Chapter Discussion One Piece 1002: Emperors vs The New Generation

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If it makes any difference, I'm fairly certain Oda's going to soon be aiming broadside cannons at the standard shonen genre tropes, along with w/ a heapload of deeply entrenched assumptions long held by the OP fandom in general. If there's one thing that probably demoralizes the fuck out of Oda -- and yes, he is paying attention to the undercurrents of the OP communities, best not fool yourself into thinking he doesn't give two shits -- it's all the toxic dismissiveness brandished by so called fans with myopic, narrow-minded conceptions of what is and isn't possible, when this arc ( and the manga as a whole ) is all about deep-diving into the realms of possibility offered by the human imagination.

In short, get ready for the "established" rules of OP and the shonen genre at large to get upended in many ways as the story progresses. We're likely gonna see a lot of wild shit few if any could've predicted directly following the current fighting. Give it....*looks at calendar*....I'd say 3-4 months. People are gonna be losing their shit.....especially the Zoro/Sanji/power levelz mongoloids. Oda bout to make em feel foolish for ther pigheaded stubbornness.

On that note, here's another wild prediction: in the not too far off future, we're going to bear witness to each and every member of the Strawhats managing to defeat Luffy in a one-on-one battle....well, more like Luffy in quotation marks, but a reasonable enough "replica." That's all I'll say on that front. Cuz really, what's the point to any of this is, so far as achieving the impossible and pulling off miraculous upsets is concerned, if it's only the main character who's allowed to do so? Not to say Luffy won't be top dawg regardless, but I def foresee big things forthcoming in each and every Strawhat's future that'll place them at least within range of Luffy, at least the point where the latter can never again go telling anyone such as Usopp that they can't win against him, be it in terms of an argument or a fight....there's always an exception to every rule so long as one can imagine it. Mind over matter, quantum mechanics, that is the whole point.

Don't take my word for it though. Just pay close attention in the upcoming year. And keep the myth of Sisyphus in mind, and what Oda might have to say with regards on the lessons inherent to said cautionary tale using the thematic lens of One Piece.

Not targeting anyone here with my ramblings here, mind you. Just saying. I'm highly anticipating the soul-shattering, "QANON WAS A SCAM??" realization and clusterfucks that'll erupt when Oda starts carpet bombing fandom with development and development that'll teach the worst of the lot never again to so vehemently dismiss any and all possibilities that don't mesh with their stubborn assumptions. Hopefully, it'll kill the whole POWER LEVELZ culture dead once Oda's done pulling a multi-nested April Fool's prank on all the dumbasses.

Here's another prediction: the good guys aren't just going to lose this battle; they're going to lose the next one as well. They're going to be losing a lot of battles the diehards would've never expected them to. Luffy for his part is going to get pounded into the dirt by Kaido many times over. And all these bullheaded assertions that Kid isn't on his level...well, get ready for those to be dispelled quite thoroughly soon enough as well. There's big things coming Kid ( and Killer's ) way....soon enough, they'll be undergoing a string of upgrades that'll be transforming them into quite the monsters, to the point Luffy and Zoro's more toxic zealots might hesitate before dismissing their abilities.

....fucking Christ, I just need to finish my big predictions/theory project already. IGNORE MEEEE *stumbles out of tavern all drunk and rambling on about Tesla Coils and Quantum Physics*
I can't decide if you have amazing insight or if you are just crazy.
Can't wait to find out.:pepeexcited:


To address all the powerscaling:
I like to think of luffy and zorro with pokemon like base stats:
Hp: 300 (Higher than blissey, the highest in pokemon)

Luffy is definitely a damage sponge. Joyboy Theories likes to call him an evade tank, but luffy can definitely also just tank a lot of hits. I think luffy has the highest hp in the whole OP verse. Other characters may have higher defenses, but they often get defeated with one giant attack once their defenses are overcome. Luffy takes massive damage during his fights, like katakuris drill for example or Luccis Rokuougans, but he still has power left.
In this raid alone he already received an explosion from apoo that knocked him out for a while and a thunder bagua to the head.

Attack: 120
A base attack of 120 is very respectable for a pokemon. This is in base/gear 2+3, and haki is special attack.

Defense: 150
Base durability, and +30 rubber powers.

Haki Attack: 140
Luffy has very strong haki, and that ryuo stuff sets his special attack stat higher than that of arceus.

Haki Defense: 100
We haven't seen him use haki defensively that much.

