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Welcome to the One Piece - Spoilers Guidelines.

Remember that the Anime & Manga Guidelines and General Guidelines also apply here:

For a better enviroment and to avoid possible troubles, we are not allowing:

1. Linking to external sites;​
2. Full scans (half scans are fine);​
3. No emoji only responses, image responses might be tolerated one or two times, but if done in a constant pace it will be deleted.​

When creating spoiler threads, those will be put to approval for a section mod to analyze if those are following the forum rules. Be sure to utilize the spoiler prefix before posting the thread.

Bear in mind if you cannot participate in a civil discussion, without derailing the topic or trolling, you are much more likely to be thread banned or section banned than in other sections.

Do not discuss One Piece spoilers publicly on Thriller Bark outside this section.
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