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You're crazy :pepeking:

hito hito no mi, me baby
You don't count Fishman nor Mink, but a Reindeer with a Devil Fruit?!? Yeah it is the Human Human fruit, but even in his fullzoan Form He doesn't look like a real human.


The Driven
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You don't count Fishman nor Mink, but a Reindeer with a Devil Fruit?!? Yeah it is the Human Human fruit, but even in his fullzoan Form He doesn't look like a real human.
Well no those are specified as different races. But technically chopper is half human half raindeer :D
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Carrot and Tama gonna join by the end of Wano :D
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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to spoil, so those who want to keep talking about who will join the Mugiwaras or not, don't read that post, because it will close the subject!

I do not want to write a huge block (but it will be one anyway, sorry in advance!), So I will summarize my analysis in 4 concrete criterias :

Symbolism: each mugiwara represents a figure, be it a number, a profession, a color or even an animal.
Geometry: each mugiwara reproduces a symmetry between the 3 parts of the manga: East Blue / Paradise / New World.
Mathematics: each mugiwara adds a component to an equation or an addition.
Folklore: each mugiwara brings us back to a popular story, whether human, mythological or specific to the world of One Piece.

And to prove this to you, here is the annotated cover of chapter 861 on which I will base my analysis, because yes, this cover showed us all the mugiwaras already 3 years ago. And they will be 13.

1. Luffy: Luffy is a monkey! He hangs from the table like monkeys hang from branches. As for the smile, it's his, no doubt.

2. Zoro: Zoro is a drunk! He drinks and he always wears this belt. As for the black right ear, it echoes his closed eye (cf. Sanji).

3. Nami: Nami is a diva! There has already been a chapter cover where she was tanning in the same position with an umbrella.

4. Usopp: Usopp is a dreamer! He sleeps next to the strongest to feel safe. The tasks recall his totem animal: the lizard.

5. Sanji: Sanji is a charmer! He is positioned between two ladies, and especially his black left ear recalls his hidden eye (cf. Zoro).

6. Chopper: Chopper is a coward! He is shy, he hides like his first appearances in One Piece with his face half visible.

7. Robin: Robin is an observer! You just have to see her position, her mischievous look and especially her black wavy hair.

8. Franky: Franky is a carpenter! He often wears protective glasses, and as a good cyborg, he is always with a tool in his hand.

9. Brook: Brook is a gentleman! He always wears a suit, and the sunglasses return to his empty and "blind" sockets.

10. Jinbe: Jinbe is a karateka! He drinks the sake he has drunk many times in the series, with his cape and his smile very recognizable.

11. Carrot: Carrot is a rabbit! She observes, she learns. Her fur is white and her black ears highlight her big ears.

12. "Chipmunk": The 12th mugiwara is a rodent! He licks his paw like a squirrel with striped fur (chipmunk) which nibbles on its hazelnut.

13. Vivi: Vivi is a princess! She admires the sea through the window like a prisoner, as she did on many cover pages.

Convinced or not? No? So let's continue. But before continuing the analysis, look at some panels of characters, then look again at the cats that I have designated for each of them, you will quickly begin to see a striking resemblance, even for the least obvious (Usopp or Vivi at first glance for example.)

I spoke to you previously about symbolism, geometry and mathematics. Here's how they transcribe:

Mathematics (rectangles): You can observe three rectangles of green, orange and yellow color. In each of these rectangles, you will find the 4 mugiwaras who joined the crew on each of the seas: Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji at East Blue / Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brook at Paradise / Jinbe, Carrot, "Chipmunk" and Vivi at the New World. So look carefully, isn't it weird that this distribution is so balanced between the left, the right and the middle? It is not a coincidence.

Geometry (lines): I suppose that most of you have heard of the recruiting scheme of Mugiwara "MFMM", namely a man, a woman, a man and a man, each following a very distinct personality trait? In the form of a star, you will therefore find what I called in M1 the healers (yellow line), those who release Luffy from his pain (Zoro → injuries with Kuma, Jinbe → mourning for Ace, Chopper → doctor); then the ladies in F1 (red triangle) often enemy at the start (Nami, Robin, Carrot); then the craftsmen in M2 (blue line) (Usopp armorer, Franky carpenter, "Chipmunk" smith) and finally the leaders in M3 (purple line) (Sanji prince, Brook captain and Vivi future queen).

