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We will not hand out medals automatically, since it is hard for us to keep up with accurate records for each player.

To request a medal
1.) Post what medal you are requesting
2.) Link all relevant games or evidence of you earning the medal
3.) Tag @Zemmi @novaselinenever @Beky @Shottie @Chris Mic in your request post

  • Games where you subbed out, forced replaced or mod killed do not count.
  • Games where you subbed in will be counted.
  • The amount of time you are a live in the game will not matter.

Available Medals

Consigliere -
Win 15 MVP rewards in any type of mafia games to prove yourself and gain favors with the Boss, becoming their right-hand man.

Caporegime - Win 15 games (of any type), and get your own crew of soldiers.

Omertá - Play 30 mafia games (of any type), then take a vow of silence.

Mustache Petes - Win 5 Traditional mafia games.

Young Turks - Win 5 Regular mafia games.

The Enforcer - Win 5 Town of Salem mafia games.

Wise Guy (Made Man) - Play 3 games of each type, and become sworn in.

Cosa Nostra (This Thing of Ours) - Recruit new players to our family, then claim your reward. You must have recruited 5 players.
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