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Wait... whaaaaa?
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Hi Kiddos!
giving everyone a chance to feel young ;)
We've added an new tag called "video" to the Creative Corner!
You'll now be able to label your videos when you share them in the creative corner. 😁
With this new feature we're encouraging you to upload your creative content related to One Piece, My Hero Academia, Kingdom, or other manga and anime.

Just keep in mind the general rules of the creative corner:
  • All content must be your own ideas and work.
  • If someone comes forward claiming it was their work first your post will be deleted. (If you want to contest the claim bring recipts).
  • Please do not use any extended copyrighted clips, videos, or music. (Basically if YouTube would ban it we will too!)
  • NSFW content is a no no no!(@Rej :blobpolice:)
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