Symbolism (triangles): This does not join any of the official groups, but we will notice that the "monster trio" composed by Luffy, Zoro and Sanji is positioned in a triangle (blue). For the most revolutionary, don't worry: Jinbe is also at the tip of the triangle if we want to include him in the new elite, just like Usopp, who for me is one of the 3 commanders of Luffy as a Yonkou, but I will come back to this. Similarly, by adding the women's triangle (red), the Triforce is complete!

A “symbol” and “mathematical” bonus: the Straw Hat Crew calls themselves “Mugiwara no Ichimi” in Japanese. However, Ichimi also reads "one" and "three", which forms .. a 13! It is a wink that we also find on the Thousand Sunny, which sports a 1 and a 3 on each of its faces!

Reading my writing, you are probably wondering who is the Mugiwara whom I nickname "Chipmunk"?? Patience .. Before that, I invite you to consult my sacrosanct table which characterizes each of the Mugiwara and which, icing on the cake, will even give you the Titan who they will face during the final battle against Blackbeard.


















F (0)​


Gomu Gomu no Mi (56)​

Blackbeard (Admiral)​



First Mate​

East Blue​

Healer 1​




XF (1st)​



Shiryu (Swordsmen)​




East Blue​

Lady 1​




X (1st)​








East Blue​

Craftsman 1​




S (1st)​



Van Augur (Snipers)​




East Blue​

Leader 1​




S (2nd)​



Jesus Burgess (Wrestlers)​





Healer 2​




X (2nd)​


Hito Hito​

no Mi (110)​

San Juan Wolf (Giants)​





Lady 2​




S (3rd)​


Hana Hana​

no Mi (87)​







Craftsman 2​

Light Blue​



XF (2nd)​









Leader 2​

Black & White​



X (3rd)​


Yomi Yomi​

no Mi (43)​

Laffitte (Illusions)​




New World​

Healer 3​




F (1st)​



Vasco Shot (Karate)​


Carrot (?)​


New World​

Lady 3​

Light Green​



F (2nd)​


Yuki Yuki​

no Mi (9)​

Catarina Devon (Mythology)​


Gesshi Hane Odin Oskar (?)​


New World​

Craftsman 3​




XF (3rd)​


Haze Haze​

no Mi (20)​

Avalo Pizarro (Hunt)​



Chief of Staff​

New World​

Leader 3​




F (3rd)​



Doc Q​


Throughout the SBS and Databooks, Oda gave us details on the Mugiwaras, all those informations were far from trivial, and instead gave us clues to visualize the future recruits of the crew, and this from the middle of the story! So let's stop being blind, and use these statements to determine who the final 13 teammates will be!

Number: Each mugi is assigned a number on his arrival, a number that is often found on the color covers. There is therefore no need to procrastinate, it is relatively factual. As for the number of 13, just go back to my argument about the cover page of chapter 861.

Member: So far 10 members have been confirmed. Good. I certify by this writing, that will come next: Carrot, "Chipmunk" and Vivi.

Role: The crew revolves around piracy, in other words seas, islands and boats. Each mugi has thus far occupied a position on the ship in connection with these 3 elements. What remains today as a position to fill?

→ The Vigie, which will be occupied by Carrot. As soon as she arrived, she showed her talent for jumping and floating in the air, a skill that she later made available in the Whole Cake Island arc.

→ The Smith, which will be occupied by "Chipmunk". The position of this mugi obliges him to be a craftsman, in the line of Usopp and Franky. What remains as a craft talent to provide? We have Usopp, botanist and gunsmith, and Franky, builder and carpenter. Well, that leaves room for a blacksmith, a sculptor. Sharpen weapons or sculpt cannons will be his talents. And how will he do it? With an axe? No, rather with his claws and teeth .. Because Chipmunk will be a rodent!

