes sanjis father zeff had him taken away because he cared about sanji
  • but the part about zhu bajies in laws are applied to sanjis biological father how while zhu bajies in laws didnt like him because he was supernatural sanjis biological father hated him for being born normal
  • and sanji also fits the role of the third lotus prince nezha
  • nezha was known for his temper and conflict with his father and fire based weapons and sanji uses fire abilitys powered by anger and hada conflict with his biological father and nezha was called the third lotus prince and sanji is a prince not only does sanji mean third son but he is the biological third son to his biological parents

  • and while sanji had a loving relationship with his mother his father was angry at him nezha was known for going on aa fit of anger before a certain event and sanji has shown that she had a temper and nezha “His mother then secretly built a temple for Nezha and this temple later flourished. This temple became very well known and grew vastly because Nezha granted miracle cures to the sick and the crippled. However, Li Jing soon found out about this temple and burnt it down because he was still angry at Nezha and felt that he had already caused too much trouble for their family.Li Jing burning the temple caused Nezha to desire his father’s death. Thus, enmity between father and son grew. Nezha was later brought back to life by his teacher, Taiyi Zhenren, who used lotus roots to construct a human body for his soul and gave him two new weapons: the Wind Fire Wheels (風火輪) and the Fire-tipped Spear (火尖槍). With the reincarnation of Nezha by his master, Li Jing and Nezha fought many battles. However, Li Jing soon realized that his mortal body was no match for Nezha and so he ran for his life. On the run, he met his second son, Muzha, who fought and was defeated by Nezha. , Randeng Daoren.Nezha is often depicted as a youth, instead of an adult. He is often shown flying in the sky riding on the Wind Fire Wheels (風火輪), has the Universe Ring (乾坤圈) around his body (sometimes in his left hand), the Red Armillary Sash (浑天绫) around his shoulders and a Fire-tipped Spear (火尖槍) in his right hand. Sometimes, he is shown in his “three heads and six arms” form (三頭六臂). “and nezha ended up going on a fit of rage against his father so he hd been known for his anger
  • green bull = bull demon king
luffy bears many similarities to sunwukong luffys family name is monkey and his animal motif is the monkey

and he wants to become pirate king, similar to sun wukong who declares himself the MOnkey king

luffy eat the devil fruit just as sun wukong ate the forbidden fruit from heavens garden

sun wukong had a bo staff that could stretch at great lengths and while luffy doesnt have a pole staff this could be represented by luffys arms. (or luffy could get a staff since luffy shown to use a pipe staff in child hood and learn to use awakening by causing objects to be rubbery so he could stretch them and use the pipe staff like that like sabo has a pipe staff and when sabo dies luffy could get that and use that as his weapon and even incorporate his awakening into the staff to stretch it)

sun wukong possessed a weakness to smoke which is symbolized by luffy getting beaten by smoker multiple times

and how smoker is luffys garp

  • Smoker has cornered Luffy on three occasions before the time-skip, each time the latter was saved by a relative or ally; Dragon, Ace and Hancock. This is similar to how Garp cornered Roger multiple times but was unable to capture him.
sun wukong had 72 transformations much like luffy has different forms/gears/modes to enhance his ability

the tank man saying full version implys that there is a non full version

gear 3 luffy

gear 2 luffy

as well as water luffy and champion luffy

and gear 4 snakeman

sun wukong had fought and defeated multiple gods (he challenged the heavens just like how luffy straight up defeated eneru , saint charloss, and doffy who called themselves godschampion luffy

sun wukong challenges the gods in his myth. luffy also is apart of a clan known as “gods natural enemy and he is even seen constantly challenging the world government and the world nobles. the best cases for this being the time he punched the celestial dragon and when he challenged the whole world government.sun wukong has many transformations predominately being animals. luffy also has transformations and his gear 4th was specifically obtained while fighting the creatures on the island with Rayleigh. this is probably where he took inspiration from these beasts. example being his Kong gun.sun wukong can make copies of him self. this is not seen directly but can be seen with the recent chapters where luffy clones were made and put inside of the wedding cake.sun wukong in his journeys to the west is trying to retrieve the Buddhist sutras. luffy is also traveling to obtain a specif item that being the one piece.sun wu kong is known for copying fighting styles fro people he meets along his journey. this is also seen in luffy with him copying weapons like the whip and axe to copying animals like kong gun. and copying cp9s soru technique and turning it into gear 2 ( gear 2 was was copied for soru ), luffy’s pinwheel move inspired from ganzo and

