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「 The Wanderer 」 - Post # 16 (Final Post)

It had been not long since Vice Admiral Leo arrived and apprehended the ex-Admiral Zephyr, but rumors were still being spread of the Neo Navy with two names ringing a bell one was Ainz and the other was Binz. The whip in bringing me here was why Vice Admiral Leo arrived here, to apprehend the thorns of the World Government. Though I missed out on reading the papers in picking up my knowledge and understanding of just who the Neo Navy was, I was able to find out the overdue time in my encounter with them.

From the very moment I arrived to squaring off with Ainz and Binz, then having the pacifista's become a thorn that had me eradicate them. Ainz and Binz lose hope earlier but the container caught my eye later revealing to be the Dyna Stones, but me constantly asking with the duo monologuing their way out of it.

Heading back into the action, Ainz and Binz would be attacked though my aim wasn't to kill them but psychologically, emotionally, and physically dismantle them and shatter them. This would now occur, the duo accepted their fate as the duo hadn't committed anything yet they had done so many since once a criminal they were always going to accept that fate sooner or later. They could have easily halted all if they had simply retired or asked for penance.

" All of you Neo Navy, I have defeated your commanders. I am giving you two options stand down or I'll have no reason to keep you alive. "

Many of the neo-navy officers standing down losing hope, dropping their swords and firearms. Thus was the day the Neo Navy suffered their largest defeat since Zephyr's defeat.

Velvet and the others would suffer defeat in the internal conflict as we made our way to a nearby marine office then later Marineford. This would be the day and the latest adventure where I and my underlings would retire to mediocrity to tend to our wounds and fight another day.
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