→ The Commander, which will be occupied by Vivi. Vivi is called to become Queen (or at least was, with recent events). She met during the Reverie captains of Luffy's fleet: Leo and Sai. She will meet more for sure. When is that? When Luffy will go to free her and his brother Sabo. Well, I don't want to theorize about this arc, but it is certain that Vivi and Sabo will be endangered by the government, and that this will call for a reaction from Luffy and his fleet. What's more, what is Sabo's role among revolutionaries? Chief of staff. Vivi doesn't really have physical competence (for the moment?), So her strength will lie in her royal competence: to federate, both mugiwara and armada.

Scheme: Already mentioned above. There is a mimicry in recruitment, three sets of four mugi with common moral characteristics. I would add, however, that these 3 groups also have 3 major common characteristics: the first 4 are simple humans, the following 4 are mutants (chimera, cloning, undead, cyborg) and the last 4 are from animal tribes (one Fishman shark, a Mink rabbit, a Zoan/Giant squirrel and a duck with Karoo, let's not forget!). This represents the diversity of One Piece in 1 crew!

Color: The colors of the mugi have already been mentioned by Oda. What color code do they correspond to? Quite simply in primary, secondary and tertiary colors!

Primary colors: Luffy (Red), Sanji (Blue), Usopp (Yellow)
Secondary colors: Robin (Red + Blue = Purple), Zoro (Blue + Yellow = Green), Nami (Yellow + Red = Orange)
Tertiary colors: Chopper (Red + Purple = Pink), "Chipmunk" (Purple + Blue = Indigo), Franky (Blue + Green = Turquoise), Carrot (Green + Yellow = Jade), Vivi (Yellow + Orange = Gold), Jinbe (Orange + Red = Vermilion)

So why these colors for the last 4 mugi? The totem colors are systematically found on the look or the character integration outfits. In other words :
What color was Jinbe's cape? Vermilion (color of the sun, echoing the Sun Pirates)
What color was Carrot's cape? Jade green (lunar color, echoing Su Long)
What color will “Chipmunk” be upon arrival? Indigo! (color already seen on giants and which goes well with red, see below)
What is the color of Vivi according to an SBS? White .. and Gold! (royal color, echoing her status as future queen)
(In addition: White and Black are also represented by Vivi and Brook!)

Signs: In many covers, the mugi have been animalized. By cross-checking these animals, the physical traits as well as the characteristics of the characters, the mugi already recruited were easily assimilated to the signs of the Chinese zodiac. For future recruits: Carrot being ideal for the sign of the rabbit, I will rather develop my thinking for the dragon and the rat.

→ Oda gave the totem animal for Vivi: the dove! Color of purity and freedom. It is a flying animal. However, we have seen that several mugi were attached to a sign by derivation: Jinbe goes from shark to pig, Robin goes from crane to rooster, Usopp goes from lizard to snake. In short: these are animal families! Reptiles, birds. Vivi is therefore assimilated to the Dragon, especially since in One Piece, it is a royal symbol (the Celestial Dragons). We also had several panels where Vivi was alongside statues of dragons.

→ So stay .. the rodent! I remind you that the cat is not part of the animals of the Chinese zodiac, Nami is an exception. Exception which therefore allows to have 13 signs! However, it is interesting to know why the cat is absent: the rat has fooled the cat to win the race! (Because yes, the animals were designated on the basis of a race according to legend.) A mugi must therefore be attached to the rat, and as we saw on the cover of chapter 861, a cat is drawn on the base of a squirrel (the 3 lines on the fur remind the features of the chipmunk and it has the paw in the mouth, like a squirrel which would nibble its hazelnut or which would sharpen its claws with its large teeth). The squirrel being part of the rodent family, "Chipmunk" will be assimilated to the Rat! And here we are with the full zodiac signs..

Alphabet: Here too, the most curious have encountered many times this theory of letters, with each mugi having the first letter of his first name corresponding to all the slices of the alphabet: Brook for AB, Chopper for CD, Franky for EF, etc. Several questions then arise:

Why does Carrot have the same letter as Chopper? Because it is not her birth name! A big mysterious aura surrounds Carrot. Many also thought that she was the traitor! We know nothing about her. We did not have her flashback, and my little finger tells me that it will be integrated into the one we will have during the battle of Wano or at the end of it, with why not a relative linked to Kaido. In short, you will see, Carrot is a name that was given to her after her birth.

