Naval Battle Open Sea (North Blue)


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The open waters of the North Blue, nowhere near any islands. Players can use this thread for Naval Battles, story missions/progression and various other things.
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Geez man, jus more saltwater and seagulls. No fuckin islands or hell, civilization for miles. I’ve been drifting for days now, I would’ve thought atleast some rock would show up or sum

Yama continued his complaints, only the sloshing of the waves and the gulls calls forming any sort of retort to the man’s ramblings. Having long since left the doom and gloom of Black Drum and by extension the South Blue, Yama had floated along and unknown to him made his way into the waters of the North Blue. With no islands currently around to mark himself there wasn’t much difference to him between the two

Guess I really shouldn’t bitch and moan too much I suppose, I did run into that one guy by chance. And he did but that weird ass purple fruit from up off me. So it wasn’t a complete shit show if a last couple days, still tho. He said he was with some broker or sum shit, I forget. He brought all that money and I kinda stopped caring. My body’s finally healed up from tha beating it took in Black Drum kingdom as well. I can feel how much stronger I feel, I could prolly easily beat tha shit outta those guys….well easier than before I guess would be better to say

Up above, the seagulls started to veer themselves off and all headed into a singular direction. Seemingly intent on reaching an unspecified location out of Yamas field of vision

Mm, tha birds changed course. I always heard that seagulls head for land…which means they found somewhere to perch at, so I guess that’s where I’m heading too huh. Plus these ducks are gonna go where people are for tha easy food, so I should be able to get some info bout where I am and what’s going on currently in tha world

Mind made up, Yama changed course and veered off to follow the flying scavengers and end his drifting…..
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The North Blue

A lone marine vessel floated on the waters of the the North Blue. It was it's first voyage into the unknown. It's residents carefully prepared for their first mission. But with no sign of land in sight, the marine soldier couldn't help but feel restless.

"Oi, Lional! How strong do you think these guys are?"

Ensign Ulrich Sternritter tried to make conversation his fellow comrade, who was already drifting off to sleep on the mast.

This man was Lieutenant Junior Grade Lional Carter. He opened his eyes slowly, rubbing traces of drowsiness out of his eyes before looking in his friend's direction.

"You're asking the wrong guy. Who knows. I heard rumours that this person was the father of Rear Admiral X-Drake. We can only hope he isn't as strong as that bastard, or taking him down would be such a drag.."

Lional didn't have a care in the world, he knew whatever they couldn't handle, they're commander would. On the other hand, Ulrich was fired up.

"No way! It's gonna be so much fun actually being in action! I've been waiting for some excitement since he graduated from the academy hahahah!"

"Yeah? Well don't forget this is actual field work. We can't be reckless, I don't wanna have to carry your ass everywhere if you get hurt, heh."

Ulrich took offense, but right before he could reply. A calm voice rang out from behind the both of them.

"Both of you should be careful. Pirates are never a joking matter. They move outside the jurisdiction of the law afterall. There's no telling which one's hearts are filled with malice."

It was Lieutenant Commander Katsumi Adachi. One of the most mysterious upcoming Marines. It was said that he appeared out of nowhere one stormy night at Marine Headquarters. Some marines claimed the sky opened up before he fell out of it and landed on Marine grounds. Those stories were mostly written off as hallucinations of the drunk. However the rumour still goes strong throughout the organisation.

The Marines were stretched thin. Infamous Pirates as well as the Revolutionary Army were making moves left and right. Being one of the few squads available, it was up to them to clear out any evildoers that tried to take advantage of their disarray. Katsumi pointed straight ahead, the silhouette of their destination was in sight. He grinned in delight. It was finally time.

"There it is! Minion Island! Make preparations to dock the vessel, we're going in! Let's show HQ how reliable we are shall we!?"

"Yessir Captain Sir!"
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