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For many fans one of the most interisting question is "Who will become the next members of Strawhats?". A very famous theory to predict future members of Strawahats is the MFMM pattern which was used for many theories. In this theory I wanna add a new aspect to the MFMM pattern which may give us a huge clue for the final member of the Strawhats.

MFMM pattern
For everyone who doesn't know MFMM patter I will give a short recap. M stands for male and F for female and MFMM stands for what kind of gender the next nakama will have. This order is based on the order the character joins during East Blue and Paradies and thats why many expect we get the same for New World.
East Blue
  1. (M) Zoro
  2. (F) Nami
  3. (M) Usopp
  4. (M) Sanji
  1. (M) Chopper
  2. (F) Robin
  3. (M) Franky
  4. (M) Brook
New World
  1. (M) Jinbei
  2. (F) ???
  3. (M) ???
  4. (M) ???
Many played with the MFMM patterns like changing order by adding tempory crewmembers. Among all these one catched my interest, classifying the male characters with character traits, which leads to:
MFMM -> Loyal/Female/Troublemaker/Gentleman
(lets call it MFMM 2.0)
  1. Loyal: Zoro, Chopper, Jinbei
  2. Female: Nami, Robin, ???
  3. Troublemaker: Usopp, Franky, ???
  4. Gentleman: Sanji, Brook, ???

The new aspect
For now I just repeated common and old theories made by others years ago, let us start to talk about new stuff. I am actually a great supporter of the idea that Carrot and Momonosuke join after Wano. Both actually have reasons to join and both not only fit with MFMM 2.0 with Carrot as female and Momo as troublemaker but also with the well known chinese zodiac pattern.
  • Rat - ???
  • Bull - Franky
  • Tiger - Zoro
  • Rabbit - ???(Carrot)
  • Dragon - ???(Momo)
  • Snake - Ussop
  • Horse - Brook
  • Goat - Sanji
  • Roaster - Robin
  • Monkey - Luffy
  • Dog - Chopper
  • Pig - Jinbei
  • Cat - Nami
Most of these connection are based on Strawhat appaerence in colorspreads.
But with this theory I don't wanna start a new Carrot becoming a Nakama debate nor a new Momo beoming a Nakama debate. But I noticed even many of the fans who disagree with Carrot and/or Momo becoming a Nakama they agree with another Mink or someone else from Wano joining instead of Carrot and Momo. (But I will continue to write with Momo and Carrot)
Recently we learned that the 4th Road Poneglyph once belonged to Fishmen Island. With this Jinbei, Carrot and Momonosuke have something a common each of them represents a nation which was originally in the possesion of a Road Poneglyph. Thats why I came up with the idea that the final member also have to represent a Road Poneglyph. Since this last Road Poneglyph is located in Tottoland it could become a member of the Big Mom Pirates, maybe even one of the members that came to Wano together with Big Mom.

If that would be the case I would put my bets on Smoothie since she seems to be interisted in the Poneglyphs.

(Some might say that wouldn't fit with MFMM because of Carrot being female, but making representative of Wano and Zou joining the same time as Smoothie(end of Wano) you only need to replace Carrot with a male mink)
Another possibility is actually is that Tottoland is not the original location of Big Moms Road Poneglyph and I think it is not far fatched to assume that the original location could have been Elbaf(fitting perfectly with the original locations of the other 3 and also with Big Moms connection to Elbaf). This would actually make the final member a Giant from Elbaf. Combining this MFMM 2.0 we have to look for gentle giant and I think we allready got a presented a good candidate in the Tottoland arc.

That would be something noone would expect, especially with the common idea that Loki might end up being the villain of Elbaf arc.

Completing MFMM 3.0
With having a special connection between everyone who will join Strawhats we also need a connection for the East Blue and the Pradies Members. In my opinion its quite easy to find a connection for the East Blue members. I would call it "strong blood in the weak ocean", any of them might be descandents of strong bloodlines with 3 of them actually being already confirmed:
  • Luffy - son of Dragon, grandson of Garp and most likely the descendant of Joyboy.
  • Usopp - son of Yasopp who is a great Yonkou commander; it is even possible that there is more behind it we may figure out in Elbaf, the land destined to be the place where Usopp fulfills his dream
  • Sanji - son of Judge, ruler of the greatest Nation of North Blue
  • Zoro - most likely a descandent of a strong family clan of Wano (not confirmed yet)
  • Nami - not much known about Namis origin, but her ability to sense weather is inhuman and could refer to special Bloodline which may play a huge role in a future arc
Now we are coming to the Paradies members. I only manage to think of one connection between them "the Will of D". East Blue Saga concluded with the "Will of D"

And the first time "Will of D" was explicit mentioned was in Drum, in the end of the arc where Chopper joined.

With this I don't wanna say they represent the "Will of D" just that all them have a special connection to it. This way we would get:
  • Robin - able to read the Ancient Language, standing for the "True History"
  • Franky - was in the posession of Plutons blueprints, standing for the Ancient Weapons
  • Brook - there are a few indications that "Binks Sake" is connected to the "Will of D" this could be another hint for it
  • Chopper - Hiluluks dream to cure the world could have a stronger connection then one might expect
In this theory I pointed a new aspect for the MFMM pattern. Besides every member of a MFMM - quartet being connected through the ocean they joined, they may also connected through a certain topic:
  • East Blue - Strong blood in the weakest Ocean
  • Paradies - Will of D
  • New World - Road Poneglyph
Which actually backs up common theories like Zoro and Nami being descendants of special families like Luffy, Usopp and Sanji or that "Binks Sake" and Hiluluks dream have strong connection to the "Will of D" like the "True History" or the Ancient Weapons.
But more important it also gives us a hint for the final members. It backs the common idea that a Mink and someone from Wano have to join. For the last member we get actually 2 possibilities either a member of the Big Mom Pirates or a giant if we consider that Big Moms Poneglyph once belonged to Elbaf. Combing this with previous MFMM theories this may lead to a Giant with a similiar behaviour as Sanji and Brook which may actually lead to Loki.
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New World
  1. (M) Jinbei
  2. (F) ???
  3. (M) ???
  4. (M) ???
Assuming Elbaf would happen very soon, they may form an alliance with Elbaf. Hopefully we get to be introduced to their royal families. We all know how the royals are attracted to Luffy. If the prince himself will be able to gather information about void century which some people connect to Elbaf and Joyboy and that huge straw hat, Loki may find himself in situation of wanting to join the crew... So possible upgrade of ship right.

Carrot is already a given if not Tama who wanted to voyage with Ace. I know luffy will fulfill the fucking dream. He will certainly..

PS. I get a feeling that it was Nami and NOT Zoro that will hace a relation to Wano... Just a hunch...


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Tama who wanted to voyage with Ace. I know luffy will fulfill the fucking dream. He will certainly.
My bet on Tama is that she will become the disciple of the greatest Kunoichi, Shinobu. Telling Luffy she will surpass her master until Luffy returns, so that Ace would be proud of her.

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Loki may find himself in situation of wanting to join the crew
Well I still see Loki as Main antagonist of Elbaf Arc. Simply because it was hinted by Hajrudin in DR. Why should he want to become King if Loki is a good guy?!?

For me its just a funny coincidence that Loki perfectly fits the pattern. So I started to think about Loki end up joining the crew.
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