Why is Vivi in the same duet as Usopp? Because it is the exception that proves the rule! We saw that each symbol presented had its exception: for the colors we find Brook with black, for the signs we find Nami with the cat, for the recruitment scheme we find Vivi instead of a man. It is also a half exception here! Why a half? Because on the one hand, it remains an unused letter, and on the other hand .. because it must be classified in the WX! Yep, how do you pronounce the letter W in french and in many languages? « double v »! VV! Vivi! In some languages, the W does not exist in the alphabet, it may also be an Oda trick to match to all languages! Using the letter V also made it possible to have an oriental-sounding first name for Alabasta. And in Roman numeral, VIVI = 5151 = 12 .. the 12th recruit!

What will be the group of "Chipmunk"? So there, I am not medium. But I got into some guess related to the remaining letters GH and OP. Gesshi? It means a rodent in Japanese. Hane? Ha means "tooth" and Ne comes from "nezumi" to say rat. Odin? In my opinion, he will be linked to Elbaf, and we know that there is already a character named Loki. Oskar? In Nordic mythology, Ratatosk is the squirrel of the Yggdrasil tree, and by mixing the letters .. that makes Oskar! I'm sure these are good leads, you will see!

Blood Group: Not much to say except that, to respect the mathematics and geometry already present, there are 2 "F" and 1 "XF" missing after Jinbe so that there are 4 mugi in each blood group (except Luffy) . However, it has already been revealed that Carrot and Vivi were F. Which leaves "XF" for "Chipmunk", knowing that it is the blood group symbolizing intelligence and genius, Franky's group (also craftsman). Above all, this category shows that the equation is respected. I would not have presented you with a candidate who would have unbalanced the 4 * 3 equation!

Hair Colors: Nothing too deep here. But still ! Today we have mugi with all primary and secondary hair colors except red and purple. In addition, each girl has the same hair color as a boy: Robin with Luffy, Carrot with Sanji, Vivi with Franky and Nami with.. well with no one! I am therefore convinced that the mugi will have red / orange hair. Not purple, because it is a very rare hair color in One Piece, and not very aesthetic. On the other hand, red is Shanks' hair color, linked to Elbaf. So I would prefer red hair a la Eustass Kid!

Devil Fruits: So there, I am going to lose some of you (maybe it is already the case?). But again, I appeal to the most loyal theorists. You saw the theory of San-ni-go, right? I quickly recap: Oda revealed in an SBS that the sum of the devil fruits could indeed reach 325. When we talk about sum, we talk about the Goroawase code which aims to make word games with syllables. Each digit from 0 to 10 is attached to a set of syllables (example for 1: hitotsu, hito, hi, ichi, i, wan). Now, taking the syllables of the fruits already known, we have: Gomu (5 and 6), Hito (1 and 10), Hana (8 and 7), Yomi (4 and 3), which makes 56 + 110 + 87 + 43 = 296. It would therefore miss 29 to reach the 325 of Sunny Go (San-Ni-Go), the nickname of Thousand Sunny!

I then make a transition to another theory which for me is purely premonitory: Carrot will eat the fruit of Yuki Yuki no Mi following the death of Monet on Punk Hazard and the regrowth of the Devil Fruit on the mandarin tree of Nami. I redirect you to Google and Youtube to listen to this futuristic theory and the proofs of it. However, some point out that Yuki could designate the 9 and the 2. I do not agree, because even if it were the case, it is necessary to respect the order of the numbers, that is to say 92, and not swapping it to get 29. So it's not valid. On the other hand, it will embody a number: 9, which contains the syllable Kyu in the Goroawase code. On the one hand we find "Yu" in "Kyu", and by exchanging the syllables it gives the sound "Kiyu".

So there would be room for another demon fruit! And precisely, the unused figures of Goroawase are the 0 and the 2. And that's good, our equation is missing 20 to reach 325. However, being convinced that the new mugi will be presented in the Elbaf saga, and that there is no animal tribe among the giants, this leaves as the only option to respect the animal recruitment model presented above: a Devil Fruit! And as demonstrated previously, this will be on the theme of the rodent, and even the squirrel, I'm sure! I tried to find the name of the Devil Fruit, and it could be for example the Haze Haze no Mi, the Ha corresponding to 2 and the Ze corresponding to 0 according to the code! The sum is good !

