Past Events Marco carried the raid.

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Salty Doubloons

Look at how the fodder panic once they think he’s out of commission lol
  1. Stopped the Big Mom Pirates Reinforcements
  2. Stalled Big Mom and further ruined her reputation as she fled and admitted she couldn’t even one shot Marco like Garp did
  3. Kept the Live Floor on lock by bullying the All-Stars in their own hood, goons and all
  4. Stalled the Ice Oni Virus and was the reason Chopper could make the cure on a mass scale
  5. Got Zoro to the Rooftop
  6. K.O’d Ling offscreen and could backtrack to beating up Queen with Chopper for a while
  7. Saved Zoro from being roasted by Ling
  8. Flew Izo into the castle which saved Usopp indirectly
  9. Saved Nami and helped preserve morale

Kaido probably ran from Marco off panel
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