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The next arc after wano will be to Marejois. Wano is a parallel of thriller bark. Before thriller bark we went to water 7 then to ennies lobby to rescue Robin then back to water 7 to have frsnky join. After thriller bark we had Brooke join, the strawhats were almost defeated by kuma then went to saboady met Kuma again and was separated and luffy went to marine Ford. Before wano went to dressrosa where the grand fleet joined then Zou then to WCI to rescue sanji and jinbe joined. After wano Yamato joins and the strawhats go to mareijou.

After luffy defeated Moriah while Kuma watched then kuma stepped in to finish the job. Kuma was modified by vegapunk. Orochi also said that if the WG wants to continue with him they need to bring in Vegapunk. What if after the yonko are taken down then the SSG, Vegapunk, CP0 steps up and threatens a weakened alliance of the pirate and wano? Kuma saw them again in saboady. And seriously fought them. What if their fight in Wano is just a pretense for the battle in Marejois. The SSG doesn't fight seriously but gives them a warning, takes what they need out if wano then leave.

Zoro did the nothing happened after they defeated Moria and Kuma attacked the crew. He knocked out sanji who was also willing to scarface himself. What if Sanji is now the one that will protect his crew after they are weakened. The SSG will see his modifications and understand his connection to Germa and MADS. Zoro took the recovery drug so after defeating the yonko he will most likely either be in comatose state, get younger like a baby and need shinobu to age him up, or even get dried up like a mummy and need extreme medical attention. They are the two wings of pirate king. Zoro protected crew pre timeskip, Sanji post timeskip. That's the parallel. This could also be a moment for usopp who pretended to be KO after Kuma attack. Pre timeskip he was a coward in the moment, post timeskip he is brave and stands up for his crew.

Since Marejois is right above the grand line we need to pass multiple islands to go back. We need an island that can increase our firepower. Notice how after defeat in Water 7 first time the starwhats showed their powerups in Ennies lobby. Thus far we visited Fishman Island, Punk hazard, Dressrosa, Zou, and WCI. Big mom still hates the strahwarts and has no weapons we can use or steal. Zou is a walking animal and is already near wano. We can have Zunisha act as a ladder to Marejois but her legs will be attacked by the Marines while she runaway. Imagine kizaru or akainu blowing a hole in her ankles. Imagine Fujitora focusing her to kneel in the ocean. That's bad. Dressrosa is in construction and was no major weapons that can be of used. Fishman Island is trying to get on good terms with humans and this will only hurt them. That leaves punk hazard. Just like Water 7 is an island that we visited twice before and after ennies lobby. Punk hazard will be visited twice before and after wano. He have a bunch of weapons that we can use in punk hazard. Weapons and experiment that have been tested for over a century.

After WCI. Caesar clown most likely went to punk hazard. It's his domain okay, his home, even after he escaped jail he went right back to punk hazard. When we left punk hazard we saw smiley die, monet die, and Vergo die. I still don't believe that monet nor verge is dead. Imagine having killing them but not doffy or his other executives. Caesar Clown will see the news that Luffy and his alliance won. He is an opportunist and will beg Luffy to let him join. He attached himself to Big Mom and Kaido for survival. In the new world you either go against a yonko or join them. Luffu is called the 5th yonko. He also offers expertise. Monet will most likely serve under Law crew because she goes along the winter theme of the heart pirates. Vergo will try to rescue the doffy family since it wasn't revealed that he is an undercover pirate to all of Marines. Just like how they rescued Baroque Works pre timeskip, they will do the same for the doffy family post timeskip. Revisiting PH will also provide background on the numbers, Kaido capture, MoMo fruit, and the ancient giants experiments. Caesar Clown will also get his smiley devil fruit back too. Also if you think about it. His poison gas covers majority of the island. So he has the best chance to clean it all up like he did on Zou. There's also the possibility that blackbeard was referring to punk hazard as the place that the WG didn't want, his devil fruit has the power to absorbed the poison too. But could blackbeard also reference wano since the Marines didn't send a admiral. Very interesting. What of the alliance is unable to stop both blackbeard and SSG. Then those groups will get what they wanted then leave.

This Marejois arc will be a rescue arc of Sabo and the revolutionary army, Hancock and the former slave Kuja pirates, ViVi and maybe shirahoshi since she is an ancient weapon, and the strawhat allies who tried to stop their capture. I believe that Hancock will be caprured and it's revealed that she is a former slave because she never covered up her tattoo so her and sisters are still property of celestial dragons. This will be the biggest rescue arc we have seen. Bigger than ennies lobby, marine Ford, an⁷d WCI. Luffy has to save his brother, his wife, and his friends. Very emotional for him and the strawhats. Luffy has no one vivre card to lead him there so he needs a log pose. Could Caesar Clown have a log pose or vivre card to mareijou and help him get there. He did work for the government before. Once the news break that Luffy is attacking Marejois what if this is the battle the grand fleet appears and follows luffy vivre card to Marejois? We already have Sai and Leo there.

