Community Fun MyDF - Winter 2021

Vote for your favourites!!!

  • Wind Fruit (#1)

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Fix Fruit (#2)

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Space Fruit (#3)

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • Scorpion Fruit (#4)

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Sparkle Fruit (#5)

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Mist Fruit (#6)

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Mycel Fruit (#7)

    Votes: 6 46.2%

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Happy New Year to everyone!
And welcome to
Make your Devil Fruit - Winter 2021
here on Thriller Bark!!!!

Voting Phase!

(Everyone has up to 3 votes!)

The Entries:

Entry #1 said:
  • Fruit Name: Kaze Kaze no Mi (Wind Logia)
  • Reason: There's almost every element except this one..
  • Type: Logia
  • Visuals: The Kaze Kaze no Mi is a purple apple, with the devil fruit-common swirls over it. A green spiralling steam pokes out of the top of the fruit.
  • Brief Description of the granted power: It that allows the user to create, control, and transform into wind at will. The best examples would be the Suna Suna no Mi, excluding the water absorption.
  • 3 potential abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit
    • Flight
    • At a higher mastery the user can create wind pressure attacks
    • Can create air blades, tornado and other wind type attacks
  • Weaknesses/Advantages (if any)
    • Weak towards Fire. The Wind will increase the flames.
Entry #2 said:
Enter the Fix Fix fruit

It's fixes things that are broken, broken bones, heals injuries, repairs structures

Appearance: an orange orange

Weaknesses: can't fix things that aren't broken but disabled by other means, can't fix things submerged in water, can't fix death
Entry #3 said:
  • Fruit Name: Space Space Fruit
  • Type: Paramecia
  • Visuals: Apple (but formed like a cube), red
  • Brief Description of the granted power: The Space Space Fruit grants the user the power to create portals (for the scientist: the power to falt the space). Everything passing these portals travel to space in an instant. Thus the user will become a Space-Man.
  • Abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit:
    1. Space Punch: Throw a punch and let your fist hit a portal. Making you able to hit your enemies even if they are far away from you.
    2. Space Bullet: Fire your gun and let the bullet hit a portal. Making the bullet cross space in an instant and even change the direction thus your shoot become unpredictable.
    3. Space Barrier: Cover your body with a portal. Projectiles that comes from the right travel to the left, from above to below, from infront to behind and vice. It will like projectiles will Go through you.
    4. Water Space Gun: Create a small portal through the ground of a near river, a near lake or the near sea. Water will go through this portal with high pressure, becoming a destructive weapon.
  • Weaknesses/Advantages: To limit this overpowered fruicthe stamina cosumption for creating those portal proportional to the size of the portals times the distance in space of the portals, thus creating a Portal to move people to a different location won't be a standard move.

Entry #4 said:
Name: Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Sasori

Type: Zoan

Two large, very dark-red cherries connected at their spiraling stem
Brief Description of the granted power: The user of this fruit is gifted with the ability to turn into a scorpion. Hybrid form would include a venom tipped tail and bladed claws as well as two additional sets of arms; animal form would be a monstrous scorpion that adjusts according to the size of the user.

3 potential abilities to showcase your idea of the fruit:

-Venom Injection: The user thrusts their tail into an opponent, injecting a lethal poison while stabbing them.
-Pointed Knuckles: The user throws deadly punches that also pierce through the target due to the sharp point on the user's claws.
- Venom Lash: The user whips their tail in a direction, releasing a burst of acidic venom as a projectile in the process.

Weakness & Advantage: Resistance to venoms other than its own.

Entry #5 said:
Fruit Name: ギラギラ Gira Gira no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Visuals: A giant, baby blue Strawberry🍓, but half of the seeds are yellow sparkles✨, and the other half are swirly pink cherry blossoms🌸.
Brief Description: This fruit gives the user the power of Sparkles💫

3 potential abilities:
Cool poses generate tons of sparkles🤩, group poses share these sparkles with the entire group.🤩🤩🤩. Finger Guns👉👉 Can be used to shoot the sparkles, as projectiles☄ to damage💥 opponents or to share them with 🤩allies🤩 across the battlefield.
2.) Sparkles make every move you make look fabulously☄ effortless. By using up the generated Sparkles✨ you increase your speed⚡, and they can be mixed in with your haki for some super🌟 flashy🔥 moves💥.
3.) The ✨Sparkles✨ can also be made to shine 🌟bright🌟 enought to blind enemies. When 💫awakened💫 the user can also create 🌺🌸massive flowers🌸🌺 to appear around him, shielding him from some damage🌺💥.