Speed: 200
Luffy is insanely fast. Also, different from the pokemon games the speed stat also dictates agility movement abilities (flight), evasion chances and accuracy. If you are faster than your opponent you are more likely to hit him.

Abilities (more than the standard 1):
-A fighting type variant of the blaze, overgrow, torrent abilities that boosts his attacks when his hp is low

-Close Combat (120 Power, 100% Acc.) (5pp)

lowers defense. This is his final finisher attack.
-Arm Thrust (15 Power, 100% Acc. Multi Hit) (20pp)
thats his gattling attack
-Power Up Punch (40, 100, each hit raises attack) (20pp)
luffy gets stronger during his fights
-Focus Punch (150, 100, has to focus first) (5pp)
this is his king kong gun in dressrosa.

We have seen a few different forms of luffy:
Mega Luffy X: Boundman:
HP: 320 (+20)
Attack: 200 (+80)
Defense: 210 (+60)
Haki Attack: 160 (+20)
Haki Defense: 160 (+60 (haki and rubber integration))
Speed: 250 (+50 (flight))

+Levitate ability

Mega Luffy Y: Snakeman
HP:300 (+0)
Attack: 180 (+60)
Defense: 160 (+10)
Haki Attack: 180(+40)
Haki Defense: 100 (+0)
Speed: 380 (+180) Nobody dodges Snakeman

Gigantamax Mega Luffy Z, Tankman Full Version:
HP: 420 (+120) Plus the HP boost from Gigantamax
Attack: 180 (+60)
Defense: 230 (+80)
Haki Attack: 200 (+60)
Haki Defense: 210 (+110)
Speed: 80 (-120)

G-Max Move: Gomu gomu no cannon.

HP: 150
Attack: 180
Defense: 150
H. Attack: 180
H. Defense: No idea

Guillotine (Ohko, 30% Acc) 5pp (that enma slash)
Onigiri (100, 100%) 10pp
Swords Dance (-, 100%) 20pp raises attack

Zorro has higher attack in base, and an ohko move, but he doesn't have the speed to land the strong hits consistently. Most of his fights end with one attack from zorro, and all other attacks of his are blocked. He only needs to land one to win.

Mega Zorro: Ashura:
Hp: 150
Attack: 300 (+120)
Defense: 150
Haki Attack: 300 (+120)
Haki defense: (+10)
Speed: 190 (+40)
As you can see Zorro and Luffy have very different roles. Zorro ends fights with one attack, while Lufy can survive prolonged fights and eventually overpowers his opponent. That enma slash could have killed kaido had it hit. But it didn't.
As a comparison, sanji would have a MASSIVE speed stat, but way less attack power. He was able to hit Oven without getting seen. But oven survived. Zorro couldn't do it without getting seen, but oven would be dead.
This difference in fighting styles might soon become apparent when Zorro drops out of the fight while luffy keeps going and going.


Wait... whaaaaa?
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Kaido's tough body/scales was long running plot too, and Oda solved that problem the way he did with the smile army.
You guys don't realize how important Enma is in this arc, how important it is in defeating Kaido. Let me remind you about that...
We also have Luffy learning the new Haki trick to get through Kaido's tough body. That was also a solution, not just the new sword.

yes, exactly! Zoro should help Luffy by defeating King, leading the war as his right hand man. Why is it so bad to fight king? Is king too weak for Zoro?
I was saying fighting the 2 yonko, as in Oars style. All the starwhats working together on Big Mom and Kaido, not just the underlings.
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Well in not fighting one piece news the latest volume sbs and magazine have been leaked
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One Piece Chapter 1002 Review:
-Lucci feeding pigeons cover request, it's fun
-The battle on the rooftop continues, Kaido uses his slicing winds attack
-Law dodges the attack with his powers
-Kid is not bothered by losing part of his mech, as it is made of scrap metal, and can be reassembled as necessary
-Zoro deflects the winds that come his way
-Luffy dodges the attack in Gear Fourth, attacks Kaido with Kong Rifle
-Kid grabs Kaido and throws him around with Slam Gibson
-Law dodges Kaido's jaw and guesses that the heart is near the Oden scar, uses Gamma Knife
-It's not clear what effect that had on Kaido, as he monologues about his defense
-Killer remarks that Kaido's scales are tough, uses a sonic attack with his blades that seems to pierce in a non-physical way
-Big Mom unleashes a lightning attack on Killer, monologues about there being no escape
-Kaido is about to attack Killer when Luffy attacks him again, this time with Rhino Schneider
-Zoro asks Law to help him out, to the latter's annoyance, though he still helps, presumably because he realises that this is a battle and there is no time to be arguing about such things
-Zoro cuts Kaido's fire again, goes in for an attack that has Big Mom concerned, Flying Dragon Blaze misses, cuts a horn off the skull
-Kaido and Big Mom restate their underestimation before Zoro is attacked with lightning
-Big Mom restates that there is no escape as she unleashes another lightning attack that hits Luffy, Kid, and Law
-Luffy tanks the attack because he's made of rubber
-Big Mom is shocked as Luffy prepares another attack
-Luffy tanks Kaido's blast breath because of guts, hits Kaido with a Kong Gatling

