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Since we're at the point where people are posting their own poem threads, I thought I'd make one for my poems.

I know it's been a while since I shared any poems, but as I've got a lot of ideas for poems and it's just a matter of writing out words to express those ideas, I want to return to it.

A swirling from within its mind
A danger sensed, the unknown kind
Reflexively it transforms its skin
So to its surroundings, it blends in

Often days spent lounging about
Slowly breathing in and out
Now it waits for the danger to pass
Moving less than a blade of grass

The unknown entity does draw near
Into the lizard’s vision, from the rear
A danger it is not, but rather prey
A fly has passed it on this day

Patiently does it wait in hiding
Its time it is silently biding
Waiting for the time to strike
To catch a treat it will certainly like

The witless prey is in position
Nothing can stop the lizard’s mission
With a flick of its tongue, the fly is gone
The motion fast and the tongue long

It looks around for anything more
Unconvinced of what its sense was for
Perhaps there was something different out there
Something of which it was unaware

It glances around in all directions
Never lingering on certain sections
It even looks directly behind
And in that place, a bizarre find

It hopes for a mere moment that
The behemoth lurking, known as cat
Is not getting ready to pounce
But rather shaking the last curious ounce

The cat fixates on something odd
Not a mouse, nor a bird, nor a cod
As briefly as it intently stared
It turns away, as if prepared

It jumps to the side, as if chasing prey
The chameleon is safe this day
But who, I wonder, let it out to play
With a curious cat who’s owner was away?

A hand reaching out in the darkness
A beacon of joy remains sparkless
Where has the world gone, he wonders
Struggling with infinite necessity

Hurting inside and out
His restless mind wanders about
Curdling thoughts that lack specifics
Abandoned hope and help horrific

Warden of all the dark and twisted
Hampered truths, all limp-wristed
The infinite necessity ever rings true
His heartfelt cry turns a deeper blue

Waking mind from sleeping heart
The only avenue yet to start
Photos of grass capture not what he sees
The one bent rule out of infinite necessity

Demons swarm an angelic place
A fleeting pride turns to disgrace
The whirling failure overwhelms
No-one left to steer the helm

Waiting for his final breath
To be taken away by death
Awaiting him, what he can see
Is the plain of infinite necessity

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo


Fubuki Best Waifu
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I can compare the first one to the covid 19 situation.. Lol

U haven't read any of mine yet.. :feelslaserman:
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As I said to Gambit on his stuff, I'll give my feedback on this as soon as I stop being a dickwad. :pepebounti:
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I can compare the first one to the covid 19 situation.. Lol

U haven't read any of mine yet.. :feelslaserman:
To first point, how'd you connect a Chameleon to Covid? Also, good point about not reading the other poetry here. I'll work my way through it all. :D


Fubuki Best Waifu
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To first point, how'd you connect a Chameleon to Covid? Also, good point about not reading the other poetry here. I'll work my way through it all. :D
That's the magic of poetry. It brings upon a different sense of interpretation everytime you imagine things..
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Bobbing about for a sense of purpose
The energy builds, creating a surplus
Released as quickly as it came
Propelled through waters all the same

Thinking of nothing in particular
Lining its body perpendicular
To the clear ocean surface
Bobbing about for a sense of purpose

Sometimes up and sometimes down
Never minding which way around
Moves for however long it can
Without a concept of ‘bigger than’

Continuing life without forethought
No qualms with what it has wrought
Sometimes killer and sometimes prey
Ever it goes upon its way

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo
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Avoidance is a void
Falsehood unemployed
Across the dark chasm
Echoes spasm

Truth and lies multiplied
Yet to seek and cannot hide
Find oneself bonafide
The chasm is deep and wide

Truism unplaced
Revelations two-faced
Nothing worth saying
In the chasm one’s playing

Light in the dark
Plight in the park
Wit for a walk
Time for a talk

Explained thoughts
For nought and oughts
Neglected feelings
Unlucky dealings

No end in sight
No right to fight
The dark chasm consumes
The comfiest of rooms

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo


Nancy <3
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Avoidance is a void
I couldn't agree more with this part
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The first of about seven poems that I'm currently proofreading. The next one will be the haiku, as for the sake of the collection, the haikus will be 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60. Anyway, enjoy Fountain of Truth, my intention with this poem is to return to the style of The Sword Fashioned From Wood and Metal.

The brave explorers set off that day
To find what was rumoured to be hidden away
A fountain of legend that, so it’s told
Spills not water, but makes truth unfold

The pathway is old and broken
The wind is cool and softly spoken
No map to lead them where they go
Following signs left by the wind’s flow

Onward ever they march with hope
A harrowing adventure grand in scope
No matter the method, they follow the trail
Hoping that surely they will prevail

The fountain they seek was farther still
Their army of men had fallen ill
Hope running out in a strange land
No-one to lend a helping hand

Until a wizard warned and they heeded
Then soon the medicine that they needed
Was granted by that wizard’s power
And the luck to find the fountain within an hour

And so at last the quest concluded
They proved that they were not deluded
The fountain of truth flowed up ahead
And in their minds a quiet dread

This truthful essence the fountain spewed
Provided the group with a vital clue
As they began to speak the truth
The secrets they hid since their youth

“No trust for Jim, he’s a scoundrel fair.”
“Why you lummox, you sat in my chair!”
“Truth is a power we should not have sought!”
“You would think that Austen, you’re easily bought!”