Why Haze? Because Hazelnut is quite the same word in Japanese: Hazerunattsu! We have commonly seen that the name of the Devil Fruit was related to onomatopoeias or objects, not necessarily to the raw power of the fruit. So who knows? I know it's far-fetched but it's the only name that corresponds to the number 20!

Final Opponents: My favorite category! The one that gave me clues to guess who would be the missing mugi. The one that gives clues to the identity of future titans! Precisely let's talk about the titans. They are currently called the "Ten Titanic Captains". FALSE! The most famous titans in mythology were 12 in number. Do a quick Google research, you will see. 12 titans (- Teach) for 12 mugi (- Luffy), that's weird, don't you think?

Several topics already exist on Blackbeard, I don't want to pollute this one focused on future Mugiwara recruits. So each time I will base my analysis on ONE argument to define the battles: the combative characteristic! Thus, in the order of the Titans ranking :

Luffy vs Blackbeard - Captains: Devil fruit against devil fruit, haki against haki.

Sanji vs Jesus Burgess - Fighters: Hand to hand, arms against legs, masked man against masked man.
(Personal bonus: Jesus could be part of the three-eyed tribe (link with Pudding) and could manage to eat the Mera Mera no Mi after the first failed attempt, so fire against fire fight to come. He would avenge Ace and Sabo, as Luffy's spiritual brother. And why not eat the fruit at the end of the series, symbolically?)

Zoro vs Shiryu - Swordsmen: Sword against sword, blind man against invisible man.

Usopp vs Van Augur - Snipers: Combat from long distance, haki of observation versus haki of observation.

→ “Chipmunk” vs Avalo Pizarro - Hunters: Feline against rodent, Zoan against Zoan.
(Personal bonus: Avalo may have eaten the ancient fruit of the sabertooth tiger, and the game of the cat and the mouse is well known: the feline hunts the rodent, and the rat uses cunning to get rid of the cat (cf. sign of the zodiac). It will be a wild fight in the nature! And why not a fight of teeth ..? Chipmunk will have teeth of a hamster, I tell you!)

Brook vs Laffitte - Illusionists: Dandy against dandy, hypnotist against hypnotist, angel against demon.

Carrot vs Catarina Devon - Myths: The lunar snow rabbit against the nine-tailed fire fox, snow against fire, electricity against lightning.
(Personal bonus: Carrot will eat the Yuki Yuki no Mi, a power to counter the fire attacks of Catarina's fruit, a fruit that will also give her the ability to generate lightnings (cf. myth), and Carrot masters electricity so.. sparks are coming!)

Chopper vs San Juan Wolf - Giants: Shy guy against shy guy, giants against giants.
(Personal bonus: Chopper will master giantization, a major subject in the manga (experiences on Punk Hazard, interests of Big Mom, tribe of Elbaf ..), the only way he will be able to confront Wolf with the Monster Point. 180 meters, no one can oppose him without a genetic mutation.)

Jinbe vs Vasco Shot - Karatekas: Martial art combat, fishman against fishman, water against fire.
(Personal bonus: Vasco Shot is linked to the blobfish and controls fire thanks to the manipulation of the alcohol contained in his gourd, in opposition to the handling of the water of Jinbe.)

Vivi vs Doc Q - Riders: Domestic animal against domestic animal, unknown power against unknown power.
(Personal bonus: Doc Q looks exactly like the witch in Snow White (+ the poisoned apples!), And Vivi has all the features of Snow White: a princess that we are trying to eliminate surrounded by 7 ducks (do not laugh it is true, the squad has 7 ducks including Karoo!). Doc Q is nicknamed the Grim Reaper. Who wrote Snow White? The Grimm brothers! Vivi and Doc Q were present at the beginning of One Piece, I am certain that Doc Q was created in order to oppose Vivi (remains to determine the power of each one!)