Chapter was very action heavy. Having two action heavy chapters focussed on this particular part of the fight has me wondering what it will lead to. Looking forward to next week's chapter. Less to say as I don't really want to speculate at this time.

This was more or less my review of One Piece Chapter 1002, thank you for reading if you chose to do so.
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You guys don't realize how important Enma is in this arc, how important it is in defeating Kaido.
Here's the thing tho: recall that Oden wielded 2 swords. Hiyori's sword, the way it functions, how it factors into Zoro's evolution and the grander themes overall.....there's a lot more plot and surprising developments waiting to unfold here. One could even say Enma and what it represents embodies a half...

or even a third...

...of a grander equation.

Black + White + Black/White....Hard + Soft + Hard/Soft....Yin ( Female Energy ) + Yang ( Male Energy ) + Combination thereof.....a Sword that can cut the physical + a Sword that can cut the Metaphysical ( like Brooke's ) + a Sword that can combine both to cut anything/everything/nothing. And so on.

So yeah, I'd say things are far from over. Aside from the dangers inherent to a Cursed Sword like Enma ( it's high time that topic finally got explored in depth, which we'll likely see play out here in dramatic and disastrous fashion ), especially without Hiyori's sword to balance it out., I figure Zoro's got plenty left to learn before he and Kaido eventually have one last fateful interaction before Wano truly comes to an end.

Includes but not limited to: learning how to issue lasting damage to uber-regenerating hydras and other tricksy abilities, which falls under the greater umbrella of cutting spirits -- this will be necessary to fighting King, for instance. King's flame aura? Think of it as the glow of a will o the wisp...or its Japanese equivalent, the hitodama; this is what Big Mom was referring to w/ regards to King's race...or at least one of the beings that make up the gestalt entity that is "King." But that's another elaborate theory for another day.

Here's a teaser: there's a very specific reason Zoro was the first to become acquainted with a Tontatta back on Dresrosa

Few other things Zoro needs to get through before getting his kill on Kaido:

- Meeting his mom, Kamazo the I

- As mentioned, learning how to cut spirits; it's in his blood, after all, as Zoro hails from a family of spirit channelers/mediums. In Zoro's case, he's yet to really consciously sense these things. Why's he always getting lost, knowing where liquor can be found? Cuz he's got spirits whispering in his ar, thus subconsciously influencing his actions? Some are helpful, others are constantly looking to fuck with him....kinda like that one spirit from Oda's wild west-oriented one-shot WANTED. Oh yeah, that one's going to become relevant quite soon as well.

- Learn how to deal with the loss of an arm...and possibly even an eye ( no, not the one he consciously keeps closed all the time ). Don't worry, it's relatively temporary....relatively, anyway. Like mother ( and father? ), like son.

The Zoro family in general:

Pictured there are Jubei Yagyu and the female version of famous fictional Japanese swordsman Tange Sazen. Imagine if the latter were wielding sickles ala Killer, Zoro, and the weasel yokai the Kamaitachi....there's Mrs. Zoro's Mom in a nutshell. Zoro will meet her soon inside a prison that'll put Impel Down to shame. May not be immediately obvious she's a woman, as she'll be but one of several very masculine chicks Oda will be introducing very soon; that one muscular, beefy former fiance of Sai's was a precursor...and lest the fandom has forgotten ( of course they have ), one of the Baroque Works' members and Vivi's ally was a bulky strongwoman herself.

- Possibly fighting, losing to, and later wiping out the Mimawarigumi en masse. I think his family might have a bone to pick w/ its Captain, Hotei, in particular. Maybe.

