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One Piece Chapter 1089
Title: Barricading incident

Reader request in the cover: A cow waiter on 2 legs brings Nami a love letter from Sanji (that is hiding outside loft.

Chapter starts at Foosha Village, Woop Slap is reading about Garp in the newspaper. Woop Slap trusts that Garp would be fine. Makino's son is laughing at Luffy's photo in the newspaper (it's a normal Luffy photo, not Gear 5). Makino talks with her son.

Makino: "You've grown to like Luffy-onichan, right?"

Cut to Mt. Corvo, to Dadan Family's base. We see Dadan's reaction to the news at the newspaper, she's asking in tears what Garp and Luffy are up to.

Suddenly, a huge earthquake starts. It's taking place 6 days after Lulusia Kingdom destruction. There is a huge hole in the middle of the sea, at the place that was once Lulusia Kingdom (just like the hole beneath Enies Lobby).

We cut then to people all over the world feeling the earthquake. We can see...

- Momonosuke in "Wanokuni

- Uholisia in "Kanokuni".

- Iceberg in "Water Seven".

- Hina in "Marine HQ".

- Imu in "Mary Geoise" (he just says "...").

- Laboon in "Twin Cape".

- Some prisoners in "Impel Down".

- Citizens in "Loguetown".

- Ivankov in "Kamabakka Queendom".

We can see another random islands too. The sea around the world rises by 1 meter, sinking many islands.

Then back to Foosha Village, where villagers are looking at rising tides. Woop Slap is looking too worried.

Cut to Egghead Island, Marine battleships are surrounding the island. Kizaru destroys 1 of the Vegapunk's "Sea Beast Weapon" with a normal beam. But Kizaru has not started the attack yet since he doesn't want to cause too much damage in the island.

Kizaru calls Sentoumaru and ask him to surrender but Sentoumaru refuses. We see little flashback panel of young Kizaru demonstrating his beam to young Vegapunk and child Sentoumaru (Kizaru is sitting in the ground while he's shooting beams with his finger to the air).

Sentoumaru continues talking.

Sentoumaru: "Uncle Punk managed to develop Pacifista's laser by doing research on your power. I can't believe you are the one coming to kill him!!"

Kizaru: "Unfortunately I can't cover you from the "researching on Void Century" charges, Sentoumaru-kun. At the end, I have to obey orders..."

We can see that around Egghead Island there are 100 Marine battleships with 9 Vice Admirals and 30,000 Marine soldiers in total (as well as Saint Saturn and Kizaru). Doberman and Doll are part of the Vice Admirals, but there are new characters too (we saw some of them in chapter 1,078).

Saint Saturn is having a meal inside his room. Vice Admiral Doberman enters and reports the overall situation. We can see a recap of entire Egghead Island and where are all characters (with chibi-characters). Saturn orders Doberman to sink the researchers' ship that escaped the island earlier as well.

Cut to Egghead Island. York is calling Mary Geoise, complaining why they try to kill her along with other Vegapunk. The Gorousei replies that they saw her as no different from other Vegapunk. However, after Lulusia's incident, they have a new idea and they might keep York to help them with producing more "Mother Flame" weapons.

It's revealed that York is the one that sent "Mother Flame" to the Gorousei. The power plant for producing them is on Egghead Island too. York made the Gorousei promises not to hurt her or the research laboratory, and to make her a Tenryuubito. The Gorousei agrees (we see that Saturn and Kizaru are listening the conversation too).

However, in the final double spread of the chapter, we can see that York is making the call in tears with Zoro's sword at her neck. Usopp is the one setting up the Den Den Mushi. York ends the conversation screaming for help.

York: "Save me from Luffy!!!"

The Gorousei, Saturn and Kizaru are shocked, since until then they are under the impression that York managed to defeat everyone using the Seraphim before calling them to Mary Geoise.

We can see that the rest of Straw Hat crew, Bonney, Lucci, and real Vegapunk (that already packed his bag) are eating and chilling behind York, Zoro, and Usopp.

Nami: "I get the entire situation now."

Vegpaunk: "So that's how it is..."

Bonney: "This is really a barricading incident!!"

Luffy: "I don't really get it but we just have to use her as a shield to escape, right!?"

End of chapter.

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The chapter is out on manga sail.

Fuck. It might've sunk my "Vegapunk and Kizaru are related or know each other since childhood" theory.

That scene in the lab was about 25 years ago based on Punk's mustache and young Sentoumaru's age, so around the time Vegapunk joined the WG.

There are of course still the unexplained laser blueprints on Karakuri Island, so I won't consider my bet lost yet.


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