WCI was Sanji arc, Wano is Zoro arc, Elbaf will be Usopp arc. Out of the east blue crew we are missing Nami. Marejois rescue arc will be focused around Nami. Nami means wave in Japanese, she was found as an orphan from Oykot kingdom. Nojiko means field. We know that Nami is very sensitive to the seas and nature. Could it be a play on her name? Sanji was supposed to be named Naruto which means maelstrom or whirlpool. Sanji loves Nami the most too. Big hints to Nami lineage.

"Oykot is basically "Tokyo" spelled backwards. There’s a simple reason behind this: the areas around the Iiyama Line that Oykot runs along is the antithesis of Tokyo. When Tokyo is known as a bustling and boisterous megalopolis, the areas around the Iiyama Line are the opposite: quiet and blissful, without any glaring advertisements or noisy traffic to bombard your senses. Hence, Oykot is spelled backwards to portray the contrast from a city like Tokyo. After all, Iiyama means ‘home of the heart’ for the locals."

We know the 20 ancient kingdoms are based on popular empires. Alabasta is based off Egyptian empire. Don Quixote is a Spanish novel and dressrosa was based off Spain. Saint can be found in French first and all of the Saint celestial dragons have French sounding names. They even had Jean Bart as a slave which is a French name. So far we have 20 kingdoms based off the Spain, France, and Egypt empire.

Supposedly Oykot was destroyed by pirates. But why will Oda give another named island in a strawhat backstory? The name of her island has no impact on her backstory. She was just a baby. Bellmere could have adopted Nami from cocoyashi village or anywhere else and it doesn't make her backstory sadder. What if the Marines lied about the reasoning of it being destroyed. They lied about Ohara in Robin backstory. The females in the crew have similar backstories in that people are lying about their upbringing. Robin was lied about having repsoninlity from buster call. Yamato being lied to about being a male and kaido son. Nami is being lied to about her adoption. You can also say that arlong lied about their deal but that doesn't go along with the lying about their personal lineage.

( sidenote: remember how Nami lied to lola about being male so that lola wouldn't beat her up. Foreshadow of Yamato situation? Yamato accepting being Kaido son so that she isn't thrown away or beat up more?)

Yamato has connections to Beast pirates. Luffy has connections with RA, Marines, WG, Whitebeard, and red hair pirates. Usopp has connections with Red hair. Jinbe has connections with Big mom, Whitebeard pirates. Sanji has connections with Big mom pirates. We are missing connections to blackbeard, celestial dragons. I already made a theory of the 13 strawhat being related to blackbeard. That means Nami will be related to the celestial dragons.

What if Nami is a full blood celestial dragon? Better yet what if she if she is half so that's why they wanted it destroyed. Not uncommon to have bastard child killed. Nami celestial dragon father ordered the island destroyed to kill Nami runaway mother and Nami. Could Nojiko be a servant of celestial dragon and that's reason she has many tattoos to cover the slave mark? Nojiko knows the truth but takes it to grave. Celestial dragons business is very dangerous. If Nami is revealed as celestial dragon she has right to go back and claim throne. Since her father is still a celestial dragon and didn't give up title like doflamingo father.

Nami family would be based off imperial japan. The time period can be based off when the kamikaze defened against the Mongols. Kamikaze means divine wind and Nami is sensitive to that for navigation. Yamato might even be a clue and Nami lineage is based off the first emperor of Japan. That explains her power to be sensitive to nature since she's a descendant of susanoo. Emperor Jimmu was the first emperor of Japan. Legend say that he is a descendant of both Amaterasu and Susanoo. Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun and Susanoo is the god of storms. Nami has Zeus who is the god of the sky. Which hints at her getting prometheus as well who is the god of fire. Amaterasu and Susanoo are siblings and so are Zeus and prometheus. Big mom easily replaced Zeus with hera meaning that she can easily replace prometheus as well. You can also include napoleon so that way it's similar to the imperial regalia of Japan. They all have the same voice actor too. Zeus and prometheus can live in the clima tact and basically replace the original heat and cool ball. Napoleon would need to change forms. A hat will block her beautiful hair and fans won't like that. Napoleon would need to be in jewelry like a necklace, earing, or bracelet. He could even go into her belt so it'll be similar to Sanji transformation. Instead of sword he will be shield. So like the Japanese regalia of sword, mirror, and jewel. Nami will have Prometheus be the battle axe or knife, Zeus be the mace, and napoleon be the body armor similar to how Sanji raid suit covers his body. She is going to cat burglar on big mom. Of course once Caesar Clown joins he will further update her clima tact and jewel besides what Usopp and Franky already did.