Don't sleep on these guys, btw....Oda will give us reasons a plenty to reconsider if we've been grossly underestimating so called "fodder" and other supposedly low-tier figures such as the Mimawarigumi, the SMILES in general, the Oniwabanshu, the Numbers, even some of the Tobi Roppo...In the Mimawarigumi's case, I think many or all may hail from Wano's ruling families, making them skilled swordfighters in their own right. What's more, I think these five may actually be those samurai who earlier defended Tama's village prior to losing to Drake. Only after the failure of the Raid on Onigashima, they'll ironically be granted a chance to earn some payback, now that the tables have been turned....and they'll get it, cuz they'll prob soon be packing Zoan/DF abilities as official full-fledged Beast Pirates, if they haven't already.

See where I'm going w/ this? Enhanced Mimawarigumi beat down Drake ( and Zoro )...Zoro later crushes them, thus clearly surpassing Drake and adding another feather ( one of many to come ) in his true journey to the top of the Wano ladder.

- Fighting a corrupt Hiyori, a crazed Denjiro, Kawamatsu, and others in a gauntlet/battle royale of skirmishes and match-ups in Wano while Luffy and the Strawhats are preoccupied...elsewhere.

- Learning Oden's signature Totsuka technique, only improving upon it by adding elemental/I'll call it "spirt" haki to it....along with possibly a third blade, once he gains an effective prosthetic and/or grows back his arm ( teaser: One Piece will get its own version of a slower-acting Senzu Bean...cuz the Strawhats in general are sure gonna need em following....what comes next in Wano's Impel Down/Udon II....aka Yomi? This be King's joint ).

- Coming to more direct terms with Enma and the spirits of any other Cursed Blades that happen to come into his possession, so as to avoid them hijacking control of his body/haki ( this is largely what his Asura consists of, even if he may not grasp how exactly it works ).

Working things out with Enma in particular will greatly help towards achieving greater mastery and finesse over his haki, optimizing the power of his Cursed Blades by more closely aligning his will with that of the spirits within, and overall sharpening his will by achieving master over Self. This in turn will go a long ways towards mastering the Breathe of All Things, albeit in the most intensive way possible: mastering how to cut only what one desires at will at any given moment using a sword as bloodthirsty as small feat if the intention is to say surpass even Denjiro's feat demonstrated by his "killing" of Komurasaki.

It's just going to involve a long, hellish road of hardship and walking a path through Hell before Zoro ( and the other Strawhats in general ) can hope to become Unrivaled Under the Heavens.

- Learning how to deal with his captain's "death," along with a checklist of other failures/defeats that'll lead him to attempting to quit the Strawhats, considering giving up on his dreams and his journey as a swordsman...

- He's probably also going to falling into Wano's seas at some point and waking up on shore minus his memories ala Big Mom....thus leading Zoro here on a journey to regaining his memory, recalling those essential bits from early in life that he may've forgotten along the way ( e.g. the particulars of his promise to Kuina, ie winning through skill, not power ) while learning about his own checkered past as he wanders the Wano countryside as a rurouni....and growing ever stronger, cutting down all his rivals, adversaries, and any of his allies/his captain's enemies he finds along the way .

- Reclaiming Shisui while he goes about pulling a Benkei/Onimaru/Musashi Miyamoto...challenging and defeating any and all swordsmen he comes across, whilst claiming the weapons of those he finds unworthy to wield them. Case in point: the duplicitous Hiyori will be wielding Shisui ( yes, she can swordfight, and she's really fucking good at ), and he'll likely take Oden's other sword from her as well....after a very intense fight, that is.

She'll probably pose one of, if not the, strongest challenges short of Mihawk he'll have faced up to this point, assuming he wouldn't have crossed blades w/King up til this point ).

- Like I mentioned prev, learning how to turn a wooden sword permanently black ( his own life/will alone ), turning another white ( ie "purifying" a Cursed Sword, allowing its "spirit" to move on ), or even turning a blade full Yin/Yang, as in Black and White ( a sword that already possesses its own will that allows a "marriage" with Zoro's own will/life, the two becoming one w/o exactly blending I said, marriage :\/ ).

These are the general broad brushtrokes. Some of which may go down outside of Wano. Another tease: the story will be shifting to Kano and/or some other shall we say closely-related locale, where a certain Sword Fighting Tourney ( amongst other things....) will be going down as part of a grander "Festival of Freedom," wherein everyone will be permitted and encouraged to wear masks and operate incognito. Think of it like the Pirate Festival from One Piece Stampede if it was combined with the masquerade elements of Italian Comedia Del Arte and Carnival... :whistle: .

