Characters and Groups Oda designed Smoker as the “ultimate” marine and Luffy’s true rival

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The thing that gets overlooked with Smoker is how full his character is compared to other important marine top tiers. It has escaped people that Oda made sure Smoker embodies a lot of personality traits and characteristics from these marines so as to make his character fuller, while all these marines listed being rather flat as characters in comparison.

(1) Smoker shares Akainu’s fiery passion and determination, earning him the nickname White Hunter, being widely recognised in the New World already by the New World brokers who said Smoker is “impressive”.

(However, while Akainu seems more interested in Luffy as “Dragon’s son”, Smoker is more interested in the fact that Luffy mirrors Gol D. Roger.)

(2) Sengou’s strategical and analytical ability, as seen how wary Vergo was of his finding him out.

(3) Smoker share the same kind heart as Aokiji

(4) Fujitora’s main character trait is he is ready to make great gambles in order to achieve greater objectives. Fujitora gambled the fate of Dressrosa (by not intervening) for the purpose of getting closer to his goal of abolishing the warlord system.

Oda said in a sbs that one of Smoker’s hobbies is casino house gambling.

One such instance is when Smoker purposefully threw the fight against Vergo, as such riskily gambling on Law defeating Vergo when he himself realised he couldn’t defeat him himself. This was for the narrative he nature of his gamble.

(5) Smoker shares the same disregard for the rules as Garp, one of Smoker’s nicknames being wild dog for always getting into arguments with his superiors. Both Smoker and Garp likes to do things their own way, Smoker more so which is why he was fired from the navy 34 times (or so) for openly stating his reservations to his superior officers

(6) to add a sixth figure here, Zephyr insofar as he is canon was in G-5 his entire career. Smoker joined G-5 because it was closer to the action in the New World, for the same reason Zephyr who was an ardent follower of justice , he wanted to actively make war with pirates which is why G-5 was the right place for him as G-5 (as I’ve discussed) is a seepage entity that is concerned with warfare against pirates, while Marine HQ is concerned with safekeeping primarily.

These are arguably the five (or six) most important marine figures that Oda purposefully chose to mould Smoker after. Smoker is you could say an amalgamation of the most important marines in terms of character for a specific reason.

Why? Because Smoker is the future of the marines. Smoker is designed as the ultimate marine, ie Luffy’s rival. Smoker is the improved version of Garp

The fact that G-5 and Luffy share the same birthday is not a coincidence. Smoker is the leader of G-5 as it is the institution that will make war with Luffy and the Yonkous. Smoker will be the “wild dog” that governs G-5 his way and he will be the “white hunter” of Luffy
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