Nami has no clue about her lineage however once she meets her celestial dragon family she will be recognized. She would then use her celestial dragon power to force all her friends to be left alone in free however she would need to stay in Marejois. She would sacrifice her feelings just like sanji did when he kicked luffy. Luffy will hate that and will force her to say her true feelings. Remember that Nami stabed her own hand to pretend kill Usopp.

The parallels between the east blue crew and new world crew. Jinbe-Sanji, Yamato-Zoro, Caesar Clown-Nami, 13-usopp. Now I know a lot of people say that Nami hates Caesar Clown but that's why their arc would be the same.

Following the MFMM theory. The next strawhat after Yamato will be a male. Since jinbe represents the father of the crew, he has to be younger than jinbe. Since the 3rd strawhat to join in each sea is very crafty. Look at Usopp and Franky. Franky doesn't compare to Queen, Vegapunk, and Judge knowledge. His upgrades during the timeskip was using Vegapunk blueprints not his original beliefs. We need a strawhat with original beliefs to think on their toes in battles and make adjustments. We need a logia in the crew. Following 3-2-1 theory there'll be 3 paramecias in Luffy, Robin and Brooke. 2 zoans in Chopper and Yamato. 1 logia is needed. Caesar Clown also has a dream his dream is to be the world's greatest scientist.

Following tarot card theory which i thought of nearly 10 years ago and posted on Oro Jackson before shut down. Yude Ron posted his version on YouTube. Caesar clown will represent the 12th card of hanged man. When he was introduced he was in the reversal period of stalling, disinterest, stagnation, avoiding sacrifice, standstill, apathy.

The reversal meaning of the Hanged Man card represents a very specific period of time during which you feel as if you are sacrificing a significant amount of time while getting nothing in return. You might have felt as if certain things are at a state of an absolute standstill without any particular resolution or movement. It’s as if you are putting your entire effort and attention into something but nothing turns out as it should.

The hanged man understands that his position is a sacrifice that he needed to make in order to progress forward - whether as repentance for past wrongdoings, or a calculated step backward to recalculate his path onward.

The Twelve Caesars, is a set of twelve biographies of Julius Caesar and the first 11 emperors of the Roman Empire written by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus. This is related to his number.

His Chinese zodiac will be a rat

People born in the Year of the Rat are ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals. Although they are gossipy they are also very private about their own personal life and are devoted and faithful to close friends. They are adaptive, flexible, clever and good at problem solving which enables them to cope with most difficulties. They are generally successful at whatever they do, but they can be gullible which can lead them into danger.

We seen how Caesar Clown did all his crimes in pursuit of his dream and didn't care about anyone else. He allied with Doffy, Kaido, and Big mom. He was playing with fire but still didn't care because his dream.

Caesar clown is currently in the reversal hanged man. He has failed to replicate a devil fruit 100%, he has failed in gigantification 100%, he has failed to even have smiles be 100% with animal powers, his weapons failed to kill mom, his poison failed to surpass Magellan, he used the funds from big mom on women and alcohol, he has failed to get outta Vegapunk, Judge, Queen shadow. He shows apathy towards the children and his subordinates. He was failed to make a decision on which powerhouse he'll support yet

Yes Nami hates Caesar Clown we all know that. But Nami forgave Sanji for trying to "kill" luffy even though she said she would never do that. It's because she found out the truth. The same will be for Caesar Clown. Nami kinda represents the reader in this case. Caesar Clown will redeem himself. Remember how hachi accepted his fate by being captured by Celestial dragons because what he did to Nami?

The big 3 of Naruto, Bleach, and One piece all have similar characters. In this case it will be between Orichimaru, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and Caesar Clown. Orichimaru became that way because the death of his parents and in a way he wanted to prevent death from taking another one of his loved one. Kurotsuchi was a prisoner until Kisuke rescued him and made him 2nd in command, since then he has tried to surpass Kisuke. All three has twisted personalities and considered villians to the protagonist in their introduction however as time went on they became allies.

Caesar Clown was a part of MADS 24 years ago making him 16 yo, Judge was 32, Queen was 32, and most likely Vegapunk was 16+. How can a 16yo be part of such a dangerous thing. Because he is a prodigy. And just like Mayur Kurotsuchi he was freed and allowed to join the team. 24 years ago is also when Roger turned himself in. Could it be that the WG needed something to combat the great pirate era and chose MADS to do so.