Even the tame truths were enough to divide
They could hardly believe every time they had lied
To each other and to themselves, but worst of all
It was the discovery that lead to their fall

One day far from then, another group would find
The fountain of truth and be caught in its bind
There is no reward for proving it true
Because if anything, it will disprove you

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo
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Two more poems proofread. So, I thought I'd share my new system: I challenge myself to do something every day, even if it's just one verse of one poem. When it comes to creating poems I use whatever small idea comes into my head and try to expand it. As with all my poems, they're mostly based on the abstract thoughts I come up with. Sometimes though, I feel a bit odd about them, like I didn't write it to be personal yet somehow I'm relating to it. Anyway, a new haiku sequence, It Stays Within, and a short but dark poem, Productivity.

There is but nothing
That can satisfy hunger
Like a hearty meal

Keeping the secret
Can be difficult sometimes
But you don’t have to

Go on through the fog
There is a place waiting for
The day you arrive

It stays within you
The power to change it all
For better or worse

This time here is short
So go make the most of it
Before you cannot

The question is multilayered
The game is multiplayer
Work hard, work harder still
Achieve what you will

Turning switches off or on
Weighted heavily, pro or con
Uptick, downturn, one more word
Only one way to join the herd

Work until you’re addicted
Do better than predicted
Keep thriving on the pressure
Disregarding your own pleasure

Start but don’t ever stop
Regardless of getting to the top
Hope your position satisfies
As you buy and sell the lies

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo
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I just proofread the eight poems that I'd had written for a while and was just sitting on them. I don't know it took this long to read through them all, but I did it, and I think they're all good enough to add. Not gonna bother spacing these out, they've been finished long enough that I figured out should just share them all now. Also some have some interesting techniques that may be new to me and my poems.

Big bliss, small success
Tall tales, miniature madness
Acquired afterthought, setting sun
Relayed reflections, dance done

Small sums, large loans
Hearty houses, humble homes
Witching worry, comforting calm
Helpful hand, practical palm

Advanced admiration, primitive play
Heightened harmony, diminutive day
Exercised energy, fateful flame
Communicated cooperation, blustered blame

Leaving lackluster, transmitted trail
Obscure obligation, flatly flail
Ever entangled, great gloom
Yesterday’s you, especially entombed

Ignition imminent, necessarily needed
Just jumbled, circumstance ceded
Kempt kaleidoscope, quickly quizzical
Undue uncertainties, mostly miracles

Valued vestige, immune imperative
Tough track, soft superlative
Nothing new, outdated old
Instant italic, bravest bold

A thought you never had before
Hides away behind a door
Unlock it from the left or right
Force it into your line of sight

One mere moment to realise it’s there
Quickly reflect, but do not stare
Imagine what was once briefly thought
Examine the idea that you’ve caught

Evaluate its worth to you
Try to keep it if it rings true
Jot it down before you forget
For a good idea is a worthy bet

Silently hold it close to your mind’s eye
Without forgetting the how and why
It came to you in the first place
Let it settle into your creative space

One event to define them all
The wide horizon does surely sprawl
Evolution is a slow crawl
And the writing is on the wall

A million years like a blink of the eye
They’ll never comprehend the reasons why
Because eventually all things die
After the meteor, they said goodbye

A day like any other except for
The unfamiliar sight their eyes bore
In the sky above a shooting star
Coming closer from its place afar

An intense heat from no discernible place
As the object hurtled down from space
No comprehension of what was to follow
For soon their lives would be rendered hollow

Silence soon, at once everywhere
Leaving none to ponder there
To reflect or prepare themselves
Without a concept of time, no final twelve

Dark and silent rock formation
My expertise below your station
I come but with one small task
So now, I shall surely ask
May I see what lies inside?

I come with my wild imagination
Awaiting your mild contemplation
In your imposition I bask
Hopeful that your secrets I’ll unmask
And with my expedition turn the tide

I could try but not succeed
To disregard caution before I proceed
The first steps I take into your domain
Will be my resolve, I won’t remain
So please, will I return alive?

