Naval Battle Open Sea (West Blue)


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The open waters of the West Blue, nowhere near any islands. Players can use this thread for Naval Battles, story missions/progression and various other things.
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Shaarib was in deep trouble, his « vacations » were over and now problems were coming from everywhere. He spent two weeks helping with the reconstruction of Karate Island and still was perceived as the bad guy. One of the trainees was able to take some pictures and send them to the World Economy News. The Skypiean knew his fight with Akainu caused backlashes. He leaped over Sengoku’s authority to organize a fight and it was now biting him in his ass. It didn’t take long to receive a call from the Higher Ups. The Vice-Admiral was ordered to wait for a retrieval ship.

So Shaarib followed the instructions and decided to use his time to train with Hayato. It took another week for a warship to accost. Knowing Sengoku, Shaarib thought the one leading his welcoming party would be one of the friendly Admirals. The one like Tsuru or Strawberry. The bird was deeply mistaken. As he began to walk on the main bridge, a voice made him stop. A gravelly voice that never left his ears. Sengoku, that old goat, decided that Hajib Hassan, the man that raised him was the best solution.

- "Vice-Admiral Hassan, I heard that you have been rather frivolous. " said the voice

Shaarib back straightened immediately and he took a position of attention. Even though they both had the same ranks, habits were hard to lose. The younger decided to wait until the older showed his face. A tanned man of the same height appeared. He had long and curly hair, a thick beard and a mustache. The marking trait was probably the scar he had over his left eye. Hajib wore under his coat a red kurta with some sandals #

- "Ma ma, It has been a long time Vice-Admiral Hassan. " said Shaarib cheekily, trying to hide the fact that he was frightened
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