I believe that he will have a similar backstory to Law and Monet. Not a coincidence that all three were on punk hazard. Caesar Clown has an attack called karakuni meaning empty land, shinokuni meaning land of death. We can see how devil fruits kinda correlate to the users wishes. Doffy wanted to control people, Yamato wants to protect wano, buggy wanted to be better than Shanks and Shanks can't cut him now, brook wanted a second chance after failing, etc.

We have every strawhat born in the sea except the white sea, New world, outer space. Fishman Island can be considered New world and we don't know where Yamato was born. I believe that 13 was born in space. What if Caesar Clown was from a sky island or even space. Just like how Franky water 7 kept sinking into the sea what if Caesar Clown island kept rising into the sky. The citizens of his country couldn't breath anymore so they died. What if there was a natural occurrence like carbon monoxide being released. It would be a scene of people dropping dead due to an invisible and colorless gas. Caesar Clown wished for his people to survive and tried everything to stop them dying since he is a prodigy. Nothing worked until he ate a devil fruit but by then everyone was dead and he can only save himself. Remember how the lead poisoning changed law and he wanted the whole world into destruction until Corzaon saved him? Caesar Clown felt the same way but his Corzaon was MADS and they pushed his wishes further than actually trying to correct behavior.

Every time that he is called scum or another bad name by a strawhat he looks visibly upset and bothered. Not signs of a sociopath like doffy who killed his dad and brother. Also the bomb that went off 4 years ago with poisonous gas supposedly killed hundreds. However, Punk hazard has been known as an experimental site for over 100 years. Isn't it funny that the survivors are all former pirates but no former marine workers. Vegapunk and his team were able to evacuate no problem but they left the pirates since they were deemed crinimals. If they really wanted to save punk hazard citizens they would've sent Magellan who works for the Marines to eat the poison up.

I believe that Caesar Clown served as the scapegoat for Vegapunk. Even his experimenting with the kids is not that bad since none died. Luffy wouldn't work with Crocodile if he killed ViVi father, Robin is she killed Mr.8, Arlong because he killed bellmere, etc. I still believe that Monet and Vergo are alive too and will make a comeback in near future. Their deaths had no emotional impact on the protagonists and that's usually how the few named, more than a few chapters long characters are treated in their death. Imagine an organization called MADS and the leader is not worse than Queen, Judge, Caesar Clown. All the experiments that they did Vegapunk did too but he surpassed them.

Now how can Nami forgive Caesar Clown. Zeus was a hint. Zeus went against Big mom to protect Nami and she finally forgive him, he planned to sacrifice his life. Caesar Clown would plan to sacrifice his life to protect Nami in the rescue arc.

The hanged man in upright is sacrifice, waiting, uncertainty, lack of direction, perspective, contemplation.

The hanged man depicts a pittura infamante, an image of a man being hanged upside-down by one ankle. This method of hanging was a common punishment at the time for traitors in Italy. Caesar Clown is seen as a traitor to the WG and if be opposes the good of the WG then he should die. Remember they killed Caesar in real life because they thought he was going to ruin the Roman Empire. Maybe they feel that Caesar Clown will ruin the plans of the SSG and expose the truth. Not a coincidence for the Italian and Roman connections here.

Caesar Clown will help the strawhats to prove that he is better than SSG and once that is accomplished he will sacrifice himself for Nami to escape but won't actually die. His goal is to surpass Vegapunk and this one feat would do that. Even though the world views Vegapunk as better, Caesar believes he surpassed him even though his dream is for the world to recognize him. At that point he will make the sacrifice to stay behind like Bon Clay and jinbe did.

Caesar clown already upgraded the rumble ball for chopper for no compensation and warned him of the risks beforehand. He could've poisoned the rumble ball or gave it a delayed after effect. Once Caesar Clown got his heart back he didn't try to kill the strawhats nor firetank pirates either. He could've easily flew away to a safe distance and took the oxygen out of the air like he has done before.

His powers can also create airships which probably the SSG has and will use to go to Wano. His airships will help because they don't need to leave their ships at the red line. Imagine a coup de burst but with the Sunny already floating. It would be the greatest ship land, air, or sea.

I know a lot of readers hate Caesar Clown, I get it. But I see oda plan for connections between Nami and him. Nami needs to forgive him in order for him to join. However his sacrifice will make his journey for self redemption. He will start making weapons that counter his previously sold mass weapons. Remember Tom told Franky that no creation is evil, it's how you use it.

I have a recent injury that affects my memory, sight, and earing. I've been sitting on this for a month but hopefully I get better soon. I've tried to contact multiple YouTube theorist big and small for them to make a video on this. Even some newstarts with less than 100 subscribers. I even offered to pay. No response yet. Hopefully you guys enjoy these and tag them so that a YouTube video cab be made.
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