Nami vs ? - Natural elements: Celestial combat is coming! Some see Nami fighting Laffitte as Navigators. Just as they see Chopper fighting Doc Q as Doctors. We are talking about fighting, not marine skills! It is quite possible that there will be a naval battle before the physical confrontation where each one could put forward his talent, so we could imagine Laffitte and Nami confronting each other on a raging sea by guiding their respective ships in the best way, but not during a physical fight! In addition, there must be a link between the combatants, and Nami's vocation is to meet a combatant more linked to her history and her powers.
(Personal bonus: Nami is linked to a celestial tribe, her origins are fully mysterious. She made a trip during the ellipse on Weatheria, and she masters weather and its elements. Her fighter could be of Bilkan type, like Urouge, he will certainly be winged (and permanently, not like Laffitte) so that she can fight him in the air while sailing on Zeus.)

Robin vs ? - Assassins: Bloody fight in anticipation! Robin was an assassin in the days of Baroque Works, she needs an opponent such as Stussy. And why not Stussy? She would be a perfect final opponent for Robin, she is linked to the government, she is a member of CP0, her age is voluntarily unknown, which could suggest a link with ancient history .. and she masters Rokushiki, we all dream of seeing Robin develop this martial art with her Devil Fruit! So if Stussy is finally her opponent in the war against the government, then she will need someone closely linked to the government's shenanigans about the Lost Century instead!

Franky vs ? - Cyborgs: Some people saw Franky opposing Avalo Pizarro or San Juan Wolf as a tall guy. Yeah .. Besides that, there is no other argument. But it is normal being mistaken, because his opponent is not known yet! Opponents of Nami, Robin and Franky have not yet been recruited by Teach, or at least not disclosed for the 10th titan, for the simple reason that they are linked to the rest of the story: world government for Robin and Franky (the role of the government in the eradication of Ohara for Robin and the scientific experiments of Vegapunk for Franky), and the celestial islands for Nami (her origins and the role of astronomy in One Piece, in particular the Moon with Enel). For Franky, his opponent will necessarily be bionic!

The last 3 titans will therefore only be known around these arcs! Let's be patient..

That's it, it's over! I hope this writing seemed relevant to you, because for me it is!

I am very confident about the latest recruits who will be Carrot, "Chipmunk" and Vivi. And concerning "Chipmunk", I gave a fairly precise description, you will see that I will be very close!

All this came to my mind thanks to the cover of the cats, which leaves far too many clues by Oda!!

What do you think? Can we now close the topics of all forums dealing with future recruits for Luffy and Teach?!

P.S. : I did not precise, but of course Nekomamushi represents the Sunny on the cover page !
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What do you think? Can we now close the topics of all forums.
No we can't.
Leader is forced to make Vivi fit.
Sanji was never a leader, just a prince, Brook wasn't the Captain. What does Brook and Sanji have in common? They are both cavaliers, so 12th member should be a cavalier too.
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You know what would be hilarious if Oda puts a wrench in all these theories and makes the most unexpected join his crew. Someone like a Crocodile or Ceaser, like the least you expect becomes the next nakama

Hope something unexpected happens
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You know what would be hilarious if Oda puts a wrench in all these theories and makes the most unexpected join his crew. Someone like a Crocodile or Ceaser, like the least you expect becomes the next nakama

Hope something unexpected happens
Caesar clown really grew on me and I wouldnt mind if he joined now. Also really hope to see him in the story again soon as he kinda just floated off into the abyss never to be heard of again...
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You know what would be hilarious if Oda puts a wrench in all these theories and makes the most unexpected join his crew. Someone like a Crocodile or Ceaser, like the least you expect becomes the next nakama

Hope something unexpected happens
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Well, there's always a chance he retreated into his shell in the nick of time. Pekoms losing his sight and ability to go Sulong would certainly greatly emphasize the depth of sacrifice the good guys had to experience for the Strawhats' sake, but after Pound was revealed to have made it outta WCI...well, here's hoping that was just Oda trying to mitigate some of the bad stuff coming up in Wano.

Acceptable compromise: Pekoms lost at least one eye, just so he can now match his grizzled besties Pedro and Tamago. And like Pedro ( and possibly Jinbe ) also had a good chunk of his lifespan stripped away, maybe to create some plushy homie, complete with button eyes and everything. Cue a gag where someone mistakes the homie for the original.
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