-The Fruit will make the user more beautiful and/or make him more confident with his looks:
-Disfiguring wounds will have a tendency to heal with cool scars
-If the User is in the vicinity of somone who naturally sparkles, like ✨🌹Cavendish🌹✨ the amount of generated sparkles increases exponentially✨✨💫🌟💫✨✨
-If the User is in the vicinity of the user of the 💕Mero💕 💓Mero💓 no Mi, both will temporarily attain 💖💖awakening💖💖.
Both fruits are immune to each others attacks, they absorb the 💗love beams/✨sparkles and get even stronger.💖
-Being covered in mud:poop: etc obscures the🌹 good looks🌹 and makes it harder to generate new sparkles✨✨.
-The more people are watching🤩🤩 the user the more sparkles get generated.✨✨💫🌟💫✨✨
-The only fruit that can outshine the ✨Sparkle ✨ Fruit is the 🌞Pika Pika🌞 no Mi.
Entry #6 said:
Fruit name: Moya Moya no mi (Mist Mist fruit)

Representative fruit: Blue cucumber with a small amount of swirls and a yellow stem

Fruit type: Paramecia

General description(short): The user is able to create and control mist. Allowing them reduce targets vision, make them see/hear things that aren't there, create constructs made of mist etc.

  1. Foghorn: Uses a small amount of mist to transfer sounds to a large amount of mist that amplifies and distributes it around a target(s), making it impossible to tell where the sound is coming from and helping to disorientate when combined with a lack of vison.
  2. Mist Barrier: Creates a thick wall of mist that is able to stop a moderate amount of force
  3. Illusion Mist, Demonic Creatures: Surrounding a target with varies amounts of mist, the user creates the shapes of demon-like creatures and moves them throughout the fog; making anyone in it think they are surrounded by demonic beasts. The creatures can be made more solid when the fruit has been mastered more, allowing the user to actually attack with them.

Weakness: Mist can be dissipated with large amounts of air and force, as its very light. Certain environments such as very dry ones make it much harder to create and control mist, and it will disappear much quicker than normal. Illusions can sometimes be quite easy to see past. Even while dense, mist isn’t super strong so constructs can be easily broken by enough force.

Awakening: Allows the user to create much more mist, make it much denser and constructs can be more advanced. Illusions are more realistic due to all the improvements, allowing the user to fool and attack a target quite easily etc.

Additional notes: Similar to the Beta Beat no mi (Stick Stick fruit), the user could somewhat pretend to be a logia using a combination of mist constructs and illusions.
Entry #7 said:
Fruit Name:
Kinoko Kinoko no Mi (Mycel Mycel Fruit)

Logia (Special Logia, has some Mythical Zoan aspects)

A white Rambutan

Brief Description of the granted power:
The user will be able to turn their body into mycel, able to connect with the ground or plant life and leech their power/minerals.
Mycel will spread quickly and when the main body is destroyed it can regrow from any mycel leftovers in the ground. Mycel is fragile but it literally multiplies like rabbits and hence cuts or bullets will always seem effectless.

3 potential abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit:
1. Kinoko Yokai - The user will turn into a Kinoko Yokai (it really exists!) that grows in size depending on how much minerals and lifepower the mycel has leeched. This is the awakening technique/form that will permanently alter the surrounding ground into mycel-infected ground. Mycel infection can go deep into the ground like a mile, but it depends on the users powers.
2. Kinoko Pistol - The user will punch their target with a mycel-covered fist and upon impact it will leech a small amount of the targets life force. Can also cover walls or ground hit by punch with mycel.
3. Kinoko Clone - The user will grow a clone out of the ground that is physically connected to the main body and also transmits pain. Nevertheless a clone will interact independently after some seconds, using Kinoko Pistols, more Kinoko Clones and other advanced Kinoko techniques.

W - Weak against fire and weak in naval battles. Kinoko Clones can be eaten but please tell noone about this. They are full of nutrients!
A - Strong in moist groundy areas that might have many minerals and nutrients. It can spread quickly, measuring 100m² of mycel per second for a minute when going wild. The mycel then mostly acts independently but a strong command from the user can stop and freeze it at will. Kinoko Clones can be eaten but please tell noone about this. They are full of nutrients!
Lets start this with a little New Years Special!
This time you may

choose the Devils Fruit name
on your own!

In other words every submission will be accepted!

Send your submission via PM to @Larsi.
Your submission should contain following informations:
Nessos said:
  • Fruit Name
  • Type (Paramecia, Zoan or Logia)
  • Visuals (Fruit Type, color)
  • Brief Description of the granted power
  • 3 potential abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit
  • Weaknesses/Advantages (if any)
Up until deadline is reach you can edit and improve your submission!

Additional info you will find in the MyDF-info thread.

You have time time till 03/02/2021 to send your submission!

Let your Imagination tun wild!
Hope to see crazy Devil Fruits!!

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I didn't send it to you. I wanted to ask you a question since @Larsi didn't read the question i sent him.
I still don't know if i am allowed to do the thing, so i did it anyways and its too late to tell me not to.
General questions like yours can be always be asked here. It might help others, if they have similiar problems.

And yes it is allowed to use pictures.


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