Zoro may've missed out on the fighting in Dresrosa, but he may yet get his wish to go hog later. OR NOT. I'm still unsettled on the particulars. Oda could just as well keep Zoro restricted to Wano, cheating him ( or perhaps simply delaying ) at a chance to engage the best the rest of the world has to offer. Cuz there will be some very big names and potential major rivals showing up here, including but not limited to: 2-3 former WSS ( you read right ); possibly the World's Strongest Swordsperson prior to Mihawk/his direct predecessor ( heh ), and Zoro's true EOS rival ( Hint: it's not Shiryu ).

Think Dresrosa's Colliseum on crack basically. We're going to be seeing a lot of famous swordfighters or their "descendants" showing up, particularly some previously thought to be dead; some of which pretty much kinda are still... :blobhappy:

In short, this is partly how Zoro and the gang are going to shoot their way up to true blue Yonko level ( or just about ) by Wano's legit conclusion: hitting rock bottom, building themselves back up from scratch, making real visceral sacrifices along the way, and grinding it out in oft painful fashion through Trial by Fire...cuz unlike Roger and Co. ( and on a more meta level, the story itself, at least not to the extent many think ), the Strawhats truly are running on a tight deadline in-story in terms of power levelz, requiring each and everyone one of them to walk a supremely difficult path as the odds really begin *stacking up against them soon enough.

*Keep this in mind along with that of the myth of Sisyphus in mind: the idea of pendulums, scales, delayed accrued interest, karmic retribution, divine retribution, escalation of conflict and was always going to get hellishly tougher on the Strawhats as they approached the Yonko playing field. This right now? This is their Icarus moment, their sobering Wakeup Call. These cats are not ready; they will be in the next two years...but it's gonna take a lot of bone-crushing defeat and heartache to first them on that path.

And if you're familiar with your basic Buddhist lore, you'll know the road to Nirvana goes through six possible realms of existence/reincarnation that encompass the Cycle of Samsara, with the worst of them, Hell, occupying the bottom rung of the That's right, say it with me: Strawhats bout to personally experience the Six Paths of Pain. For some like Sanji, that'll mean a return to the past...a helpful reminder in the grand scheme of things of where they've come from, the pain of those who're still much suffering such circumstances right now for extended periods of time even as the Strawhats have had a much easier go of it, and where they've gone astray and/or need to improve.

These are the deep cuts I'm alluding to, guys: the spiritual Death and Rebirth of the Strawhats, starting in the virtual Hell that is Wano. And it;s only a prelude to what Blackbeard's going to be unleashing on the Strawhats later on. Of course it was going to get really dark. I can't stress it enough: this is not Fairy Tail, or Hitman Reborn, or any other mild-mannered shone manga; the Strawhats are going to suffer big defeats here and there; friends, family, and other longtime characters we've long been familiar with are going to start dying with greater frequency; the Strawhats are going to be taking a lot of heavy hits, with some if not all getting seriously injured, maimed, and even "dying" along the way ( I apply those quotation marks ever so loosely in the case of some who are all but going to be pronounced clinically dead at certain junctures ).

I'll say it again: Death and Rebirth. Death and Reincarnation. Strength through Adversity. Evolution through Adaptation under the harshest circumstances.

The plot doesn't require the Strawhats to win here, or even in the next engagement. All they'll have to do is survive, keep getting back up, and persevere, no matter what comes. They are not fated to becoming the nigh-invincible Mary/Gary Stu protags who'll waltz their way to victory any time soon. Or at least, not without earning it tooth and nail before they really start kicking all kinds of ass in a manner that'll have even the most jaded and cynical of us fist-pumping after all they'll have been through.

That's partly the whole point. Just look at fandom at large's general evolving perception of Oden: from perceived Gary Stu from early inception to badass hero after the shit he'd been put through. It's Oda's exercise in public manipulation, drastically swaying the readers' feelings, thoughts, and desires by skillfully conducting the orchestra of One Piece to lead them down the roads he meticulously chooses; not only imparting many important lessons on a range of topics, but ultimately enriching the story and our experiences all the more for it.

Always darkest before the dawn...but the deeper the darkness, the brighter the sun will shine afterwards. And the more epic it'll turn out once the Strawhats and Friends emerge triumphant from Wano down the road. Shabaody MK II, Fishman Island, Luffy's recent knockdown on Kaido....these will all pale, PALE in comparison to the Strawhats big comeback from the bitter ashes of defeat.

