News One Piece Magazine Vol 9 - "30 years ago""

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- When Aokiji joined the navy he was called the recruited monster and possessed a great fighting force that he had not learned from anyone, but he gained more strength when Monkey D. Garp trained him.

- Aokiji was looking at Monkey D. Garp's past since Aokiji was a new recruit.

- Akainu was also called "the recruited monster".

- Justice of Aokiji was Burning Justice, but later changed to Lazy Justice after what happened in Ohara.

- After the Rocks Pirates disintegrated, Whitebeard gathered a crew and became stronger (Whitebeard at the time of the Battle of God Valley is 36 years old, but its most cherished strength was at the age of 38)

- What makes Roger's pirate crew strong and united despite their small number is their confidence in the leader.

- Garp clashed with Chinjao many times but he finally won against him in the flashback that we have seen.

- The fight between Garp and Chinjao was ended by using only CoA.

- Chinjao is one of the greatest pirates in West Blue.

- Nico Robin’s father was killed by the world government and he was a great historian among those who read the poneglyphs.

- The reason Kyros became wild at age 15 was that two people killed his best friend.

Translation by EMUNOPLA
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Garp trained Aokiji? Man hopefully we get to see Aokiji again soon since he's awesome

Wondering who trained Akainu
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