Your simple warning I did not heed
And now I’m in most dire of need
In this dark, I’ve gone insane
My enthusiasm begins to wane
I will surrender to the hive

A camel’s back was broken
Three eyes have hardly woken
Time relates a story to space
The one about the human race

One day too long
The response too strong
Up in smoke does history go
Most current life out the window

A thought too little
Down does the sanity whittle
A catastrophe realised too late
The falling of a symbol’s fate

Twisting through the trodden roads
A ghoulish sight gleefully goads
Its prey to take action most foul
And disappears with the screeching wind’s howl

Only thoughts about nothing linger
As the half-human beasts lick their fingers
In this grave is where hope does lie
It took no time for all of it to die

Hurry, before it gets away
The night surrendered to the day
The delights have come out to play
Moulded from the sun-like clay

Jump into a strange land now
Don’t ask me when, don’t ask me how
Before it’s over, take a bow
Delights and horrors start a row

It’s a whirlwind of emotion
That will never stop the notion
As you down a strange new potion
The whole world shines with devotion

Modern sights come into view
How absurd this new world seems to you
Calmly does your mind eschew
The various fears for something new

A shine, a whisper, a sleeping beast
All the commotion quickly ceased
The view from here’s an eyeball feast
Just turn your head to the east

Strange lands abound within your head
Shutting the book is what you dread
This new adventure you want spoonfed
Unsure of what you’d do instead

Try as you might
No end in sight
All fight or flight
Ev’ry single night

Things fall apart
From end to start
None for weak heart
Appreciate art

Do endeavour
Don’t say never
Be forever
Put back together

Make an attempt
Become exempt
Your beard unkempt
A trance that might tempt

State your big dream
Picking up steam
Part of a team
Is this what it seems?

Feeling intense
Trying immense
Not making sense
Truly being dense

Not knowing where
Too much to bear
Gives you a scare
You don’t even care

Don’t give up hope
Find ways to cope
Your thoughts elope
Examine the scope

Reading the datafile
Biggest shock in a while
A revelation affects the core
Aware of something more

A split between two realities
Truth emerging in spirituality
Interest piqued by notable events
But nothing ever quite making sense

Sleeping in the den at night
A sentient lifeform sensitive to light
Slowly does the creature stir
Once it hears a tiny whir

Unsure of what to say
The lifeform goes about its way
Not sure what it hears
To its mind comes many fears

This the truth of the matter
All its reservations soon do scatter
As it registers with its eyes
The two-may mirror it does despise

This the bizarre comment’ry
Lined with all the symmetry
Unsure of what to make of nothing
Trying to understand a simple something

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo
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Fubuki Best Waifu
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I also do a lot of proofread before but sometimes I feel afraid that the original emotion I put in there will be swayed a lil
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I also do a lot of proofread before but sometimes I feel afraid that the original emotion I put in there will be swayed a lil
I rarely make any changes during the proofread, it's just a process to make sure the poems make sense, that I can capture their flow vocally, and that I can think about whether or not I like the finished version. If everything is good, I'll upload them.
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Got four new poems.

There was a big man named Stein
Who spent hours a day in the mine
Every gem that he found
Made a sparkling sound
But he cared not for the ev’ryday find

He could scarcely believe his eyes
For he was neither gracious nor wise
But despite all his flaws
His dog raised it paws
And repaid his good friend in kind

It were the best times of his life
The times that were free of strife
On the ground with his friend
His broken heart would mend
And he would attain peace of mind

He was not the sentimental type
But you’d find him hard pressed to wipe
His emotions away
When his dog wanted to play
And put to a halt all the grind

A speck in the universe
The blue and green marble
A place where creatures great and small
Care not for ev’ryday marvels

The highest mountain, the deepest sea
One curious creature could never let them be
This creature thought of itself, it was self-aware
Yet didn’t think enough to show that it cared

The end came sooner than expected
The lack of foresight soon directed
Where they went next
This was the product of their evolution

An enigma soured by the years
Too short for a sense of scale
Too long to make each moment count
What did it mean, after settled dust

Alarm bells pounding through a collective head
Get it together or wind up dead
Their hopes always turned to this or that
Always whining like a spoiled brat

Inches of time move by like a generation
And soar through space like solar winds
Not even asking about the contemplation
That comes from all creatures within

A sun could end it all eventually
The moon came about incidentally
The distance is far enough
Life came about because of it all

A swirling of meaning conceptualised in the mind
Broken nothing but the silence of thought
And soon enough that silence returns
As exactly as it ought

I won’t take even a single sip
The smell’s enough to make my soul cry “Ick!”
Now, I know what you’re thinking,
“If he has no intention of drinking,
Then surely he won’t get sick.”

Pour it all out, down the drain
To keep any around would be such a pain!
Oh, but what of the reason
This milk’s out of season,
Well, I’ve waited too long again.

There are many things that bother me,
The unpaid bills, the letter C!
What does this tangent have to do
with sour milk, does ask you?
I don’t know, leave me be.

What do you expect, another verse?
The sour milk’s thrown out, a pox, a curse!
I’m afraid to say this poem’s done
Go and get out in the sun
Before I start thinking “I’m the worst.”

Pull out my guts and give them a feel
What do you think they’re saying?
It’s kind of hard to hear them
With all that skin and meat in the way

Maybe if the world’s rotation meant something
I would like to feel it moving
But focussed on my own movement
I can’t see too far ahead

Where are these feet going?
Are they going in circles?
Why is that a good idea?
Maybe I need to think a bit…

Chase the calmness,
Lead it to a familiar fence.
That’s my heart,
I need it now.

@Ziosa @Frayz @MistyCat @Gambit @Nico Robin @Bimbonium @Yasopp @Shion @Waindo
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