.....anyway, there's a lot more to it, but I'm getting supremely sidetracked again. All from one one snippet I wanted to comment on. Yes, it's a bad habit of mine.

Anywho, again, just my take. We'll see how things start panning out soon enough in any case.

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I can't decide if you have amazing insight or if you are just crazy.
Can't wait to find out.:pepeexcited:
Porque no los dos? These things are not mutually exclusive.

......speaking of which....

Crazy, context free prediction: speaking of Cheshire Cats and Quantum Mechanics, Hiyori isn't the only "cat" wandering around in Wano right now. Remember that one mystery Kamuro attendant who we only briefly glimpsed accompanying Komuraski?

This girl? Recall too how people were theorizing early on that this was the real Hiyori, a de-aged Toki, or whatever? Well, tell you what...we'll see her come back into the plot soon enough, for she's a very important character actually.

- She is the current (co)owner of Toki's Time Fruit. Yes, co-owner...df abilities can be shared to certain extents, in diluted amounts, if certain intricate conditions are met.......Devil Fruit dynamics and several associated longheld misconceptions therein are going to be turned on their head, like many a thing in coming days, e.g. Devil Fruit classification, Chopper's Rumble Balls, the nature and number of the Ancient Weapons, the assumed benevolence of the "Dawn" faction, characters' names, origins, backgrounds,'s a long fucking list. But don't take my word for it...

- Speaking of names and aliases, this girl's name? It's Tama. Yes, this is the "real" Tama....the other Tama we're familiar with is operating under an alias, if not having potentially swapped names with this character. Ninja Girl Tama is either lying or was fed lies about her background, cause the truth behind he real name would've put her in great danger of suffering the wrath of the beleaguered Wano citizenry. Ninja Girl's clan name, at the very least, is just what some predicted: she truly is the bastard lovechild of Orochi, ie a Kurozumi.

What's really guaranteed to shock people tho is her mom. It's
Toki. And Orochi's far from the only big figure Toki's been having siring children with as part of her complex machinations. Suffice to say, Toki's long been busy pulling a Big Mom...or one might say order to consolidate and unite a great number of bloodlines...though the motives behind her schemes way back when she first started out and later in life couldn't be more different. That's all I'll say here for now...

- BTW, this mystery girl? She's actually a cat in disguise. Yes, she's another shape-shifting animal akin to Onimaru, in her case that of a Nekomata or Bakeneko. One who likes putting together stop-motion puppet shows as a hobby using her time powers. I'm not telling you how I know this just yet mweheheh. Let's just say Japanese courtesans and cats go waaaay in history and lore...and I fully believe Oda had a very specific fictional cat in mind when crafting this character, albeit far from a recognizable household name. I'll spill the beans in due time.

- Remember that girl and her pet Sphynx that Marco helped out? Is it really a coincidence in hindsight that said Sphynx's name was Tama -- a very popular name typical of housecats in Japan? Coincidences in One Piece? Ha, right.

- Speaking of tama, the Japanese word for jewel....*looks at Sharly's crystal ball...looks at Tama the cat...looks at Ninja Girl Tama....looks at Jewelry Bonny....looks at Crocodile...looks at the Japanese magatama*


- Also, at some point Hiyori is going to once again pull some shady shit by claiming this girl/cat is the true Hiyori, once again switching out her identity for that of Tama and/or Komuraski. It's almost like Hiyori/Komurasaki is Fujiko from Lupin III. Or perhaps it's a case of "Like Mother, like Daughter?"

"Toki." Yeah right. I'm sure that wasn't some half-assed alias she came up with on the spot.

Question everything, friends. Oda will soon give us ample reason to doubt a great many things we've been taking for granted at face value.


Oh hey, CP0 apparently showing up to once again heavily push the game motif. I wonder if it's some kind of ominous portent or something?

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:chuu: if it's this my brother is gonna be pissed that he got a One Piece related tattoo 3 years ago :LOL:
Here's a devious trick: convince him to get a wicked badass omega symbol tattoo.

....only to point out in say.....two to three the Omega symbol in One Piece is basically also related to these:

I mean, if you really wanted to just really end him, morally-speaking

Me, I'll settle for an Expiration Date tat

Best Used by: XXX Sell by: XXXX
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