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What do you love the most about Nico Robin? (You may choose upto 3)

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This thread is for all those who are fans of Nico Robin and her lovely traits.

Nico Robin is beautiful, caring, smart, graceful, and elegant. In this Fan Club, you can post anything about Nico Robin. Stuff about what she read on the poneglyphs so far, pictures of her, your favorite Nico Robin moments, etc.

Follow the forum rules

#2 No bashing of other characters like Nami, Boa Hancock, or any other character for that matter and needless to say, no bashing Robin-chwaan!

#3 Only post content on Nico Robin. Any picture is allowed as long as it follows forum rules and has Robin in it or is something about Robin


She is the only surviving person from Ohara, the island of archaeologists. She has been interested in books and finding out about the mysteries of the Void Century from a very young age. After surviving the slaughter of the so called "Demons of Ohara" she has been living by herself using several pirate crews to help her get to the poneglyphs. She was also the vice-president of the crime syndicate Baroque Works and was called Miss All Sunday. She later became a member of the Straw Hats. She is now the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates. Her dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the true history of the world. She carried a bounty of 79,000,000 beli when she was just 8 years old as the World Government was threatened by her ability to read the Ancient Poneglyphs. This bounty was marginally increased to 80,000,000 beli after the events at Enies Lobby. She now holds a bounty of 130,000,000 beli after her actions in Dressrosa. Hence, she is considered as someone to have committed unlawful activities of catastrophic degree.

She ate the Hana Hana no Mi sometime during her childhood which was the reason why many children feared her despite her friendly nature.

During the 2 years of the crew's separation, she has helped free the slaves on Tequila Wolf and was involved with the Revolutionaries .

Appearance: She is a very tall, slender, yet athletic woman. She has brown eyes (blue in the anime) and shoulder-length black hair. Her skin tone in the anime was darker than in the colored manga. Robin's limbs are very long, especially her legs, contributing greatly to both her fighting capabilities (given the nature of her powers) and overall height, and like most female characters in the series, she has a narrow waist. She is also well-endowed. Many people consider her to be very attractive or beautiful, and she is an eyecandy for fellow crewmember Sanji.

Height: 188cm (6'2")
Age: 28, 30 (after the time-skip)

Her 3 measurements are (according to Sanji and series creator Eiichiro Oda in supplemental material) B99-W59-H89 (38"-23"-36"), making her breasts an I-cup in Japan. After the timeskip, her measurements are B103-W60-H90 (41"-24"-36"), making her breasts a J-cup in Japan.

You can read more about her here


Before the time-skip:

After the time-skip:


Robin has had 3 different bounty posters so far, with the latest one showing an increase of 50,000,000 beli over her post Enies Lobby bounty. Her current bounty is 130,000,000 beli

First Bounty (after Ohara incident):

Second bounty (after Enies Lobby):

Third Bounty (after Dressrosa):


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Enjoy the thread!



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She has gorgeous bazongas indeed :whistle:
But she's a lot more than just being beautiful and sexy.

Keep in mind no NSFW pics. Even if it's not nude, if it's overly sexual, I'll remove it xD
So post away lads
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Sweet, a new Robin fanclub! Count me in!

@Shinjojin Ain't no fan club without you xD

Share your Rokushiki project whenever you can :D
You're wish has been GRANTED!

For those of you are fans of both Robin (mainly her powers) and the Rokushiki style, come check it out if you're interested! ;)

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Sweet, a new Robin fanclub! Count me in!

You're wish has been GRANTED!

For those of you are fans of both Robin (mainly her powers) and the Rokushiki style, come check it out if you're interested! ;)
You're in my man xD
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