• Happy New Year!!! 2021 here we go!

Community Fun MyDF - Winter 2021

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Happy New Year to everyone!
And welcome to
Make your Devil Fruit - Winter 2021
here on Thriller Bark!!!!

Lets start this with a little New Years Special!
This time you may

choose the Devils Fruit name
on your own!

In other words every submission will be accepted!

Send your submission via PM to @Larsi.
Your submission should contain following informations:
Nessos said:
  • Fruit Name
  • Type (Paramecia, Zoan or Logia)
  • Visuals (Fruit Type, color)
  • Brief Description of the granted power
  • 3 potential abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit
  • Weaknesses/Advantages (if any)
Up until deadline is reach you can edit and improve your submission!

Additional info you will find in the MyDF-info thread.

You have time time till 03/02/2021 to send your submission!

Let your Imagination tun wild!
Hope to see crazy Devil Fruits!!
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