the monkey king was struck by lightning in a attempt to kill him but it didn’t do any good and luffy is immune to lightning attacks so enerus lightning didnt do any good

heck sun wukong straight up challenged the king of hell and foiled his plans to gain his soul while luffy foiled magellan ( who represents the king of hell) attempt on him

sun wukong possessed Cloud Walking Boots and luffy go on sky islands walking on clouds and he currently has in his possession zeus which big mom used to fly around ( and given that luffy is immune to electricity and shown a desire to ride it luffy will be the one who rides zeus)

sun wukong was on the journey to obtain an object (sacred scrolls) and luffy is on an adventure to obtain the one piece

Sun Wukong establishes himself as a powerful and influential demon(pirate). In search of a weapon, he travels to the oceans and acquires the Golden-banded staff Ruyi Jingu Bang(如意金箍棒), a treasure of Ao Kuang(Kaido), the dragon-king of the Eastern Seas. Upon Sun Wukong’s approach, the staff glows to signify it has found its true master. It can change its size, multiply, and fight according to its master’s whim. It weighs 13,500 jin (8.1 tons). When not wielding the weapon, Sun Wukong shrinks it down to the size of a sewing needle and tucks it behind his ear.

In addition to taking the magical staff, Wukong defeats the dragons of the four seas in battle and forces them to give him a golden chain mail shirt (鎖子黃金甲), a phoenix-feather cap(Possibly the Strawhat Luffy obtained from Shanks) (鳳翅紫金冠 Fèngchìzǐjinguān), and cloud-walking boots(Zeus - Big Mom’s Cloud Homie) (藕絲步雲履 Ǒusībùyúnlǚ). The phoenix-feather cap was one of the treasures of the dragon kings, a circlet of red gold adorned with phoenix feathers. Traditionally it is depicted as a metal headband with two striped feathers attached to the front, presumably the signature plumage of the fenghuang or Chinese phoenix.”


the phonix feather cap may reference the Straw-Hat that Luffy received from Shanks that was passed to him through Gol D. Roger. Roger told Rayleigh that he would not die - This was all reference to the passing of wills through the hat in turn referencing the Phoenix-Cap(Phoenixes die and are reborn again, Passing of wills, Rodger died physically but his will was born again through Luffy). Luffy also received this hat from the One Piece equivalent of one of the “Dragons of the 4 Seas” in Yonkou Shanks. (

Zeus is in direct correlation with the journey of Sun Wukongs CLOUD-WALKING BOOTS
Zeus, Which Luffy will have inherited from Big Mom after this arc concludes or maybe after the events of Big Mom’s attack on Fishman Island.

thanks to nami who has a staff that extends and its possible that luffy will also gain a staff Zeus will be his equivalent of a nimbus(Goku reference).and luffy has shown a desire to ride zeus so he may end up riding zeus (plus nami has some abilities that could allude to sun wukong abilities the staff that extends, the cloud, illusions)
most likely against Kaido he will gain a staff. He will likely get his staff before Kaido’s defeat. (or the staff will be represented with awakening or it could be represented his df which he got from shanks) , So he could have one more item to acquire after the staff, The Golden Chain Mail Shirt - Could be a reference to Gol. Rodger, Will likely attain this from Blackbeard in some shape or form.

of course rather than luffy getting actual items from the yonko luffy after going up against the yonko grows in/gains a certain skillset/ability and they are his observation haki (in wci arc luffy learnt future sight, armament haki, conquerors, and devil fruit awakening
or maybe the items will be referenced with the poneglyphs ( 3 road poneglyphs and the rio poneglyph)

sun wukong has people who follow him on his quest including a zhu bajie who has a tendency to lust after pretty women (sanji) and who gets jealous of him multiple times with sanji having gotten jealous of luffy multiple times. and zhu beije is often portrayed as a chef like sanji

sun wukong took down the 4 dragons of the sea and luffy plans on defeating the 4 emperors of the sea

and kaido is an actual chinese dragon

sun wukong wreaked havoc in the land of god and luffy is a D making him gods natural enemy

luffy had brulee use her mirrors to create copies of himself

and someday he could do the same with namis mirage tempo and he could end up using namis clima tact himself with help from moriah turning him to nightmare luffy
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